Harusi tunayo! Comedian Anne Kansiime flaunts huge engagement ring as she announces wedding plans

Anne Kansiime is truly blessed! After welcoming her first child just a few months ago; the comedian has shared new information about her relationship with baby daddy Skyla who doubles up as her boyfriend.

As seen on Kansiime’s page, it appears that the couple will soon be walking down the aisle; after Skyla put a dazzling ring on Kansiime’s finger – asking for her hand in marriage.

Anne Kansiime

Of course this is a big move for the couple who have been dating for a couple of years now; and after Kansiime’s marriage to Gerald failed – this time around she hopes for nothing but love in her household. Announcing the good news, Ms Kansiime wrote;

Kansiime flaunts engagement ring

A beautiful promise???? I Just might have gotten myself a life patner in jox???????? ????????????Ninjas come help me celebrate this precious moment.

Blessings on blessings

Seeing how her relationship with Skyla has brought nothing but blessings her way; Ms Kansiime went on to shower her future husband with a beautiful message where she thanked him for the love.

Through her Instagram page, Kansiime went on to add;

Kansiime with soon to be hubby

@skylantagram akantukangye thank you for loving me and being my hiding place
Thank you for risking to take a chance on my madness. Kale am gonna to love you, you don’t know nokudonno???? Video coming up on youtube. #Bantwaala #AnytimeNowNinjaAgenda
#PleaseMessWithMe #sharedblessings #IamKansiime2021

Skyla fulfills Kansiime’s dream of motherhood

After years of battling childlessness in her first marriage, the comedian was accused of selling her womb to the dark spirits for fame; but turns out that this was not true.

Comedian Kansiime welcomes baby boy

However in less than 2 years after dating Skyla, Kansiime is now a mother to a happy baby boy who she refers to as her miracle!

Kansiime opens up about crazy-hard pregnancy journey

Pregnancy is different to each and every woman. There are those who have an easy time while others struggle from the word go; and the worse part is actually a few weeks to giving birth.

Well, Anne Kansiime who had been praying for a child was recently blessed with a bouncing baby boy; who she named Selassie Ataho which means My sins have truly been forgiven.

Kansiime welcomes baby boy

Having been accused of offering  her womb to Illuminati practices – this was indeed a blessing for Kansiime; until she started joking about her pregnancy journey that may leave a few wondering how pregnancy works.

Most difficult part of pregnancy

Well, apart from the usual morning sickness, cravings and unexplainable fatigue; Kansiime says the most challenging part was when she couldn’t reach her own bum.

True story, when pushing a belly as big as a watermelon- most pregnant women find it hard to reach their behinds; making it hard and uncomfortable to even use the washroom.

Speaking about this, Kansiime said;

It was all fun and games til I couldn’t reach my own behind well well to clean it.


Well, I can bet it’s not only Kansiime who is complaining about such experiences during pregnancy; but I guess she found the birth experience more frightening….compared to the journey experience.

It’s a baby boy! Pregnant Kansiime shares stunning photos from her lit baby shower

Comedienne Kansiime is really excited about her pregnancy and so are her close friends.

After years of being called barren, the funny lady put these rumors to rest a few days ago after unveiling a photo of her baby bump to which she captioned;

Comedienne Anne Kansiime

I have been looking for the perfect way to break it to you my dearest Ninjas that soon my Kantu @skylantagram and i shall have a little Ninja added on to our family and i thooooought and thought, what better way!!? ????

Baby shower

With a few weeks to go before baby boy arrives; Anne Kansiime’s friends recently held a lit baby shower for the comedian’s soon to be  son.

Of course with such friends, Kansiime got to receive beautiful gifts and a party that created happy memories which she will hold on for life.

And there’s no time to spare as we make way, make way for the little ninja to arrive????????????????????????Our cool Antiz are already inline to receive him.

Kansiime hits out at critics who called her barren with beautiful baby bump photos

Comedienne Anne Kansiime is expecting her first child with musician Skylanta aka Abraham Tukahiirwa; who she moved on with after divorcing husband, Gerald Ojuok.

The funny lady announced their pregnancy on Thursday, 15th April in a post where she wrote;

Kansiime flaunts baby bump

I have been looking for the perfect way to break it to you my dearest Ninjas that soon my Kantu @skylantagram and i shall have a little Ninja added on to our family and i thooooought and thought, what better way!!? ????

Sacrificed her uterus?

With a baby on the way – this not only brought happiness to the couple; but also helped shut down rumors claiming Kansiime is barren. For years many claimed that the lass had sacrificed her uterus for fame; a rumor she could not address since there was no way to prove the critics wrong.

