Bridget Achieng accused of sex trafficking & using the money to buy herself new set of teeth

Former socialite Bridget Achieng has not been getting her beauty sleep thanks to fellow socialite Black Cinderella who is accusing her of sex trafficking. This comes months after she’s also been dragged to scandals involving witchcraft, human sacrifices not forgetting prostitution; and many others we cannot talk about until confirmed.

Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

Bridget Achieng leaked video

“The video was doctored, I look different in person” Bridget Achieng speaks after nude video leaked

However this time around Bridget Achieng has found herself in a tight position. This is following confessions from the six women she invited to Turkey in the name of good job openings; only for them to later realize they’d been lured to work as her honey pot girls used to sleep with rich men in Turkey – then Bridget  pockets the money.

According to the ladies they travelled to Turkey thinking they’d be cleaners or maids – but to their surprise – turned out they were there for Wera or in other words – to sell their bodies to men willing to pay good.

The young ladies accusing Bridget Achieng of using them as prostitutes in Turkey

Ladies speak

From Black Cinderella’s Instagram live on Sunday, 12 June – the ladies were heard narrating how Bridget Achieng would drug them with something called Spanish fly; which allegedly makes a woman extra active when it comes to sex.

Like a viagra but more stronger to help them bed many men in a day.

Black Cinderella IG live with one of Bridget Achieng’s victims

However despite practicing the sexual acts, the girls end up with no cash since their madame Bridget Achieng is the one handling the payments. They also accused her of giving them one meal a day and of conning their desperate families back home in Kenya for more money.

She used the money to buy new teeth

Well with clients eyeing the Kenyan girls offered to them by Ms Achieng – rumor has it that this how she able to buy herself new set of white teeth through dental surgery.

Former socialite Bridget Achieng flaunts new dental-formula

You see…unlike most of you who would go for braces to fix crooked teeth….Bridget Achieng went for the easy way out like the Kardashians and other famous celebrities now that she could afford it courtesy of easy money.

However Bridget on the other hand has distanced herself from the allegations made by her ex friend, Black Cinderella saying ‘time will tell’ since these are nothing but baseless allegations.

Achieng responds

But now that the authorities and media personality Lynn Ngugi are on to the story; hopefully Bridget Achieng won’t find herself behind bars if not infront of a judge for the said sex trafficking gig she’s currently running overseas.

Weight loss: Socialite Bridget Achieng flaunts her slimmed down mummy figure in new photos

It appears that Bridget Achieng is slowly slimming down 3 years after she gave birth to her first born, Sekani.

Just like most mums, the socialite struggled with stubborn baby fat that didn’t seem to shed off; but finally – looks like she found a solution to her problem.

Bridget Achieng leaked video

Judging for the new photos shared on her page, we have confirmed that indeed Bridget Achieng has lost weight; probably not so much to notice – but her face is already reflecting the new body changes.

Also read: “The video was doctored, I look different in person” Bridget Achieng speaks after nude video leaked

Of course having received compliments about her weight loss; Bridget Achieng shared the new photos to which she captioned;

Socialite Achieng

50 shades of black , my #favecolor
But at the rate im loosing weight if my mom happened to be alive by now ningekuwa nime bukiwa ndenge nirudi nyumbani …she didnt believe an african woman should loose weight ???????????????? God bless her soul as she continue resting with the angels❤️????

Beef with blogger

The new body changes come months after Bridget Achieng’s nude video was allegedly leaked online by a fake friend who shared it with blogger Edgar Obare.

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From the video, let’s just say it didn’t look anything close to what Bridget Achieng parades on her social media’s; hence making fans believe in the power of photoshop.

Anyway, now that she is losing weight for real – and I can bet that the socialite won’t let fans breathe. Check out the new photos below.

Bridget Achieng weight loss
Mama Sekani parading new body
Socialite Achieng flaunts weight loss
Socialite on losing weight

‘Friends Poisoned Me’ Bridget Achieng Celebrates Birthday With Nostalgic Message To Fake Friends

Socialite and entrepreneur Bridget Achieng has faced her flaws in the most intriguing manner. Having your nudes leaked by a close friend is not something you’d never expect, but Bridget found herself on the receiving end of her shenanigan friends.

No Friends, No Problem

Bridget has however, not let the latter stop her from enjoying the little things in life. She knows her nudes are out there; but she has decided to go on with her normal life and let go of what can’t be changed.

Bridget Achieng-Google

On this day, 15th July, Bridget is celebrating her 32nd birthday; with a message to fake friends and women fighting such battles as hers.

I have a lot of things I’m battling in life but this part of the week remaining I want use it to glorify God; so called friends poisoned me. When it didn’t work they circulated edit videos and pictures; and as if that was not enough they have used there social media and sittings; any sitting they find to make me there full time job. What an important person I am ….still here still fighting and living this life.

