Terence Creative Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

Comedian and content creator Terence Creative recently shared a glimpse into his personal struggles with depression and anxiety.

This came after a video message from Reverend Lucy Natasha, who expressed her appreciation for Terence’s work and how it uplifts her spirits.

Terence, touched by her support, took the opportunity to reveal the challenges he’s been facing. The pressures of his career, coupled with personal struggles, have contributed to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Terence emphasizes that mental health issues can affect anyone. In his message, he acknowledged the emotional toll of “depression, pressure, and anxiety” along with the “fear of the unknown” and “over-expectation.”

However, Terence’s message isn’t one of despair. He expresses his faith and belief in finding strength to overcome these challenges. He encourages others struggling with similar issues to hold onto hope and keep pushing forward.

“Better days are coming,” he assured his followers, promoting perseverance and positivity.

Terence is among the most sought after comedians who have grace the Kenyan comic industry over the past years. His unique talent in mimmicking characters has also been conspicuous, leading to his show ‘wash wash’ being among the most watched comedy shows.

Terence Creative accepts flowers from Rev. Lucy Natasha, talks about struggle with depression.

Comedian Terence Creative recently opened up about his ongoing battle with depression, pressure, and anxiety, shedding light on a side of himself that many might not be aware of.

Terence shared these personal struggles while expressing gratitude to Rev Lucy Natasha, who honored him as her favorite comedian.


Milly Chebby Blasts Terence Creative For Flaunting A G-Wagon That’s Not His

Acknowledging Rev Natasha’s recognition, Terence revealed that he’s currently facing emotional challenges but remains hopeful for better days ahead.

“Thank you so much for the flowers. This gesture means a lot to me, especially during this tough period where I’m grappling with emotions like depression, pressure, anxiety, and the fear of the unknown,” he confessed.

Despite his struggles, Terence offered words of encouragement to fans who might be experiencing similar difficulties, urging them not to lose hope.


Comedian Terence Creative’s Humble Dowry Payment Revealed

“God is faithful, and every day we grow stronger. As they say, ‘if your dreams don’t scare you, then you’re not dreaming enough.’ So, stop crying and keep trying. To anyone out there feeling low, hold on and give it one more try. Better days are ahead,” he reassured.

During an appearance on Obinna TV, Rev Natasha shared her admiration for several Kenyan comedians, listing Terence Creative as her top favorite.

“Among the many talented comedians like Eric Omondi, Crazy Kennar, and Mammito, Terence Creative stands out for me. Whenever I feel stressed, I watch Terence Creative. His diverse characters and creativity are impressive,” she expressed.

Adding to her praise, Rev Natasha highlighted MC Jessy’s comedic style, dubbing him the “apostle of Joy” for his spiritual touch. However, she emphasized that when stress hits, Terence Creative’s content serves as her ultimate escape.

Comedian Terence Creative’s Humble Dowry Payment Revealed

Kenyan comedian Terence Creative, born Lawrence Macharia, recently shared a heartwarming story on his Instagram page about his humble dowry ceremony six years ago.

In a post that sparked both admiration and controversy, Creative revealed that he and his wife, Milly Chebby, arrived at the ceremony in the Rift Valley with only 23,000 Kenyan shillings, which is considered by many to be a very small amount for a dowry.

Despite the financial odds stacked against them, Creative’s wife’s family accepted the meager offering. Creative expressed his gratitude to his wife’s family for accepting him as he was, and for their support throughout their journey from meager beginnings to success.

Creative’s post has ignited a debate in social media circles, with some applauding the couple’s resilience and others criticizing the dowry amount as inadequate. However, Creative’s message of faith and gratitude has resonated with many, who admire his humble spirit and his commitment to his wife and family.

In his post, Creative credits God for making it possible for him to achieve his dreams and for wiping away their tears and covering their shame. He emphasizes that all of their achievements are to the glory and honor of God, portraying the importance of faith in his life.

Creative closes the post with a loving message to his wife, thanking her for always standing by him. He writes, “Saturday was a day to remember.

Creative’s story is a reminder that love and commitment are more important than material possessions. It is also a testament to the power of faith and the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Terence Creative reveals he paid 23,000 Kenyan shillings at Milly Chebby’s bride price ceremony

Kenyan content creator Terence Creative has shared a heartwarming story about how he and his wife Milly Chebby arrived for their dowry ceremony with only 23,000 Kenyan shillings.

In a post on Instagram, Terence said that they were embarrassed and ashamed of the meager amount, but Milly’s family accepted them nonetheless.

“Six years ago we came to Rift Valley for Koito (dowry ceremony), we left here embarrassed, we had only come with 23 thousand for dowry,” Terence wrote. “God bless my wife’s family for accepting our offer then, despite everything they accepted me as I was.”

Terence went on to thank God for their journey and for blessing them with success. He said that all of their achievements are to the glory of God.

