Size 8 opens up about her fear of losing husband to slay queens!

Size 8 might be a preacher and a gospel artist but that does not mean that she never gets jealous when it comes to her husband, DJ Mo.

Speaking recently to Sarah Kabu, the gospel singer opened up about some few things that give her sleepless nights. According to Size there are a few characters on social media who wake up with the thought of ruining other people’s marriages.

Not that she is insecure, but just like most women Size 8 can’t help but overthink when it comes to these ‘devils.’ For the first time she admitted to having no solution to this problem that definitely leaves her looking like a crazy lady. She went to open up saying;

 “I do not know how you deal with these tiny devils, yes let me call them devils, who wake up in the morning with the sole purpose of destroying your marriage,”

DJ Mo’s side of the story

However speaking about these issues, DJ Mo went on to blame his wife’s insecurity; and pettiness considering that he has to explain himself everytime Size 8 spots him in the company of a beautiful lady.

He went on to share his side of the story saying;

Gospel celebrity couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo

Sometimes a client will innocently come in and chat me up or hug me and after that I will have to give explanations. That itself is a big problem.

This comes barely a week after Size 8 publicly revealed that her husband had not serviced her for almost 3 weeks. DJ Mo on the other hand put the blame on his wife for showing up with promo oversized tshirts to bed.

Well, just like most men the gospel DJ finds this unattractive hence leaving him feeling uninterested even when his wife is in the mood.

Shots fired? Size 8’s reveals what would make her work with a Gengetone artist

Size 8 will not be hitting the studio with any Gengetone artist! And if insists, then they must have a sit down with Size 8 who claims to have conditions to be followed before a collabo with these artists

The mother of two who is not only a minister of the word; but a gospel artist shared her thoughts just recently while on an interview done on Milele FM.

According to Size 8, she has nothing against Genge tone but being a christian for her means following God’s teachings; and that means not compromising her faith for fame. Before recording a song she would first ask the artist to join her in prayer as they seek for inspiration from the lord.

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She went on to add that the song must carry the word of God; even if it means just mentioning God’s name.

Size 8 reborn

Nitawaambia kwanza twende pale madhabau tuombe collabo kwanza, after tumeomba tuingie studio tutoe genge la mziki lakini neno la yesu liwe ndani kabisa kwa sababu as long as kitu iko na neno la Mungu na inabeba yesu sina shida. As long as it carries the word of God, has the word of God and it carries the spirit of God haina shida.

Songs message

The successful singer went on to add that for her to join in a collabo then it means the song must carry an important message. According to Size 8 songs speak to people therefore she has to ensure the message in the song will speak blessings to those listening. The last went on to conclude saying;

‘High bila ndom’ artistes, Size 8 and Masterpiece

Kwa sababu hata kanisani tunaimbanga na hujui mwenye ako next ako aje. Shida tu ni song isikuwe haina neno. The word is the most important not the person who is singing necessarily, si mavazi yake, si outlook, si nini. Sisi Gospel artistes tumeitiwa vitu mbili, one to worship God in spirit and truth, number two, to spread the word of God.