Speaking about this in an interview, the comedienne said;

Some people were trying to figure out why I did not have kids with my ex-husband Gerald Ojok. So they said that I had sold my uterus for fame. The sad thing is even if it is not true there is no way you can be able to show people that your uterus is still intact.

Last laugh

However despite the hate speech and many rumors linking her to Illuminati practices; Kansiime has proved many wrong with stunning baby bump photos that may leave most women with baby fever.

Anyway below are the cute photos of the soon to be mum.

Anne Kansiime flaunts baby bump
Comedienne Anne Kansiime
Pregnant Kansiime

Catch the Creme de la Creme, On East Africa Got Talent Show, on Sunday Oct. 6th, 7.30pm, on Citizen TV!

Reality TV fans have had a blast in the very exciting first season of East Africa’s Got Talent (EAGT)  that premiered on August 4th, 2019. It’s has been a show packed to the brim on location and millions of viewers catching it on television with an endless roller coaster of emotions. The contestants on the stage would evoke love, fear, nervous goose bumps, adoration and humor in equal measure.

And, why not, it’s been a battle to the end for the title – that guarantees a head start for an aspiring newbie in the entertainment industry – and of course the cash prize of a staggering Ksh.5,000,000

. One unique aspect of the East Africa Got Talent show is that performances and entertainment doesn’t start on the stage. The show has been hosted by a versatile comedienne – Ugandan Anne Kansiime – she would treat viewers to endless comical antics. She’d settle agitated butterflies in a contestant’s tummy with ease.

The Judge’s Bench featured a public figure from each country in the show:  Mellow-voiced artist, Vanessa Mdee, from Tanzania. Kenya’s biggest talk-show host, Jeff Koinange. From Uganda, Gaetano Kagwa – who made his name in a past Talent Show and Rwandan DJ Contact Makeda.

The preliminary auditions attracted gigantic crowds of eager contestants. People would travel to major towns in their countries – Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Kigali, Nairobi and Mombasa. A majority of the crowd in the audition venues would be supportive family and friends escorting a contestant, and the rest, would be curious fans, media, logistical support and organizers.

The theatre auditions ran for close to three weeks. EAGT Season 1 had episodes 1 – 6 which was derived from the aforementioned theatre auditions. Perhaps, we should take the treacherous road the finalists have endured, step by step.

The first week, which, to the contestants, must have been the hardest- as the judges hadn’t yet mellowed out, produced sterling talents: Kenya’s Janell Tamara, Uganda’s dance group – All Eyes On Us, Himbaza Club and Afro-fusion singer Elisha the Gift from Rwanda, The Mason 666 dance group from Tanzania

The first week gave us the first Golden Buzzer with a performance from Jehovah Shalom Acapella, who made it to the finalist’s list, alongside Janell Tamara.

If you didn’t watch the subsequent episodes, there’s not a speck of hyperbole if someone describes them to you as ‘explosive’. Everything grew: from the contestant’s levels of performance to the judge’s sharpening their criticism blade.

At this point, the number of contestants making it into the semis grew by a notch – the talented musical sibling, Esther & Ezekiel from Uganda, were a joy to watch, despite thorough adjudication by Judge Kagwe. Yada Dance and Tetemesha from Kenya managed to impress, and proceed to the subsequent levels. From the land of Bongo, Tanzania, Lizzy, the Silk artist. The kids’ dance group, Intayoberana, from Rwanda (the hard-to-pronounce name notwithstanding), and the indefatigable Leyna Kagere from Uganda.

Oh, did I mention Uganda’s Leyna Kagere effortlessly got The elusive Golden Buzzer? Pure talent! Others making the cut into the finals from the cut-throat semis include Peace Hosiyana, Spellcast and Team Makorokocho, all from Rwanda. The Ugandan sensation, DNA, also made it into the Finale.

Well, at this point, the cast was drawn to a total of 18 semi finalists, chosen by the judges. In the latest EAGT episode, 6 took to the stage. The crown at this point was an opportunity to feature in the final. The public had a chance to vote for their favourite acts, which would guarantee two (most popular, voted) exceptionally talents a place in the grand finale. Fame and fortune, for self and pride for country, at stake.

Well, take a look at these talented acts and made the pick.

Jehovah Shalom Acapella. Esther & Ezekiel. Intayoberana. Spellcast. Janelle Tamara.

On a personal level, I do not for once envy the judges on the bench. They have difficult choices to make. It’s evident that each of the finalists is immensely talented, but in the same breathe, all said and done, we need a winner, right?

Lots of people would be willing to give up their birth rights to have Esther & Ezekiel winning the ultimate prize. I mean, have you had a sibling in such effortless sync and harmony as these two exhibit? We are probably more talented in arguing, pinching and scratching our siblings 24/7.