“To my wife you are a gem, God bless for forever standing with me,” Terence concluded.

The post has sparked a debate on social media, with some people applauding the couple’s story and others criticizing the dowry amount.

Some people have praised the couple for their humility and for showing that love is more important than money. Others have criticized Terence and Milly’s family for accepting such a small dowry, saying that it devalues the woman.

Regardless of the different opinions, Terence Creative’s story is a reminder that love conquers all. It is also a reminder that we should be grateful for the people who love and accept us, no matter what.

Terence Creative Celebrates Daughter’s 15th Birthday, Netizens Notice Striking Resemblance To Wife Milly Chebby

Comedian Terence Creative is celebrating the 15th birthday of his daughter, who was born during his previous relationship with Eunice Waneta.

On Tuesday, Terence took to social media to share a heartwarming message for his daughter, expressing his deep love and appreciation for her. He also shared a series of photos of the two of them together.

One of the things that immediately caught the attention of netizens was the striking resemblance between Terence’s daughter and his wife, Milly Chebby. The two look so similar that some people even commented that the pictures looked like those of Milly Chebby during her younger years.

Terence’s daughter is growing up to be a beautiful young lady, and it is clear that her father is very proud of her. He is also grateful for the positive impact she has had on his life.

“Happy birthday my love …17th September will forever be my favorite chapter in life. You changed my life in a beautiful way, and anytime I want to make a move, you’re always my 1st thought. You have the most beautiful aura, so calm and loving,” Terence wrote in his birthday message.

Terence’s fans and followers were quick to join in on the birthday celebrations, sending their best wishes to his daughter. Many people also commented on the striking resemblance between the two of them.

“Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! She looks just like her mother,” one fan wrote.

“Wishing your daughter a very happy birthday! She is such a lucky girl to have you as her father,” another fan commented.

Terence’s birthday post is a reminder of the special bond between a father and daughter. It is also a testament to the power of love and family.

Terence Creative sarcastically mourns deletion of Kibe’s channel

Following the closure of performer Andrew Kibe’s YouTube account, well-known Kenyan singers Kelvin Bahati and Terence Creative expressed their opinions.

Both Terence and Bahati have endured Kibe’s ridicule, with the comedian frequently referring to them as “Kabahanye” and “Nganuthia,” respectively.

Terence expressed his shock at the decision to close the former broadcaster’s channel as soon as he heard about it on Monday night.

“It’s really sad, I’m going to miss Nganuthia’s lashes,”

On Tuesday, Bahati posted a video of Terence and his wife Milly Chebby sharing a kiss, giving the impression that the two could finally enjoy their union without interference.

The singer emphasized that he would be able to celebrate his love for Diana Marua in peace as well as Terence and Milly Chebby’s enjoyment of it.

“Naskia sasa Nganuthia and Kabahanye Can Now Celebrate the Ones we Love at Peace 😎😂😃 @terencecreative and @millychebby Have Verified #HUYU ❤️ is a Hit ✔️👌,”

Terence stated in his response to Bahati’s post that, contrary to popular belief, Kibe’s YouTube channel was helpful to him.

“Hapana hatufanyi hivyo(kusherehekea), jukwaa hilo lilikuwa na manufaa zaidi kwangu kuliko wewe,”

On Monday, the well-liked YouTube account for Kibe was deleted. The YouTube account linked to this video has been suspended, according to a message regarding the action that was shown on the account.

The entertainer, who is now in the US, has been telling his followers recently that he will post his work to another platform as soon as he is done using YouTube.

Why Terence Creative is disappointed with Nameless for unveiling his newborn’s face so early

Comedian Terence Creative has expressed disappointment in how singer Nameless rushed to unveil his day old daughter’s face on social media. To him, this was not well planned nor well executed especially with how fans were excited to see his 3rd born – a baby conceived in their (Wahu and Nameless) early 40’s.

Well as we already know the power couple welcomed their 3rd baby just a few days ago and having taken about 9 years before adding another baby; believe me the Mathenges couldnt hold back from expressing their excitement amd fear since they’d been out of the game for a while.

Anyway unlike our favorite celebrities who hide their baby’s faces for a couple of months, the Mathenges unveiled it in just hours. Which is why Terence feels they wasted a good opportunity to exploit their daughter’s birth by creating content from it. He revealed this on a post shared on Facebook where he wrote;

Due to public demand, I will be impregnating my wife next week


Nameless sitawaste episodes kama wewe.Hii ingekuwa content creator wa kawaida kama mimi ingetoa episodes kadhaa

How Terence wpuld have done it

Well being a content creator – Terence Creative still couldnt believe how Nameless missed out on the best opportunity to make YT views.

So, explaining how he would have done it – Terence wrote;

Comedian, Terence Creative with daughter, Milla Netai

1. Babyface reveal 2. gender reveal episode 3. Delivery episode 4. First time breastfeeding 5. Leaving hospital episode 6. Baby meeting her siblings at home 7. First night at home with baby 8. Guess baby name episode 9. baby name episode 10. First immunization episode 11. Mum recovery- postnatal experience 12. Baby meeting grandparents for the first time after hospital.”