I’m not in a competition with anyone just running my race. Proudly turning 32 imperfectly. I never said I was a model anywhere neither did I ever say I’m perfect. It’s my prayer that as women we use any Avenue God has given us to lift ourselves and make a better tomorrow… To all women and men battling something in private you can’t talk about may God almighty answer all your secret prayers and wipe your tears love you Guys…”

Bridget’s story is enough to tell us the importance of choosing friends wisely. I bet it was a lesson worth taking in.

‘How Sure Are You Alishikwa?’ Bridget Achieng Defends Huddah After Alleged House Arrest

Huddah’s lavish lifestyle in Dubai for months has kept many of her fans wondering why she doesn’t want to return to her motherland. Turns out, she’s alleged to be under house arrest, which has kept her in the picturesque city.

Huddah however, denied the allegations and shut down bloggers for writing the same about her.

”If you follow what idlers say about Huddah you’ll die of depression! Huddah is just doing Huddah. Nobody can ever take me down. Only God and myself.”

Huddah also continued to say that she’s free to travel into any part of the world she wishes; but she blames the pandemic for restricting her.

Go Easy On Huddah

Socialite Bridget Achieng has now come to defend her. After having one of the most embarrassing moments in her life weeks ago, she finally decided to have her vacay in Dubai. She posted a photo of herself while in the City, and one of her fans criticized Huddah by commenting;

”Salimia prisoner wetu..mwambie tunampenda na heri yeye juu kamiti is not a choice????????”

Socialite Bridget Achieng responded with remorse to her saying;

”Let’s stop being mean aki how sure are you alishikwa ?? Stop it aki ????????”

The allegations against Huddah have however not been confirmed; but without a doubt, Huddah is not coming back soon.


‘Sitaki Friends’ Bridget Achieng Discloses After Being Exposed By One Of Her Besties

Fake friends exist; and socialite Bridget Achieng has experienced this in the worst way possible. Women are turning out to be their own worst enemies. The curvy socialite was betrayed by one of her friends, who leaked her nude video last month.

The local reality TV star topped the list of trending topics as netizens took turns to commentate on the leaked video that exposed her full naked body to thousands of glaring eyes on social media.

Bridget got all kinds of trolls and body shaming. Following the video, it was also speculated that she was a commercial sex worker in Nigeria; where it was alleged she was making a lot of money through the same.

She requested that the video be removed from social media for the sake of her son; but social media never forgets.

In addition, Bridget deleted her son’s Instagram to keep him safe.

Riding Solo

Bridget is now regretful of allowing friends in her life; and she has had enough of it. After posting a video on Instagram, one of her fans asked to become her bestie, but she responded;

”sitaki friends seen it all through friends it’s just tears after”

Bridget’s story is lesson enough to teach us to choose friends wisely.

“The video was doctored, I look different in person” Bridget Achieng speaks after nude video leaked

Bridget Achieng has several naked photos on social media, and from the way they all look; you’d think God took some extra time to curve the mother of one. I mean, on the photos she looks flawless despite being a plus size. No stretch marks, no cellulites and just the perfect skin tone.

Bridget Achieng naked shoot

However, one of her said close friends recently leaked a video showing Bridget Achieng in her natural self; and allow me to say that we all felt played. Well, this is because the body seen on the video is nothing like what Bridget Achieng parades on social media.

Don’t get me wrong, the body is beautiful in its own way and the fact that it once housed a child, then it’s allowed! From the jelly stomach to the thick things – it’s obvious to tell that this video was edited since clearly there were no filters to conceal the imperfection.

Bridget Achieng denies own body

Anyway now that the truth is out, fans have become curios on how Bridget Achieng manages to hide her true figure underneath her ‘designer’ outfits.

Bridget Achieng

One fan went on to comment asking about Bridget’s corset saying;

No shade bt I would love to know what type of shapewear you use

To which Bridget Achieng responded by giving an answer that left some of her fans trolling her. Well, according to Bridget – the said nude video was apparently doctored since in real life, she doesn’t look anything near the viral video. She wrote;

Bridget Achieng leaked video

my dear if you see me in real life you won’t ask me that question. That was a doctored video of me.

Well – not quite sure why Bridget feels the need to defend her body; but below are comments from fans calling her out for the lies.


Bridget Achieng forced to deactivate son’s social media pages after her nudes leak

Former socialite Bridget Achieng has finally decided to take her 2 year old son off social media; following the naked video that surfaced on social media.

According to the lady, this is the best decision she has had to make since her son was born; and seeing how cruel the online life can be – she now has no choice but to protect her baby, Sekani Rich.

Bridget Achieng leaked video

The lady revealed this in a detailed post where she wrote;

Good morning guys I have been thru a lot and it made me think hard about a lot of things, like one day my son gets bullied the same way I have been. I will not be able to forgive myself, that’s why I will protect him at any cost. I don’t want him to limelight and maybe he is destined for something else.

