Sanaipei Tande Speaks Out: Unfulfilled Promises and Unpaid Awards Disappoint Artists

Singer and actress Sanaipei Tande has raised her voice against the Kenyan Film Commission (KFC) and the Kalasha Awards for their failure to disburse promised prize money to deserving winners.

A year after the 12th edition of the Kalasha Awards, artists are still waiting to receive their Sh200,000 prize money, causing frustration and disappointment.

Sanaipei Tande, while questioning the lack of communication and financial recognition, highlighted the irony of allocating a significant budget for new talent development while neglecting existing artists.

“No prize money, no communication after a year, but 167M set aside for #KNT renovations in bids to develop and nurture NEW talent! What of the existing talent?” she wrote on social media.

This issue isn’t isolated. Fatou Hassan, winner in the Best Costume Design category, echoed the sentiment, expressing her disappointment at the lack of promised funds.

Initially, winners anticipated a lower prize money based on previous years, but Sports and the Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba doubled the amount during the ceremony, declaring, “We have doubled cash rewards for winners in all 39 categories this year as the first step in ensuring pesa mfukoni (money in pockets) for artistes.”

However, this promise remains unfulfilled, raising concerns about the commitment to supporting and recognizing artists’ contributions.

The delay casts a shadow over the Kalasha Awards and questions the dedication to fostering a thriving film and television industry in Kenya.

It’s crucial for the organizers and the CS to address this issue promptly and ensure the promised prize money reaches the deserving winners without further delay.

Tourism CS Accuses KRA of Harassing Tourists, Vows to Fix It

Tourism and Wildlife CS Alfred Mutua has accused Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials of harassing tourists at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). Mutua claims that this harassment is one of the reasons why Kenya is dropping from the list of top tourist destinations in Africa.

In a video seen by The Star, Mutua questioned why KRA officials harass tourists when other African countries do not, even though they collect the same taxes. He cited Rwanda, South Africa, and Dubai as examples of countries that do not harass tourists.

Mutua insisted that it is time Kenya made her visitors feel welcome by stopping some practices, such as the harassment of tourists. He noted that as CS for Tourism, that is one of the things he intends to fix.

Mutua said that KRA staff are not to blame, but they have bad habits. He promised that if the country wants to rake in revenue from tourism, the harassment of visitors must stop immediately.

Earlier this week, the taxation of personal goods at points of entry into Kenya upset a section of the public. However, when The Star sought clarification about alleged harassment and taxation of personal goods, KRA Deputy Commissioner, Marketing and Communication Grace Wandera referred to the KRA Customs Handbook on arrival and departure information, which details the requirements for travellers.

But there are still concerns over exorbitant taxes, which have forced some individuals to abandon their items. A clause that gives customs officers the powers to determine the value of goods and their taxable status is seen as a gap to impose taxes where they should not apply, amid cries of harassment by customs officials.


Tourism CS Alfred Mutua has accused KRA officials of harassing tourists at JKIA, which is one of the reasons why Kenya is dropping from the list of top tourist destinations in Africa. He has vowed to fix this problem and make Kenya more friendly to visitors.

KRA Deputy Commissioner, Marketing and Communication Grace Wandera has referred to the KRA Customs Handbook on arrival and departure information, which details the requirements for travellers. However, there are still concerns over exorbitant taxes and the powers of customs officers to determine the value of goods and their taxable status.

Dr. Alfred Mutua Turns 53, Shares Weird Message

Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary Dr. Alfred Mutua celebrated his 53rd birthday on August 22nd. He took to social media to share a heartfelt message of gratitude to his family, friends, and ex-wife Lilian Ng’ang’a.

Mutua thanked his mother for the gift of life and for raising him well. He also thanked his father for his jokes and happy spirit.

He expressed his love for his children and said that they are his pride and joy. He also thanked his siblings and relatives for their support.

In a seemingly subtle gesture to his ex-wife, Mutua said, “To those who have been in and out of his life and made him better – Ahsante.”

He concluded his message by saying that he is at a very good place in life and that he is happy, peaceful, content, and grateful.

