Susan Kaitanny continues to rant how Betty Kyalo messed her by always being greedy for attention

Betty Kyalo’s former close friend and business partner Susan Kaitanny has come out to reveal that Betty Kyalo loves cheap attention from the blogs a reason why the two are not alike.

Speaking in an interview with, Susan said that she doesn’t want to speak much about Betty because she likes online hype from blogs.

“I did not want to keep dragging things in the mud. I mourned the end of the relationship same as you do with friendship… Be careful of the people you bring into your life. Some things are just but a learning curve. You go through stuff for a reason.”


Susan further added that she was supportive of Betty when she was undergoing a lot of stress but she still betrayed her.

“I was a supportive friend. She went through the ups and downs and I was the one who was there for her. She said all the things she said and my conscience is clear. I don’t think I owe anybody an explanation. She knows it,” Susan revealed.

Betty Kyalo rewarded with sweet Pokot name after interviewing West Pokot Governor Lonyangapuo

Betty Kyalo will be having West Pokot Governor, John Lonyangapuo, on her next show “Up Close With Betty’.

Taking to social media, Kyalo confirmed that was given a Pokot name after the candid interview with the popular county head.

“My new Pokot name Asis Sotin Cheporwala (Sun) given by the people and the good Governor John Lonyangapuo. Good morning,” she wrote on her social media.

Nice person

Betty also added that the governor has a very warm personality.

“For real, he is hilarious! Such an amazing leader. Enjoying the shoot. You guys will love it!” she said. 

As expected, Kenyans warned Betty not to marry the governor.

“We will be happy if you accept to be the second lady of our governor,” one user wrote.

“Betty I hope that’s not dowry being presented at the back,” said another. 

“Betty, you should get married now. The clock is really ticking. I am single and looking. That said, being a second wife is not a good idea. It’s like having a car spare tire.” 

‘She comes in a mini skirt, cleavage top and some #MysteriousVIP nonsense’ Betty Kyalo awaited comeback fails to impress Kenyans  

It has been months since Betty Kyalo ditched KTN TV for K24.

Though the news anchor left the station long ago, this weekend was her first day to work and officially launched her new show The Weekend with Betty. The anchor left the KTN for K24 after getting a fatter paycheck which put an eight-year work period with KTN to an end.


Betty pulled a stunt during her K24 debut that ended up annoying many fans rather than impressing them.

Before they officially unveiled her, K24 ran a hashtag (#MysteriousVIP) whose identity they said they would reveal later on Friday night. The glamours event had many confused thinking it was a true VIP only for many to find out it’s their new employee.

Fans showed disgust as soon as they learned the hype was all meant to launch Betty Kyalo.

Here’s what they said:

Journalism in Kenya is on a whole new trash level. A woman reports to her new station, comes in a mini skirt, cleavage top and some #MysteriousVIP nonsense and everybody is all up in arms about it!!! You cannot find this crap on CNN, BBC or AL Jazeera.

#WeekendWithBetty so who was this #MysteriousVIP. This country is big joke


[Was @K24Tv‘s #MysteriousVIP @BettyMKyallo? They didn’t show anyone coming out of the limo…] #RR #Kenya #Media


So #MysteriousVIP saw @BettyMKyallo usnknowingly do this worst mistake?

Betty Kyalo jets off for vacay after ditching KTN and landing lucrative TV job

K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo recently bid KTN goodbye after allegedly landing a lucrative deal from K24.

The presenter, who left the station with an emotional farewell party, has now taken a vacation to Dubai to steam off before starting her new job. On social media, Kyalo informed fans that she’s out for vacation for a few days.

“Out of the 254 for a short while” shared Betty, adding: “Good Morning from the other side. Summer! Home for the Next few days. DownTown Dubai” 

Here are her photos enjoying life:

Why Betty Kyalo was in hospital recently for surgery

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo was on Thursday in hospital for surgery.  On social media, the KTN employee shared that she had to got to Nairobi Hospital where she underwent the surgery to remove her tonsils.

Hospital visits

It’s the second time in a month the news anchor is walking in hospital corridors after being bedridden recently with fatigue.

“Happy to be home after a successful surgery to remove my tonsils. Finally did it after being scared to do so after many years yet I kept suffering with tonsillitis inflammation almost every month.  And as much as the recovery process is tough i’m looking forward to better days,” she said.



“Thanks to God for a successful procedure. Big thanks to my fantastic doctor, all my friends and family who were right by my side.”


Betty Kyalo: This is why I hate watching myself on TV 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo spends almost half of her life in front of a camera. However, as much as she might be shooting a lot of videos, she doesn’t watch them later unless it’s completely necessary.

“I don’t like watching myself because I’m always critical. ‘Betty that angle you were sitting wasn’t nice, you should have sat better.’ At times, I watch myself to see the areas I can improve on.” She told the Star newspaper.

“I also don’t like to hear my voice on TV or on radio, not because it’s bad but because I find it weird,” She added.

Same dress code

On her first day on TV, Kyalo was tensed mainly because of a scar she has on the neck.

“I was sweating and also conscious of the big scar on the neck. If my bosses see my scar, maybe they will say I’m not good for TV. I was like, oh my goodness, let me hide it. The first time I went on air, I wore a high-collar shirt to hide the scar. I did that for such a long time but slowly by slowly, I started feeling comfortable in my skin.”