Quits social media

Since she already has a couple of not so good photos and videos on social media; we can bet that this is one of the best decisions she had to make for her child’s sake.

Bridget Achieng naked shoot

However, not quite sure how quitting social media will help solve the problems she has already caused for her future offsprings; but truth is – she is now learning the hard way. On the same post, Bridget Achieng went on to say;

When he is old enough to decide for himself If he wants to be in social media, I’ll allow him to do so. Until then he is not going to have an IG account.


This post comes just a few hours after Bridget Achieng’s naked video went viral; and since the internet never forgets – what happens then?

Bridget Achieng Reveals Age When She Became A Millionaire, Claims She Doesn’t Have A Sugar Daddy

It’s definitely hard to believe that some socialites made it to the top without dating rich men. When financial independence kicks in, there’ll be those who won’t accept the fact that they were helped out. However, there are those who achieve a  lot at a tender age; the likes of Elsa Majimbo, Chebet Rono. They are the epitomes of working smart.

Becoming a millionaire at a tender age happens to a few lucky people and socialite Bridget Achieng happens to be one of them. The entrepreneur and socialite reveals that she made her first million at just 19 years old! The socialite also revealed about her past life when she used to live in Kibera slums, where she struggled to make ends meet. She used to be a househelp  by then.

Socialite Bridget Achieng' welcomes son - The Sauce

The curvy socialite used to live in a Ksh 1200 house and that’s where her journey began. Years later, she made it and now runs her own businesses. She has even started her own online school aimed at teaching women on how to start their own businesses and achieve financial independence.

Bridget claims that her journey was self made and that she doesn’t have a sugar daddy. I bet this is the way to go for ladies who think they can be rich only through other rich men. You can make it on your own!

Socialite Bridget Achieng Accuses Ringtone Of Raping Her (Video)

More and more women are opening up on the ordeals they’ve underwent while under men’s protection. After the story of Eunice went viral and even got some celebrities sacked from their jobs, it’s clear that there were many untold stories. Socialite Bridget Achieng is one of the women who have opened up on the injustices that are done to women by men.

Bridget Achieng should stop playing the blonde socialite trope

The socialite reveals that she previously had a good relationship with gospel artist Ringtone; whom she trusted so much. She wanted Ringtone to help her in music; but the musician had other plans with her. Narrating the ordeal on her Instagram, Bridget said,

”I travel around the world and I don’t see other countries justifying rape the way our men go out there and they start justifying rape. It’s not funny… Right now someone’s daughter is lying critically ill in the hospital but men are going live to spit nonesense… I’m coming in as somebody who has been in same situation in my life.

I went out to meet this man Ringtone. And I put my life in Ringtone’s arm, thinking this man is going to help in my career as a musician and as a choir girl. He told me, come to my house. And this man took advantage of me. I’ve never talked about it…”

The socialite also slammed the actions of Dj Joe Mfalme and his counterparts for their comments.

Truth be told, women shouldn’t be scared of their outfits because of being insecure they’ll be raped. Men should control themselves. Rape cannot be justified.

When I Was Jobless, I Used To Get Wealthier Men, Now It’s Vice Versa- Bridget Achieng

Kenyan socialite, actress and fashion designer Bridget Achieng has revealed how life can turn around in an instant. The curvy socialite had a while back revealed about her struggles when she was a teenager. She revealed that where she lived some years ago, she was working as a house girl.

She used to live in Kibera slums and even shared that she used to pay Ksh 1200 for renting her house. Years later, success has found the socialite who dabbles as a plus size model, entrepreneur and actress.

After all her struggles, her life changed for the better. She has revealed that she used to get wealthier men. After being a boss, things were the other way round. On her Instagram story, she wrote,

” When I was jobless I used to get wealthier men and I never thought that well would run dry, when I became a boss I started getting the opposite Wahalla this life no balance at all.”

Besides being a socialite, Bridget is a mum.

The Nairobi Diaries reality series star has never revealed the identity of her baby daddy. However, in a recent interview revealed that her ex-boyfriend dumped her two months after she revealed to him that she was pregnant. Bridget also bleached herself  and always advices women to do the same. She believes that men appreciate light skinned women more than dark skinned ones.

I don’t totally agree with her, not all men would want a light skinned girl.

Photos of Bridget Achieng taking a bath with son spark mixed reactions online

There is no doubt that Bridget Achieng loves her 2 year old son, Sekani Rich.

Just like any other mother, she has been fighting  hard to give her baby a good life; and judging from the photos shared on the boy’s page – we can confirm that Sekani indeed lives a rich life.

Mama Sekani bathing with son

So far the young man has a good relationship with both his parents as his dad finally decided to step in with child support. His mum on the other hand cannot stop spoiling her son with everything and anything she can afford.