Despite expressing his regrets, he however congratulated Wahu and Nameless saying;

Yaani hizi episodes zote zimeenda hivyo anyway congratulations.

Terence Creative Gushes Over Wife Milly Chebby, Warns Social Media Bullies Against Trash-Talking Her

Comedian and content creator Terence Creative and his exquisite wife are a power couple that never allow criticism to ruin their perennial love. Even though they have received numerous body-shaming criticisms from social media bullies, the two sweethearts remain positive about their healthy love life.

Terrence's honesty helped me forgive cheating - Milly Chebby
Terence and Milly-Google

Man Of The House

Terence Creative has taken to Instagram to protect Milly from such bullies; who mostly come up with anonymous accounts to insult them.

In a long Instagram post, he wrote;

You can call her whatever you want and see whatever you wanna see in her but nothing shall ever blind me from seeing her beautiful soul; a kind and loving woman to me and anyone around her. Very cute @millychebby ❤️❤️
“When a fool utters all kinds of insults against you in social media without even knowing you or without any worthwhile reason or provocation,usually they are merely sad & pathetic attention seeking trolls who we should all feel sorry for. They don’t deserve our anger.
They deserve our pity. People who hide under fake accounts and anonymous account. Have nothing good to say. They always talk trash about others. Influence hate , bullying and abuse. They are instigators. They use this accounts to say filthy things and to ruin people lives. What they don’t know is that Karma knows their real identity. “ I WISH YOU WELL CYBER BULLY. #iPityCyberbullies ????;”

The love between the two lovebirds will definitely not end soon. All the best to both of them.


Terence Creative‘s message to fans applauding ex wife for denying him access to his daughters

Terence Creative this past weekend made it known that his ex wife, Eunice was denying him access to his two daughters; something we already knew months ago after the lady exposed him for being an abusive husband – leave alone a dad.

However speaking to his fans this past weekend, comedian Terence revealed that his ex moved out from her old place; and transferred the girls from the schools he knew they were attending.

Terence and ex wife, Eunice

It wouldn’t take a scientist to see that Eunice finally moved on and decided to keep Terence out of her life; and that meant her girls lives too.

Call it a selfish move; but having revealed all the pain Terence put her through; let’s just say Karma is currently doing sit-ups and jumping jacks in Terence’s home.

Don’t pick sides

With both their stories out – it appears that fans support the comedian’s ex wife for choosing peace over drama. Most applauded her for being a strong single mum who has been raising her kids alone for the past 7 years.

However in a post, Terence has warned fans against taking sides; as they know nothing about his relationship with the ex. He wrote;

Never take sides in a conflict you know norhj

Mmmh, knowing how single mums/parents struggle…Terence should have maintained his silence since this is a war he will never win.

“She won’t let me see my girls” Terence Creative on coparenting with baby mama

Terence Creative says he got his first child at the age of 21; but back then he did not know nor understand the value of family.

From what we have heard is that before the fame and money; he was not only a bad husband; but a horrible partner to the mother of his two eldest daughters. So far he has been accused of physical violence and negligence that his ex wife can’t seem to get over.

Unlike Milly Chebby who has had a soft life with the comedian; ex wife Eunice Waneta says she went through hell with the comedian back in the day. During an interview Eunice opened up saying;

Terence Creative

I officially became a single mother @ 23yrs. [Physically] abused, on my right eye I had a black eye, reason for it was unknown to me. I was broken and had no hope of this life, the only reason I was living was what I was holding on my right and left hand, my babies. With no food to feed them, it was still a secret to my family and friends …how do you even start telling people your life is breaking?

Karma hitting back?

Well now that the girls are all grown up and continue to live with their mum; Terence says his baby mama has denied him the right to access them.

The comedian held a pity party for himself in a detailed post shared during a QnA where he revealed the baby mama drama. According to Terence, his ex not only changed her home address; but also transferred the girls to different schools making it hard for him to access them.


Terence Creative

Not quite sure why the two continue to have a push and pull relationship; but something about how he treated his baby mama back in the day is the reason she may not want anything to do with him.

Karma working overtime?

Terence Creative Flaunts His Dream Car- Says He Never Knew Comedy Would Buy Him A Car

Comedy has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment; especially after COVID-19 pandemic, which forced most people to stay indoors; indeed a blessing in disguise. More and more content is being consumed since people are now on social media more often than before.

Comedy Pays!

From a good number of comedians who are doing quite well, it’s evident that comedy indeed pays! And with COVID-19, most comedians are posting their content online for their fans. Lawrence Macharia, better known as Terence Creative is one of them; and he’s proud to say that comedy has helped him a lot. On his Instagram, Terence has flaunted the kind of car he’s dreaming to drive soon; and claims that he never knew entertainment would pay him to the point of enabling him to own a car.

