‘I got trapped under a Matatu and it was still moving. The left part of my face got scrapped off’ – Betty Kyalo shares how she cheated death

K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo cheated death after a matatu ran over her while town at the age of 17 years.

Through her Insta-Stories, Kyallo shared the sad details of  the accident that happened near Railway Bus station and almost killed her.

“So I wanna tell you a story so yesterday, I met with somebody who asked why I have a scar on my neck. So basically what happened when I was in Form three back in 2005, I think I was 17 years old. So I was walking in tao and crossing the road and this Matatu comes and hits me, hapo Railways, I go got trapped under the Matatu and it’s still moving.

“The left part of my face got scrapped off by the road, so I was while from the shoulder to the face. So my skin is gone , at 17 year old my dream of becoming a news anchor also gone, because I knew they will not allow you on Air with no skin” said Betty in the post.

Huge scar

Betty went on to add that she was hospitalized for two months after the accident.

“I stayed in hospital for about 2 month’s coz I had to go through seven surgeries. I was too broken. And apart from the face, I lost four ribs, my jaw got broken, my lungs collapsed, I was in a real bad state. So two months later I walked out of Hospital but my skin was still peeled off, for about like four months I was scared on walking on the streets because everybody could look at me and feel sorry for me. So I will go to tao with a Kitambaa covering my face. But with time I gained confidence, so one time while at school showering I discovered a dark thing on my face and I realized my skin was growing back” she said. 


“So slowly by slowly my skin started to grew back and after a year, the skin was back . The scar on my neck was too deep and that’s why I still have it. For a very long time even after I went on I used to wear high collared shirts to cover my scar coz I was insecure about them. Until one time I was like am gonna , you know what , I almost lost my life , what am I hiding. Coz this is jewelry,.

“I wear my scar as a jewelry I never hide my scars and I love it because it reminds me of where I came from. And that’s the story behind my scars. Just to encourage someone, wear that scar and let it inspire someone else, learn from it don’t let it break you”  said Betty Kyallo.

Betty Kyalo jets off for vacay after ditching KTN and landing lucrative TV job

K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo recently bid KTN goodbye after allegedly landing a lucrative deal from K24.

The presenter, who left the station with an emotional farewell party, has now taken a vacation to Dubai to steam off before starting her new job. On social media, Kyalo informed fans that she’s out for vacation for a few days.

“Out of the 254 for a short while” shared Betty, adding: “Good Morning from the other side. Summer! Home for the Next few days. DownTown Dubai” 

Here are her photos enjoying life:

Why Betty Kyalo was in hospital recently for surgery

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo was on Thursday in hospital for surgery.  On social media, the KTN employee shared that she had to got to Nairobi Hospital where she underwent the surgery to remove her tonsils.

Hospital visits

It’s the second time in a month the news anchor is walking in hospital corridors after being bedridden recently with fatigue.

“Happy to be home after a successful surgery to remove my tonsils. Finally did it after being scared to do so after many years yet I kept suffering with tonsillitis inflammation almost every month.  And as much as the recovery process is tough i’m looking forward to better days,” she said.



“Thanks to God for a successful procedure. Big thanks to my fantastic doctor, all my friends and family who were right by my side.”


Betty Kyalo: This is why I hate watching myself on TV 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo spends almost half of her life in front of a camera. However, as much as she might be shooting a lot of videos, she doesn’t watch them later unless it’s completely necessary.

“I don’t like watching myself because I’m always critical. ‘Betty that angle you were sitting wasn’t nice, you should have sat better.’ At times, I watch myself to see the areas I can improve on.” She told the Star newspaper.

“I also don’t like to hear my voice on TV or on radio, not because it’s bad but because I find it weird,” She added.

Same dress code

On her first day on TV, Kyalo was tensed mainly because of a scar she has on the neck.

“I was sweating and also conscious of the big scar on the neck. If my bosses see my scar, maybe they will say I’m not good for TV. I was like, oh my goodness, let me hide it. The first time I went on air, I wore a high-collar shirt to hide the scar. I did that for such a long time but slowly by slowly, I started feeling comfortable in my skin.”

Is Betty Kyalo throwing shade at Susan Kaittany after she said Kyalo is not loyal?

Susan Kaittany came out to call Betty Kyalo — a once good friend — not loyal at all after she took all her employees and started her own spa just next to hers.

It seems Betty Kyalo has come out to answer her attack saying that she just human and humans are not perfect.

In long post, the KTN news anchor poured her heart out after Susan’s remarks.

“I’m not going to say I’m the most wise woman or perfect in any way but I feel an impression on my heart to say this. I feel like the world today has so much hate, so much spite, so much anger and this has nothing to do with anything that has been said about me(trust me I’m a tough woman who’s favoured by God and that’s all that matters) but it has everything to do with the kind of people we have become. Hateful. As you sleep I pray for love and happiness in your life,” she said.

She continued:

“I pray that you will find joy in something in your life even if you are struggling with something it could be sickness of a loved one, unemployment, a hurtful break up, a business Deal gone sour, a death of someone you were close to. It could be people who don’t see the greatness in you and shun your abilities and talents. Look for positivity in your life, look for the ones who truly love you and believe in you. Keep them close even if it’s one person. Know that there’s always rain before a rainbow (I’m a testimony)

“But above all I believe in the Law of attraction. If you attract love, if you are kind, good to people(even those that can’t give you anything) if you are humble, if you are helpful, if you see the good in people, all that will come back to you. If you give evil you’ll always be surrounded by the same. Love one another. Spread positivity, be good at seeing the best in people, whether it’s a Security guard, your nanny, your employee; be a Love ambassador in all you do. Tonight I pray for you to be better, to love more and hate less. I love you. Love BK. Goodnight. ❤” 

This is what Betty Kyallo had to say about her engagement

Netizens were stunned to find out that Betty Kyallo had been engaged one more time. The KTN anchor who is currently on holiday in Asia talked about her engagement to set the record straight.

Betty Kyallo is still married to Dennis Okari, we haven’t of any divorce petition filed in court to dissolve her marriage with the NTV journalist.

So how come Betty is engaged again? A Facebook page has made tongues to wag after it broke news about Betty’s recent engagement.

It turned out that the Facebook page which has over 340k likes was just another parody page that uses Betty Kyallo’s name for personal gains and to cause unnecessary excitement.

Betty dismissed news about her engagement when she was contacted by Word Is, she also made it clear that the page wasn’t her.

“Engagement? That’s a fake page. That has many followers,” Betty Kyallo responded when she was asked about her engagement.