Mutua’s birthday message was met with warm wishes from his fans and friends. Many people commented on his post to wish him a happy birthday and to express their love and support.

Here are some of the comments:

  • “Happy birthday, Dr. Mutua! May God continue to bless you and your family.”
  • “You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for always being positive and uplifting.”
  • “I am so glad that you are in a good place in life. You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

Alfred Mutua on losing his ex wife to another man, regrets choking the life out of their relationship

Former Machakos County Governor Alfred Mutua says he never saw his breakup with ex wife, Lilian Nganga coming – mainly because he was too focused on his work life forgetting he has a partner who also has a life of her own and dreams she wanted to achieve.

It happens. I mean – most marriages go through different challenges but when there is no communication- the relationship starts to slowly break and by the time you realize all is not well…the damage is usually irreversible.

This is the same case that happened to Alfred Mutua’s relationship and for the first time – he admitted having ruined his own marriage by not putting his ex wife first not forgetting the part where he also forgot to show support in her interests.

As seen on a screenshot from a newspaper piece he shared his thoughts on, Alfred Mutua wrote;

I look back and k realize that we unintentionally impose our visions onto our partners. Never asking what they wanted and deciding whether we can meet it. In my quest for ultimate success, I slowly but surely choked the life out of us. I gained the world, but I lost us.

Mutua Regrets losing wife

On a different paragraph he however mentioned that maybe seeing her act reluctant and not wanting more contributed to his behavior towards her;

Alfred Mutua’s birthday as he marks 51 years

It bothered me that she didn’t want to expand her boutique. It was doing well, but I am the kind of man who doesn’t know when to stop. I want the world. But at some point you will have to stop and let your partners be. And that if you must proceed, you’ll have to do it alone.

Reading the whole post will make you understand how much he regrets losing Lilian Nganga; but like the swahili say maji yaki mwagika, hayazoleki and maybe sharing his experience will help others stuck in the same situation.

Alfred Mutua Says He’s Not Ready To Re-Marry After His Divorce With Ex-Wife Lillian Ng’ang’a

Former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua is not yet ready to fall in love again after his nasty fall-out with ex-wife Lillian Mutua.

Their ominous divorce was accompanied with sporadic drama, with Lillian even demanding a share of the hefty property they had accumulated together.
Eventually, Lillian would get her share and move on swiftly with her new lover Juliani.

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Mutua Speaks On Marriage

After their separation, the big & imminent question would be whether Mutua would move on and find love once again, like his ex Lillian.

But unlike her, the former Governor isn’t ready to re-marry. He divulged the same in a recent interview- adding that he’s now focusing on taking care of his children

I have my children. Right now I am very comfortable with my children.

I just don’t believe in deciding to marry. If you meet someone and you fall in love and you click then you marry them. Mi niko sawa by the way.

Alfred Mutua’s ex-wife Lillian recently welcomed her first born with Juliani- but they’ve gone MIA after Juliani made the revelation. Either way, the important thing is both of them are now contented

Alfred Mutua over the moon after spending time with ex wife and kids in Australia months after Lilian Ng’ang’a dumped him

Well, well, well…looks like Governor Mutua has lately been making time for his kids – which his explains his recent trip to Australia where both his ex wife and the kids reside.

The Governor made this obvious with his latest where he couldn’t stop talking about his visit, and as you know Kenyans on his social media’s couldn’t let him off so easy. Anyway flaunting his well spent holiday in Sydney, Governor Mutua wrote;

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HOMEWARD BOUND after spending quality time with my amazing loved ones. As a friend of mine called prof says once in a while it is good to “eat life with a big spoon.”


Now, time for siasa moto moto za maendeleo chap chap.

Mutua flies to Australia to visit family

Back to wifey after breakup with Lilian Ng’ang’a?

From the comments a few of his fans couldn’t help but point out that this latest move comes after  Lilian Ng’ang’a walked out on him. Actually most felt that this wasn’t a genuine visit – but another stunt to see whether his family will take him back now that he is on his own.