Joyful Terence wrote on his gram;

”They said time is a healer and that patience pays.When I started entertainment I never knew that one day I’ll get to where I am,sikuwahi dhani hata nitaenda driving school let alone driving my own car,but God had His plans,leo nadrive. I wish to appreciate you my fans for always consuming my content including this one.
Today I can say that entertainment pays and someone can make a living out of it if you are hardworking and consistent. I woke up and decided to post this DREAM CAR of mine… I know one day I will drive it and I still hope and believe I will do so nikimaliza kujenga kwangu na nikuwe stable.”

Terence continued by encouraging fans never to give up on their dream;

”Meanwhile I just wanted to encourage us,never give up on your dream,anza mahali uko,pole pole social media isikutie pressure,endelea kusave na kutia bidii ,one day tutaomoka tu na tu drive our dream cars,kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba,Mungu mbele.”




”I Wanna Grow Old With You Babe” Terence Creative Gushes Over Lover Chebby As They Celebrate 4th Anniversary

Love is indeed a beautiful thing, you just have to pray to get the right partner. Even though it has it’s own challenges, at the end, love wins. Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby have had their fair share of struggles in their love life. The two sweethearts admitted that marriage was not a walk in the park. At one time, content creator Terence revealed that they were being body shamed because of their body size. However, they don’t seem to be bothered by this

Terence appreciated his wife for being understanding and praised her for being the best partner. Months ago, Terence opened up to his wife about cheating on her with another lady, but they resolved the issue without any drama.

Terence Creative & Milly Chebby - THE TRUTHS, HALF TRUTHS AND LIES

Anyway, 4 years ago, Terence caused massive traffic on Kimathi Street to propose to the love of his life Chebby. It was a big Yes!

The lovely couple is celebrating their 4th anniversary today and Terence can’t keep calm about it.  She has penned a heartwarming message to wife Milly. Posting a video on his Instagram, Terence captioned,

”????I wanna grow old with you babe @millychebby ???????????????????? happy engagement anniversary my love and soulmate. ❤️????????????????????????????”

His wife Milly posted on her page,

”On this day 4years ago @terencecreative blocked Kimathi Street to propose and I SAID YES ❤????????

FUN FACT: THIS IS THE ONLY SUPRISE HAS EVER WORKED I always burst him before suprise happens”

Happy 4th Anniversary to this couple!

Please Stop Taxing Us At This Tough Time- Terence Creative’s Emotional Message To YouTube

Most content creators have chosen YouTube as their main source of income, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have opted to follow the path of content creating and post videos on social media with an aim to earn a living from it.

Kenyan celebrities had previously joined hands to plead President Uhuru Kenyatta to unlock the country as many people were suffering. Seems like the more they talked about it, the more their efforts grew futile. Comedian and Youtuber Terence Creative is one of the celebrities who sympathize with those who rely on making money through YouTube. He has penned an emotional message to plead YouTube to stop taxing Kenyans as most of them are relying on it.

Terence’s Message

Terence Creative, Milly Chebet Open Up on Cheating Scandal
Terence and Chebby-Google

Terence Creative wrote on his page,

”Dear YouTube please I beg you stop taxing us at this tough time. Our country Kenya is locked down and we no longer have any gigs as before. The entertainment industry is shut down. The little you give us monthly is what we use to run a few things here and there. If possible, just postpone the taxation until a further date let’s say after 8 months. Have mercy for content creators in Kenya, this could be our only source of income for now.”

It’s important to note that YouTube had previously announced that it would be deducting taxes from content creators who are no US citizens. Most content creators like Terence now feel the effect of the taxation. Will his cry be heard?

Terence Creative hits back at fat-shaming trolls aimed at Kanze Dena

Terence Creative who is popularly known for his witty jokes – this past weekend went on weigh in on the nasty fat comments aimed at Kanze Dena; a former journalist who doubles up as the current Spokesperson to executive Office of the President.

Through a detailed post shared on his page, Terence talked about how disheartening it is; to troll someone over their weight. And having experienced such trolls before, the comedian couldn’t help but wonder how Kanze was feeling especially with everyone making fun of her new size.

As seen on the post, Terence condemned those criticizing Kanze for the added weight, as he wrote;

Just gone through some trolls that people send to Kanze and it’s disheartening,I experience this everyday,I see people insult us coz of our size and wonder what really makes them happy but I realize,I am not the problem,they are.

Message to Kanze

Now that Kanze has definitely changed but remains comfortable with her new body; Terence went on to encourage her not to listen to the critics and trolls as she looks beautiful in her new frame.

