No DNA needed: New adorable photo of Bahati and his 2 year old daughter

Bahati aka mtoto wa mama is a dad to a 2 year old girl he recently introduced us to through his Instagram page. Bahati however left many shocked as he had always portrayed himself as a good boy who was not indulging in any sexual activities – probably because he was waiting for marriage.

However, one can not hide their true colors for too long…right? Well, he has learnt to embrace the fact that he has a child and just like most celebrity dads, the look on his face shows how proud he is.

His latest photo with baby Mueni is just another proof that he did not need DNA to know that the little girl is his. The two share some striking resemblance especially around the facial area. If you haven’t checked out his latest photo with the baby then have a look at it here;

“He cheated on me and our relationship fell apart after I got pregnant!” Bahati’s baby mama reveals

The moment Yvette’s friends started attacking Bahati’s new girlfriend on social media we knew things would get ugly and the drama just began.

Well for the first time Yvette who is the mother of Bahati’s 2 year old daughter opened up about their relationship during an interview with the Nairobian where she revealed some of the secrets we didn’t know about Bahati.

According to her…she started dating the singer back in 2011 and since he was not known that much, they kept their relationship on the low. Apparently they dated for 5 years but after learning that she was pregnant things just changed. She says he became different this pushed them apart Howe she chose to keep the baby with or without him by his side.

“I started dating Bahati way before he became a celebrity in 2011 and we were in a serious for 5 years. The relationship was good until when I got pregnant and the things started changing. We did not expect the baby but I decided to keep it. “

Happy Bahati with his girlfriend

Kisha Yvette goes on to add that she was never a groupie as many tend to think. Yvette reveals that the singer also cheated on her but she never thought of aborting like how some women her age do. She went on to add,

” That was when we started to grow apart and the relationship was no longer what it was. He cheated on me. I never aborted and I was never a groupie. Last weekend Bahati picked up Mueni as usual and said they were going for lunch only for me to learn later that my daughter was trending on social media. He never sought my consent. I want his friends and girlfriend Diana Marua to stop posting my daughter’s photos. It is disrespectful.”

Well, I bet this is why she seems protective towards her daughter.

A photo of Bahati’s baby mama emerges online, meet the lovely lady

As you all digest about Bahati’s baby…I would like to introduce the woman said to have given birth to Mueni Bahati. Her name kisha Yvette Obura and yes she also happens to look like her daughter thus confirming that the rumors might be true.

Her photo was first shared by a popular Instagram new outlet which is believed to share reliable stories. The lady however cannot be found on social media as she seems to have deleted all her handles.

We are not sure whether she was dating the young singer at the time she got pregnant or the two were just having fun. This is because for the past few years Bahati has not introduced any woman until he met and hooked up with Diana Marua. Anyway checkout her photo below.

“Alafu tunaka kujua mama ya mtoto” fans react after Bahati introduces his biological daughter

If there is a secret that was kept well then it’s Bahati’s biological daughter. After the singer introduced and paraded her all over his social media pages fans now want to know the mother of his 2 year old baby girl.

Well, this was somehow expected as Bahati had never introduced any of his girlfriends before until Diana Marua came his way. For some reason we all know that she is not the mother of Mueni Bahati since the two just started dating recently and for this reason everyone is now interested in knowing Bahati’s ex or rather baby mama.

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Bahati's girlfriend hanging out with his daughter, Mueni Bahati
Bahati’s girlfriend hanging out with his daughter, Mueni Bahati

From the comments left by fans…others congratulated the singer for acting mature while others couldn’t help but bash him for acting ‘too holy’ when he has been ‘fornicating’ all these years. Anyway below are some of the comments from his fans.

Singer Bahati introduces his 2 year old biological daughter that no one knew anything about child (Photos)

This weekend came with it’s surprises as mtoto wa mama aka Bahati for the first time announced that he has a daughter. Yes, a two year old gorgeous baby girl, Mueni Bahati, a child that many knew nothing about.

He revealed this through his Instagram page where he shared a photo from his recent photoshoot with the toddler. Judging from the photo it is a bit obvious to see how the two resemble each other and the caption he used just confirmed that he was ready to admit to the world that he had a child.

It is however a big surprise as he has managed to keep this as a secret for 2 years now. However, after sitting down with his girlfriend Diana Marua…it looks like she convinced him to make this public announcement.

In the caption he used, the young singer thanks Diana for standing by him all through out and for being the perfect soulmate he could have ever asked for. He wrote saying,

Too many blessings have come my way but 2 years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime blessing from God. Before anything, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the Love of  of my life #Diana for being there for me in all situations, may God bless you. My lovely fans, you’ve stood with me and supported me since day one…I’ll forever be grateful for that. Allow me to introduce to you the angel that God blessed me with, my first born daughter- I PROMISE TO LOVE AND PROTECT YOU. I WILL BE THE BEST DAD FOR YOU @Mueni_Bahati.

Below are a few photos of the two.