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Lilian celebrates Alfred Mutua

But again, we can’t really blame him considering most men his age are already committed in long term relationships with wives from back in the day; and since he may have gambled his away….I guess loneliness might be all he has left.

However, family remains family no matter what, right?

Governor Alfred Mutua shares adorable moment with his 12 year old daughter

Since the day Lilian Nganga dumped Alfred Mutua, it appears that the Machakos Governor has a lot of time in his hands. Which of course is a good thing, especially now that he has time to spend with his 3 kids.

Well unlike before when the Governor kept his family on the low due to his status; seems like he is slowly introducing his first family to his social media – well hoping this will keep fans occupied and not mocking him for being dumped.

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To prove my point, the Governor recently opened up about his 3 kids that most people knew nothing about. From the information shared on his Instagram page, we understand that Mutua has twins (12 year old boy and girl) and his eldest son.

Opening up about them for the first time, the Governor wrote;

Governor Mutua

Yesterday, I asked my 12 year-old daughter, C, which photo I should post from several photos. She gave me detailed explanations of each photo, pointing out nuances and things I had not seen and eventually chose this one.

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Also couldn’t help but notice how excited he was to realize that he has something in common with his two boys as he went on to add;

Her twin brother and older brother, just like me, thought all the photos looked the same and were all Ok. My daughter was right.

Lonely after breakup

Judging from his latest posts, it’s obvious to see that Mutua is still struggling to adjust to his new life; while his ex seems to have already settled down with new lover.

But again, ni life the Governor will soon find a replacement (that is if his first wife already remarried😉 but judging from the drama they had back in 2014 – I guess there’s no love left to share between Alfred and Josephine.

Ladies Are Flocking My DM And Sending Me Their Body Parts- Alfred Mutua Speaks After Separation With Lillian

Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua announced his separation with his exquisite ex-wife Lillian Ng’ang’a a week ago; stating that it was a mutual and amicable agreement between them.

Governor Alfred Mutua and Wife Lillian Nganga Announce BreakUp (Statement)  | Pulselive Kenya
Dr. Alfred Mutua and Lillian Ng’ang’a. Google

A week later, the governor celebrated his birthday; where Lillian attended without hesitation (it wasn’t expected she would show up). But we had already learnt that their separation wasn’t a bitter one; as Mutua had already noted that they would still be good friends afterwards;

”Lillian and I have been a blessing to each other. Two months ago, we decided to slowly disengage. We are in amicable terms and remain very close as friends. We will continue to talk, meet and share ideas constantly.”

After the separation, Lillian was linked to Juliani. Most believe that she turned Alfred Mutua down for her new catch Juliani. Talking about new catch, Alfred Mutua has been busy counting his DMs.

Thirst For Love

After the separation, women are not giving him peace. Speaking on Jalang’o TV, he claims that women are begging to be Lillian’s replacement. He goes ahead to add that they are sending him ‘body parts’.

”…I have received so many DMs. Some are very funny… People have sent body parts and all those things…”

Mutua also states that he has also received words of comfort from people.

”…What I like most is the words of comfort that people have sent…”

Jalang’o continued to wish that the two lovebirds would soon get back together.

Governor Alfred Mutua throws wife lavish birthday as she turns a year older! (Videos)

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua recently left many speechless after videos from his young wife’s birthday party emerged online.

Being the perfect husband any woman would ask for; Alfred Mutua went on to throw a colorful birthday party for his wife Lilian Ng’ang’a.

The white, purple and black themed party as seen on the video attracted only close friends and family; who joined in to celebrate Mrs Mutua as she turned a year older in style.

Judging from the set up, this was not just any party, but a lavish one that will leave many women jealous.

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New age new beginnings

Although details of the venue remain private to the couple and their friends; it is no secret that Ms Ng’ang’a bagged herself the perfect man to spend her life with.

Her age also remains a secret but we understand that her husband is now 47 years; and probably still strong enough to start a family. As of now we cannot confirm whether the two have children together or not!

Anyway looking at the governor’s wife; it’s clear to see that she still has time on her side thanks to her fine youthful looks!


