Vivian’s ‘Forced’ Selfie Photo With Steve Harvey Puts Her Under Heavy Criticism

Kenyan President William Ruto’s state visit to the US included a star-studded luncheon at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. The event brought together prominent Kenyans and a surprise American guest.

Kenyan attendees included business leader Wandia Gichuru, singer Vivian, actress Kate Actress, and jester Eddie Butita.

Social media buzzed after singer Vivian shared a selfie with iconic comedian Steve Harvey. In the photo, Harvey appears to be looking away, sparking mixed reactions from fans.

Some fans believed Vivian should have requested a formal photo, while others applauded her for capturing the special moment regardless.

Eddie Butita took a photo with Steve Harvey in tandem with President Ruto.

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Harvey’s View On Africa

Harvey is popular for hosting International shows such as family feud. While speaking on his move to Africa, he noted that he is already in business with the President of Botswana, Eric Mokgweetsi and was planning on engaging President Ruto.

In his remarks, Harvey insisted that Africa has great potential and that is needed to bridge the gap between Africa and the outside world.

He added that without Africa, there would not exist African-Americans.

“I was the first person to ever bring a Television show from America and tape it on the continent of Africa after everybody told me it couldn’t be done. They told me it wasn’t feasible. They told me they don’t have the infrastructure to pull it off. I went over there and proved them wrong because Africa is most capable.”


Vivian Opens Up About Failed Marriage With Her Ex-Hubby Sam West

In a recent interview on Iko Nini, Kenyan musician Vivian shared the inside story of her failed marriage to businessman and content creator Sam West. She candidly expressed her reservations about their whirlwind romance, emphasizing the importance of being on the same page before tying the knot.

Vivian began by acknowledging that she wasn’t prepared for marriage when she first started dating Sam. She felt that there were vital aspects they needed to explore and understand about each other before taking that big step.

“I had told him about it because a friend had hinted to me, but I felt that there were things we needed to still do together and know each other. You need to be on the same page. I felt like there were so many things that we had not discussed…” she said.

Vivian’s story is a reminder that it’s important to take your time and get to know your partner before getting married. It’s also important to be on the same page about your goals and expectations for the marriage. Otherwise, it can be difficult to build a strong and lasting relationship.

If you’re considering marriage, it’s important to have honest conversations with your partner about your values, beliefs, and plans for the future. It’s also important to seek premarital counseling to help you prepare for the challenges and rewards of married life.

“Never again!” – Vivian casts shade on her ex-hubby for televised proposal

Vivian, a beautiful singer, has opened up about her marriage to businessman and content creator Sam West. The two were together for less than 5 years and parted ways in 2022.

In an interview on Iko Nini’s YouTube channel, Vivian revealed that she was not ready for marriage when she got engaged to Sam. She said that she had told him that she wanted to settle down, but that there were things they needed to do together and get to know each other better before getting married.

Vivian also said that she and Sam were already intimate when he proposed to her on live television in 2017. They moved in together after their marriage.

Vivian said that she felt hijacked by the proposal because she is a celebrity. She said that she would never agree to be proposed to on TV again. If someone proposed to her on TV now, she would say no.

Before their split, Vivian and Sam were admired by many because of their blended family. Sam had a son from a previous union while Vivian had a daughter.

Vivian’s story is a reminder that it is important to be ready for marriage before getting married. It is also important to communicate with your partner about your expectations and to make sure that you are on the same page before making a big decision like getting married.

Vivian Ventures Into Psychology After Divorce With Her Husband

Kenyan singer Vivian Wambui has revealed that she is studying Psychology and has recently launched a new book called “Take Back My Power” which teaches people to cope with everyday stress.

Speaking on Obinna TV, she said that she has always had a passion for studying Psychology and that she wanted to do a career in it before she started doing music. She also said that her separation from her ex-husband, who was also her manager, led her to pursue Psychology as a way to discover herself and learn how to cope with the loss of her personal and financial security.

Singer Vivianne with husband

Vivian said that she is still in school but that she got her certification this year. She is excited to use her knowledge of Psychology to help others cope with everyday stress and live their best lives.

We wish Vivian all the best in her new journey as a Psychologist!

Vivian Decides To Go Bald After Nasty Break-Up With Her Husband

A few months ago, Vivian was rumoured to have parted ways with her manager and husband over irreconcilable differences. It all turned out to be true after she broke her silence weeks after the rumours.

The couple were among celebrities admired by many for their blended family.

