Diana Marua Shares a Personal Revelation: “Hakuwa na rent, so I took him in”

Diana Marua, known for her candid storytelling about her youthful adventures, recently shared another intriguing anecdote from her past on the show ‘Hello Mr Right.’


Bahati congratulates his wife Diana Marua for being the first Kenyan female artist to surpass 1 million subscribers on YouTube

The digital content creator, budding musician, and TV show host opened up about a unique experience involving hosting a man in her home, offering a fresh perspective on relationship dynamics.

During a discussion on the show, sparked by a guest sharing his past experience of living with his girlfriend, Diana Marua reflected on her own past decisions.

She recalled, “There was a time he didn’t have rent, so I took him in,” shedding light on the complexities and challenges of such living arrangements.

The conversation stirred a debate between the hosts, Dr. Ofweneke and Diana Marua, regarding the implications and societal perceptions of men moving into women’s homes.


Diana Marua Faces Backlash Over Late-Night Finance Bill Statement

Dr. Ofweneke emphasized the significance of personal space and traditional roles, cautioning that such decisions can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and disrupt the dynamics of a relationship.

Diana Marua’s candid revelation added depth to the discussion, highlighting her experiences and offering insights into navigating modern relationships with empathy and understanding.

Bahati congratulates his wife Diana Marua for being the first Kenyan female artist to surpass 1 million subscribers on YouTube

Kenyan artist Kevin Kioko Bahati is celebrating his wife’s remarkable achievement after she received the golden plaque for surpassing 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Diana Marua has become the first female artist and content creator in Kenya to reach this milestone, marking a significant accomplishment in her career.


Bahati Faces Emotional Turmoil After Receiving Message About His Mother

Bahati congratulated his wife, expressing pride in her dedication and hard work.

“Congratulations, my love; you deserve this. I am proud to have a hardworking wife like you. I am happy to be called your husband,” Bahati wrote on his page.

Diana Marua, in her own post, thanked her fans for their support and acknowledged her husband’s contributions to her success.

“The First Female Artist and Content Creator in Kenya to Receive the YouTube Golden Button for achieving 1 Million Subscribers 😭🙏 Words fail me to express my gratitude to every single person who watches my content. I started content creation to inspire, educate, and connect with people across the globe. #DIANABAHATI is not just a YouTube channel; it is a FORCE 💪


“Everyone in Kenya Cannot Be Wrong” – Bahati Pens Warning Letter to Ruto

I opened this channel in July 2019, and I became serious about creating content in 2020 (during COVID). We hit 1 million subscribers on February 17th, 2024. It’s taken five years of hard work, commitment, and resilience. It has taken an entire nation to get this far. To every single person who watches and supports our content, this golden button is our win! You made this happen! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. With so many ups and downs, we did not lose focus. The family is still growing, and all I can say is that I value every single one of you.

The sky is not the limit. Let’s keep growing. I have nothing but love for you. Dee Nation, God bless you all. The Golden Button is home.

To my husband, @BahatiKenya, you have been my biggest support system and cheerleader. Thank you for holding my hand through this journey. I Love You ❤️🙏❤️,” Diana Marua wrote.

Bahati Faces Emotional Turmoil After Receiving Message About His Mother

Kenyan singer Kevin ‘Bahati’ Kioko finds himself in a state of emotional upheaval following a surprising message regarding his mother, years after he shared the heartbreaking story of her death and its profound impact on his life.


“Everyone in Kenya Cannot Be Wrong” – Bahati Pens Warning Letter to Ruto

Bahati recently received a direct message from a woman named Mildred, who claims to be his stepsister. In a shocking revelation, Mildred asserted that Bahati’s biological mother is alive and often becomes emotional upon seeing him on television.

The news has left Bahati torn between disbelief and hope, unsure whether to cry or laugh in response to this unexpected development. He took to his social media platforms to share his bewilderment over the message.

“Sijui nilie ama nicheke… Só apparently sómeone has sent me a DM saying that my mum is alive,” Bahati posted.

Mildred’s message detailed, “Mambo. Mimi naitwa Mildred na pole sana kwa kukuambia mamako bado ako hai na mimi ni dada yako. Ati yeye akikuonanga kwa TV anaskianga machozi sana akueleze vile kulienda.”

She also provided contact information, urging Bahati to reach out to hear the full story from his alleged mother.

Bahati has consistently maintained that both of his parents are deceased, with his mother passing away when he was very young. In a 2022 interview with his wife, Diana Marua, he recounted the profound impact of losing his mother at a tender age.


Bahati plans to perform DNA tests on all his children following speculations circulating online

“My mum and dad lived in Huruma. I have seen the good and bad times of Mathare. I remember I was six years old when I lost my mum. I was going to class one…it was on Christmas day. I think losing a mum changes everything. She was my only source of hope and the other alternative was to be left upcountry after her burial,” he emotionally recalled.

Bahati tearfully shared the challenges he faced after his mother’s death, clinging to Nairobi in hopes of a better future. Her passing motivated him to engage in politics to advocate for better healthcare facilities in Mathare.

The news of the DM has sparked concern among Bahati’s fans, urging caution as such messages could potentially exploit his emotions and personal life.

Bahati has yet to publicly announce any steps he will take to verify Mildred’s claims or respond to the message. This unexpected revelation has stirred a mix of emotions and memories for Bahati, prompting him to navigate through personal and professional challenges with introspection and caution.

