Harusi tunayo! Comedian Anne Kansiime flaunts huge engagement ring as she announces wedding plans

Anne Kansiime is truly blessed! After welcoming her first child just a few months ago; the comedian has shared new information about her relationship with baby daddy Skyla who doubles up as her boyfriend.

As seen on Kansiime’s page, it appears that the couple will soon be walking down the aisle; after Skyla put a dazzling ring on Kansiime’s finger – asking for her hand in marriage.

Anne Kansiime

Of course this is a big move for the couple who have been dating for a couple of years now; and after Kansiime’s marriage to Gerald failed – this time around she hopes for nothing but love in her household. Announcing the good news, Ms Kansiime wrote;

Kansiime flaunts engagement ring

A beautiful promise???? I Just might have gotten myself a life patner in jox???????? ????????????Ninjas come help me celebrate this precious moment.

Blessings on blessings

Seeing how her relationship with Skyla has brought nothing but blessings her way; Ms Kansiime went on to shower her future husband with a beautiful message where she thanked him for the love.

Through her Instagram page, Kansiime went on to add;

Kansiime with soon to be hubby

@skylantagram akantukangye thank you for loving me and being my hiding place
Thank you for risking to take a chance on my madness. Kale am gonna to love you, you don’t know nokudonno???? Video coming up on youtube. #Bantwaala #AnytimeNowNinjaAgenda
#PleaseMessWithMe #sharedblessings #IamKansiime2021

Skyla fulfills Kansiime’s dream of motherhood

After years of battling childlessness in her first marriage, the comedian was accused of selling her womb to the dark spirits for fame; but turns out that this was not true.

Comedian Kansiime welcomes baby boy

However in less than 2 years after dating Skyla, Kansiime is now a mother to a happy baby boy who she refers to as her miracle!