Popular comedian, Terence Creative aka Kamami

The comedian went on to remind Kanze that it’s hard to please everyone; but since she finds  her new body just fine – then why stress over petty comments? He went on to add;

Kanze this too shall pass,usistress ata ukikonda bado hawata kupenda uliza @. Just be yourself,God shall deal with them. #wanonoforever #sikondileo #hataukondahuuwa

But truth is, Kanze has definitely changed a lot!


Comedian Terence creative and wife, Milly Chebby expecting baby number 2!

Terence Creative and his wife, Milly Chebby have announced their latest blessing; and judging from a post shared by Terence, we now believe that the two are expecting their second child together.

This is after Terence went on to share a throwback photo of Milly pregnant with their adorable baby girl, Millan ; but this time around he used a different caption to announce their second pregnancy.

Through his IG page the comedian went on to share the good news saying;

Milly Chebby and Terence Creative

The year of results???? @millychebby

4th child for Terence Creative

This comes barely a year after word had it that Terence has 2 other daughters with his first wife; but judging from how he kept them a secret  – only means that all was not well.

Speaking about his relationship with his daughter, Terence went on to open up saying;

  “I am in good terms with my other baby mama, and that is why I decided to post them on social media.”

Celebrity couple, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

When asked whether he is co-parenting, Terence shut down the rumors by saying that he has been raising his kids just fine. He said,

“I believe there is nothing like co-parenting. They are okay and I love them but for now, I don’t want to talk more about them.”

And now, there is a 4th baby on the way and hopefully the fella together with his wife will be able to handle the blended family as he has no choice.


“It’s just art,” Comedian Terence creative defends himself after showing off his twerking skills in new post (Video)

Comedy knows no boundary and to prove this, Terence Creative has given his fans a show they will never forget. However I am confident that most of his male fans are somehow wishing they could  unsee the guy twerk on IG; but hey, it’s all fan and games before the name calling begins.

Well, Terence this afternoon parading ‘Kamami’s’ dancing skills and just when we thought this wouldn’t be so lit; the comedian ended up surprising many with his flawless moves as seen on the video.

He not only knows how to bounce but he coordinates his waist so well one would think he actually does this on a daily basis. To prove this, there are a few male characters in the comment section who could not hold back from confirming that Terence is a good dancer. The fan wrote;

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Kuna nuguu imeona hii vida ikaanza zile za gah gah gahh gah gahhhh

To which Terence responded by saying;

Hiyo nugu ni vizuri inyongwe

Not quite sure why Terence opted to give such a response but if you know…you know!

Bongo fans ready to attack

Since it’s not everyday we get to see men share such posts on social media; this time around Terence gave his bongo fans a free platform to call him out.

One fan went on to warn Terence about the Tz fans saying;

Utaitwa msenge na watz sasa hvi kamami

And in less than an hour the insults had already began but judging from how Terence handled them; it appears that he finally grew some thick skin knowing very well fans will always talk – and his account will continue growing.

One of his haters wrote;

Ushonga uanza hivyo ww boya

To which Terence responded by saying;

Delete hii comment, uandike ingine na spelling correct.


“We did it!” a daring Terence Creative and Milly Chebby take up viral couples challenge and don’t disappoint (Video)

Celebrity couples are now taking advantage of the lessened social distancing restrictions to enjoy the sunny weather and the cool beaches for as long as it lasts.

Terence Creative and his beauty, Milly Chebby have been out on vacation for a better part of the last couple of days, courtesy of a premier safari airline that treated them to the richness of the coastal hub.

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Getting hosted at a private spa and resort where they clearly made good memories.

Challenge accepted?

However, the gist of it is when the couple decides to take up the viral Couples Dive Challenge that might scare many to death but they were out to prove the doubting Thomases wrong.

The Terences

Basically, a daring pool challenge where the couple held hand in hand, facing each other and standing just at the edge of the pool, have to fall into the water at an angle, until they get their feet off the ground.

No diving and no separation between the two for you to ace the challenge.

Kid you not, Milly and Terence went all in for it. “Yes, it’s us. WE DID IT!” the confirmed. Have a look:


“…we play too much,” read Milly’s caption while Terence, dared fans to also take up the challenge then decide who is to carry the crown home.

Hii challenge Fanyeni pia muskie ???? nisiskie mtu amesema “salamalekuum hapa”????,” he dared.

Terence Creative and Milly Chebby challenge

Fellow celebrities remained disbelieving that the couple actually did it, with Wahu trying to inquire how many takes these two had to make to eventually arrive at this particular click.

It was all laughter and admiration from their fans. What is your take? Challenge accepted?

Terence Creative raises eyebrows after beautifully rocking wife’s free ‘maternity’ dress (Video)

Terence Creative aka Kamami probably just deserves the name after getting caught on camera walking around the house in his wifes free maternity dress.

Exactly behaving like a shy woman, the comedian walked up to his wife in the dining area, wearing her free short dress, to the extent you could easily mistake him for a woman.

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The scene

Hands covering his mouth while consistently looking away like someone without confidence, Terence stylishly walked out of their bedroom, leaving his wife shocked at his guts.