Vivian said her husband’s departure caused her immense pain despite efforts to get through it.

“I am not well, I have been getting support but sometimes I crash. My heart is so heavy. Someone left us and now hates us. I’ve been trying to rebuild but I’ve been wondering why. Please pray for me because I’m still a mother,” Vivian wrote in part.

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Celebrity couple, Vivianne and Sam West

Turning Over A New Leaf

The mother of one has now decided to get over it; and to spice things up, she has decided to shave all her hair. She posted her new look via Instagram and captioned;

”I realized that no matter what I did or what I said and how unprepared I was for the changes in my life that it was completely above my power.

So instead of searching for worldly comfort God necessitated that I yearn for Him. It was very strange.
And on those days I get into despair over my past life, my upbringing and other pains I force myself to shift focus.
I am not sure about the future and this message is not for critics or wajuaji. @art_heart__hurt_podcast new episode this Thursday 3pm on YouTube ????????”

The singer is yet to share whether she’s ready to move on with another man.

Vivian opens up about her relationship with baby daddy for the first time

Singer Vivian is a mother of one adorable baby girl who she conceived before embarking on her musical journey a few years ago. However she ended up becoming a single mum after breaking up with baby daddy – who by the way – she rarely talks about.

Well, this is probably because she already moved on with hubby, Sam West; or just enjoys keeping her private life (mostly past) hidden from her online community. Which is a good move.

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Tbt: Vivian with daughter

However speaking recently to Mpasho on a one on one interview, Viviane got to open up about her baby daddy for the first time. Judging from how she painted the man as a loving and responsible dad to their daughter; it’s obvious to see both Vivian and baby daddy are coparenting in peace. Something many ex couples continue to struggle with.

Praises baby daddy

Without sharing his identity, Vivian painted her baby daddy as a man that loves his daughter; and one that supports where he can.

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Of course for them to coparent, there must be good communication; hence Vivian’s response after she was asked whether they talk, to which she responded by saying;

Vivian’s daughter all grown up

Yes, we talk. We have always been cordial with each other.He is a good father. We don’t talk all the time but we understand that we have a child together.

Child support

Well having him present in his daughter’s life means supports her one way or another: Which Vivian confirmed as she went on to add;

He helps where he can but he loves his daughter and that’s important because it’s important for a girl to have a relationship with her dad.

Having witnessed how kids from this generation traumatized or even with daddy issues; after growing up in the absence of their father’s, Vivian says having her baby daddy in their daughter’s life; is something she will doesn’t regret.

We are seeing the results huku nje za kukosa baba.

Beautiful! Meet singer Vivian’s adorable daughter

Singer Vivian has finally unveiled her adorable daughter’s face in a video shared on her YouTube channel!

Vivian with hubby, Sam West

The singer who has been doing quite tremendously with her new song Masharti, surprised many after unveiling her baby girl’s face!

Well this is because for years Vivian has always maintained a low profile when it comes to her personal life! However with the lovers season around the corner; Vivian went ahead to show off what she has been doing for her man and their 2 kids thanks to her 14 day love challenge.

Vivian’s lovely daughter

Vivian’s 14 days of love challenge

After releasing the song just a few days ago; the singer has gone ahead to challenge fans by asking them – to show their loved ones affection for 14 days; as Valentines Day continues to draw nearer.

Sam West who is her husband has definitely been enjoying this challenge judging from the videos shared by Vivian on her social media pages!

Anyway below is the video dedicated to Sam West and their daughter – although their son was not part of the video.

Sam West giving Churchill a run for his money with season 2 of his comedy show

Hero Radio CEO who is also dating singer Vivian is back with season 2 of his Comedy show dubbed  Sam West Comedy.

Sam West’s comedy show in Nakuru

He ventured into comedy back in 2018 and judging from his posts then, we can confirm that Sam West was ready to take over the comedy industry after years of Churchill running it!

So far we understand that has not only had a successful career as online influencer but also an entrepreneur with several businesses in the country.

Dominate Nakuru by Sam West

Sam West comedy back with a bang!

His first show went down in Nakuru earlier today and judging from the photos; we can confirm that he did had a successful start! About 700 people showed up for the event which was also graced by his wife, Vivian.

Fans show up in huge numbers for Sam West’s comedy

Among the invited guest is Titus Hug, an American who owns a big construction company called HUG CONSTRUCTION. He is also happens to fund over 100 university students in Kenya through campus; and is passionate in mentoring young people.