Bathtub photos

To prove how much she loves her son, Bridget Achieng recently took some photos taking a bath (or rather posing) in the bathtub; which she later shared on her birthday.

As seen on the photos, both appear to be wearing nothing; something that left one of her fans asking her not to pull such stunts with a son who is getting older by the day.

Bridget Achieng with baby Sekani

The fan wrote;

I hope you are not naked na mtoto kwa bathtub…yikes

A comment that left many in the comment section talking. There are those who bashed the ‘busy bodied fan’ while others called out Bridget for sharing such photos.

Responding to the fan, Bridget on the other hand wrote;

I thought my baby my rules..Kenyan streets are full of mad women hanging loose.

Well like she said, her baby…her rules. But hey, the 21st Century mums are clearly raising their kids the freestyle way.

“You kiss your son with that filthy mouth?” Fans defend Frasha after Bridget Achieng calls him out for ‘clout chasing’

Bridget Achieng held a live session last evening Thursday, 3 December; where she allegedly spoke her truth after being accused of the murder of young 17 year old Shanty. Most believe that she is responsible since was the event organizer; and the security responsible for Shanty’s murder were also hired by her.

Former socialite Bridget Achieng

But since the police are currently investigating the security hired for the event; all fans and family can do is hold on for DCI’s report. However the likes of Black Cinderella, Shanty’s parents and Frasha among others continue to seek for justice for Shanty; and his bestfriend who recently committed suicide.

Also read; “This baboon has called for war” Black Cinderella challenges Bridget Achieng for a physical fight


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A post shared by Ghafla! (@ghaflakenya)

Frasha has not only been mobilizing the youths to get on board but publicly blames the Naifest organizer for not being keen. With Shanty’s story getting too much exposure; Bridget Achieng held a live session where she explained herself.

Also read: “I won’t accept anyone to bring me down” Bridget Achieng

Who advices Bridget Achieng?

Well, apart from distancing herself from the boy’s death; Bridget claims that her team is also working extra hard to get justice for the young soul.

However when it came to weighing in on Frasha mobilizing the youths ‘against her’ that is where she offended her fans. According to the lady, Frasha has been clout chasing with Shanty’s death now that no one remembers him in the industry. She said;

Stephen Mungau

“Is it because I did not give you a platform to perform at Naifest 2? When last did you even chuck a new song? Do people even remember you as an artist? Why are you leveraging on clout on a baby’s name?”

Bridget Achieng went on to add that it may also be payback for not giving him a platform to perform during Naifest 2. Fans on the other hand feel that the live session was useless and unnecessary; since all she did was bad mouth people.

Fans on the other hand responded by saying;

pickie.e; How does a soul that was killed in such a manner rest in peace ????surely #justiceforshanty

lis_delique; This woman should just stop talking about this issue and let the law take its course

wanjiruleah76: Whatever the difference or what frasha needed or wanted but a precious life was lost????so the poor 17 year old boy deserved to be beaten by all those mean looking bouncers? a young life was lost and people must be answerable.

geradsim: Why is this b*** still free as air with murder allegations wakati wengine wetu tunashikwa sababu ya kukosa bra ya mdomo na pua????

samuelchampezz; hoping it was brother …staff ka io ingempata hop ungeongea hivo…itakufikoa tu…even ur own son anaeza kua kwa such a sittuation…tables turn…????

ealrhouz; So…this hefer will make video clips addressing every other thing but the death of that child?????‍♀️ na vile anakaa miwa..

“This baboon has called for war” Black Cinderella challenges Bridget Achieng for a physical fight

Word making rounds on social media is that Bridget Achieng and former friend; Black Cinderella are back to calling each other on social media. According to reports, Black Cinderella recently received a threatening text from Bridget Achieng – saying she would shoot her.

Well, where two ladies are exchanging bitter words expect empty threats and I bet this is what has been happening between these two ladies. Of course fans appreciate the fact that Black Cinderella has been on the forefront; fighting for the late Shanty to get justice but with the unnecessary drama is definitely unnecessary.

Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

However with how the two ladies have been handling this situation shows that they had been beefing on the low; and are now using the Naifest situation to tear each other apart. According to Black Cinderella, the Naifest organizer has been sending her threats and when you thought things wouldn’t get any worse the two start drama online.

Black Cinderella challenges Bridget Achieng

Responding to the alleged threat, Black Cinderella went on to reveal that she is a military child; who learnt many skills through her dad. She went on to post saying;

Where is the victory after killing someone’s child. Another yet died. All you do is sit infront of camera and threaten me? Since you have decided to kill people…. I am not defendless.. THIS BABOON HAS CALLED FOR A WAR. because SHE HIRES BOUNCERS TO KILL PEOPLE. I WILL DIE WITH YOU EVEN IF YOU BRING WHO. I AM FIGHTING YOU… YOU CANT KILL ME.. WE ARE GOING DRAW

Well, if this is two continue to with such stunts on social media; who will even think of taking them serious?