Terence Creative and wife Milly Chebby

Milly who was filming the scene, questioned her husbands mental stability, before sprawling to the ground with laughter at what was before her.

Terence then quickly waved before walking away, youd think it was a runway, imitating his wife and I kid you not, the guy slayed in that dress.

Short enough to show the funny man’s lower thighs and long legs, he could not help but gush over how accurate his legs befitted that of a woman. “Weeeeee????????????????????????????. Hizo miguu si zinaweza ????????????????????” Terence lightly remarked.


Fortunately, known to be the comedian he is, fans could only laugh their lungs out. While labeling him all sorts of local women names and warning him to desist from such behaviors, before masses start mistaking his sexuality preference.

sylvia_mukasa Kamami came out the closet


lulu.sabrina1 ????????????????????????????????rudisha dera kamami,,,amà tuite Mike!!????????????????

This is not the first we have seen the family man stage stunts acting like a woman, most especially for his numerous kamami videos.

Milly Chebby splashes thousands on luxury surprise gift for husband weeks after gifting her a washing machine (Video)

Milly and Terence Creative have proven that despite the many controversies surrounding their marriage, love still lives and binds them together.

Something the pair has been confirming, thanks to their social media pages, with Milly Chebby spending thousands to surprise her husband with something he had longed for, for ages.

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It so happened that in May, on Mother’s Day, Terence blessed his wife with a washing machine, leaving her speechless after years of wishing she had one and it eventually came to pass courtesy of her loving husband.

YouTubers Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

It was time to return the favor, and for Terence, watching movies and listening to loud music spoke to his heart so Milly decided to spend thousands of shillings on a brand new sound system, just to appease her hubby.

Milly made a sum KSh 77,760 online purchase just for a dear Terence, after he self-possessed the wireless portable speaker they had bought for the car, which he had converted into his own home theatre.

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Milly Chebby and husband Terence

The content creator had the gift well wrapped from her choice of suppliers and delivered early morning before Terence had woken up, so that it acts as a surprise and after unwrapping it, a full grown Terence took to the dance floor to shake his behinds and call out trolls who thought they had a troubled marriage.

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Terence Creative cracks up fans with natural Congolese accent and funny ladies’ makeup look (Video)

Terence Creative has decided to treat fans to a feminine look coupled with a flawless Congolese accent while trying to imitate the nationals in the event they got locked up in the country amidst Corona.

His theme for the parody was a Congolese who might have been locked up in one of Kenya’s tourist hotels for the last 7 months since COVID-19 kicked in. Complete with two pairs of flashy sunglasses, those gold chains they ever hang on their necks and a sleeveless leather jacket to complete the look.

Popular comedian, Terence Creative aka Kamami

He did not forget to replace his background with that of a high-end tourist hotel, just to suit the occasion. Terence disguised himself as a Congolese artist who had come for several performances in the country before Coronavirus struck and locked him up on the foreign land.

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He eventually was forced to sell all his band instruments after running broke and his one plea to the government is to give him the key to open the Kenyan borders and let him return to his country. The comedian would throw in a few lyrics of his supposed ‘song’ but the voice only did him injustice.

Listen in:



His short skit got fans sprawling on the floor, amazed by his multi-talent and abilities to actually get mistaken for a Congolese.

zipmatlucas Ngoja ???????????? miwani double ni za nini ???????????? alaf wakenya tunaomba behind scenes ???????????? inakaa ulifanya several times juu unakaa kucheka pia ???????????? aki ww at first i thot ni kikongo unaongea waaah


eve_e32 Aki wewe????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


boss_cyrus Na si umevaa makeup msee. ????‍♂️.


cate_candy ????????????????….you made my rainy muddy day.


djhardscratch ???????????????????????????????????????????????? wewe nawe utaniua????????????????????????????


kennasembi ???????????????????? nimekutambua waaaaah


gabu_mai7 ????????????????????????????????????ati ngauza ndrume????????????????????????????aaaiiii…


becky_naomie ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I didn’t even get anything you said juu ya hiyo colour yako

“People call you names and will probably never stop” Terence Creative encourages wife after ruthless bikini trolls

Terence Creative has experienced online bullying and trust me; this has never been an easy experience especially now that he sees his wife going through such rough criticism.

For a while now fans have been throwing shade at Milly Chebby for having a big body but; what most don’t understand that most of their comments go unnoticed. This is after Terence revealed that his wife already grew thick skin when it comes to such comments.

The father of 3 went on to reveal this in a detailed post shared on his Instagram page where he wrote;

Terence Creatives wife, Milly Chebby

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Morning my beautiful,curvy precious thing,thanks for your kindness you have such a big heart too,I have a space in it so I can attest to it,people call you names and probably they will never stop coz people got issues,thanks for changing my life and making me love myself more,I learnt it from you.