“Everyone in Kenya Cannot Be Wrong” – Bahati Pens Warning Letter to Ruto

Musician Kevin Kioko, better known as Bahati, has written a lengthy warning letter to Kenyan President Ruto amid ongoing protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

Bahati took to Instagram to voice his rejection of the Finance Bill, reflecting on his significant loss when he ran for Mathare MP two years ago.


Bahati Calls Out Decay in Kenyan Gospel Industry

Bahati’s Statement:

“KIONGOS! If you can right now, put on your Ngepa and hide with a mask… If you can, also ditch your security, tell your boy Sudi to get you an Uber or Bolt, and quietly go to the ground for just one hour. I am sure you will change your stance, and before you return to State House, you will call a press conference to cancel this thing before midnight. The nation wants this bill rejected, not amended. People are very angry; even if someone is late to say REJECT online, they are taking out their anger on them! Mr. President, I know I lost in Mathare, and my voice may not easily reach you, but everyone in Kenya cannot be wrong.”

Bahati promised to join the protests, adding a touch of humor:

🙏 #RejectFinanceBill2024 My children are Gen Alpha, and they have threatened to cancel me if I don’t attend the protests tomorrow 😂😂😂. From the ghetto, I don’t quite understand what ‘cancel’ means, but I know it’s not a good thing! So, friends, tell me what I need to bring as preparations for this great day tomorrow 🙆‍♂️.


Size 8 reveals Bahati’s prediction about miscarriages in their marriage

Diana Marua Faces Backlash Over Late-Night Finance Bill Statement

Fans are expressing their frustration with Diana Marua, accusing her of not reciprocating the support they’ve shown her by failing to stand with them during a critical moment. Despite her popularity, Marua’s recent actions have left many feeling disappointed and betrayed.


Samidoh and Karen Nyamu offer advice to Diana Marua on how to manage her husband’s video vixens

In recent years, expectations have grown for celebrities and influencers to use their platforms for political and social advocacy. With their significant reach and influence, public figures are increasingly seen as vital voices in the fight for justice and change. This shift was especially evident during the Occupy Parliament protests, where the public expected celebrities to join them in their cause.

As Kenyans took to the streets to protest the Finance Bill 2024, the pressure on public figures to show their support became palpable. Diana Marua, a well-known Kenyan influencer, found herself in hot water after posting a message online late at night, simply stating “#RejectFinanceBill2024.” Unlike other celebrities who joined the protests in person, Marua’s social media post did not sit well with her followers.

Netizens flooded her comment section, criticizing her for the timing and lack of active participation. Many felt that a mere social media post was insufficient, especially since the protests had already been underway for some time. The consensus was that her support came too late to make any real impact.


Bahati addresses viral photo of Diana Marua and footballer Victor Wanyama

Fans were particularly disappointed that Diana did not show up in person to support the protests, despite the significant support they had given her during the launch of her latest reality show. This perceived lack of reciprocity led some fans to threaten to unfollow her, feeling abandoned in their time of need. As of now, Diana Marua has remained silent on the issue. Additionally, her husband Bahati did not join the protests and has not publicly shared his stance on the bill.

Another celebrity facing criticism is Eddie Butita. The scriptwriter and comedian has been trending on X (formerly Twitter) for his perceived indecisiveness regarding the Finance Bill and the planned protests surrounding it. While many Kenyans, including celebrities and politicians, took strong stances against the Bill and supported the Occupy Parliament protests, Butita’s attempts to weigh in did not garner much support.

Initially, Butita shared his thoughts on the Bill, mentioning that he had raised some concerns and expressed confidence that action would be taken. However, his politically correct and equivocal statements did not resonate with the public. As pressure mounted, Butita faced increasing criticism for his lack of a clear stance. Despite his attempts to clarify his position, his tweets only fueled further disapproval.

In one tweet, he mentioned “Article 37,” which led to more questions about why he didn’t elaborate on its contents. Fans accused him of being influenced by promises or compromises rather than taking a definitive stand against the Bill.

Bahati Calls Out Decay in Kenyan Gospel Industry

Singer Bahati has raised concerns about the decline of Kenya’s gospel music industry, noting that it has lost much of its former strength over the past decade.

The former gospel artist took to social media to express his thoughts, suggesting that divine favor has shifted to countries like Nigeria and Rwanda.


Prezzo reveals he was a Mungiki youth leader

Bahati lamented the downfall of once highly-regarded Kenyan gospel ministers, attributing it to pride, internal conflicts, and their transformation into mere puppets.

“Kenya has been and will always be part of the gospel revival, but we might not produce the significant gospel brands we did ten years ago. Why? Because God has shifted that favor to Nigeria and Rwanda,” Bahati remarked.

He highlighted influential gospel artists from these countries as new leaders in the genre.

“We look up to figures like Sinach and my friend Israel Mbonyi. It’s not that Kenya lacks talented singers or good gospel songs. The truth is that talents nurtured by God in the church have turned against each other in mutual animosity,” he added.

Bahati criticized the gospel industry for having more puppetry compared to the secular world.

“There are more puppets in the church than in the secular world. When someone succeeds, people in the gospel industry quickly unite to bring them down, unlike in the Gengetone scene,” he pointed out.


Bahati reveals the hefty amount of money he used to produce his reality show

Despite his critique, Bahati clarified that he rarely discusses church matters publicly to avoid being accused of seeking attention.