Titus Hug

Vivian’s music

Singer Viviane with hubby

The couple are known for their hustle hard motto and despite having 2 kids; they also find time to spend with their kids apart from focusing on their different careers.

Vivian on the other hand is also set to  release her first 2020 project dubbed Masharti as seen on her Instagram page. Well, with all the that talent, I bet the lady will not let her fans breathe with her upcoming projects that will blow many off their feet!

Amina should get back to making music

Did you know that The Trend host Amina Abdi Rabar was once a musician? If you are not aware then you are too young (I’ve been waiting to drop this line on someone).

She released two songs circa 2013 and they both performed well. Actually, one of them is a collabo with the one and only Octopizzo.

The other song, which happens to be my most favorite, is a collaboration with rapper K-Letta dubbed Paint The Town Red.

Amina Abdi Rabar
Amina Abdi Rabar

Apart from the fact that she has a melodious voice – the kind that will make you hit the replay button a couple of times –  I think she really has it in her.

She can actually give the likes of Avril, Mayonde and Vivian a run for their money. I’m willing to bet about this.

The way I see it, she should get back to making music because the local industry needs her but that’s just me.

Come to think of it though, how will she juggle all her hustles and still get time to get into studio and record songs? It would be tough.

Or she could release a song once in a while. I don’t know how she will do it but it needs to happen. Amina, if you are reading this, do the needful.

Listen to Octopizzo’s collabo with Amina dubbed Swag below.

6 collabos between Kenyan and Tanzanian artists that we’d totally love to see

Kenyan artists have been working with their Tanzanian counterparts a lot more lately so much so that people who don’t like Bongo music, like yours truly, are starting to feel like it’s worth their time.

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We’ve seen some impressive collabos between Tanzanian and Kenyan artists in the recent past. Some of the include; Timmy Tdat & Rosa Ree, Willy Paul and Nandy, Bahati and Rayvanny, Juma Jux and Nyashisnki and so on.

In my opinion, we need to see more of these and that’s why I came up with a list of artists who I think should work together because why not? Also there’s the fact that it well grow East African music.

That being said, here’s our wish list of collabos:

1. Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux – After watching their mash up of African Lover on Coke Studio, I think these two should get into studio like yesterday.

Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux
Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux

2. Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones – This collabo should have happened a long time ago. I mean why not? Both artists are bad-ass rappers and they would really kill it on one track.

Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones
Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones

3. Otile Brown & Vanessa Mdee – I’m not quite sure about this but something tells me that a collabo between them would be totally fire. I’m looking forward to the day they will give us a treat.

Otile Brown and Vanessa Mdee
Otile Brown and Vanessa Mdee

4. Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny –  I live for the day these two musicians will release a song together. Thinking about it just gives me goosebumps. If a collabo between them comes to pass, it will be the biggest song of the year.

Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny
Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny

5. Nyashisnki and Nandy – I feel like a collabo between these two would be pure bliss. Nandy’s smooth vocals would really blend in well Nyashisnki’s rap. Get into studio guys!

Nyashisnki and Nandy
Nyashisnki and Nandy

6. Vivian and Darassa – This is another one that I’m not quite sure about. However, I feel like a rap-infused song with Vivian’s vocals would be totally fire.

Vivian and Darassa
Vivian and Darassa

Which collabo are you looking forward to? Tell us below.

Avril Vs Mayonde Vs Vivian: Which female singer has the sexiest voice?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to musicians (especially female) the sexier the voice the more appealing it is. Don’t you agree?

This article is based on that, I picked three of Kenya’s leading female singers and we want you to decide whose voice you can listen to all day. That’s pretty much it!

The three are Judith Nyambura (Avril), Diana Nduba (Mayonde) and Vivian Wambui (Vivian).

For starters, let’s agree that all these ladies impecably beautiful but today we are jus trying to find out who, according to you, has the sweetest voice.


She’s been in the industry longer than the other two. Some of her notble hits are; Nikimuona, Chokoza, Hakuna Yule, Kitoko, just to name a few.


She started off as a BGV before crosssing over into mainstream music. Some of her notable hits are; Chini Kwa Chini, Nairobi, Shika, Isukuti Love, just to name a few.


She was introduced to the industry by Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar in 2013. She has been making music since then. Some of her notable hits are. Some of her notable hits are Chum Chum, Chingi Changa and Woman in Love.


So, who are you putting your money on? Who do you think has the sexiest voice? Tell us below.