Showers wife with love

Having seen how strong Milly Chebby is, Terence went on to thank her for influencing him in the best possible way. If not for Chebby, probably Terence would have ended up being depressed but luckily for him; he married a best friend that can stand for their family.

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Thanks for making me master peace and the art of not giving a fudge of what our tormentors say,well this is to remind you “I love you just the way you are,you don’t have to change a thing” I love you more mi amor ???????????????????????????????? #justthe2ofus #MunguMbele #mwangis4rever @millychebby

Terence Creative denies being a deadbeat dad, blames ex wife for ruining their relationship with his kids

Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby enjoy parading their daughter on social media; and for some reason fans feel that the comedian neglects the other children he had with his ex wife.

This conversation was however sparked thanks to a comment made by Milly Chebby who was interacting with one of her fans. The fan went on to ask whether Terence had been denied access to his children; or was it her (Milly) keeping the comedian away from the kids to which Milly responded saying;

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Haki sijui it’s more of moving on

And with this response, Milly Chebby seemed to have angered yet another fan (Fabulously Chic); who couldn’t believe how carefree Milly sounded when responding to the other fan. Responding to Milly Chebby the lady identified as Fabulously Chic wrote;

Couple, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

It’s more of moving on? So casually? Wow!!!Saying this and children are involved? Children that are growing? So insensitive Aki. But it’s only taken lightly until you find yourself on the receiving end. Running up and up trying to get support and all.

Terence responds

Since the issue at hand was about Terence’s kids, the comedian stepped in to defend his wife; who was already losing the fight in the comment section, thanks to her response. According to Terence’s response it appears that he blames his wife for denying him access to his daughters.

Waneta exposes Terence Creative

The comedian said;

 @fabulously_chic you don’t know the pain of not having your kids for over 6 years for selfish reasons; the fact that we quiet doesn’t mean we okay, one day God shall reveal the real truth coz am tired too.

Well, both Terence and his ex wife have been blaming each other when it comes to matters concerning their kids; and although many would like to find out the truth it’s best to leave this issue as it is!

Comedian Terence reveals how smoking for 20 years affected his life!

Terence Creative struggled with smoking for 20 years but 2 years ago he managed to call it quits. According to him, he has not touched a cigarette in 2 years, 7 months and hopefully not in future.

This not being the first time Terence is sharing stories of his addiction; he happened to get into details explaining some of the challenges he faced.

In a detailed post shared on his page Terence revealed that in a day he would smoke almost 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes; and at some point people started disrespecting him for being a smoker.

This could have been caused by the ‘smoker scent’ or just annoying smell that irritates non smokers. He went on to open up saying;

2 YEARS 7 MONTHS WITHOUT SMOKING ???? ????????????????I used to smoke 2 – 3 packs of cigarettes a day,when clubbing I would do shisha as well and weed once in a while,my friends made shisha sound less harmful than cigarettes which was a lie,every smoke is harmful and can kill.

Lessons learnt the hard way

He went on to add that in those years, his wife rarely kissed him due to the bad breathe not forgetting stained teeth. He also  added that some people would opt to pay with cigarettes – which was disrespectful.

Although smoking is said to be addictive; Terence went on to share some of the effects caused by tobacco hoping he would minister to one or two smokers out there. He concluded his post saying;


1.My wife rarely kissed me those days for over 5years hivi.
2.people disrespected me and some opted to pay me with smokes instead,they would say “huyo bora umpelekee fegi, atakujenga “
3.i lost some jobs coz of my addiction.
4.i was fooled that while smoking I was more creative – uongo
5.i had bleeding gums and very strong body odour
6.breathing difficulties,coloured teeth and many other bad things that come with smoking.
I am glad I did quit,you too can quit, sio hard,I had smoked over 20 years #smokingAintCool #smokingkills ????????⚰️ ???????? #wachaFegi #terencecreative

Comedian Terence Creative exposed by baby mama, ugly skeletons come tumbling out!

Comedian Terence Creative’s skeletons from the past have come out tumbling out after his baby mama identified as Eunice Waneta; came out exposing the comedian for who he really is.

According to Miss Waneta who reached out to blogger Edgar Obare; the baby mama was ready for the world to know who Terence is as she revealed nasty details of alleged abuse she suffered at his hands. This comes barely a week after Terence went on to celebrate both his wife Chebby and ex, Waneta on Mother’s Day thanking them for blessing him with a beautiful family.

However turns out that there is much more than we get to see on social media. As seen on the screenshot, Waneta exposes Terence for the beatings he gave her some few years ago leaving her with a black eye. She went on to add how the father of her two daughters has been neglecting them; yet he goes ahead to celebrate her on Mother’s Day when they are still not in good terms.

Terence Creative’s first love, Waneta

Abusive partner

As seen on the above screenshot, it is evident that Terence and his baby mama may clearly need counselling for the sake of their children. However, judging from how bitter Waneta sounded while recalling some of the traumatic experiences with her ex; we can’t be too sure whether her relationship with the ex will really work out.

