Where Bonfire Adventures was born! The Kabus share throwback photo of old, dusty cybercafe where they started their multi-million company

Many have been told the story of how Bonfire Adventures started with just KSh 20,000 in hand but what many have not seen, is exactly where the couples dream was birthed.

As the world throws it back to the past, Simon and Sarah Kabu decided to inspire fans with a throwback photo of themselves in a dusty, old, crowded cybercafe somewhere back in 2008 when they officially started Bonfire Adventures.

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In the photo seen by Ghafla, that traces back to around October 20, 2008, Kabu is seen sitted working on a computer with his then young, excited wife, Sarah standing behind his seat in the cafe.

Bonfire Adventures couple, The Kabus TBT

The two at the time, were but young individuals who had a dream and a vision of the future, but could not afford an office so they had to rely on cybers.

Eventually, Kabu managed to share a desk with two other people in a small office at Koinange street, ditching the cybercafes.

Power couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu

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That was the 2000s, and today, Bonfire Adventures, roughly 12 years of age, stands as Kenya’s finest and Africa’s leading tour company. Having grown to over 13 local branches, employing more than 200 staff and standing at an annual turnover of well above KSh 1Billion.

The Kabus story

Simon and wife Sarah Kabu, launched the idea of Bonfire Adventures while around a bonfire at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in 2008. According to Simon, it has been a lot of years of hard work, effort, prayers, challenges and most importantly the hand of God.

The Kabus

The inspiring yet disbelieving story of a matatu tout turned into the CEO of a now very well known multi-million tours and travel company within a decade. Just dare to dream!

His post was received with shock and awe from fans. Who could not help but wonder at how gracious and faithful God has been to the couple whose persistent hard work, sweat and patience has inspired many.

Bonfire Adventures couple proudly welcome newborn daughter (Photos)

Bonfire Adventures´ couple, Simon and Sarah Kabu welcomed their third child late last week, in what turned out to be a surprise for many.

9 months and not even a single hint was sent that the stinking rich couple was expectant. Sarah successfully delivered and probably couple of days on, we were given the privilege to meet the little one.

As seen on his Instagram page, Simon broke the news where he and his junior were having their peace before the other two kids came running all over and pretty loud.

Power couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu

The Bonfire adventures CEO grew cold feet the minute the newborn started getting uncomfortable and quickly handed the little one to his wife, who was pretty worn out and lying on the sofa.

She asked:

Who can remind me of a lullaby?



It emerges that the couple welcomed a baby girl they named Amaya Kabu who apparently already owns her Instagram account.

From her end, Sarah Kabu shared a late night video of herself in the company of her three kids singing a lullaby to baby Amaya.


The couple now proudly flaunts of two baby girls and one boy.

Wa Jesus visit

The Kabu´s have been known to be close allies to popular YouTubers the Wa Jesus family and the Bahati´s.

Tight couples: The Kabus (left), the Bahatis (center) and the Wa Jesus (right)

The Wa Jesus family paid a visit to the Bonfire Adventures couple who seemed pretty excited to host the two.

Mr Kabu shared:

The Wajesus family came to see the Baby as we catch up. Full video on my YouTube channel SIMON KABU starting at 2020hrs( 820pm) EAT tonight.

The Kabus (left) with the Wa Jesus couple (right)

And to the young Internet couple that had also just welcomed their first child late last year, Mrs Kabu appreciated:

Thankyou @kabiwajesus and @millywajesus for visiting. check full video on simon kabu YouTube chanel and subscribe

All had their face masks on but we can only conclude that the meet went well and sure ended well.


Fans and followers congratulated the couple for their new family addition, wishing them nothing but love and God´s blessings.

Congratulations to the Kabus!

Bonfire Adventures MD slams Kenyans after shaming her ‘potty’: What have you helped people online with

Founder and managing director of travel company Bonfire Adventures was recently a hot topic at Kilimani Mums Facebook page.

A Kenyan mocked the MD, Sarah Kabu, for her body saying that she should hit the gym to remove her “potty” stomach.

Sarah wasn’t pleased with the comments and took to social media to ask Kenyans to try and post something positive other than mock people.

“You spend your time online gossiping. If you want to gossip about people it’s okay, life is not always serious business so udaku saa ingine ni important. Its therapy. So usiskie vibaya but also try and spread some love, what have you helped people online with? When you attack people with time you became bitter. There is a statement that jealousy is the last stage before you become a full-time witch. There are some people online who are spreading a lot of hatred, maybe they are depressed or going through a hard time ebu jaribu for once to spread love and encouragement and you will also start feeling better,” she said.


Sarah went on to attack ladies who do nothing but gossip on the platform hiding in different Facebook accounts.

