Terence Creative’s former side chick angers Tanzanians following her comment on Diamond Platnumz parenting skills!

Anita Soina is clearly a fan of the Wasafi team and if I am not wrong; most Tanzanians who know her would definitely categorize the lady in the groupies zone!

The lady is popularly known to leave comments under the likes of Lava Lava, Diamond Platnumz and other Wasafi members. And with this kind of fan love, well I bet Anita Soina is ready to risk it all to make it to the WCB circle!

Anyway, the lady this time around ended up getting bashed after stepping in to defend Diamond Platnumz; who was being called out for being a dead beat dad by yet another fan.

Dead beat dad

The lady identified as Shan went on to tell off Wema Sepetu for praising the singer in her detailed post; where she (Wema) celebrated Mondi for offering to pay rent for 500 people from Bongo.

Zari and Diamond´s children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan

However just like Zari, Shan was not impressed by the fact that the singer was dishing out cash; yet his children were busy struggling with their mothers out here after the singer abandoned them.

Shan’s comment

The comment definitely sparked an argument among many including Anita Soina who stepped in to defend Diamond Platnumz. According to the deleted comment shared by Anita, she did not see anything wrong with Diamond Platnumz spending his money anyhow he wished.

Sadly, the lady clearly proved that she did not understand the type of struggle most singles mums out here; have to put up with men neglecting their responsibilities. In her defense Anita said;

I think we are all entitled to opinions. Haikuwa vita. I said what I knew after the interview. Of course I don’t support dead beats



You just started life

Others went on to tell off the lady by urging her to stick to what she knows since she just started living as an adult just recently.

Former lovers

Clearly, she picked a bad topic to address….wasn’t she the one sleeping with a married man about a year ago? Anyway check out the comments below.

Meet the 19 year old who was warming Terence Creative’s bed! (Photos)

Comedian Terence earlier today admitted to cheating on his wife weeks after rumor had it that his marriage was on the rocks.

From the stories making rounds on social media is that the comedian was involved with a 19 year lady by the name of Anita Soina who is a PR and corporate student.

The lady has also gone ahead to reveal that she was involved with the comedian and instead of him lying to the world; he should own up to his mistakes!

Living together

In a new post making rounds on social media, Terence is seen accusing his mistress of blackmailing him and threatening his wife. But now that the story is out, he says that he is glad that all this will come to an end.

Soina on the other hand clapped back at the comedian asking him to be honest about what they had. In her post she says that they had been cost sharing rent and even Terence had his clothes at her place.


Anyway below are a few photos of the lady courtesy of her Instagram page.