Waneta exposes Terence Creative

Among some of the things Waneta pointed out is the black eye in one of her photos; which she talked about saying;

If you Zoom that picture vizuri my eye has a black eye. He should have used this picture not myself made beauty… like he wants to show the world vile niko sawa, useless creature. Btw we moved from the place he could locate us. Am sure rumours have gotten to him that am living good…I blocked him everywhere.

Independent single mum

As seen on yet another post, it appears that Terence left Waneta when she was only 23 years old. This is according to her Facebook page where she revealed that her single motherhood journey began when she was still in her early 20’s. The mother of 2 wrote;

Terence Creative exposed

I have a lot of mothers to celebrate today feel celebrate and loved girlfriends; but allow me celebrate me ,on this picture I officially became a single mother @ 23yrs. Abused on my right eye I had a black eye reason for it was unknown to me broken and had no hope of this life. The only reason I was living was what I was holding on my right and left; my babies ,with no food to feed them ,it was still a secret to my family and friends.

On the same post she pointed out that breaking off things was not easy. However, through it all her experiences are what contributed to her success today. She went on to say;

How do u even start telling people your life is breaking…8yrs down the line and happy at peace and my gals all grown,seen all devil done all crazy things but God in his merciful ways has preserved my life … whatever is you see today is God’s work in my life ….with my journey I have a reason to celebrate me …more is still to come with God by his side ..he is the author of my life. Dear sister never be worried if someone left u with the kids, grid harder and trust in God until your ex recognize u in his post…, nobody wants to be associated with a failure…”

Terence’s PR

Anyway despite celebrating both his baby mamas on Mother’s Day, Terence is now forced to explain himself following his ex wife’s exposee that has left him looking like a dead beat. Anyway check out his post below.


Terence Creative’s former side chick angers Tanzanians following her comment on Diamond Platnumz parenting skills!

Anita Soina is clearly a fan of the Wasafi team and if I am not wrong; most Tanzanians who know her would definitely categorize the lady in the groupies zone!

The lady is popularly known to leave comments under the likes of Lava Lava, Diamond Platnumz and other Wasafi members. And with this kind of fan love, well I bet Anita Soina is ready to risk it all to make it to the WCB circle!

Anyway, the lady this time around ended up getting bashed after stepping in to defend Diamond Platnumz; who was being called out for being a dead beat dad by yet another fan.

Dead beat dad

The lady identified as Shan went on to tell off Wema Sepetu for praising the singer in her detailed post; where she (Wema) celebrated Mondi for offering to pay rent for 500 people from Bongo.

Zari and Diamond´s children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan

However just like Zari, Shan was not impressed by the fact that the singer was dishing out cash; yet his children were busy struggling with their mothers out here after the singer abandoned them.

Shan’s comment

The comment definitely sparked an argument among many including Anita Soina who stepped in to defend Diamond Platnumz. According to the deleted comment shared by Anita, she did not see anything wrong with Diamond Platnumz spending his money anyhow he wished.

Sadly, the lady clearly proved that she did not understand the type of struggle most singles mums out here; have to put up with men neglecting their responsibilities. In her defense Anita said;

I think we are all entitled to opinions. Haikuwa vita. I said what I knew after the interview. Of course I don’t support dead beats



You just started life

Others went on to tell off the lady by urging her to stick to what she knows since she just started living as an adult just recently.

Former lovers

Clearly, she picked a bad topic to address….wasn’t she the one sleeping with a married man about a year ago? Anyway check out the comments below.

“Direct my money as an artist to assist needy Kenyans with no food due to this pandemic!” Comedian Terence

As other artists look forward to finally accessing the Ksh 100 million President Uhuru gave out to pay artists, comedians and actors in the country; comedian Terence has gone ahead to pull a never seen before move that has left many shocked!

Terence Creative

Yes, Terence is grateful for the money and just like most entertainers; he must have been looking forward to using the cash in one way or the other.

But as seen on his latest Instagram post the father one went on to ask Mr President to redirect his share of the money.

Redirect my share of the money

According to Terrence he wants his share to help fight this pandemic; not forgetting to helping the less fortunate who can’t afford any food during this trying time.

Terence with his wife

Through his Instagram page Terrence wrote;

Hello government please direct my money as an artist to assist in fighting this pandemic and the needy Kenyans who can’t put anything on the table cause if the current situation. #prioritiesfirst #Kenyafirst


This comes as a big surprise especially since most artists couldn’t keep calm after the president’s announcement on the payment.

However, as for Terence he believes that there are greater things the Ksh 100 million can do for Kenya as a nation during this hard time!

Hand to mouth

As reported earlier most Kenyans seem to depend on daily basis salaries inorder to feed their families.

But with the pandemic putting everything on stand still; most of these families seem to have been left stranded especially by the government.