Former Actress accuses Nairobi Diaries CEO of killing husband (Video)

Actress Black Cinderella has left tongues wagging on social media following her expose on producer Janet Mwaluda; who she claims not only stole from her cast but brought hatred in Nairobi Diaries.

Among the things Janet Mwaluda has been accused of causing unnecessary fights, gossip, sleeping with young men among other things. This comes after Black Cinderella made peace with Chacha and Mwarnicky who had been beefing with her since they joined the Reality show.

Well, the good part is that the ladies learnt from their mistakes; and since their beef had been sparked for the sake of the show – then it was only right to correct past mistakes. Speaking about Mwaluda’s actions, Chacha went on to say;

Nairobi Diaries cast

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 I am very hurt by your actions Janet. I hate you so much! Why are you misusing innocent children? You bring them to your show, drive them crazy, make them look like cheap wh*res, simply because you want money and for your show to fly high. We can’t even pay rent

Black Cinderella talks about Mwaluda’s late fiance

Judging from how angry the Black Cinderella sounds in the video; she goes on to add that Mwaluda actually had a hand in her late husband’s death.

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The socialite went on to abuse the lass telling her to f$#k herself adding that she was aware that she Janet Mwaluda killed her husband. Black Princess said;

f$#k and f$#k your lawyers najua unalala na wao. Najua uliua bwana yako tuseme ukweli

Well, that sounds kind of risky to accuse someone without any evidence; but since these two seem to have had a good relationship before the fall out – chances are that Black Cinderella may know something we don’t!

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