Another one! Meet the sassy Kenyan lady accused of being Diamond Platnumz side chick

Word making rounds on social media is that’s Diamaond Platnumz is cheating on his pregnant lady, Tanasha Donna.

This comes after the lady by the name of Vivian aka Vivafabrica shared several behind the scene photos from Inama video shoot.

With this, one Bongo gossip tabloid went on to  expose the lass as Diamond Platnumz Kenyan side chick.


According to the tabloid, Diamond Platnumz apparently hangs out with the lady every time he visits Europe which could only mean that the two are more than friends.

Diamond Platnumz back to his old habits?

Since the lady was not featured in the Inama video; one can’t help but wonder how she got full access at the video shoot.

But judging from how Diamond Platnumz has been linked to multiple women in East Africa it wouldn’t be such a surprise to learn that he is expanding his territory.

Anyway looking at Vivafabrica’s social media pages, it’s evident to see that she resides in Germany with her daughter; but at the same time works as a choreographer meaning her meeting with Dee could have been professional.

Check out her photos below.



Vivian speaks juggling motherhood and her music career that is now hitting the rooftop

¨Cheza Chini¨ female singer, Vivian is a mother of a fast-growing daughter but she is still able to juggle that with her music career which is hitting the roof at the moment.

Vivian who is currently Sam West´s wifey has a daughter from her previous relationship.


One on one with Kiss 100´s Shaffie Weru and Adelle Anyango, the young mother shares:

We were just chilling with the children.

Just cooking, having a bit of wine, exchanging notes, just family time.

Further on, the Kenyan beauty admits that she sadly turned into her mother when it comes to being the ´bad cop´ at home:

I think I am [the bad cop].

I might not have inherited the ´traditional´ way of doing things, but I am really my mother´s daughter 100 percent.

And it scares me a lot.

So I am a bit of a disciplinarian.

I have to be.

Vivian adds that looking at her fast-growing daughter, just makes motherhood memorable citing:

I think just the fact that, seeing how big my daughter has grown over the years.

It just makes me think WoooooW!!!

She´s now 9.

It´s so shocking.

She however takes in the credit for her glamorous look in studio and does not sit back when Shaffie thinks that Sam West is actually a major contributor of her look.

According to the top artist, she does not need a man by her side to come out looking like a Queen.

Tumetoka hiyo kuambiwa ati wanawake, wanaume wanatujenga

Music career

Vivian´s music career might have not thrived as such in the past but her recent comeback has been a major blow in the competitive world of secular music.

For her, 2019 has been a change over as she reveals:

I feel like I am redefining a lot of things, 2019 moving forward.

Because right now, I am more in touch and connected to my career than ever.

I have a really strong voice in terms of making decisions more than I used to have, for the past 5 years.

I think every 5 years, for a music career, it´s like there´s a shift of things a little bit.

However lucrative secular music seems to be, Vivian affirms that this is not the age and time to just spit out lyrics and your feelings without taking note of the kind of content one is expressing.

And now it´s not all about making the music but also the voice that I´m putting out.

Because my voice now is louder than it was even a year ago.

Right now if I say something silly or whatever it is, it ends up on the block.

So I have to be super conscious about things now, it´s my responsibility and I can feel the pressure.

And even for the content, right now if I release music and guys were like, maybe they´re not feeling it, they´d just be like, ah Vivian wacha, unatuenjoy.

The Kenyan well-established songwriter articulates that fans have become more conscious and somehow partake in one´s music career as well as lifestyle.

We´ve now become boys with my fans even on the streets, they confront me in my music.

So I have a lot of shareholders in my career and in my life.

It´s however better than when people don´t care because hiyo ni ngori sana.

Vivian Kenya is the voice behind anthems like ´Chingi Changa´ which is a complete opposite of her new ´Cheza Chini´ jam as well as others like ´Chum Chum´ and ´Attention´.

Vivian forced to publicly slam thirsty powerful govt official begging for her nunu in exchange for favors 

Singer Vivian is back again with yet another statement that has left her fans in shock.

Just days after the singer confessed that she was forced to edit some parts of her new song because of some intimate scenes that her fiance hated, she has now confessed that a senior government official is demanding for her cookie jar.

In a social media post, Vivian claimed that the government official wants to have sex with her in exchange for deals and other favors.

“I have decided to go public about something that is causing me discomfort. Some popular senior govt official has been relentlessly been on my case for the last one week,” she said. 