“I don’t like delving into church matters much, and I know they know themselves. They’ll say I’m craving attention. But the truth is, I hesitate to engage in this industry because of the internal strife among its members,” he explained.

Acknowledging that he is not holier than others, Bahati stressed the importance of humility and repentance within the gospel community.

“One thing I’m sure of is that we need to seek forgiveness and abandon puppetry so that God can elevate us to greater heights. Otherwise, I pray that God continues to bless Arbantone while we pretend to be deputies of Jesus but are actually mere puppets,” he concluded.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu offer advice to Diana Marua on how to manage her husband’s video vixens

Mugiithi artist Samuel Muchoki, known as Samidoh, and his second wife, nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, are among the celebrities who appear on Bahati’s reality show, “The Bahati Empire,” currently available on Netflix.


Samidoh: I like life and all the turmoil that accompanies relationships.

In one episode, Diana Marua expresses her frustration with her husband Bahati’s interactions with his video vixens, specifically mentioning instances where he touches their backsides.

During a conversation with Samidoh and Karen, Diana recounts an incident where she discovered Bahati surrounded by women with large backsides, with Bahati holding them as they twerked for him. She felt disrespected by what she saw.

“I found Bahati surrounded by women with huge backsides, and he was touching them as they twerked for him. The issue isn’t just their size, but the disrespect I witnessed. I wondered how it got to this point, even if it’s work?” Diana shared.

In response, Karen Nyamu interrupts Diana, advising her to stay calm since Bahati is working to provide for the family.


KRG The Don Criticizes Pastors Using Religion For Clout

“Your issue is women twerking for your husband while he’s working? Maybe they’re not interested in Bahati. That’s a trivial matter,” Karen remarked.

Karen then warns Diana not to bother her with minor issues.

“Don’t call me for such things. Call me when Bahati does something serious. I thought there was another woman involved, so I could teach you how to manage being in a polygamous relationship,” Karen said.

Diana responds firmly, stating she would never share her husband.

“A polygamous relationship is not for me. I can’t fathom allowing that, saying it’s part of his job,” Diana affirmed.

These candid exchanges in “The Bahati Empire” offer an unfiltered look at the complexities of celebrity relationships and the unique challenges they encounter.

Other well-known personalities featured on the reality show include Rev. Lucy Natasha, The Murayas, Jackie Matubia, and MP Jalang’o, among others.

Size 8 reveals Bahati’s prediction about miscarriages in their marriage

Gospel minister Linet Munyali, widely known as Size 8, has shared how musician Bahati prophesied that she would experience miscarriages in her marriage. This revelation occurred during her appearance on ‘The Bahati’s Empire’, where Size 8 also criticized Bahati for his current music and lifestyle choices since transitioning from gospel to secular music.


Bahati demands a DNA test for his kids

Directly addressing Bahati, Size 8 reminded him of his strong spiritual connection before his shift to secular music.

“Size 8, I haven’t changed. I am still the same Bahati. I just don’t post my prayers,” Bahati replied, attempting to assure her of his unwavering faith.

Size 8 recounted a significant prophecy Bahati had shared early in their marriage.

“Bahati, do you remember when you told me that as a serious gospel artist and a gospel flag-bearer, I would face challenges? When I was two months into my marriage, you warned me that the devil would try to use miscarriages to break DJ Mo and me apart,” she recalled.


Prezzo reveals he was a Mungiki youth leader

Explaining his perspective on the prophecy, Bahati recounted the conversation.

“I remember calling Size 8 while I was along Kiambu Road. I told her that she would face an attack, possibly a miscarriage or something negative. But I always believe that when God speaks, He provides a solution. I prepared her for the victory that would follow,” he clarified.

Regarding his current musical direction, Bahati defended himself, stating: “I left the gospel scene when I was still Kenya’s top gospel artist. I still believe I am the best gospel artist. But what defines gospel? They say gospel resides in the heart.”

He further justified his actions, explaining that some of his videos involve acting.

“At times, we create content to show our fans that we are keeping up. It’s nothing serious. None of my songs are bad,” he emphasized.

Over the years, Size 8 has suffered two miscarriages in her marriage due to complications such as high blood pressure.

In 2020, she disclosed that the miscarriage she experienced in 2018 deeply impacted their relationship.

“We fought a lot and blamed each other because we didn’t know how to cope. It was a tough period, but our son brought us closer together and helped us support one another,” Size 8 reflected.

Bahati plans to perform DNA tests on all his children following speculations circulating online

Kenyan musician Bahati Kioko recently revealed the face of his youngest daughter, Malaika, a moment eagerly anticipated by fans coinciding with the launch of ‘The Bahatis Empire’.


Kenyans React To Khalif Kairo’s Tricks Of Separating With His Girlfriend Cera Imani

Bahati has been dealing with persistent rumors about the paternity of his children with wife Diana Marua, which surfaced during an episode of their reality show, “The Bahati Empire”.

On the show, Bahati discusses with Diana the stress he’s been under due to online speculation about their children’s DNA. This leads him to consider DNA tests for all their kids.

Diana reassures Bahati of her unwavering support and the strength of their relationship.


Bahati reveals the hefty amount of money he used to produce his reality show

This isn’t the first time Bahati has faced such rumors. In 2018, similar speculation emerged regarding their first child together, Heaven. At that time, the couple vehemently denied the rumors and even mentioned the possibility of legal action. Bahati clarified that a previous DNA test was conducted for his older daughter, Mueni, not Heaven.