Susan Kaitany after Betty Kyalo’s drama: Lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya 

They were once friends but now they are enemies. Susan Kaittany and KTN’s Betty Kyalo ruled the headlines after launching their state of the art spa Posh Palace. But less than a year on, the two are in a bitter fight after parting ways and later Kyalo starting her own spa just next to Posh Palace. She also “stole” all her employee.

But according to Kaittany, this is a normal thing in Kenya. Most people are not loyal.

“This is not my first business, lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya, not just for me , it’s for everyone, ask business people, the people who are close to you will let you down,  the peole who are close to you can even steal from you, it’s not new to me, it affirms my thoughts on like people not being loyal and believing and trusting in yourself first, people will let you down, you cannot have faith in people at all” said Kaittany in an interview with interview with Ebru TV.

She said that the market is can accommodate everyone hence there’s no reason to panic.

“The beauty industry in Kenya is over a billion, there is so much me and her is like a small fraction, even if ten people set business next to me, I will still be cool, there is enough to go around, I don’t know why people see it as, it has to be a fight or we have to have beef, there is so much, that we can even cover, I say welcome to the business join me in the journey of beauty, and discovering” she said.

Betty Kyalo


“We have the best intention we are going into something and we want it to work. The thing is we plan but you never anticipate what is to come and happen along the way. You saw us together we were happy, but shit does happen and when it does, you gonna be really coz I don’t want to hide behind tables and chairs, am really, it’s not working so it’s not working and whatever the consequences that gonna be there after you have to face them, it didn’t work out I decided to move on, we decided to part ways and she decided to start her own business.”

Betty Kyallo out to bring down Susan Kaittany as payback for allegedly bad mouthing her

The competition between Betty Kyallo and her former best friend Susan Kaittany is no joke.

After their bitter split, the KTN news has now opened her own beauty studio located just opposite Susan Kaittany’s!

Well this comes after Kaittany apparently went on to claim that Betty Kyallo was broke and the only hair parlor she would own would be located in Kawangware.

Kaittany left standing alone

To prove her wrong, Betty has now set up her new beauty shop at FCB Mirab which is directly opposite Posh Palace.

To make matters worse, word has it that 25 Posh Palace staff members have resigned and will be joining Betty’s new team.

According to a Facebook post making rounds on social media, Posh Palace has apparently been closed down for now as Susan Kaittany tries to find  new staff.

It’s not clear how this will end up but judging from how the ladies are moving; it might just get nasty!

Betty Kyallo’s former best friend exposed by yet another KTN journalist after conning him!

Susan Kaittany who is Betty Kyallo’s former business partner and best friend has been making headlines for the wrong reasons!

A few months ago she was dragged into police custody after failing to return Betty Kyallo’s passport after their bitter split. The two apparently had a disagreement over an unknown issue and since then they have refused to see eye to eye.

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Betty walked out on Posh Palace leaving Susan Kaittany as the CEO of the salon; but word has it that she hasn’t been doing a good job!

Mike Makori exposes Posh Palace CEO

Mike Makori

In a new series of tweets shared by KTN Lotto presenter, Mike Makori; he reveals how Susan Kaittany and her friend Joseph Mbogo refused to pay him after they approached him to MC a gig.

According to him, the two have been taking him in circles with lies and sometimes unanswered calls. After using all means to get his money, Mike Makori finally decided to expose the two for their conning skills.

Through his Twitter handle, Makori wrote saying;

Betty Kyalo’s birthday party was simple and very mature, just take a look (photos)

As she nears 3rd floor, news anchor Betty Kyalo is getting finer, just like wine.

During her 29th birthday, things were a little bit toned down and mature, unlike some of the celebrations we have seen during her birthday parties before.

Birthday mood all day

Also, it seems like only familiar faces of not more than 10 friends surrounded her as she celebrated getting to her last step at second floor. The dreaded 30 is now on the way.  The presenter was in a birthday mood all day especially after KTN surprised with a cake and some gifts.

“Still having a fantastic day… showered with so much love today, I’m truly blessed. ❤” said Kyalo on Instagram in one post.

She added on another:

“I enjoyed the day and the night. ?Thank you so so much to everybody who took time to say happy birthday. Thank you for the many gifts that could not fit in my car? Thank you for the kisses and hugs and the all the Love! I’m blessed. ?”

Here are some of the photos from her party:



Betty Kyallo’s ex best friend responds after the news anchor got her arrested

Word has it that Betty kyallo and her former best friend Susan Kaittany have finally broken up. It is not clear what led to their fall out but it seems that they will not be getting back together anytime soon.

Yesterday Betty Kyallo is said to have taken legal action against Susan for failing to return her passport. The lady apparently has no plans for returning the document to the KTN news anchor over their current dispute.

Susan was however released and seems to be back to her usual self. Unlike many who would choose to hide from their social media pages, the model and CEO of Posh Palace shared an interesting post to show that she is doing just fine. Through her instagram page Kaittany wrote saying;

Betty Kyallo walks away from Posh Palace

After running the Posh Palace beauty point, Betty Kyallo is now out of the deal she had made with her former best friend.

She no longer promotes the saloon and judging from her Instagram page, the lady seems to have deleted all photos with Susan.

But the question remains, what led the two best friend to split after being friends for so long?