Want to experience terror? Riding in a fisherman’s dug-out canoe beats bungee-jumping!

You haven’t lived if you haven’t sunk your toes in the white sands and gulped for breath in the ocean surf on the Kenyan coast.

People tell awesome stories of their coastal retreats, albeit generously peppered with hyperbole.

This story is neither awesome, nor laced with additives. My first solo trip had lots of fun moments, but Son of Adam is wired to record the outrageous. Normal is boring.

Well, cue in my first semester break. I had decided to backpack to the coast. Backpacking is the fall-back option for travel enthusiasts on a budget. None of my mates was crazy enough to join, so I had to travel solo.

I had pored over a tourist map detailing exquisite spots to visit. I couldn’t miss a visit to Wasini Island.

Wasini Island is an idyllic tourist island on South Coast. It’s the far most island, and a quick perusal online described a land of positivity, friendly people with a mixed heritage.

Wasini is a few nautical miles to Tanzania, or Zanzibar. That’s why ‘mixed heritage’ tagged at my heart strings – I’ve always liked to meet people from these lands.

A shoestring budget notwithstanding, I landed at Shimoni. This is a small town, that’s serves the island. There’s a dock, with all sorts of boats – fishing boats, passenger boats to the island and beyond, tanker boats, and other sorts.

The locals are drawn like magnets to visitors. A lone, backpacking student got noticed in an heartbeat. Even less to recognise a budget traveller!

The boat fees to cross to the island are varied. I chose the lowest. Turns out that I chose a dug-out canoe. This was a fisherman from the island who had delivered his day’s catch to the mainland.

My prior sailing experience was limited to a few rounds in a boat at Uhuru Park. I was then five or six, on a family day out over Christmas. It wasn’t exactly sailing, those boats have pedals!

The canoe is long and narrow. A lot like the biblical path to heaven. We squeezed in, the fisherman and I facing each other on opposite ends.

He hands me a container, a jerry can cut in half. Says nothing. He grabs a pair of oars and pushes off the pier.

When you make a bad decision, the universe is ruthless. I realised, immediately. The canoe started filling up. Am trying to lift up my back pack. The fisherman points at the half-container with his lips. He’s rowing.

I have to keep throwing out water with the container! My backpack is getting wet! The sea is tossing us in the air like balloons! Am literally inches away from the water!

It was dusk – at some point all I could see were tiny dots of light across an endless expanse of black water!

If you’ve watched ocean documentaries, then you’d know the horrors that abound in the deep sea.

I was shaking. Half from the chilling cold, and the other from the fear of the unknown! I found myself praying – even calling on my ancestral gods!

Some how, we made it across. I could have voted that nonchalant fisherman the greatest sea captain that ever sailed.

In retrospect, I discovered that in times of uncertainty, my default setting is deeply religious. Thankfully, the people and the general ambience on Wasini Island gifted me with an incredible holiday.

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Happy Easter!

Bonfire misadventures: Why it is a bad idea to mix business and entertainment

Bonfire Adventures is a company that was started by a couple: a woman and her husband and from the outside looking in, they seem to have had a great run with their business.

Bonfire Adventures couple proudly welcome newborn daughter (Photos)

Sarah Kabu and her husband Simon are the guys behind the company and they had devised a rather interesting way to market their business; using celebrities. So their tour companies would take local celebrities on tours in and around Kenya and East Africa as a way to market their packages.

bonfire adventures

On the surface, this is a good business strategy as their company Bonfire Adventures is able to leverage on the audience these select celebrities have and market to an audience that might not have otherwise been accessible to them.

Bonfire Adventures MD slams Kenyans after shaming her ‘potty’: What have you helped people online with

On top of this, because they are using celebrities, local tabloids and entertainment rags who cover celebrities have to give them airtime by proxy as they talk about the vacations these celebrities are taking thus adding to the reach Bonfire Adventures has.


The problem for them, however, has been first that they have grown a dependency on these celebrities which I think even casual observers could see coming but secondly. Bonfire Adventures has now gotten embroiled in celebrity feuds and that is the most bizarre of situations to watch unfold.

Bonfire Adventures denies that it exploited chokora couple to further their business 

You see, the owners of Bonfire Adventure have begun feuding with some of the influencers they had used in the past and it is making for some comical posts online. Sarah Kabu has been addressing her unseen haters online as she lashes out at some influencers who had alleged they had not been paid for their work promoting the company.

bonfire adventures owner

And this is a huge problem because she is not only engaging in her fight as an individual but it looks like an entire company is online fighting celebrities. This is a great thing for the celebrities in question as it increases their clout but for the company, it diminishes their stature.

bonfire adventure owners
Power couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu

I think that when the idea was started to engage celebrities, Bonfire Adventures should have hired a relationship manager to oversee the engagement instead of having its CEO and Managing Director engage them and also start clout chasing on their own. This way they would have mitigated any damage that would have occurred when the relationships eventually broke down.


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