Furthermore, Bahati’s adopted child, Morgan Bahati, drew comparisons to famous footballer Victor Wanyama due to striking similarities. These instances, among others, have convinced Bahati that conducting a paternity test will provide clarity and alleviate concerns for both himself and his followers.

Diana Marua revealed that Bahati did not allow her to undergo liposuction surgery

Diana Marua expressed her frustration after her husband, Bahati, refused to let her undergo a weight loss procedure.

On their new reality show ‘Bahati Empire,’ Diana shared, “Kinuthia and I had planned to have liposuction, but Bahati refused. He told me if I wanted to do it, I’d have to do it without his approval. I am waiting for the day he goes on his travels so I can get it done.”


Diana & Bahati Reveal Reality Show After Clout

Jackie Matubia also hinted that her second baby daddy didn’t support her idea of liposuction, saying, “That’s what led to our parting ways because what man doesn’t want his woman to look good?”

Previously, Kinuthia had tried a weight loss balloon but ended up regaining the weight as working out isn’t her favorite activity.

Several celebrities, including Risper Faith, Phoina Tosha, and Murugi Munyi, have undergone liposuction surgery. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted body fat.


Kenyans React To Khalif Kairo’s Tricks Of Separating With His Girlfriend Cera Imani

According to Mclainsurgicalarts.com, “The maximum amount of fat that can safely be removed with liposuction is between six to eight pounds (three to four liters). Removing more increases the risk of complications.”

If more fat removal is needed, additional procedures must be scheduled three to four months apart.

There are six types of liposuction surgeries. The specific procedure depends on the type of liposuction being performed, which may be an outpatient procedure or require an overnight hospital stay. To speed up recovery and reduce swelling and pain, wearing a compression garment on the treated area for several weeks may be necessary

Bahati demands a DNA test for his kids

A new clip from Bahati and Diana Marua’s Netflix reality show has caused a stir online. In the emotional scene, Bahati tearfully asks Diana to take a DNA test with their children.

Bahati claims to be bothered by online gossip questioning the paternity of their kids. He wants the DNA test to definitively prove his fatherhood. Diana, visibly shocked, questions his decision. Bahati’s emotional outburst leaves Diana comforting him and assuring him of her love.


THE BAHATIS EMPIRE😂😂😂😂😂 . I was entertained for sure.. some scenes were scripted others were not but I laughed😂😂😂.. I would give it a 5.8/10… the drama was too much, I wish we could see Diana B working as a content creator. Wish we could see them parenting. I dont think a reality show is all about the glitz and glamour. Too much acting and throwing shade.. scripted or not.. Diana riding Baha eii 💀.. I loved how Diana is not afraid to show her strict side when it comes to her younger sister, Varl. I have to give it to Bahati, manzz can communicate effectively and respectfully 👏🏾👏🏾 I was entertained ✨😂 . Now before you comment talking about I am a hater.. this is a show like any other and people give reviews of it esp when its trending.. so watch your mouth ju mimi si wenu na sitawahi kuwa wenu.. If you go low trust me I will go lowerrrrrrrrr and I will drag you down😂😂😂 respectfully, sawa?? 🫵🏾🫵🏾🫵🏾 #iamatieno #duchessofrusinga #jambojambo #fyp #foryoupage #viral

♬ original sound – AtienoOngong’a🤎

The situation adds another layer to their complex relationship history. Bahati previously accused Diana of leaving their home with their baby and moving in with her ex. Diana countered by stating he was the one who forced her to leave. Bahati also revealed his preference for older women, which he says influenced his choice of Diana as his wife.

The viewers’ reactions are mixed, with some curious about the underlying tensions and others questioning the show’s authenticity.

Bahati discloses the action that attracted women to consider becoming his second wife

Bahati recently disclosed that he often receives advances from bold, unashamed women, even in the presence of his wife, Diana Marua, who is also the mother of three of his biological children. During an interview with Betty Kyallo on her TV47 show, Bahati shared this revelation when asked who between him and Diana initiates more advances.


Diana & Bahati Reveal Reality Show After Clout

“Of course, it’s me. When you buy a girl a Range Rover, a mansion… they want to be the fourth wife, aah, second wife,” Bahati humorously remarked.

However, Diana has made it clear that she is not open to the idea of sharing her husband, as she firmly stated during an episode of their reality show when discussing polygamy with Karen Nyamu, who supports the concept.

“Mpango wa kando (a side chick) is not my portion in Jesus’ name,” Diana firmly asserted to Karen.

Regarding Bahati’s views on polygamy, in July 2023, he jokingly suggested that marrying one wife might prevent many from entering heaven. In a YouTube video, Bahati questioned modern pastors who advocate for monogamy, challenging them to provide biblical evidence supporting it. He cited biblical figures like David and Solomon, who had multiple wives, to support his argument.


Prezzo reveals he was a Mungiki youth leader

During the video, Bahati asked Diana if she believed Solomon, known for his wisdom, was in heaven. Diana confirmed her belief, prompting Bahati to imply that having multiple wives might not be detrimental to one’s spiritual destiny.

“So having many girlfriends is okay?” he concluded, justifying polygamy based on his interpretation of Solomon’s situation.