The birthday party comes almost 11 months after the governor threw yet another party celebrating his wife’s graduation party.

Through his social media pages the governor shared a photo of his himself in the company of his wife dressed in a graduation gown and went on to write;

 Congrats Lillyanne Nganga for doing it again. Years ago you had a First Class Honours for your Bachelors degree. Today you were top of your class in your Masters of Science degree at JKUAT. All those nights you stayed up studying have paid off. I am very proud of you my love,

‘You left your first wife for a Samantha’- Sonko’s team tear Alfred Mutua apart after he criticized Sonko 

The beef between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua is getting hot and hotter.

After Mutua raided Nairobi on Tuesday to criticize the state of the county, Sonko has also done the same with Machakos.

Accompanied by EALA MP Simon Mbugua, former MPs Kalembe Kalembe Ndile and Reuben Ndolo, businessman Stanley Livondo, Sonko on Thursday invaded Machakos where they attacked the governor even going personal.

Mbugua attacked Mutua’s wife claiming that she was Jaguar’s girlfriend before Mutua snatched her from him. The MP also shocking went a head and called her a sex toy( Samantha) in front of the crowd.

“Mutua has done something no man should do. He abandoned his first wife and kids to marry a Samantha. And even that Samantha, my investigations revealed that he snatched her from Jaguar,” the MP told the crowd. 

Respect women

Sonko stayed away from Lilian but accused the popular governor of worshiping idols.

The Governor is a retarded idiot. He wastes time worshiping idols. I respect women so I won’t talk about his wife. If Konza city had been built, the youths would have jobs, but since you elected a conman as a Governor, all he does is bring the President here for PR,” Sonko told the crowd.

“I recently hosted Kalonzo (Musyoka) for lunch and he assumed I had abandoned him. Yesterday, he went to my hotel and arrested my staff. I am consoling myself because this is a man who abandoned his wife and children, his own blood, so whom I am I?” Ndile added.


‘Wakamba forever’ film shines during MachakosFest Short Film Awards( full list)

Popular short film Wakamba forever was a favourite at the just concluded MachakosFest Short Film Awards that happened last weekend.

The film took home the Best Actor (Alfred Munya), Best Editing, Best Costumes and Best Screen Play awards before it was announced the Best Film in the ceremony hosted at the Machakos People’s Park.


Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Ezekiel Mutua was so impressed by the talent that he promised to fund the event next year.

“Machakos, with its infrastructure for creative arts under the aegis of Machawood, the fascinating Machakos People’s Park, its proximity to Nairobi and with Konza metropolis just a few kilometres away, makes the town the ideal location for Kenya’s Hollywood,” the KFCB boss said, after pledging to have his board award Sh5 million to the festival next year.

Here’s the full list:

Full list of winners: MachakosFete 2018

1. Best Actor – Alfred Munyua – Wakamba Forever – He carried the role as a chief, you could feel his body language, presence and authority stood out in this film.

2. Best Actress – What’s on your mind? – Mwajuma Bahati Belle

3. Best Director – What’s on your mind – Antony Ndung’u

4. Best Cinematographer – Solo – Gregory Kiwo

5. Best Screenplay – What’s on your mind?

6. Best Sound – Numbers -David Mbugua & Alex Njuguna

7. Best Editing – Wakamba Forever – (Alex Maina) – brought out comic relief

8. Best Score / Sound Design – Numbers – David Mbugua & Alex Njuguna

9. Best set design&props – Solo

10. Best Science Fiction & SFX – Viral – Anthony Munyua

11. Best Costumes – Wakamba Forever – Diang’a Ochino

12. Jury Recognition: – KIU –   Apocalyptic, good cinematography, the script had so much potential but many loopholes could have been top 10 if the

13. Best Machakos film – Stones for life.

Machakosfest 2018 Top 20 films

1. Wakamba Forever
2. Kiu
3. Numbers
4. Whats on your mind
5. Solo
6. My Ndia Nduku
7. Rock of God
8. Ties
9. Viral
10. Mwanda
11. Syokimau
12. Petra
13. Jiwe
14. Sio Rahisi
15. Angela
16. Stone of Life
17. Rock of ages
18. Calamity Overflow
19. Free
20. Biashara

Lilian Ng’ang’a throws hubby Alfred Mutua surprise birthday party(photos)

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua got a surprise birthday party from his wife Lillyane Nganga and that left him thankful on social media.