“I won’t accept anyone to bring me down” Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng has devoted herself to narrating her journey through life; as she opens up about the struggles she had and has been facing for the longest time.

In detailed posts shared online, Bridget Achieng makes it known that above everything she has faced online; nothing compares to having fellow women attack her from left right and center. There are those who judge her for her lifestyle forgetting that life as a single mum – for any woman out here is tough. She wrote;

Bridget Achieng

Long post alert: ohh Lord went through comments and saw how people where bashing me especially women i feel like i have too much to say. Anybody who has followed my journey , it’s been a rough one . It’s been a depressing one. Not many people would understand what it is being a single mom , facing rejection, judgment etc. Nobody knows as a single mom you are full of regrets, bad days where you almost feel you hate your own child ???????????? days when you wish you had somebody, just anybody who would take your son just for a day for you to breath , days when it’s hard to wake up, hard to even shower , hard to even remove make up before bed , hard to even enjoy your beautiful home and clothes.

Weight gain

Apart from the usual struggles she talked in the above statement; Bridget Achieng also happened to discuss her sudden weight gain she says has been caused by hormonal imbalance in her body.

Former socialite Bridget Achieng

She went on to add;

Nobody knows the struggle of dealing with weight gain after a child birth especially when you taking drugs that make you add weight because of hormonal imbalance and the fight to put up a brave face.


About a year ago the former actress who lost her mum due to an unknown illness; went on to speak about this for the first time as she opened up saying;

I have faced it all from my only left hope my mom, only parent left with dying only when my baby is a month old , out of surgery, and i have mouths to feed. But i keep fighting, i keep going, i feel the pain, i own the process , i fight on , i don’t seek approval from people who don’t know my journey. I keep the smile and cry whenever i have to , i drink silly when i want to , i smoke sheesha at home with my son there, it’s still ok. I get judged with women who dont have there shit together, they can barely be heard, use my name and lies to get fame soo sad, lying up n down, if they dont talk about me they wont be heard or be relevant . sometimes i feel lost.

And in conclusion Bridget Achieng made it known that despite the challenges life has been throwing her way every now and then – means her blessing is around the corner;

Sometimes i get misunderstood, sometimes i doubt myself because it’s part of the process . But in the end it will all be worth it. In the end i know they will gather to listen to my success story . GOD ABOVE ALL, ALL IN ALL WE MOVE ???????????????? i’m coming for all they say i couldnt have watch this step , i wont accept anyone to bring me down , from far i come and its far im going .. #cheerstothepaid #godovereverything #thechosen#wedontstop#wedontgiveup

New footage showing how bouncers roughed the late shanty moments before he died at Naifest emerges! (Video)

Many continue to insist that the late 17 year old Shanty died after receiving some serious beatings from bouncers at the Naifest. However the organizers of the event also insist that this is not true; as they claim that he died while at the hospital where they rushed him after a fight.

Bridget Achieng who also happens to be a mum has been on the front line throwing threats at those accusing her of the death of late Shanty. This is because she was behind the event; and being an organizer her first mistake was allowing minors like the late Shanty attend the ceremony.

Shanty laid to rest

Those close to Shanty continue asking for justice; where else Bridget Achieng and her team work tirelessly to see this case thrown out of court (we all saw the screenshot.)

New evidence

However unluckily for Bridget this will not be disappearing anytime soon as new footage showing bouncers rough up Shanty has emerged online. As seen on the video, a couple of bouncers (like 3) are seen approaching a boy believed to be Shanty. In less that 30 seconds bouncers with well built bodies pounce on the young; and one can see the crowd disperse to make room for the fight between Shanty and bouncers.

Unfortunately it did not take the men a minute to put down the small boy who was later found lying lifeless. Well, lets just say that what seemed like a joke to Bridget Achieng now just got serious! Watch the video below!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by iamfrasha (@iamfrasha)

“My life is in danger!” Boy cries after allegedly receiving threats from Bridget Achieng over the #JusticeForShanty

The death of 17 year old Shanty who allegedly roughed up; and killed by bouncers during the Naifest has left many seeking justice for his death on social media.

His friends who had accompanied him to the event claim that the young boy was indeed mishandled by the Naifest bouncers.

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But looking at the statement issued by Naifest officials (Bridget Achieng) she claims all precautions and security was in check. However judging from the few clips taken from the event; it’s obvious to see that she may be withholding some truth.

Anyway, a young man believed to have been Shanty’s best friend; and school mate has come forth to reveal that he has been receiving threats from Bridget Achieng.

Speaking during an interview with journalist Mungai Eve the young man confessed to be living in fear over the #justiceforShanty he started.