Despite Diana’s firm stance on monogamy, Bahati noted that in heaven, there will be no marriages, quoting Jesus’ words about people singing and enjoying honey and milk.

Bahati reveals the hefty amount of money he used to produce his reality show

Kenyan musician Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have launched their highly anticipated reality show, “The Bahati Empire,” on Netflix. The show premieres today, Friday, June 7th, making Bahati and Diana the first Kenyan couple to feature a reality series on the streaming platform.


Diana & Bahati Reveal Reality Show After Clout

After weeks of cryptic social media posts, Bahati finally unveiled the trailer, revealing a star-studded cast that includes The Murayas, Karen Nyamu, Jalang’o, and Rev Lucy Natasha.

“We’re thrilled to make history as the first Kenyan family on Netflix,” Bahati said. “’The Bahati Empire’ will showcase our real lives, the good, the bad, and the ugly – entirely unscripted!” he promised.

The launch event was a star-studded affair, attended by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor (Jalang’o), and nominated Senator Karen Nyamu. The who’s who of Kenyan entertainment came together to celebrate this momentous occasion.


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua Hosts Family Of Late Singer Ally B

Bahati revealed in a recent interview that the entire show cost roughly 47 million Kenya shillings to produce.

“The Bahati Empire” follows Bahati’s previous reality show, “Being Bahati,” which aired on Kenyan national television. This new venture promises a fresh take, offering a glimpse into the unfiltered world of the Bahati family.

Bahati addresses viral photo of Diana Marua and footballer Victor Wanyama

Musician Kevin Bahati has, for the first time, addressed the controversy surrounding a viral photo of his fiancée, Diana Marua, with star footballer Victor Wanyama.

The photo surfaced online in 2020, sparking widespread speculation and rumors about Marua’s alleged relationship with Wanyama.


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua Hosts Family Of Late Singer Ally B

Bahati used the same photo strategically to generate buzz while promoting his new show on Netflix. When asked if he had spoken to Wanyama before reposting the photo, Bahati responded:

“Why should I ask Wanyama if I can post the photo while it is him and his friend? Let me tell you something. I never said anything. Wanyama and Mariga are my friends. I even campaigned for Mariga in Kibra,” Bahati told Betty Kyallo on TV 47.

He went on to explain that his silence was misinterpreted.

“At times you see rumors, and when you are quiet, they fuel more rumors. But when you show people that it’s normal, they will keep quiet. In this show, we will address so many rumors and even more about our lives. The reason we posted it is because people always want to use it. You give people what they want. Kenyans want to feed a lot of negative energy, and we have been quiet.”

Marua also shared her thoughts, questioning why people felt they had a say in who her friends should be.


Diana & Bahati Reveal Reality Show After Clout

“You don’t want me to have friends? I can’t take pictures with people, or is it because he is a celebrity?”
Victor Wanyama is married and has a son with actress Serah Teshna.

Bahati revealed that he did not address the allegations to protect everyone involved.

“Most of my fans know that I adopted my son. When the photo was trending a while back, I don’t think he (Wanyama) had a thick skin like I have, and so one day it was trending, and it’s a cruel social media world. It got to him. If I came out to address it, it would not help anyone. I chose to be sarcastic about it and move on.”

Marua clarified that the selfie was taken during a casual hangout with mutual friends.

When asked by Betty Kyallo how she handles social media trolls, Marua said: “My husband (Bahati) has taught me to learn to die in public opinion. The same people who praise you today, will hate you tomorrow. It’s a cruel world. We ignore trolls most of the time.”

Bahati added that he is no longer affected by negative comments.

“I don’t care if she is trending or being trolled. Being real is so rare. The show will highlight the challenges we have gone through in our marriage over the seven years. If we become a perfect couple, we will not be inspiring anyone.”

Bahati in the hot seat after Butita exposes his ‘secrets’ in front of Riggy G

“Huyu kitu anajua kufanya kwa hii maisha ni clout” – Eddie Butita tells Rigathi Gachagua about Bahati’s clout-chasing tendencies.

On June 3, Kenyan singer Bahati puzzled fans, friends, and fellow celebrities by posting an old photo of his wife, Diana Marua, with football player Victor Wanyama, accompanied by a heartbreak emoji.

With no further explanation from Bahati, speculation about the state of his marriage began to swirl.

The situation intensified as reports surfaced that Bahati and Diana had unfollowed each other and removed their photos on Instagram.


Miss Mandi and Amina Abdi situation exposes hypocrisy of Kenyan feminists

This fueled further speculation about a potential breakup.

However, it turns out the Bahatis were just being their usual selves, engaging in a clout-chasing stunt to draw attention to their new reality show, ‘The Bahatis Empire’.

This isn’t the first time the couple has fooled fans into believing they had broken up. They’ve used similar tactics before to create buzz and attract attention.

Comedian Eddie Butita, who attended ‘The Bahatis Empire’ launch event on June 6, humorously roasted the couple for their clout-chasing antics.


Butita addresses Wakimani’s assertions. Churchill gave them cars and $300,000

He congratulated them before inviting the Deputy President to hear some secrets about Bahati and his music journey.

“I am so happy to be here at ‘The Bahatis Empire’ launch,” Butita began. “But allow me to roast Bahati and Diana. Deputy President, let me share with you some secrets about our good artist Bahati. He used to cry in 2012. He used to write letters because he was struggling financially.”