“Watu a Kilimani lazima walete udaku, its okay we appreciate, sometimes hii udaku huchangamsha watu for us who work so hard. I don’t go to social media until 10 pm when I go to bed so sometimes naonanga hiyo udaku usiku.”

“Ladies hiding in pseudo accounts…why do you imagine am rich? Am struggling like anyone else just dancing in the rain…Why do u want me to be a supermodel? My villageness is my heritage. Why do u think my husband wants a slay queen like u…he can’t even stand ur makeups n dry bodies…wish u know how he comments! He so loves the natural woman with a touch of innocence…nkt! Now u have the secret try ur luck next time u meet him,”Mrs Kabu commented.

Bonfire Adventures denies that it exploited chokora couple to further their business 

Bonfire Adventure has denied that it used viral chokora couple to get millage online.

Couple Sammy Githae aka Blackie and his wife Virginia Njeri are back to the streets again. The two became internet sensations after a local photographer called Muchiri, shared transformation photos of them after a Valentine’s shoot back in 2018.

Several companies jumped on the trend including Bonfire which gave them a fully paid for trip to Diani but in a recent KTN interview, the couple said that they are back on the streets because they can’t make ends meet.

“He only paid our four months rent. After the four months elapsed, things became tough for us. We couldn’t secure a job to pay rent.” said Blackie adding that he usually gets depressed whenever he looks at the photos.

“When I look at the photos, I remember that journey and I fall into depression. The situation becomes worse when my colleagues laugh at me saying even if you go leave and fly anywhere, you will always come back here.” 


Bonfire’s Bonfire co-founder Sarah Kabu however, denied the report saying that the company helped the couples for six months.

“I don’t like lies by KTN journalist the street couple went for the holiday na photos ziko online… we paid 6 months rent and gave them cash to start a biz. I don’t know what else they want we cant feed them forever! They were also given a job at kericho and they turned down the offer. Githeri man was ever drunk and his voucher is still open. From now henceforth let me not see anyone tagging me in a post to give a holiday to anyone being celebrated online… everyone knows we keep our word. All photos online.” she said. 

Photos+Video: Bahati and Marua left confused after stepping into Bonfire Adventures owner’s bungalow 

Gospel singer Bahati and his wife recently moved into their new home and were busy flaunting it on social media as fans congratulated them for their huge step.

The two however, were in amazement after visiting Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu’s marvelous house for dinner.

Simon Kabu, who started out as a Makanga, has made millions from his company and even managed to surprise his wife with a brand new Range Rover.


Simon met his wife Sarah way back in 2007 and started the company with her. He recently confessed that people have not been happy with his progress in life.

The couple hosted Bahati and Marua for dinner after their trip in South Africa and their house is one hell of a home. Marua was speechless and you could see she was really impressed by the furnishing.

Watch the video below:


From a matatu tout to CEO! Bonfire Adventures owner recounts seducing his wife in makanga sheng

For those who didn’t know, Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu used to do all sorts of menial jobs including working as a tout before his big break in the travel industry.

Simon Kabu while he was still loading and off-loading milk at Tuzo and Brookside companies.
Simon Kabu while he was still loading and off-loading milk at Tuzo and Brookside companies.

Simon meet his wife Sarah way back in 2007. He opened up about his first encounter with his wife during a team building event in Lukenya.

“Let me tell you about this Day. It was Dec 1st 2007. 1st Day I met Sarah Kabu. We are in a google group that used to discuss about anything and everything. We had not met before but this time people requested we meet for a team building. And coz of the way we used to contribute soberly online Sarah and I were chosen to be among the organizers of Teambuilding to Lukenya. I wanted so much to see her and when we boarded the bus I stretched my hand to greet her and songead for her to sit with me. Shock on me she lengad me and went to sit with another Jamaa hapo nyuma,” wrote Simon in part.

Simon Kabu (in a black cap) with Sarah during the team building event in Lukenya in 2007
Simon Kabu (in a black cap) with Sarah during the team building event in Lukenya in 2007

Simon reveals that he was intimidated by another man who Sarah chose to sit with while heading to Lukenya. He reveals that the guy was speaking in fluent British accent while he could only manage to speak in sheng.

“The guy was conversing in some British accent while I could only manage some makanga sheng. I could see them excitedly discussing and laughing. I over heard him say he’s just clearing his MBA. Sema kiwaru….But God was always on this Boy shaud side. When we arrived Lukenya and started teambuilding I put myself in the same group as Sarah and made sure my competitor was in another group. I started throwing some ‘ newly learned poetic words’ without any compe.”


