Amina Abdi Shows DJ Joe Mfalme Support Despite Arrest

Following the arrest of DJ Joe Mfalme in connection with the death of a DCI officer, media personality Amina Abdi has publicly voiced her belief in his innocence.

Abdi, a former colleague of Mfalme on ‘The Turn Up’ show, took to TikTok to praise his character, describing him as hardworking and kind. She emphasized her belief that he wouldn’t harm anyone and expressed her support during this difficult time.

I’ve known Joe my entire career. He is an absolute professional who takes his work very seriously. A true gentleman. A religious and kind man who takes care of soooo many people. I hope blogs will have the same energy to post his story when he is acquitted of all charges. Praying for my brother. He could NEVER do some sh*t like this!!!!!

Mfalme’s Arrest and Allegations

Mfalme was arrested on March 24th after an incident in Kikuyu allegedly involving an assault that resulted in the death of a DCI officer. Reports claim a confrontation arose early in the morning between Mfalme’s team and the officer, leading to the officer allegedly scratching Mfalme’s car. This reportedly escalated into a physical altercation where the officer was pulled from his vehicle and assaulted.

The injured officer, identified as Kitosi, was taken to the police station where his condition allegedly worsened. He was subsequently transferred to hospitals but ultimately passed away on Thursday.

KoT roasts NTV for deleting Amina Abdi’s ‘half baked’ apology

Amina Abdi has been having it rough for the the past few days thanks to Miss Mandi who was exposed for being a bully by a former colleague. And just like that, Amina Abdi name took second position as the second meanest female media personality in Kenya.

Actually a former colleague even mentioned that after her weight loss (after years of struggling with baby fat) the new skinny Amina started acting spoilt i.e couldn’t share elevators with her common ‘colleagues’ at Capital FM.

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Well, this was just one of the many mean things she has been known for; but I mean, whoever thought the bubbly Amina was such a diva behind closed doors?

Anyway with her name trending, the mother of one decided to share her side of the story through NTV’s The Trend show where she opened up apologizing for whatever it is she is being blamed for, saying;

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If there is anyone who I’ve ever given the kind of reception they didn’t expect, I apologise but am not toxic.

NTV redirects heat back to Amina

With the apology KoT on the other hand couldn’t stand the attitude in her words hence the crazy retweets that forced NTV to delete the apology bit from Friday, 21st January episode.

Immediately after pulling down the post  – fans started demanding for an explanation and most of tweets read;


Amina Abdi In Tears After Losing Grandmother Due To COVID-19 Vaccine Complications

Tv Personality Amina Abdi is mourning the death of her grandmother who she recently lost due to complications with the COVID-19 vaccination. She has eulogized her grandmother as a very joyful person who guided her and contributed to who she is now. She passed on at the age of 91 years.

Eulogizing some words in Islam on her Instagram, she emotionally wrote;

 ”I recently lost someone dear to me and it’s been a tough couple of days.

My grandmother meant the world to us. She always had the funniest responses to my random questions about life???????? so blunt & honest weh! My dearest Ako, baba nagaa fud. Waqi Janatul Firdaus asikenu. Afan ken dhurile akdhansa dhubachu imbeku amo akmale sijalada.

I’ve learnt so much from her!! I’ve grown into the woman I am today because I had a strong woman like her guiding me and rooting for me always. I am forever grateful I got to call her my Ako. Our Matriarch. I already miss her dearly.
Losing a parent is painful but losing a grandparent you we’re close to hits very different.

We lost her due to complications with the vaccine. We tried everything to save her but Allah loved her more.
Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un…”

Abdi also encouraged people who are undergoing pain of losing loved ones during this tough time to take heart.

”For all those experiencing loss in these tough times, take heart…it shall be well.❤️”

It shall be well, may she rest in eternal peace.

Amina Abdi Rabar set to light up the stage at the 7th AMVCA gala in Lagos, as the female Co-host alongside TV Host IK Osakioduwa

Amina Abdi to add another feather to her illustrious journey in showbiz as Africa Magic unveils her as the surprise female co-host of the glamorous Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

The 7th edition of the annual red-carpet gala which features the crème de la crème in screen, film and theatre, is set to go down in Lagos, Nigeria, on Saturday, 14 March 2020.

The Television Host and Media Personality, IK Osakioduwa will be returning as host of this edition. Amina is the perfect match for IK, as their chemistry on stage is bound to be electric.