According to Butita, Bahati shifted to secular music as soon as he started earning more money.

“Wacha ashike pesa kidogo, Adhiambo. So now huyu kitu anajua kufanya kwa hii maisha ni kitu inaitwa clout. Okay, clout ni kiki. Clout means waking up today and saying you’ve broken up with your wife, and then on Friday, you release a new song,” he said.

Butita further explained, “Clout is waking up today and saying something to trend, then tomorrow you release something new. Clout is saying on Friday at 10 AM, Bahati featuring Satan for new Gospel… Clout is refusing to take your wife to the National Park because there are animals.”

Eddie Butita entertained the audience, who laughed at his jokes about Bahati’s life and journey.

His humorous take on Bahati’s clout-chasing tactics added a light-hearted touch to the launch event of ‘The Bahatis Empire’.

Internet users are encouraging Bahati to safeguard Diana’s reputation following the controversial Wanyama picture

Kenyan singer Bahati has left fans, friends, and fellow celebrities perplexed with a recent Instagram post featuring an old photo of his wife, Diana Marua, alongside football player Victor Wanyama, accompanied by a cryptic broken heart emoji caption.


Risper Faith Opens Up About Weight Loss Journey (Video)

The ambiguous nature of Bahati’s post has sparked speculation about the couple’s relationship status, especially since Bahati has reportedly unfollowed Diana on Instagram, adding fuel to rumors of marital trouble.

While some speculate that Bahati may be teasing a new song, others caution against using such ‘expensive jokes’ for attention.


Samidoh Advices Men Not To ‘Simp’ For Women Rejecting Them

This isn’t the first time the photo has stirred controversy; Diana addressed her relationship with Wanyama in 2020, emphasizing that it was purely platonic. Bahati’s post has elicited a range of reactions from netizens, with many urging him to prioritize protecting Diana from online scrutiny.

Bahati Unfollows Diana Marua After Posting A TBT Photo Of Her & Wanyama

Kenyan artist Bahati sparked online debate with his recent social media activity. Bahati unfollowed his wife Diana Marua and posted a photo featuring Diana with a well-known married footballer, Victor Wanyama, captioned with broken heart emojis. He also deleted many shared photos with Diana.

This unexpected move sent Bahati trending on social media platform X App. Many fans expressed confusion about his motives. Some speculate it’s a publicity stunt to promote upcoming music, referencing Bahati’s past use of similar tactics.

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The truth behind Bahati’s actions remains unclear. This article will be updated with any further developments.

The two lovebirds are however, known for their immense clout chasing antics. It’s not new to netizens as they have had  a palpable chemistry over the years.

Having sired babies together, it’s even harder for netizens to believe them. Only time will tell.

Bahati & Diana Marua Worried After Realizing Their Child Can’t Speak In Swahili,

Kenyan singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua met with their children’s teachers to discuss their son Majesty’s education.

“It’s consultation week,” Diana explained, “a time to learn about the kids’ progress and raise any concerns.”

Bahati expressed his main concern: Majesty’s inability to speak Swahili.

“Why doesn’t my son know any Swahili? He only speaks English!”

Diana confirmed,

“Majesty doesn’t know a single Swahili word.”

Bahati, recalling his own school days when punishment awaited those speaking Swahili, found it puzzling. “I used to get in trouble for speaking Swahili! How can my son not know the national language?”

“As in if Majesty knew that [speaking Swahili] was the reason I used to walk around with a disk, does he even know about a disk? Mayai, unapewa mayai hivi – Kiswahili speakers’ list [mimi], Sheng speakers’ list [mimi], broken Kiswahili list [mimi]. As in I don’t understand how my son doesn’t know a Swahili word,” he reflected on his past.

He jokingly imagined Majesty asking, “What’s a ‘disk’? Is that why you used to carry eggs around? Was there a list for Swahili speakers, Sheng speakers, and broken Swahili speakers? I just don’t get it. How can he not know a word of Swahili?”

Diana then inquired about their daughter Heaven.

“She speaks Swahili with a British accent,” Bahati chuckled.

Diana playfully imitated Heaven’s broken Swahili. Diana & Bahati’s deluxe lifestyle is evidently what has contributed to their daughter not being interested in learning the language.

“I Give Diana Marua 1 Million Ksh As Monthly Wife Allowance But Anasema Sio Enough’-Bahati

Kenyan musician Bahati, known for his grand gestures, has once again surprised fans after stating the hefty amount of money he gives his wife Diana Marua, just for being his wife.

“I give @Diana_Marua 1 Million Ksh as a Monthly Wife allowance but anasema Bado sio Enough 🤷‍♂️🙆‍♂️ Kwani Mnapewanga Ngapi???” Bahati said.

On his part, Bahati excitedly expressed that he was happy to do something special for his woman to bring her happiness this year.

Last year, the musician set tongues wagging after he bought his wife a Range Rover worth Ksh19 million.

Diana Marua could not hide her joy as she received her 7th gift to mark their seventh anniversary.

“I haven’t cried like this in a long time. This is not normal. This is FAVOR 😭 This is God’s doing in my life. This is Him wiping my tears, this is Him Manifesting for me everything I prayed for. This is Him saying, “I told you I’ll make it Beautiful in my own time 😉” Diana wrote.