“I have continuously told him I can’t sleep with him as he demands. He doesn’t seem to stop despite all my attempts to stop him. Let him know this, I don’t sleep with married men. He should respect his wife.”


Female artists have always complained of such cases. According to Viv, sex is a holly thing only for those who are married.

“Second, Sex to me must have a meaning. It’s a gift for married couples only. Thirdly, He is twice my age. Please! Gosh! Wish the wife was able to tame her man. If he doesn’t stop stalking me, I will publicly expose him and tag his wife. Why do some men do this to their wives? What happened to faithfulness?” she said. 


Vivian wa Kucheza Chini-Vivian Musiq at a glance

Vivian Wambui famously known as Vivian Kenya is a Kenyan Musician, song writer and a  celebrated recording artist.

She was born on 15th March and is the third born in the family of four.Vivian was brought up in Pangani Estate in Nairobi.

Being a city girl you’d definitely believe Vivian was brought up as a “cool-kid”-if that’s a thing.


Well, its true.For her Primary school, Vivian went to Marion Group of schools and letter joined Statehouse Girls for her Secondary school education.

She later joined The Kenya School of Professional Studies where she studied  Marketing for her Degree.

Career in music

Vivian’s interest in entertainment began at an early age where she was acting as a lead soloist at school events.

She became an active spoken word artiste and singer after being introduced to it by a friend.

Further she went ahead to pursue her musical interests in her teenage years  by studying music. In my point of view, this is something many of the artists do thankfully.

Her popularity was brought into the fore front years later where she joined Main Switch recording studios for a year. She did her first debut with Jaguar who was her muse then.

This was after the Chum chum hit maker  struggled in  in her pursuit of  getting in to the  the industry.

Lucky enough Vivian Has managed to stay relevant in the  Kenyan Music scene.

She is famed for big hits like Teren teren, Charm that she featured Ugandan Veteran artist Jose Chameleon,Chingi Changa,Talk to me(Boss lady),Addicted featuring Kenyan Comedian MCA tricky,Nilivyo that had the Soulful Madini classic in it  among others.

She went independent with her manager who is now her husband Sam West.

So far they seem to be doing well  both as a couple and professionals. They have their own label called “Moran”.

Vivian wa leo…

Few days ago, there was a  small side show depicted by Vivian when she leaked her whatsapp conversation between her, Naiboi and Savara of Sauti Sol on their latest Jam “Cheza Chini” on her social Media.

The issue about Sam West not liking a scene that was too Intimate to his liking. Details?

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Good enough, she managed to get to her fans and from the views on youtube, Vivian is that Kenyan artist you wish not miss in the Industry.


Kenyan musicians have done so many collabos this year and we’re really impressed

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but Kenyan musicians have dropped so many collabos since the year began. If you are a huge fan of local music, like yours truly, I’m you are also impressed.

For the first time in a long while, there’s something good to say about the local entertainment industry. We’re barely five months into the year and we’ve seen the most unexpected collabos. It’s such an exciting time to be alive.

Artist have not only realized the importance of doing collabos, they have also decided to step out of the comfort zones. On a light note, I’m pretty sure Kenyan musicians agreed that 2019 is the year of working together.

What I love most about this is that our artists are not only working with their fellow Kenyan musicians, they are also crossing borders and working with acts from Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana and Jamaica.

The likes of rapper Khaligraph Jones have featured on four great collabos since we crossed over into 2019. The songs are; Japo Kidogo, Kiboko (Remix), Megarider (Remix), and Chukua Selfie which was a campaign but still counts.

Papa Jones aslo featured Nigerian rapper Ycee on Gwala which was released in January this year.

If you’ve noticed, Naiboi is also doing a lot of collabos this year. He has two songs with Kristoff, a song with Brown Mauzo. He was featured on Chukua Selfie. His new song with Vivian and Savara dubbed came out a few hours ago.

Arrow Bwoy has also been breaking his back when it comes to music collabos. He has a song with Demarco, another one with Cecile. He has also worked with Gabu and Jovial

Other artists who’ve dropped good collabos this year are; Willy Paul, Timmy Tdat, Nyashinki, Jua Cali, Avril, King Kaka, Mr Seed, The Kansoul, Rankaddah, Rankaddah, Mayonde, Ochunglo Family, just to name a few.

To say the least, I am impressed. I can’t help but imagine how many more great collabos we’ll see before the year ends. I hope this also serves as a wake up call to artists who have been shying away from collabos.