Amina Abdi Rabar is an established Kenyan TV and Radio Presenter. She’s the currently the face of The Trend, a popular talk-show on NTV. While she’s known for her prowess on-screen, Amina began her career with a stint on radio at Homeboyz Radio, and later moved to Capital FM where she hosts Capital In The Morning, the station’s flagship show.

As a TV host, she has worked on numerous shows on the DStv platform such as; MNET’s Lifestyle and Entertainment Show Mashariki MixMoments on Ebony Life TV, Maisha Superstar on Maisha Magic East and currently The Turn Up on Maisha Magic East.

Amina Abdi’s script is makes a versatile read. She has also worked with various brands as an ambassador, hosted a variety of music concerts, corporate events, award shows, product launches and gala dinners.

Tv Personality, IK Osakioduwa
Tv Personality, IK Osakioduwa

Speaking during the unveiling, Channel Director-Africa Channels, Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, said:

“We are excited to present Amina Abdi Rabar as the new female co-host of the 7th edition of the AMVCAs. She is vivacious, full of wit and has a very cheerful personality. We look forward to her and IK bringing some magic on stage as we gather to celebrate the best in film and television”.

This is a must-watch event. The event will be broadcast live on all Africa Magic channels on DStv and GOtv at 17:00 CAT. Follow the conversation on social media using the hashtag #AMVCA7.

The 7th edition of the AMVCAs is sponsored by Amstel Malta.


Amina should get back to making music

Did you know that The Trend host Amina Abdi Rabar was once a musician? If you are not aware then you are too young (I’ve been waiting to drop this line on someone).

She released two songs circa 2013 and they both performed well. Actually, one of them is a collabo with the one and only Octopizzo.

The other song, which happens to be my most favorite, is a collaboration with rapper K-Letta dubbed Paint The Town Red.

Amina Abdi Rabar
Amina Abdi Rabar

Apart from the fact that she has a melodious voice – the kind that will make you hit the replay button a couple of times –  I think she really has it in her.

She can actually give the likes of Avril, Mayonde and Vivian a run for their money. I’m willing to bet about this.

The way I see it, she should get back to making music because the local industry needs her but that’s just me.

Come to think of it though, how will she juggle all her hustles and still get time to get into studio and record songs? It would be tough.

Or she could release a song once in a while. I don’t know how she will do it but it needs to happen. Amina, if you are reading this, do the needful.

Listen to Octopizzo’s collabo with Amina dubbed Swag below.

Video: Amina Abdi and DJ John spend almost a million bob throwing their son birthday party of the year 

HBR radio owner DJ John and his wife Amina Abdi recently celebrated their five-year-old son’s birthday in style.

The two have been together for almost seven years now and they have one child, Tumi.

Amina is no doubt a lady of all trades as she is a singer, actress, TV presenter, social media influencer, an emcee as well as a radio presenter. John is the boss at Hbr radio and also a top DJ in Kenya.

Big bucks

The two recently burned a lot of cash after organising a super hero themed birthday for Tumi. The bash was a true dream come true for a kid since it had all super heroes.

But John and doesn’t play when it comes to family birthdays. Last year in July, he gifted Amina a sleek BMW X3 worth almost 4 million Kenyans shillings for her birthday.

This time it was all about Tumi though.

Here are the photos and video:

NTV’s Amina Abdi feted alongside Bobi Wine in a continental award

The Trend’s host Amina Abdi Rabar has all the reason to smile after she was featured among 100 young achievers announced by Africa Youth Awards.

The annual list which started 2016 features young politicians, activists, entrepreneurs, entertainers, digital influencers, philanthropists & athletes who are blazing various trails and promoting the positive image of Africa across the globe.

Amina’s name appeared in the media category. There were a total of five Kenyans including Xtian Dela on the list featured in different categories, the list was however dominated by Nigerians, South Africans, Ghanaians and Tanzanians with 20, 17, 12 and 8 representatives respectively.

Full list

Uganda’s firebrand politician Bobi Wine was also featured on the list. Other popular names include Alikiba, Millard Ayo, Cassper Nyovest and footballers Victor Moses, Mohamed Salah and  Sadio Mane.




DJ John goes all out and splashes 4 million to buy Amina Abdi new car on her birthday 

Homeboyz Radio owner and CEO DJ John Rabar recently flexed his financial muscles and gave his wife a presenter many ladies wish their man would surprise them with.