“Our parents will cough money”

According to the young man, Bridget Achieng apparently says they are ruining her reputation; with the #justiceforShanty that has left fellow young men throwing insults at the socialite. To make matters worse, he says Bridget already warned that they would pay for the damages; incase the court declares Naifest not responsible for Shanty’s death.

Also read: Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

The best friend however insists that the youth back at home remains hurt and angry at the fact that Bridget and team tried to cover the murder of Shanty. But since the case is already in court and the media is following up; we don’t see how Shanty’s death will go unpunished – but again, this is Kenya and like Bridget said, there’s nothing money can’t fix.

Drama as Bridget Achieng drags Black Cinderella to court for allegedly ruining her online reputation (Photos)

Bridget Achieng and former friend/ colleague Black Cinderella continue to exchange bitter words via their private Instagram accounts; and now that the death of young Munga has become a blame game – we now leave everything for the court to decide!

Apparently Black Cinderella has been spreading rumors claiming Bridget Achieng should be held responsible for the death of the young man. This is because the bouncers said to have beaten him to death had been given strict instructions by Bridget Achieng.

Also read: “My p*ssy has a price tag!” Bridget Achieng

Although it wouldn’t be realistic to blame the organizers of the event; the two ladies seem to have escalated their low key beef using the boys death – and now the drama begins.

Bridget lawyers serve Black Cinderella

As seen on Edgar Obare’s stories, it appears that Bridget Achieng is now ready to face Black Cinderella in court. This is after her lawyers went on to serve the coastal based socialite via WhatsApp.

Also read: Bridget Achieng should stop playing the blonde socialite trope

In the screenshot making rounds on social media; Bridget Achieng’s lawyer explains that his client’s reputation had been ruined by false rumors; and accusations she has been spreading through bloggers and her accounts.

Having seen this, the Black Cinderella did not seem to hold her cool as she went on attack the alleged lawyer for serving her through her WhatsApp.

However turns out that with the pandemic hitting Kenya from all directions; getting served via WhatsApp has now become a thing.
In response to the lawyers message; Black Cinderella wrote;

Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

Former Nairobi Diaries socialite, Bridget Achieng has come clean on the events that transpired during her much-hyped Nai Fest that unfortunately cost some their lives.

An event that went down on Saturday, November 7 with the aim of celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of the Nairobi culture that unfortunately, disappointed revelers in attendance.

Reports indicating that the concert held at Ngong Racecourse, Nairobi, was one marred with theft incidences.

Also read: The events culture in Nairobi is fading away and it’s just sad

Missing case found dead

Unfortunately, a 17-year old boy was reported missing after the event, only to be found dead, days later.

Also read: Bridget Achieng goes into hiding after Nigerian superstar Reekado Banks reveals why he cancelled Naifest

One Stephen Mungau alias Shanty’s lifeless body has been found lying at the city morgue after allegedly being beaten to death by his attackers.

Word has it that he engaged bouncers guarding the event in a confrontation, that saw him eventually lose his life.

As Kenyans continue to demand justice for the teenage boy, the event organizer Bridget Achieng has come out to speak on the same.

Stephen Mungau

Bridget Achieng speaks

Following the fatal incident, Bridget and the Nai Fest fraternity, expressed remorse and deep regret over the case.

“We state in no uncertain terms, it is deeply regrettable,” reads her statement.

Bridget Achieng

Adding, “we have commenced investigations in conjunction with the DCI Dagoretti in an attempt to ascertain the crimes that were allegedly committed on the said date.

The address further indicates that the Nai Fest fraternity had made proper arrangement to ensure all went as planned but;

“There are certain circumstances that were unforeseeable and not within our control. However, we do acknowledge, we should have had additional security as this is a learning curve for us.”

Former socialite Bridget Achieng

In this regard, we shall continue to stand with and support the families adversely affected. It is regrettable and we hope it shall not happen again,the letter wraps up.

Her posts have since attracted mixed reactions as friends of the deceased boy insist he was murdered by bouncers and his body dumped in the morgue, thereby demanding justice.

What is your take?

Bridget Achieng goes into hiding after Nigerian superstar Reekado Banks reveals why he cancelled Naifest

Bridget Achieng lied about Reekado Banks performing at the Naifest. Speaking recently during a live session socialite Bridget Achieng went revealed that the reason the Nigerian artists did not perform is because of curfew; however turns out that this was not even near the truth.

This was proven by one blogger, Sindamatiko who had an opportunity to interview Reekado Banks this pas weekend. Speaking for the first time about the Naifest; the Naija singer opened saying that payment was the main reason he did not perform.

According to Reekado his team had not received any payments from the organizers of the event; exposing Bridget Achieng for lying to the hundreds of Kenyans who bought tickets to attend the event. I mean, didn’t most pay to come see the Nigerian superstar perform after months of lockdown and no play?