What are some of your favourite local collabos this year? Leave a comment below.

Vivian’s new collabo with Savara and Naiboi dubbed ‘Cheza Chini’ is so disappointing (Video)

I don’t know what’s worse between Vivian’s new collabo with Savara and Naiboi dubbed Cheza Chini or the terrible publicity stunt that she pulled on her fans days before she released the song.

Give me a chance to explain myself before you brand me a hater. You see, I am a huge fan of Vivian just like you. Without a doubt, she’s one of the most gifted female singers in Kenya. Her gift is her golden voice. She has this rare voice that is so sweet to the ears.

Perhaps this explains why she has a huge following. Well, she is also very beautiful. However, I feel like she is more known for her voice. Anyway, this is a story for another day. Isn’t it?


The point is, Vivian is known for her vocal prowess. She also has a loyal legion of fans who are always looking forward to listing to her latest music. I occasionally see her songs on music TV shows which means she’s getting good airplay.

As such, I don’t understand why she had to do a publicity stunt days before releasing her collabo with Naiboi and Savara dubbed Cheza Chini. To make matters worse, the publicity stunt was so terrible.

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On Friday last week, Vivian shared some screenshots of a WhatsApp group chat on her Facebook page and I believe that they were just stage managed just to hype the new song before it was released.

Apparently, Vivian’s husband, Sam West, was unhappy with how Naiboi was holding his partner in the video so much so that he asked them to re-edit the video before releasing it on April 29.

Sam West and Vivian

After all that drama, you would think that the song would be worth writing home about when it was finally released. It’s really not. It’s so lacklustre. Naiboi and Vivian’s parts just seem off. I was so disappointed when I first heard it.

However, Savara really did a good job on the hook. He almost saved this song. The hook, goes like “Cheza za chini usichome picha…kamejipa, cheza za chini usichome picha…kameshika.


Be that as it may, the song has a decent beat. It was produced by the one and only Cedric Njega, alias Rixx, The video, which was directed by Sammy Dee, is also good. The transitioning from one scene to another is also good.

Incase you are wondering, Naiboi and Vivian are still seen getting close in the video. The 2 in 1 hitmaker occasionally holds her around the waist.

Watch Cheza Chini here and tell us what you think.

5 impossible music collabos we’d love to see before 2019 ends

A few days ago, Octopizzo revealed that he was willing to work with nemesis Khaligraph Jones if the song would line his pockets. Although the chances of this happening are close to zero, it got me thinking about other impossible collabos that we’d love to see.

You see, the essence of doing in a collabo is to grow an artist’s fanbase. For instance, Khaligraph’s fans would get to know about Octopizzo or appreciate his music and vice versa if the two artists ever do a collabo.

There’s also the obvious fact that two or more music greats are bound to create something magical if they ever work on a song together.

That being said, here’s our wish list of collabos:

1. Nyashinki and Otile Brown – After listening to Nyashinki and Juma Jux on Incase You Don’t Know, I couldn’t help but imagine what a Nyashinki and Otile Brown collabo would sound like. We are really looking forward to the day when they’ll give us a treat.

Nyashinki and Otile Brown

2. Arrow Bwoy and Vivian – This collabo should have happened a long time ago. I mean why not? Vivian’s smooth vocals would really blend well with Arrow Bwoy’s seductive dancehall sound. Get into studio guys!

Vivian and Arrow Bwoy

3. Sauti Sol and King Kaka – They may not see eye to eye but I’m sure you also get the feeling that a song by these great musicians would be nothing but pure bliss. You remember Sauti Sol’s collabo with Khaligraph dubbed Rewind? Think along those lines and then add King Kaka’s storytelling skills.

Sauti Sol and King Kaka

4. Nadia Mukami and Naiboi – I live for the day these two musicians will release a song together. Thinking about it just gives me goosebumps. If a collabo between Naiboi and Nadia comes to pass, it will be the biggest song in 2019. You want to bet?

Nadia Mukami & Naiboi

5. Masauti and Steph Kapela – Nothing beats a bongo-infused rap song. Absolutely nothing. It’s for this reason that I feel Masauti should do his next collabo with one of Kenya’s best emcees – Steph Kapela. What I love about Steph Kapela is that he is versatile, he could end up singing if they ever do a collabo.

Masauti and Steph Kapela

Which are some of the collabos that you’d like to see before the year ends? Leave a comment below.