Lilian, who got a similar one from Mutua just a few months ago, surprised Mutua with a small party and a cake during his 48th birthday.

“A very happy and blessed birthday to you @dralfredmutua_official ~ ~ May the universe grant you all that you desire. I love you!,” she posted on Instagram. 

Mutua also took to social media to thank her for the party and cake, saying he was impressed by her taste and smooth operation to make sure everything fell in place.

“Yesterday morning, as I turned a year older, my Sweetheart Lillian had a surprise for me. We packed our bags and headed to the airport where we took a flight as the lunchtime sun floated above the clouds. After an hour or so, we landed in the middle of nowhere, where a green land rover took us to a beautiful tented camp that I had never heard of. I had no idea how she found the amazing destination and made all the plans. Thanks Honey for your love and amazing birthday gift,” shared Dr. Mutua.


“Last night’s birthday dinner was great. We enjoyed a great meal & cake while listening to the various melodies of the night – animals were also up and about for their dinner. As Paul Simon once sang: “Oh, what a night, what a garden of delight!” Scroll to see pics of the cake eaten in the middle of the amazing Kenyan wilderness,” added Dr.Mutua.

Rafiki director Wanuri Kahiu hobnobs around with legendary US director Spike Lee 

“Rafiki” director Wanuri Kahiu is enjoying the time of her life after her film was given a standing ovation in Cannes Film Festival.

Word also has it that the popular director has now been signed to Hollywood management and production company The Gotham Group.

“Wanuri Kahiu is a prodigiously talented and brilliant woman,” said Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, founder and CEO of The Gotham Group.

“As an advocate for Africans, especially young women, Wanuri has established herself as a major cultural force. That she refused to edit Rafiki in any way to avoid the Kenyan ban is a testament to Wanuri’s courage and commitment to her creative vision.”

Spike Lee

A moment with Spike

After movie was screened at the event, Wanuri and Patrician Kihoro were seen enjoying their night with popular US film director Spike Lee.

For those who don’t know who Lee is and too lazy to google, Lee is a legendary director that has made films such as “She’s Gotta Have It”, “Do the Right Thing.”  “The Original Kings of Comedy” “25th Hour, Inside Man, “Chi-Raq” and the upcoming film “BlacKkKlansman” that has been screen at cannes 2018 event.

Watch the clip below:

Alfred Mutua cheats deaths after almost being washed away by floods while touring county

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi were almost washed away by floods in Kisii County while touring Ogembo area.

Mutua and other county officials fell into the water but were rescued before drowning. According to different sources the governor and the officials were taking selfies when the bridge collapsed.

Minor injuries

Mutua was not injured in the accident but a KTN journalist and some county officials were rushed to hospital with minor injuries.

The bridge, which was constructed by local Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to help villagers in Nyabisiongororo, collapsed due to excess weight from the county officials.



Alfred Mutua’s wife unapologetic as she flaunts thighs in hotpants (Photos)

Machakos First Lady Lilian Ng’ang’a has once again made tongues wag with her dress code. She caused a stir when she was seen flaunting legs in very tight white colored pants.

Lillian Ng’ang’a will be the coolest Kenya’s First Lady if Alfred Mutua becomes president in 2022. Lillian loves showing off her body just US First Lady Melania Trump who exposed her flawless body in crazy photo shoots before she moved into the White House.

The Machakos First Lady did ‘worst’ seven months ago when she unleashed bikini photos. Her revealing pictures caused political storm but Lillian had no apologies to make.

Does it again

Lillian has once again caused tongues to wag with her sexy photos. She posted her photos clad in hotpants as she enjoyed quality time with her husband.   