Bridget Achieng goes private

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Bridget Achieng goes private

Being a socialite and a celeb Bridget Achieng has always left her social media accounts public until the Reekado Banks interview. Well, Bridget is now on private mode on Instagram and i am guessing she opted for this after fans started attacking.

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So far her accounts remain private but truth is; this makes it worse since fans already know the type of woman she is when it comes to money. Anyway let us wait and see what she says now that the truth is already out!

Bridget Achieng speaks after failed ‘Nai Fest 2020’ that left fans stranded, hurt and robbed

Bridget Achieng who is said to be the brain behind Nai Fest has finally opened up about the event; as seen on her social media pages. Having left fans disappointed and artists complaining about payment among others; Bridget Achieng has now taken it upon herself to address the burning issue.

Through her instagram page, the mother of one went on to share a long post where she started off by thanking sponsors, fans and her supporters for showing up on time. According to the lady, the festival wouldn’t have come this far if not for their support all through. She wrote;

Nairobi’s Youngest Sponsor Shaq the Yungin attacked, robbed and left for the streets in night ordeal (Video)

First of all I would like to thank God who made it possible to have a successful the Naifest ultimate Brunch. thank goodness it did not rain like last time ???? to our supporters, sponsors and fans we say ” *Asante sana” .* we would not have done it without you. Every edition of the naifest we learn, improve and get better.

Talks of pandemic

Apart from giving thanks, Bridget made it known that her team had ensured to observe all COVID 19 measures; to avoid exposing both fans and artists to the virus. She went on to add;

At the Naifest we are live to the fact that the pandemic is still with us and its a collective effort to flatten the curve and go back to our normal lives. We thank Matter hospital for making sure all the necessary government protocols concerning covid 19 was put in place as we went above and beyond to ensure everyone was safe.
We have demonstrated that it possible to have an event during a pandemic.

Unfortunately the lady did not feel the need to talk about her failed event on the post; but promised to hold a live session where she would reveal why the event failed.

Although we already know that most of the artists were not paid; most fans were hoping that Bridget Achieng explains why this has become a pattern yet fans pay to be present especially with the Nigerian big names around to perform.

As a company we take the safety and security of our supporters , sponsors and fans very seriously and as such all the necessary safety precautions were put however, there were some eventualities that were unforseen and will be addressing that on my Instagram live and the naifest live page at 9pm so stay tuned.

Anyway let us hope that her explanation will finally give us answers; but hey, at the end of the day atleast she pocketed her share…. but what about fans?

Ouch! Edgar Obare’s savage clap-back after Bridget Achieng calls him out for refusing to promote her bleaching creams

Blogger Edgar Obare and Bridget Achieng seem to have an ongoing beef as revealed in an interview done by the former socialite. Apparently sometime back, Bridget Achieng approached Edgar Obare’s marketing tea hoping they would help advertise her bleaching creams.

However, things did not work out as Bridget Achieng expected since of all people Edgar Obare chose not to market the creams. Well, not because he is jealous or is picky in terms of who he wants to work with; but because Edgar Obare does not support the girl child altering her looks by getting rid of the melanin!

The blogger revealed this in a post shared on his page where he stated that it’s better off to sell sex toys for self pleasure; than sell creams that will ruin a customers skin or worse expose them to skin diseases that may result to cancer. He wrote;

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At BNN we believe in self love and care, we’d rather promote bleaching creams and we have never promote such products!!

Bridget Achieng bad mouthing Edgar

This comes shortly after a video showing an interview between Bridget Achieng; and a certain media personality where she not only called Edgar a clout chaser; but shamed him for refusing to market her stuff. Bridget Achieng is heard saying;

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I have a problem with Edgar Obare because he refused to market my product.

About the kidnap story, I think he’s just clout chasing. Angefinywa izo balls vizuri hangekaa hapo akisema sijui alifanywa nini, so for me I’m not buying that story

Not quite sure who is chasing clout here but when you look closely; you’ll be able to spot the celebrity who has not been making news for the longest time.

Former socialite Bridget Achieng’s Nigerian baby boy following in his mommy’s footsteps (Photos)

Bridget Achieng’s story is known almost known by everyone on social media. We understand that the lass was dumped by her baby daddy when her pregnancy was still in the early stages; and according to the former socialite, he even asked for her to get rid of it!

Yes this is life! It happens but luckily for Bridget, she was already prepared to have a child after years of trying and not successiding. So why on earth would she even think of get an abortion when her prayers have just been answered?

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

Anyway the lady is currently raising her baby boy, Sekani Rich and thanks to a few social media posts; we can conclude that she is a pretty good mum, doing the best she can.

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All grown up

Away from that, Ghafla recently came across a few photos of the grown baby Sekani. Turns out that the baby boy has grown into a fine young man who looks everything like his mummy.

Judging from the photos below; it is only right to agree that baby boys tend to look like their mums once they are grown. Well, Sekani Rich is no different.