Intayoberana. The name rolls and melts off the tongue like a slice of butter. The adorable kids – their energy and hunger for success is incomparable.

If you are keen in sports, you’ll notice that single-player sports have a better chance of advancing for individual players, as opposed to team sports. So, perhaps, Janelle Tamara has a higher chance.

Luckily, you don’t have to hold your breath much longer. Catch the East Africa Got Talent Season 1 finale, which features the region’s crème de la crème, on Sunday, the 6th of October, at 7:30 pm EAT, only on Citizen TV. In case you missed out on any of the episodes, you can still catch all the acts and exciting highlights of the show on YouTube.

An amazing did-you-know fact: You simply have to attain your daily Stori Ibambe target and Safaricom instantly gifts you with 200MB free YouTube bundles. Oh, wait, you also get 200% airtime bonus.

Check your daily target, just dial *460#.


Catch The Talented And The Crazy on East Africa Got Talent Show on Citizen TV this Sunday !

“Umenifurahisha sana, una kipawa kwa uhakika….”

That’s a futile imitation of Judge Vanessa at East Africa Got Talent Show judge’s bench. It’s a pity that print hardly gives credit to her voice and the distinctive Swahili lilt when she candidly comments and talks to a contestant. All along she’s remained soft spoken, a little matronly. Let’s see if she keeps her cool on this weekend’s edition of #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom that airs on Citizen TV, 8:00 p.m. EAT.

Never before has this region had such an amazing array of fresh talents and gifts. Most of the talents are innate, while some skills are acquired over time through pure grit and hard work. For instance, the acrobatic group from Dar es Salaam made up of kids from unfortunate backgrounds – they are amazing. All we see is the talent, but really, hard work makes up half of that success.

This Sunday evening, the show will be smoking hot, to paraphrase Kenyan Judge Jeff Koinange – do not be surprised if he tags along his adored red fire extinguisher, from The Bench.

Lots of viewers love the fun side of life, and besides the comic side dish served fresh by the host Anne Kansiime, the stage will sure attract contestants blessed with the gift to make you collapse in stitches. It’s been a while, but everyone recalls Dan from Migori County – The Professional Mourner. Who shall beat that?

Be sure to tune in to Citizen TV on Sunday 8:00 p.m. EAT and find out.

The knife-thrower and his human targets. Those may be his point of targets, but aren’t they also deadly near-misses? Have you seen a fire-eating stunts man? Will we have less singers and acrobats this week, and have more of stunts men? Who doesn’t marvel at the skills needed to ride a unicycle?

On a personal level, I get thrilled by animal performances. What beats a dog that matches, stands on his hind legs, topples and rolls over on a simple command? That pulls my eyes right out of their sockets! Horses and ponies, too.

It’s relieving that snakes do not feature much in this region, else we would have a snake-performer – Indian style. These brave men are turbaned, and sit cross-legged facing their open basket. They play a flute, and dear Lord, a huge snake rises up. Nine out of ten times, it’s a deadly African Cobra. Scary stuff.

How does that work, since snakes are said to have no ears?

Let’s meet on #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom Show on Sunday, 11th August 2019 at 8.00 EAT, and watch amazing stuff.

Ouch! Kansiime paid her own bride price before getting a divorce from Gerald Ojok

Comedian Anne Kansiime has left many with mouths agape after confessing that she paid her own dowry only to divorce with Gerald Ojok a few months later.

Kansiime shared in a post on her YouTube channel saying that she went to deep lengths to ensure her marriage stayed alive but Ojok didn’t care much.

“I do not want to go into the details. I was married but you know how you end up paying some of it yourself. It is sad, do not look at me like that and I am now an empowered woman,” she said. 


Kansiime, who is 33 years, added that she was stuck in the relationship for a long time because of these.

“I accused someone of marrying me long enough for the whole world to believe it and him to believe it and I also believed it,” she explained.

“Later, when I realized that when you are married, it is when a man wakes up on his two feet, pays your bride price, takes you to church and then marries you; none of that had happened (between us).”


The East Africa Got Talent Show on Citizen TV Sunday Evening – Incredible !

The East Africa Got Talent show aired at 8pm EAT on Sunday 4th – Citizen TV – was incredible.

For starters, professional mourning, starring 25 year-old Dan from Migori County.

Clad in a bright red shirt and colorful headgear – excellent regalia for a street carnival, this contestant brought down the entire house in stitches. Dan was confident, had an imposing stage presence, and superbly delivered endearing poetry to the deceased in-law. This performer could not be cut down by the judges banging down the bells!