Kenyans blown away by interior view of mega mansion owned by Bonfire Adventures CEO (Video) 

Bonfire Adventures CEO and founder Simon Kabu is living in a palace. Interior view of Simon’s mega mansion left netizens in awe.

Simon Kabu loves flamboyance, in July 2017 he made tongues wag after he spent a whopping Kes 30 million to spoil his wife Sarah Kabu on her birthday.

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Mega mansion

Simon offered to show his fans the interior view of his palatial home. He showed viewers his living room and children’s playing area which were decorated with spectacular opulence.

Watch the clip below:






“Evil money can be dangerous” Woman whose husband spent Kes 30 million on her birthday speaks out

Sarah Kabu’s birthday was the talk of the nation in July 2017. Sarah’s husband Simon Kabu spent a whopping Kes 30 million to spoil his wife on her birthday.

Mr. Kabu is the CEO and founder of Bonfire Adventures – a tour company. He bought his wife a brand new Range Rover and spent Kes 12o,ooo on a cake which was transported on a pickup during his wife’s birthday.

Sarah Kabu opened up about her relationship with her husband as they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. She reveals that she dropped all the requirements of her perfect Mr. Right to date her hubby.


“Wow, I cannot believe 10years are over since the day I met my husband, Kabu Simon, I was 29yrs, single, stable and searching. It had been 10years of dating, all I wanted was to settle down. I had dropped all the requirements of must haves in my Mr. right because he too couldn’t have qualified. We only had same dreams to realize together. Today when I look back I can only say NI GOD AMETUFIKISHA HAPA may his name be glorified,| wrote Sarah Kabu in part.

Forget about the high flying senior bachelors

Sarah Kabu with her husband Simon Kabu

Sarah Kabu’s advises married couple to invest in their marriages the same way they do in property and businesses. She warns slay queens to steer clear of senior bachelors.

“To fellow couples, you must invest in your marriage the same way you do in properties and businesses. Memories of Good times together swimming, fine dining, dancing holidays and weekend getaways contribute a lot to keep the fire burning. To my little sisters, who are in the late twenties and early thirties also known as slay queens… forget about the high flying SENIOR bachelors coz they are very few and proud… I had enough of them… they just wasted my time and broke my heart,” Sarah Kabu writes in part.

Evil money can be dangerous

Sarah Kabu further advises slay queens to avoid sponsors. She explains that sponsors will retire with their wives or die while slay queens are still young.

“Avoid the sponsors as their waters will make you look old… as they waste your time to date the right people and they will finally retire with their wives or die while you are still young. Evil money can be dangerous. Say yes to the kawaida guy your age mate and hustle pamoja as you have fun without shame,” wrote Sarah Kabu.

Bonfire Adventures CEO brings Nairobi to a standstill as he surprises wife with 30 million birthday package (Photos)

A brand new Ranger Rover wrapped as a gift and a giant Kes 120,000 cake transported on a pickup in the CBD… that’s how city tycoon Simon Kabu surprised his wife on her birthday yesterday.

Simon Kabu – the CEO and founder of Bonfire Adventures (tour company) spent 30 million to spoil his wife Sarah Kabu on her birthday.

The tycoon walked into his wife’s work place in the CBD escorted by cameramen to surprise her, he brought along the expensive gift he bought her.

Simon bought a brand new Range Rover which had a special message for his wife on its number plate, the message read “HBD Sarah”.

The expensive gift was accompanied with a giant Kes 120,000 cake which was transported on a pickup and guarded by bouncers and motorbike outriders.

After the surprise in the CBD, the couple went to a top city club for the real birthday party, Simon and Sarah are expected to leave for holiday in Seychelles.


Popular Tour company starts cashing in on Nyahururu snow (Photos)

Residents of Nyahururu were on Tuesday treated to another a rare spectacle of ‘snowfall’; residents and motorists stopped their daily activities to take pictures of the ‘snow’ causing a stir on social media.

The Kenya Meteorological Department however confirmed that the rare spectacle was as a result of a hailstorm caused when rain clouds form too fast.

To be clear, it NEVER snowed in Nyahururu, the ‘snow’ that covered Rumuruti-Nyahururu and the Nyahururu-Maralal roads was actually hail which melted hours later.

And guess what, businessmen are already cashing in on Nyahururu ‘snow’. Bonfire Adventures is offering Nairobians interesting package for a trip to Nyahururu.

“DOUBLETAP AND TAG A FRIEND TUONJE SNOW NYAHURURU.. Escape the city for a weekend snow at Nyahururu. You don’t need a visa to see the snow ?Stay at Panari Resort for only ksh 11,500/- on full board per person sharing per night and enjoy amazing snow all Weekend  you can ski ? as well ? call 0722879629 ^@marksteveke” Bonfire Adventures announced on social media.