The DJ surprised his wife Amina Abdi, who works at Capital FM and also hosts NTV’s the Trend with a BMW X3 worth almost 4 million Kenyans shillings.

New wheels

Taking to Instagram, Amina shared the photos of the car but as expected, DJ John wasn’t part of the hype and excitement during the delivery. He has always hated the attention.

Amina and John have been together for almost six years now and have one kid.

Here are the photos of the car:

Watch us! Anne Kiguta, Kobi Kihara and Amina Abdi about to slay after landing lucrative cosmetics deal 

Popular TV girls Anne Kiguta, Kobi Kihara and Amina Abdi are about to take over Kenya after landing a lucrative cosmetic deal from Nivea.

Nivea took to Instagram to once that the three ladies are the new ambassadors for their new competition dubbed  #PerfectBalance which women will share how they balance life as mums and career women.

The new photo shoot they did

“We all strive to find the #PerfectBalance in life. NIVEA [MA/BN1] has teamed up with three amazing women to walk our fans through this journey and help in [MA/BN2] finding the #PerfectBalance.

“Are you in campus? Share your stories and experiences with Amina Abdi-Rabar. Working mum? Anne Kiguta is at hand to share her experiences with balancing her career and motherhood. For our fans who are trying to find the #PerfectBalance between self-love and societal expectations, be sure to share your stories with Kobi Kihara.,” said Nivea.



Ciru Muriuki lands a new job at K24 after leaving NTV’s The Trend

Ciru Muriuki quit the Trend on Friday November 10th. The former Trend panelist didn’t reveal where she was headed but now we can confirm she is joining K24.

The Trend lost two presenters in a span of four months. Larry Madowo was first to leave before Ciru also left for greener pastures.

Madowo left the Trend to focus on the new political show ‘Sidebar’. Ciru however left the Trend to replace Amina Abdi at K24.

“I did my final show on The Trend. It has been three crazy years. When what later became the #TTTT segment started, it was literally 10 minutes of television with me and Anto Neosoul in the Nation FM studios. At the time, i had no way of knowing how big the show would get. This show has opened doors beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m walking through one of those doors now. I’m very excited about what the future holds and I will be sharing the next stage of my journey with you all as soon as I’m allowed to!” Ciru Muriuki wrote when she left the Trend.


Amina Abdi used to host ‘Alfajiri’ show on K24 before she joined the Trend. Ciru Muriuki has replaced Amina as the new host of ‘Alfajiri’.

Ciru will be hosting the show alongside Serah Ndanu Teshna and Jeff Mote. Serah Teshna previously hosted KTN’s The Skin Therapy show while Jeff Mote was also a panelist on the Trend. The trio will officially start their duty on 4th December 2017.


The Trend’s new host Amina looks likes a househelp without makeup (Photos)

Amina Abdi stunned netizens with her makeup free appearance.The new Trend host was nearly unrecognizable when she hanged out with Larry and Ciru Muriuki.

Amina was unveiled as the new Trend host last Friday November 17th. She took over from Larry Madowo who left The Trend to focus on the relatively new political show Side Bar.

I look like a househelp

Amina Abdi with her makeup on

Larry, Ciru and Amina hanged out together on Tuesday noon. Amina wasn’t wearing any makeup when she went out with the two former Trend host and panelist.

Larry took to Instagram to share video of their lunchtime meeting. The new Trend host is seen hiding her face as Larry tries capturing her in the video.

“Oh! I look like a househelp without makeup,” Amina protested as Larry recorded her.

“Isn’t that the way you look every day?” Larry Madowo jokingly asked Amina.

Checkout the photos below to see how Amina looks without makeup:


Good genes here: Capital FM’s Amina Abdi introduces her beautiful parents

Amina Abdi has finally joined the list of celebrities introducing their parents to their social media family. Just recently she revealed her mum and dad’s face to mot of her fans who had never seen them before.

The lady shared a photo hanging out with the two and surprisingly Amina looks like her dad. She might have gotten her hair from her mother but her skin-tone and facial features are all from her dad which is not a bad thing.

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Amina however likes to keep her private life off her social media pages but seems like she couldn’t help but flaunt her parents online for the first time. The radio presenter went on to challenge her fans through the caption she used as she asked them to spot who she resembles most. She wrote saying,

Do you see any resemblance? #Fam!!

Amina's parents
Amina’s parents