That hilarious interlude aside, The East Africa Got Talent show indeed had first class, star-level contestants.

The performance bailed by Judge Vanessa as “beyond exceptional” came from Leyna K, a cute 7-year-old girl, from Uganda. She rocked an immaculate sprightly white bridal dress. At first, the judges couldn’t believe she could hack her choice of track – One day at a time, by Daniel O’Donnell – which most gifted vocalists wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Little Leyna K had it beautifully balanced in high and low vocals – which Judge Makeda wryly confessed “has given me goose bumps…”

She unbelievably had all the judges giving her a standing ovation!

The audience broke into poignant tears when her mother rushed onto the stage and hugged her. When, not if, she wins the Ksh 5,000,000 prize money, she wants to buy her brother a watch.

Everyone is awed by acrobats, and more so, when it involves kids. In this show, a group of kids tagged as Safi Theatre Group from Dar es Salaam ingeniously combined music and acrobatic stunts – really unique. Catch them at the semi-finals.

Also quite unforgettable is another group – there’s strength in numbers – of 5 little girls and a lady skilled with drums. It’s a Rwandan group named Uruyange, whose desire their guide hailed as to ‘show the strength of girls’ – and it’s easy to see they’re achieving that goal. Amazing performance.

The back stage was equally lit, with Host Anne Kansiime berating the viewers with endless goofs and comic antics. Her stylist was also on point, dressing her in a lovely off-shoulder African print dress. Kansiime’s girl-next-door mien visibly had the contestants relaxed and confident as they hit the stage, and huge audience.

There is beauty in language diversity, and following Judge Vanessa’s comments in flawless Swahili is captivating.

There is so much more amazing stuff to experience at the next airing of East Africa Got Talent on Citizen TV. Don’t miss!

Kansiime shoots down report she died in lake accident in the US

Comedian Ann Kansiime was recently on Instagram to to clear things up after a blogger claimed she died while in a trip in the US.

The blogger took a news story that happened a few weeks a ago where a Kenyan drowned in the US following a canoe accident and claimed that it was Kansiime and her boyfriend Skylanta.

“Ugandan celebrities, Kansiime Anne and Skylanta have drowned in Canada in what police are calling a “case of misadventure” claimed the blogger. 

Adding, “The accident took place at Lake Ontario, Canadian province of Ontario, according to Police statement. The Ugandan Embassy representative reported to family members that Kansiime Anne and her fiance, Skylanta, were fishing on April 28, when Kansiime fell into the water.


Taking to social media, Kansiime addressed the report saying that she’s was just fine.

“The only thing I will be drowning in is your love !!!” she posted. 

Bloggers have always killed celebs online in pursuit of clicks and followers. In Kenyan, singer jaguar, Mwakazi, Eric Omondi are among those who have been reported dead.

Anne Kansiime parades new sweetheart one year after breaking up with ex husband (Photos)

Anne Kansiime announced her marriage had hit rock bottom sometimes in November 2017. The Ugandan comedienne however didn’t specify what caused the split but several factors including finances, childlessness and power dynamics in the relationship were cited.

“That is a fact I earn much than him, but I don’t know if that is the reason he left. There could be other reasons that I will not get in to,” said Anne Kansiime in an interview in June 2018.

Kansiime and her ex husband Gerald Ojok were not blessed with a child for close to five years that they had been married.

Anne Kansiime and her ex husband Gerald Ojok
Anne Kansiime and her ex husband Gerald Ojok
New bae

Kansiime has once again fallen in love, this time round with Ugandan singer Skylanta. The comedienne officially introduced her sweetheart by sharing intimate photos of him and her kissing.

She captioned the photo “Rukundo Egumeho na akantukangye lazima” (May this feeling of love reign).


Anne Kansiime’s boyfriend speaks of impregnating the comedian

Anne Kansiime got in a new relationship after breaking up with her husband Gerald Ojok. The Ugandan comedian speculates her ex husband left her because he was intimidated by the money she makes.

“Actually my relationship ended like six months before the whole world knew about it but the pressure kept it going for a while. If you are there and not happy and think you are doing for someone else come here and I’ll congratulate you cause you are wasting your own time. That’s a fact I earn much than him, but I don’t know if that is the reason he left. There could be other reasons that I will not get into,” Anne Kansiime said during an interview on the Trend.

Baby loading

Kansiime is currently dating a young Ugandan reggae star called Tukahirwa Abraham alias Skylanta. The raggae artist caused a stir on Facebook when he suggested that Kansiime was pregnant.

Skylanta took to Facebook and shared a photo of Kansiime and him, he also responded to all questions that were asked by netizens.