Alfred Mutua’s wife Lillian Ng’ang’a responds to critics asking her why her husband hasn’t impregnated her yet

Lillian Ng’ang’a fired back at critics trolling her about not having kids. Alfred Mutua has children from his previous marriage but he has not impregnated Lillian yet.

The issue of Alfred Mutua and Lillian Ng’ang’a not having kids started after Raila’s swearing in. The Machakos governor took a swipe at Kalonzo for being a coward and Nasa supporters trolled him for ‘firing blank bullets’.

Tell him to get you pregnant

Lillian Ng’ang’a faced off with trolls after she posted a photo which she posed with her husband. Haters quickly hijacked the post and started bullying Lillian.

A certain Kamanga told Lillian to ask her husband to impregnate her since it was 2018 already. Lillian quickly dismissed the troll and her fans joined her in firing at the hater.



I told you Kalonzo ni kigeugeu! Alfred Mutua mocks Raila Odinga for believing Kalonzo would follow him to Canaan

Raila Odinga and his Nasarites followers crossed to Canaan as co-principals remained on the other side of river Jordan. And Alfred Mutua can’t stop laughing.

Raila was sworn in as the people’s president at Uhuru Park on Tuesday January 30th 2018. The Nasa leader took oath of office without his deputy who was missing in action.

Kalonzo surfaced later to claim that he couldn’t make it to Uhuru Park because his bodyguards had been withdrawn. Most Kenyans however believe Kalonzo is just being Kalonzo the watermelon.

Trust Kalonzo at your own peril

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua has taken a swipe at the Kamba kingpin. Mutua asserts that Kalonzo has proven multiple times that he can never be trusted.

“The whole swearing in event was wrong and bound to fail because it was unconstitutional & based on the wrong premise. On the other hand, it is now CRYSTAL clear to ALL that Kalonzo Musyoka has over and over again proven he can NEVER be DEPENDED on. Trust him at your own peril,” wrote Alfred Mutua.


This is why Gor Mahia fans are angry at Alfred Mutua for lifting the ban on their club

Alfred Mutua banned Gor Mahia from playing in Machakos in 2014. The governor has lifted the ban but K’Ogalo fans are not impressed at all.

Mutua decided to ban Gor from Kenyatta Stadium after fans went on rampage and damaged property. This after K’Ogalo lost to Sofapaka in a KPL match.

Mutua lifted the ban on Gor on Monday January 15th. The governor had a lengthy conversation with Gor’s official including chairman Ambrose Rachier before he lifted the ban.

Alfred Mutua during a meeting with officials from Gor Mahia
1 million ‘fine’

Gor Mahia official offered Mutua Kes 1 million as a token of goodwill. The club also agreed to compensate the county for the destruction that occurred in 2014.

Mutua and Gor official also reached an agreement for K’Ogalo to use Kenyatta stadium for KPL matches. The defending Kenya premier league champions will also use the stadium as their home stadium.

K’Ogalo fans angry

Gor Mahia fans expressed anger with Alfred Mutua for lifting the ban. Fans don’t understand why the club paid one million shillings to the governor at a time when their sponsor SportPesa ditched them.

Fans are also upset because Machakos is far away from Nairobi and Kisumu where the bulk of K’Ogalo’s fans are located.

Jarunda Jaluth Mambobiad: We have not changed. You are a fool.

Oscar Modoch Ochola: Banning Gor Mahia means loosing business opportunities,puga! That 1M will be used to catter for more damages to come.

Kimutai Motelin Mike: I hope Gor Mahia rejects the offer, after all we have a better stadium in Kakamega which was unveiled with no show off and gloat. Seriously I detest this Machakos thing. Your self righteousness stinks to high heaven.

Bernard Obonyo: Your options were limited, in fact this was overdue. KPL without Kogalo Fc is like kindergarten matches being played in a local school playground.
So for you to make revenues from the stadium, you can assume the team.

Fred Oyengo: We don’t care we’ve won titles without using machakos studium, okochuno

Jasuba Wuoloo: Alfred Mutua we have not changed and you need us more than we need you. We will not abandon our lifestyle because of you. Continue with your ban.