“I can write a book about my life. Every Testimony has been worth the Test. At this moment, I had alot of flashbacks and I remembered an incident. I had moved in with my Ex for about 2 weeks and one morning, he was dropping me at Bellevue stage, so I can board a mat to work. Unfortunately, we got into an argument on our way and as he dropped me, I hadn’t alighted from the car completely and he started driving off. I fell down and he shouted “Nimechelewa, Funga hiyo mlango!” The embarrassment was heavy, to say the least…”

On his part, Bahati expressed love for his wife as he showered her with praises saying the fights between them make him love her more each day.

“And Oh! ..the More the fights come aiming to Separate Us ; the More I Love You. Wakionyesha Ubaya Wako Mimi nawaonyesha Uzuri Wako – Just to let anyone that wishes to see us apart to Quit because they will grow Old Waiting ; Lakini Mbona Wanataka Sana Tuachane nasii eti Nikikuwacha watatoshea Kwa Kiatu Yangu? Waambie waatuliee 🙂” Bahati wrote.

Bahati also affirmed that he will always support his wife, be her confidant and her shoulder to cry on.

“Babe, I’m holding it down for you. I promise to always be your Support System,Confidant, Lover and Forever a shoulder you can always Lean on 💙 By the way my ATM Card is accessible so make sure your Small Toy is always on full Tank 😉 Happy 7th Anniversary my Baby Girl 🌷💙” Bahati added.

Diana Gifts Bahati A Golden Ring Amid His Birthday Celebrations

Kenyan music star Bahati’s 31st birthday wasn’t just about cake and candles; it was a day painted in shades of love and commitment. His wife, Diana Marua, gifted him a gesture more precious than any material possession – a golden ring symbolizing unwavering love and dedication.

In a touching YouTube video, Diana poured her heart out, assuring Bahati of her everlasting support and admiration. “You are the biggest blessing in my life,” she declared, her voice trembling with emotion. “Never doubt my love.” This outpouring of affection wasn’t just words; it culminated in the presentation of the golden ring, a silent promise etched in gleaming metal.

Bahati, visibly choked with emotion, acknowledged the gesture’s profound meaning.

“It was a dream…putting on a ring from the person I love,” he shared, his eyes glistening. He further revealed that while he anticipated receiving this symbol of commitment on their wedding day, Diana’s surprise made it all the more special.

Fans erupted in jubilation, some interpreting the ring as a possible proposal. Others, however, chose to celebrate the couple’s unwavering bond, with the ring being an exquisite emblem of their love story. This birthday surprise wasn’t just a personal moment; it was another chapter in their public fairytale, a testament to a love that shines brighter than gold.

The story doesn’t end there. Just months before this heartwarming display, in October 2023, Bahati formalized their union by paying Diana’s dowry. This significant step, announced on the eve of their 7th anniversary, symbolized their commitment to building a future together, blessed by tradition and family.

Bahati and Diana’s love story is an tapestry woven with threads of emotion, devotion, and tradition. The golden ring, glittering on Bahati’s finger, is a poignant reminder that sometimes, the most precious gifts are not wrapped in paper, but etched in love’s unwavering embrace.

Let’s Drop ‘Mtoto Wa Diana’- Bahati Celebrates 31st Birthday Claiming A New Nick Name

EMB CEO Bahati is celebrating a major milestone – his 31st birthday! Taking to social media, he shared introspective thoughts on turning a new page, while also seeking a much-needed nickname revamp.

“In a few, I will be Turning 31 Years Old… 22 :12 : 1992 was My Birthday!!!SO COMMENT AND GIVE ME A NEW NICK NAME AND LETS DROP MTOTO WA DIANA,” he wrote, playfully seeking suggestions from his followers.

His supportive wife Diana Marua readily chimed in, playfully teasing,

” you will always be my Baby. Nyonyo is yours forever Happy Birthday Mtoto Wa Mine ❤️” while also hinting at her own desire for a fresh moniker.

The celebration doesn’t stop there. Bahati reveals he has spent the latter half of the year meticulously strategizing with his team for a monumental 2024. “Eastlands Most Beloved” is gearing up for a spectacular year, fueled by Diana’s unwavering encouragement: “Lets keep pushing ❤️❤️❤️”.

Christmas plans are also in full swing, with a family trip to Naivasha on the agenda. This comes after the couple recently celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary with extravagant gifts for each other.

Speaking of their unlikely love story, Bahati reminisces about meeting Diana thanks to a twist of fate. Media personality Tracy Wanjiru’s refusal for a music video role led him to Diana, a queen who had already admired him from afar on Instagram.

“I had shot Many Music videos before but God used this specific Shoot to Connect me to my Soul Mate ❤️ Thanks to the amazing Tracy because God Used you to Say No and that’s how I Met MY PRAYER PARTNER,” he wrote with heartwarming gratitude.

Bahati’s birthday celebration paints a picture of reflection, excitement for the future, and most importantly, enduring love and gratitude for his family and his journey. As he embarks on a new year and potentially a new nickname, one thing remains constant: Bahati’s dedication to his craft, his family, and his faith.

Bahati Reveals He Spent Sh.30 Million on 7th Anniversary Celebrations Fans Claim he’s Lying

Renowned Kenyan musician Kevin “Bahati” Kioko has revealed that he spent Sh.30 million on his 7th wedding anniversary celebrations for his wife, Diana Marua.

Bahati had previously announced that he would be giving his wife seven exquisite gifts over the course of seven days to celebrate their seven years of marriage.