A curious netizen asked Skylanta when they will be expecting their first child and he simply replied “Baby is loading”.



Kansiime left fuming after Kenya Airways stole her luggage

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime was in Kenya for the East Africa Comedy gig at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre Saturday night. The comedian however had a rough welcome after Kenya Airways lost her luggage.

Taking to social media, the comedian who held a night-to-remember at KICC, bashed the airways for their actions saying that she’s disgusted.

“So you have finally robbed me Kenya Airways!!!!!!!! What a welcome. I come to make you laugh and Rob me!? Na wow! Asante,” she posted on Facebook. ” Am so disgusted.”

Moving on

She later posted that she just wants to forget everything after losing her suitcase.

“Hello ninjas, trust all this love am bathing in to erase all my worries and troubles. Woke up with my glass full of freshly squeezed love juices and this weekend just got lit. Thank you Maina Wakageni for hosting us, you are a smiling machine indeed. Daniel Churchill Ndambuki this is the last warning, baby come lesgo to Kampala.
Chipukizeey relax, you will be taller than me in your next life Mr. Director.  I can never get enough of these Kenyan brothers of mine.” she said.



What Anne Kansiime and Jaguar told Chipukeezy after being appointed to NACADA board

Chipukeezy was on Wednesday 6th June appointed by Interior CS Fred Matiangi as a member to the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA).

Jaguar was quick to congratulate on his appointment and also wished him well for the task ahead. The Starehe MP  once occupied the position Chipu has been appointed to, but he resigned as board member in April 2015 after a series of dramas.

Jaguar and Chipukeezy
Jaguar and Chipukeezy

“Congratulations Chipukizi on your appointment as a Director at Nacada….wish u well my brother,” wrote Jaguar.

You are worth the position

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime motivated Chipukeezy saying he has what it takes for the task ahead. Kansiime touched down in Nairobi on Thursday June 7th on Chupukeezy’s invitation.

Anne Kansiime and Chipukeezy
Anne Kansiime and Chipukeezy

“You are worth the position since you have been a role model and a voice for many young people who need to relate with someone with you in the fight against drug abuse, which is part of your mandate,” Kansime told Chipukeezy.



Kansime looking for a Kenyan hubby? This is what she said that left tongues wagging

Ugandan comedian Ann Kansime was married to a Ugandan man and just after four years, the marriage ended. The marriage ended in 2017 and the comedian intentionally refrained talking about what happened behind closed doors leaving her fans in the dark.

 “OJ and I are not together anymore. Reasons why we are not together are not for anyone to know except for us,” she said in 2017.

That was her experience with Ugandan men. Kenyan men might be coming next.

I was hooked when I was there last time, now I’m free

Kansime during her wedding

Kansime recently took to social media to hint she might be looking for a Kenyan man. In her post, she shared how she visited Kenya the last time as a married woman and didn’t entertain much but now she’s coming as a single lady.

“Hallo Kenya, so the last time this ninja gal was in Kenya, I was engaged and busy accusing myself of being married and then all my Kenyan lovers would be sending me love signals through blue tooth,” she said. 

“As you know, I was settled but this time, on this June 9, you cannot believe it, I am going to come and we can have each other on 3D.” 

Anne Kansiime’s alleged inability to conceive children caused her husband to leave her? 

Anne Kansiime recently confirmed she had split from her husband of four years. The Ugandan comedian refuses to reveal what caused the breakup.

Kansiime told her fans on Facebook that her marriage had hit rock bottom during a live Q&A session. The comedian says the reason for their breakup was no one’s business.

“OJ and I are not together anymore. Reasons why we are not are not for anyone else to know, but the two of us,” Kansiime stated.

Kansiime with her Gerald Ojok

Infertility rumors

Kansiime and her husband-turned-manager Gerald Ojok were not blessed with a child for close to five years that they had been married.

Rumormongers claim Kansiime is unable to conceive a child for her husband. Apparently the two having been fighting about the issue for years.

Word on the street also has it that Kansiime has deliberately refused to conceive. Anonymous sources say Ojok’s relatives have been pushing him to have children but Kansiime is more focused on her career.

Kansiime and Gerald Ojok during their traditional wedding in 2013

The cracks

Rumors about Kansiime and Ojok’s breakup started mid last year. The comedian brushed off the hearsay and pretended to be a happy couple.

Last month however the writing on the wall showed that something was amiss. Kansiime did not wear her engagement ring while attending fellow comedian Salvador Idringi’s show at Imperial Royale Hotel.

Many people asked questions but Kansiime remained mum until a few days ago when she finally admitted that her marriage had crumbled.