Joshua Mulei: But for 3 years gormahia has been playing, ama SAA hii ndo wataresume kucheza. Its a matter of time then we have our governor

Osoti Erick: Machakos Stadium needs gor mor than0 gor needs them, ukweli usemwe!

Paul Okombo: You should get ashamed of such a team contributing 1 million to your county, you should have supported them instead


“We will give Ndeti a job if she is interested” says Alfred Mutua

The 2017 general elections in Kenya have not been easy. There are those who lost and conceded defeat but also some like Wavinya Ndenti who are still not contended with the results released by the IEBC.

As announced, the race for the Machakos gubernatorial seat was won by governor Alfred Mutua and it appears that he has already started to celebrate his victory.

For him, the people of Machakos believed in his work and for this reason they decided to elect him back despite Kalonzo’s endorsing Wavinya for the race, aiming to remove him from power since he is afraid of what many happen in 2022 now that Alfred Mutuma has presidential ambitions.

Speaking during an interview Mutuma;

“This victory is special because this competition was not between me and honorable Wavinya Ndeti. Rather, it was between me and Mheshimiwa Kalonzo Musyoka,”

He went on to add;

“Mheshimiwa Kalonzo Musyoka put together all his arsenal and it was not about Wavinya Ndeti; it was about removing Mutua because Mutua was changing the way politics is run in this region of Ukambani that has suffered for many years.”

In conclusion the Governor of Machakos county said;

“We will give Ndeti a job if she is interested. Sina roho ya chuki, nina mapenzi tu katika roho yangu (There is no hate in my heart…there is only love),”

“The taps were dry and the stench…” Alfred Mutua narrates his trip on SGR train (Photos)

Kenyans have been flocking Nairobi terminus to ride on the newly launched SGR train. Machakos governor Alfred Mutua was among the many Kenyans who last Saturday morning travelled to Mombasa on the SGR train.

The Machakos county boss had an interesting story to tell after he travelled on SGR train to Mombasa accompanied by his beautiful wife Lillian Nganga.

Mutua was impressed by most of the things on his trip to Mombasa on SGR train with exception of a few; the governor complained about dry taps and stench at Nairobi terminus and high food prices for common citizens onboard the SGR train.

Below is Alfred Mutua’s narration of his journey on SGR train:


Life is full of surprises and excitement. I felt like a child as I walked towards the SGR Nairobi Terminus at Syokimau for a trip to Mombasa on the new service. I was probably the first Governor to take the train to the coastal town and it reminded me of my days as “Msafiri.”

It was a cool Saturday morning of 10 June, 2017 and my blood was pumping full of excitement. I love train trips and the ability to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa in four hours in safety and comfort was exhilarating.

With my lovely Lillian to my side, I dragged our suitcase towards the entrance. The terminus building is captivating – high open spaces and looking like an international, modern airport terminal than a regular train station.

The station’s toilets are brand new, good, but in a mark of shame, had no water (despite the station being new). The ladies toilet had water spilt everywhere on the floor but the taps were dry and the stench was starting to build. I hope Gen. Kianga, Chairman of Kenya Railways and able CEO Atanas Maina will move with speed and have no mercy as they take care of this Third World mentality failure common in Africa.

After security check, we went up the escalator and were greeted by a crowd of passengers – thousands of travelers, also on the same trip. I had heard that this Madaraka Express was popular but I was amazed by how popular it is.

I scanned my ticket at the entry gates and they opened automatically and we walked through. Wow. Very efficient. Great use of light and signage declared that this was a modern day wonder.

We found our coach (or is it carriage?), settled and at 9 am sharp, the train rolled out of the station and we were on our way, together with thousands, to Mombasa.

The train journey was comfortable. The coaches are clean, have plugins for charging phones and clean toilets. Contemporary and popular music was piped down the 15 carriages. I bobbed my head to Lucky Dube, Sauti Sol and even shuffled my feet to Tekno’s Pana (which I happen to love).