Some of the gifts Bahati gave Marua include a brand new blue Range Rover Vouge Autobiography (estimated to cost Sh.19 million), a huge billboard professing his love for her, a title deed to a property, and a traditional dowry payment. Bahati also set a date for their white wedding.

However, many Kenyans on social media are skeptical that Bahati actually spent Sh.30 million on the anniversary celebrations. Some have raised concerns that the couple does not live in a posh neighborhood and that they often make claims of wealth that seem unrealistic. Others have accused Bahati of “fake gifting” in order to generate publicity.

There have been several instances in the past where Kenyan celebrities have been accused of buying their partners gifts for the sake of publicity, only for the gifts to be later revealed to be fake or rented.

It is unclear whether Bahati’s anniversary gifts to Marua are genuine or not. However, the couple’s lavish lifestyle has been the subject of much discussion and speculation on social media.

Here are some fan reactions:

raskandevu: Bangi is legal in Kenya

Snrjojo: Anaisi mihango then ana gift Diana vitu za 30 million. The math ain’t adding up

_mcharming._: 30 million kwa maneno ya mdomo tu

Roseombisa: Yote ni vanity… na of course hiyo ni clout

Peace_c1: labda anasema total ya the 7 years 

macana_im: if you believe this crap you are as gullible as those who still believe this government will perform miracles. #Nation of clout and jaba


Bahati Reveals Plans Of Running For Governor Seat In 2027

Kenyan singer Kevin Kioko, popularly known as Bahati, has revealed his plans to run for governor in 2027. He made the announcement during a performance at Zetech University, where he asked the students if they would welcome him as a student. Bahati did not disclose which county he hopes to lead.

“Nilianguka MP lakini juu nasimama governor nakuja hapa kufanya degree! Mnataka nikuje Zetech? Wangapi mnataka nikuje Zetech? (I failed in my parliamentary bid but will be here to earn a degree as I will be contesting for governorship) Should I join Zetech? How many people want me to join Zetech?)” Bahati said with the crowd cheering.

Bahati previously ran for parliament in the 2022 elections but was unsuccessful. He finished third in the Mathare parliamentary contest with 8166 votes. After the election, Bahati dumped the Azimio la Umoja coalition for Kenya Kwanza, joining the United Democratic Alliance party led by President William Ruto.

To be eligible to run for governor in Kenya, a candidate must have a university degree. Bahati has hinted that he may go back to school to acquire a degree.

It is unclear whether Bahati is serious about his plans to run for governor. He has not yet released a detailed manifesto or outlined his plans for the position. However, his announcement has generated interest from Kenyans, who are curious to see if he will follow through on his plans.

Willy Paul trashes Bahati and Diana Marua’s ostentatious gift giving

Willy Paul says he values his privacy and would never publicly show off any gift he would give his girlfriend or wife. However, he has no problem with those celebrities who choose to publicly display their love for one another.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Paul congratulated his former besties Bahati and Diana for their celebration of their marriage. When asked if he had seen the viral video of how Diana received her luxurious car, Paul said he had not. He added that he was happy for the couple and that it was up to each individual to decide how they wanted to express their love for their partner.

Paul also said that he did not plan to get married himself because he had seen men kill themselves over women. He said that he did not want to be in a situation where his wife would leave him and become another man’s wife.

Bahati and Diana have been married for seven years and recently celebrated their anniversary with a week-long celebration. Bahati gave Diana seven gifts over the week, culminating in a Range Rover being unveiled as the ultimate present.

Paul’s comments about privacy and marriage are interesting and reflect his own personal values. He is a popular celebrity, but he chooses to keep his personal life private. He also has a strong opinion on marriage and the importance of commitment.

Bahati Surprises Diana Marua With Dowry Payment After 7 Years Of Marriage

Kenyan musician Bahati has made a heartwarming and surprising gesture by officially paying the dowry for his wife, Diana Marua, after seven years of marriage.

Bahati took to his Instagram to share the news with his fans and followers, expressing his excitement about formalizing their union just ahead of their official anniversary date on October 20th.

“It’s official!!! I have finally done the dowry payment, and our dad Mzee Omach has blessed us to proceed with the wedding arrangements,” Bahati wrote.

“Diana didn’t expect this, but I was so eager to formalize our marriage before the official anniversary date this coming 20th October… this was a surprise… gift no.5 is the best so far, but tomorrow’s gifts 6 & 7 will be proof that she’s the queen of my life.”

Bahati and Diana’s love story has been a subject of public interest, and this surprise dowry payment added another touching chapter to their journey.

The dowry payment, which is a traditional practice in Kenya, is seen as a sign of commitment and respect from the groom’s family to the bride’s family. It is also a way to formalize the marriage and make it legally binding.

Bahati’s gesture has been praised by many fans and followers, who have commended him for his love and devotion to Diana. It is a reminder that true love still exists and that marriage is a sacred bond.

Bahati Weds Diana Marua

Singer Bahati has officially wedded his wife, Diana Marua. He shared a video of their traditional ceremony on social media, writing that it was a surprise gift for Diana and that he was eager to formalize their marriage before their official anniversary on October 20th. He also said that the gifts he would give her the next day would prove that she is the queen of his life.

Diana Marua responded to the video, saying that Bahati is the one that Heaven prepared for her and that she promised to love and respect him all the days of her life.

Congratulations to the happy couple!