Vivian sympathies with rapper Cashy over domestic violence: Physical abuse was part of my welcoming party

Singer Vivian is in support of rapper Cashy who recently confessed that her ex-boyfriend Khaligraph Jones was physically and emotionally abusive to her.

Cashy has opened up about her relationship with Khaligraph saying it was marred by cheating, threats and being demeaned. Singer Vivian said she also relates to all this since her first relationship was the same.

“I watched Cashy speak about being abused physically and my heart goes out to her. I’m certain it has not happened to us in the same breath but I too have experienced physical abuse. Physical abuse was part of my welcoming party as a new female artiste from one influential and hurt male figure. I almost gave up pursuing music,” she posted. 


Vivian, who left with one kid from that relationship, warned girls to be very careful next time they are choosing a man.

“Girls be careful what and who you let in your life. Cashy I’m sorry for having to go through physical abuse. I would never want any girl to endure physical and emotional abuse. It’s a form of bondage and as women we must refuse to be victims. It’s enough.
Remind yourself that you are smart, gifted, confident and life is not done with you yet. Instead of retreating, keep soaring; keep evolving; keep growing; keep elevating!The world needs you!” she posted. 


Vivian responds to trolls, vows to walk from town to Karen to prove she’s hardy

Singer Vivian became a laughing stock during the weekend after sharing that she used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo to save bus fare which she later used to record her first songs.

The distance between Nairobi West and Nyayo, if there’s any, is actually not more than 500 meters.  Kenyans trolled the singer for her comments in an KTN interview after she shared her humble beginnings.

Vivian appeared in the just-launched KTN program “Behind the music” where she shared her story leaving many in stitches.

“I used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo to save fare,” she said.


“Even when I was working, I used to steal some hours to go to the studio.” 


It’s seems she has taken the Vivianchallange serious and now has promised that she will walk from the CBD to Karen. That’s about 20 km.

“Word on the street is that she can’t walk for long distances. Let me prove you otherwise. Who wants to walk with me from Nyayo House to Nairobi West then to @moran_house in Karen?” she said on social media. 

For those who don’t know, Vivian used to be a hawker. A Mali Mali guy. And these guys can walk up to 30kms in a day so she might actually successfully do it. Don’t let the pretty face fool you.

Are you trying to be funny? Singer Vivian trolled for claiming she used to walk around 500 meters to save bus fare

We have heard stories of some of the crazy things entertainers used to do before they became famous. Some used to collect garbage, others used to sleep in clubs while other went for days hungry in pursuit of their dreams.

For singer Vivian, she used to walk just a few meters to see her dream come true.

Bus fare

The singer was recently trolled by Kenyans after sharing she used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo, which is barely 500 meters, so as to save.

Vivian appeared in the just-launched KTN program “Behind the music” where she shared her story leaving many in stitches.

“I used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo to save fare,” she said.


“Even when I was working, I used to steal some hours to go to the studio.” 

It’s not the first time the singer is talking about her past though this one completely surprised everyone. The singer has always shared how she used to be a hawker before getting her big break.

“Why should I really boast. By then things were so tough on me. I hadn’t started singing. I was a mali mali seller. I sold cups, plates, thermos to make ends meet. The piece of watermelon was my lunch that day. Surely never despise humble beginnings. I look at my life and all I can say is God reigns over our lives. Your current situation is not your future. There is always a brighter day ahead,” she said.

Vivian echoes Khaligraph’s sentiments… offers to fly one more Kenyan presenter to Nigeria

Khaligraph Jones offered to fly Kenyan TV and radio presenters to Nigeria while protesting the influx of foreign music in the Kenyan airwave.

“I am planning on Bringing at least 10 big Kenyan media personalities/Radio presenters to Nigeria for a 10 day trip which I myself shall cater for,I want to see if some of y’all will be recognized by your Nigerian fans or if you even have fans at all here, it would be very sad if you don’t though ?? ?????????????? #respecttheogs,” wrote Khaligraph Jones.

Fellow rapper Naiboi also offered to pay flight tickets for five extra Kenyan TV and radio presenters to be flown to Nigeria.

“So after making calls and confirming how serious the OG is about this i have decided i will pay for 5more so thats a total of 15. Lets make it a Real experience for them,” Naiboi announced.

One more ticket

Sultry singer Vivian has also came out to support Khaligraph Jone’s idea of flying Kenyan TV and radio presenters to Nigeria. She is offering to sponsor one more presenter to be flown to the West African country.