The train’s movement was a surprise – very smooth and deceiving in terms of speed. I looked at the trees and grasslands pass slowly outside. You do not notice the speed unless you look down at the tracks. Signs on an LED display on each end of the couches indicated the speed – averaging 110 to 120 kilometers an hour. However, it felt as if we were only doing 40 kph. Well controlled air conditioning added to the comfort.

We chatted with some of the 29 crew members on the train. Irene Chebett from Eldoret told me how she spotted an employment advert in the newspapers last year and applied. Justus Mutunga Nzesa from Mwingi also saw the advert. All the crew members from their supervisors Stella Ndiwa and Kennedy Mugo to crew members Jeniffer Sambu and Brian Timothy Karmanga, all saw the newspaper adverts, applied, were interviewed hired and trained. They all come from every corner of Kenya.

I took a walk down the coaches and chatted with fellow travelers. I got the notion that most were traveling down to Mombasa because now they could on the train. Some told me they had chosen to go down for the weekend so as to sample the train.

Family members, children, tourists and adventure seekers chatted, happy that what was once a dream was now a reality.

I noticed some travelers had carried their own snacks and drinks.

“Wewe Governor Mutua, ambia Uhuru awachilie hawkers wauze chakula ndani ya SGR,” one man shouted on seeing me. “Chakula hapa haitoshi na bei yake in kali sana. Chupa Ndogo ya maji ni mia Bwana.”

Fellow travelers cheered as they agreed with him. I made a mental note to inform the Kenya Railways CEO. There is a reason President Uhuru lowered the ticket prices to 700 shs. The train tickets and food sold on board should be of an affordable rate for the common mwananchi.

Outside, as we passed Tsavo National Park, elephants seemed to raise their heads and look at this iron snake as it sped from the highlands to the ocean.

We had a 10 minute stop at Mtito Andei to allow the Nairobi bound train to pass (It passed so fast that you only had time to say, “Is that the tra..?..”). Then, seeming to float in the air, we rolled into the magnificent Mombasa terminus at Miritini just after 1:30 pm.

And just like that, four and half hours after departing Nairobi, Lillian and I walked out of the Mombasa station proud that now Kenyans’ lives were being transformed by the SGR train service. It was a magical train trip and I encourage all to try it. I am now working on how to get the SGR service to Machakos.

As we say in Maendeleo Chap Chap, Inawezekana na Itawezekana.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua

Rich lawyer Donald Kipkorir takes a swipe at Alfred Mutua… compares him to Prophet Owuor

Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has slammed Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua whom he compared to Prophet Dr. David Owuor.

Kipkorir is fond of speaking his mind and on 7th May 2017 he gave governor Mutua a piece of his mind. The rich lawyer took to twitter to show his support for Wavinya Ndeti – Wiper Party flag bearer for Machakos gubernatorial seat.

Wavinya Ndeti

Kipkorir said he was supporting Wavinya Ndeti because Alfred Mutua was like Prophet Dr. David Owuor selling false dreams to Kenyans.

“My support for Wavinya Ndeti for Governor of Machakos is bec Dr. Alfred Mutua like Dr. David Owuor sells false dreams. Not good for Kenya,” Donald Kipkorir tweeted.

Donald Kipkorir

Prophet Dr. David Owuor, the leader of Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church, is a controversial preacher whom critics say is a false prophet.

Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor




These are the photos Lilian Ng’ang’a shared while spending quality time with her husband Alfred Mutua in England that the internet can’t stop gushing over….Mutua was dressed like a Sultan(PHOTOS)

The competition for true couple goals in thick in Kenya and Lilian Ng’ang’a together with her husband, Governor Alfred Mutua are leading from the front.

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The two are currently enjoying the sights and sounds of London, spending some quality time and also attending a friends wedding and they couldn’t help but give us a glimpse of their escapades.

And trust me, they look absolutely great!

Not only do they have an impeccable fashion sense, but they also make a lovely couple. Without a doubt they are the best political couple in Kenya right now.

Don’t you agree?

Lilian Ng'ang'a

Lilian Ng'ang'a

Lilian Ng'ang'a

Lilian Ng'ang'a