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The fine young man looks everything like his mommy dear apart from the light skin tone; which he must inherited from his dad. Anyway below are just a few photos of the grown Sekani Rich.

Bridget Achieng’s son
Baby Sekani
All grown up Sekani
Mommy’s treasure
Stylish Sekani

Bridget Achieng speaks about her alleged club fight with small sister, Catherine Atieno

Bridget Achieng and her younger sister Catherine Atieno are said to have been involved in a physical fight while raving at a certain popular club.

The news sparked by an unknown lady who had attended the night went on to reveal that these two sisters actually fought. However from the video shared by Edgar Obare, there was no physical fight seen;
but Bridget was seen or rather heard shouting about an unknown matter.

Later on we came to learn that the two had an argument following her sister’s over drinking ways; and since this was not a good look for Bridget, she decided to school her younger sister while they waited for their cab guy to arrive!

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One one post, Bridget confirmed about her sister’s reckless drinking in a post where she wrote;

Catherine Atieno

That’s my sister before alcohol checked in pombe si supu…we are one happy family. As for the gossipers continue… talk is cheap

One happy family

In another post, Bridget Achieng went on to challenge the ‘gossipers’ to provide a full video showing the fight; people are talking about.

She went on to bash those spreading the fake news asking whether people can no longer drink and board an uber in peace….

Bridget Achieng’s post

So I’ve been receiving screenshots that me and my siz are trending… that we fought… I want to see the full video of us fighting. So people cannot drink board and Uber in peace and go home, inside life bottom line is we are good and there was no fight.

This is however not the first time these two are said to have beef; and having lost their mother about a year ago has not made it any easier.

Bridget is said to be the brain of the family…but being the eldest has also proven to be quite hard especially when her  younger sister is following into her footsteps.

¨I have kept aside all evidence for my son about his dad, when he grows up – Bridget Achieng confesses

Kenyan mompreneur, Bridget Achieng´ has apparently kept aside all the evidence about her negligent baby daddy for their son, when he grows up.

The actress is a single mom to a son, whose father denied him, once she turned 3 months pregnant.

Up and close on Citizen TV, the socialite spoke of how her then-boyfriend wanted her to terminate the pregnancy but she declined.

I was pregnant and he was OK with it (at first) but three months later, he asked me to abort. I refused.

The pain the rejection caused her and the wounds left behind, could only be solved by speaking about it.

That is why I decided to speak about it so I could try to heal.

Bridget single-handedly raises her son despite the man and his family coming back to her life.

Sekani is very tight with his grandfather and they even video call but I am very petty.

Bridget Achieng´s all-grown son, Sekani

She further divulged:

I have kept for Sekani all the evidence of how his dad neglected him, it will be upon him to decided what to take in.

Bridget Achieng´ with her son

Closing off, the well-endowed beauty said:

I want the best for my son as he is my best friend.

Bridget Achieng hospitalized!

Socialite cum business lady Bridget Achieng is currently receiving medical care at an unknown hospital in Nairobi.

The lady shared the news through her Instagram page where she posted a well detailed post. According to Ms Achieng, fatigue is the main reason she has been forced to seek medical help.

Bridget Achieng

Ms Achieng says she has not been resting well and after pushing herself to the limits; she has now been forced to take things easy!

Enyewe mwili haina spare parts now it’s when it’s dawned on me…..but life can be unfair. Been over working to make sure Bills are paid and my baby got the life I want for him as his Mom and Dad…pray for Me…Fatigue is nothing to joke with…

Mama Sekani

mummy duties

Having been the only parent present in her son’s life, Bridget Achieng must definitely be feeling the fatigue from from another level!

Now that she is receiving medical help from hospital, her son was forced to stay back home with her nanny; she went on to conclude her post saying;

Will be checking myself in hospital, I pray I get better, for ones who love and support me, my PA will take it from here till I get enough bed rest…one thing is for sure motherhood ain’t a walk in the park… my kids at home… God will protect you for me.

How Bridget Achieng’s son celebrated 1st birthday in style!

Bridget Achieng went all out for her son’s 1st birthday as seen on her Instagram page and posts on her son’s Instagram page!

Judging from the photos, it is obvious to see that the mother of one spent quite an amount to money to ensure her son got everything he needed!

The good and blue theme indeed matched the young man’s outfit that left many talking on social media. While other mum’s insist that there is no need of throwing a lavish 1st birthday; since the kids wouldn’t remember it anyway!

How the lavish bash went down

Well, Bridget Achieng has gone ahead to prove that she is willing to go to lengths just to see her son happy!

Thanks to a few photos from the bash, we now have an idea of how the birthday went down! Check out the photos below courtesy of Sekani Rich’s Instagram page!

Sekani’s bash
Sekani bash
Sekani turns a year older
Bridget Achieng’s son