“I want to pay for one person too,” wrote Vivian on Instagram.

In a separate post, she said that;

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day! Acheni tufungue roho. Naskia fufu imeiva?. On the real though when you live Kenya, you love Kenya, you build Kenya. Period. #playkenyan
To all the amazing and talented creatives on my timeline hiyo gift/talent ni yako, show us! We’re watching and taking it in! Usipanic.”



‘My zipper got torn while performing and had to stop my performance- Singer Vivian shares embarrassing moment

Singer Vivian, while speaking in an interview with Massawe Jappani, opened about one of her most embarrassing moments which happened while she was on stage.

According to the singer, she had to cut short her performance after her zipper bust open leaving little to imagination. Lucky, her fiance Sam West, came on stage and helped her out.

“I once had my zipper torn while performing and had to stop my performance and go make it. Sam came on stage and made it for me, a great challenge of managing female artiste. It was the most embarrassing thing on stage,” she said.


Vivain also shared that they are currently planning a white wedding after their ruracio. The two had their ruracio ceremony early this year after Sam, who doubles up as Vivian’s manager, proposed to her last year during an interview on live TV.

“The wedding arrangements are in progress. It is easier to date him because he was and is still my manager and music is all about lifestyle. Your exposure is big and therefore you need someone close to you every time.” she said. 

Regarding having kids, Vivian, who is a mother of one, said:

“I don’t know if I want to get babies but if they come, it is okay with me. Although it is not right to put pressure on getting a baby. You have to have embraced the decision of getting kids. When babies come, they come with a lot of responsibility, which every woman has to be ready to adapt to.” she said. 

“My baby daddy is not deadbeat” Vivian reveals as she explains why she still doesn’t want to get babies with Sam West

Celebrity couple Vivian and Sam West may or may not get babies in their marriage, the two got married in a traditional wedding held in March 2018.

Vivian is not yet ready to be a mother again. The sultry singer has an older daughter from her previous relationship with another man.

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Vivian opened up about her daughter while speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo. She revealed that she got pregnant in her early 20s.

“I got my baby in my early 20s and my baby daddy is not a deadbeat,” said Vivian.

Vivian and Massawe Japanni
Vivian and Massawe Japanni
Baby number two

Vivian is not sure when she will be getting a baby with Sam West. She explained that she hasn’t yet embraced the idea of getting another child just yet.

“I don’t know if I want to get babies but if they come, it is okay with me. Although it is not right to put pressure on getting a baby. You have to have embraced the decision of getting kids. When babies come, they come with a lot of responsibility, which every woman has to be ready to adapt to,” she said.




“She never laughs to dry jokes” Sam West reveals how his sweetheart Vivian has helped him become the best comedian with the Illest jokes

Vivian is lucky to be dating a comedian, Sam West has to make him laugh first before he goes out to crack jokes to the general public.

Sam West reveals that Vivian doesn’t just laugh to his jokes because they are dating. The comedian says it takes an international comedian to make Vivian to laugh, but he has somehow managed to make her laugh.

“She never laughs at dry jokes. She is very hard to crack. Anyone who can make her laugh is an International Comedian #Panari #SCE3,” wrote Sam West.

Sam West Comedy Experience

Sam West’s ability to make Vivian laugh has inspired him to excel at his work of making people laugh. The comedian hosts his comedy show this coming Friday 17th August and he is confident the audience is gonna love every minute of the show.

Good news! Thanks to our sponsors the gate fee will only be 500 bob and redeemable with a drink of your choice. Everyone will be VIP!!
#SamWestComedyExperience is now better than previous shows. This Friday at Panari Hotel from 6pm
Paybill 888866
Acc: Your Name

The comedian first launched his own eponymous comedy show on February 16th this year and it was a great success. Churchill Show’s MC Jessy, YY, Eddie Butita, JB Masanduku were among popular comedians who were in attendance at Sam West’s first comedy show.

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Vivian thanks employer who used to pay her 6k a month back when she was a hawker 

Singer Vivian has come a long way from being a hawker to a successful singer. The singer, who is married to Sam West, was on social media to remember back in the day when she used to be paid only 6,000 shillings a month.

She posted photos on Instagram showing her contract, thanking the people who gave her a chance to live her dream five years ago as an upcoming artist.


Five years ago, Vivian was a Mali Mali trader and she has never been embarrassed about it. In her post, she went ahead to show how she used to budget for the money.

Here is what she posted: