Amira turns to coparenting after realizing her marriage to Jimal can’t be saved

Amira and Jimal have not been living in peace thanks to second wife, Amber Ray. Well by now you know how it all started and how Jimal found himself trying to be with both Amira and Amber Ray but problem is, it just ain’t working for him.

A few weeks back, rumor had it that Jimal broke up with Amber and chose to reunite with Amira and their boys. For a minute it all seemed perfect as he even went ahead to gift his wife with an iPhone 13 (which she’s currently selling) and now looks like they are back to square one.

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Tbt; Amira with Jimal

Well, over the weekend Amira through her IG QnA post got to reveal that she currently started coparenting; and is hoping that this experience won’t be tough on her. In a now deleted post, a fan went on to ask Amira;

How are you

To which the mother of two responded by saying;

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Allahamdullilah am ok. Am still on the journey of self discovery and finding peace, prioritizing my kids and learning that some people don’t want to be fixed because being broken gets them attention.

Jimal back with Amber Ray?

Well her complaint comes right after Amber Ray decided to take a long road trip and judging from the photos shared by the socialite so far, we understand she’s driving Jimal’s Jeep.

This could only mean that the guy decided to reunite with his Kamba bae; and since Amira once revealed that she would never share a husband with Amber Ray……guess who is now single on Instagram?

But again, seeing how team positivity, Amira got resolve her issues with Jimal even after being warned… I guess this time around fans are willing to watch rather than give advice because mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu.

Photos from Gloria Muliro white wedding in New York

Gospel singer Gloria Muliro is officially off the market following her white wedding in New York as seen on her page.

Gloria Muliro’s pre wedding

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The gospel singer this past weekend made it known that she had just exchanged vows with the love of her life, Pastor Evans Sabwami who also happens to live in New York. Having dated for a while, the two saw it fit to settle down and now they are living as man and wife.

Unlike 6 years ago when she married ex, Pastor Omba; this time around Gloria Muliro has made sure that she shares as little as possible about husband, Evans Sabwami.

Sharing a photo from the ceremony, Gloria Muliro wrote;

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Finally finally…
My autumn wedding in New York

Gloria Muliro and Evans Sabwami wed in New York

Pastor Evans Sabwami weds Gloria Muliro in AG wedding

Judging from the photos shared from the wedding, we have reason to believe that this was more of an AG white wedding.

Asking why? Well, for starters Gloria Muliro didn’t seem to have any of her wedding maids; nor are there photos from the reception (church/garden) which explains why this could have been an AG gig.

Husband on the other hand insists on maintaining his low key profile; probably to avoid scandals now that he has a celebrity wife. Anyway, checkout photos from their special wedding that went down this past weekend.

Gloria Muliro makes stunning bride
The Sabwami’s exchanging vows

Enough is enough: Lilian Ng’ang’a savage response to fan who referred to her as ‘twerking KQ hostess’

Lilian Ng’ang’a leaving the Machakos has left her facing trolls everyday; from fans who feel entitled to her personal life.

So far she has been accused of playing the Machakos Governor with Juliani; that is way before she announced her breakup with the politician.

Lilian Ng’ang’a posts new photo alongside, alleged lover Juliani

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Probably because the two had been spotted together on several occasions; and out of the blues – they announced to be in a relationship. Well since then, some fans on social media have made it their mission to make Ms Ng’ang’a’s a nightmare; and it’s not about to stop anytime soon.

Lilian Ng’ang’a versus Fan

Well just a few hours ago Lilian Ng’ang’a shared a post taking about the importance of appreciating those around us in tweet where she wrote;

When people die,we flood their pages with so many praises. I ask, did you let them know how much you appreciated their love; friendship etc when they were alive? Let’s flood each other’s pages with praises and appreciation when we are alive – not when we are dead.

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However one particular fan took it up upon himself to remind Ng’ang’a; why she should practice what she preaches by appreciating the Machakos Governor in a comment where he wrote;

Start by appreciating Governor Mutua first.

According to the guy, Mutua is apparently the reason why Ng’ang’a has made it in life; since apparently he upgraded her from a twerking KQ hostess to thee lady she became. He went on to add;

for bringing you from a twerking KQ hostess up to when scavenger musician snatched you from him.

And this comment for some reason brought out Lilian Ng’ang’a’s savage side to a point she got vulgar. She hit back saying;

Grow the f*uck up

Well, I guess Lilian Ng’ang’a had every right to react this way – especially with everyone picking on her. No?


Vanessa Mdee’s priceless reaction after Wema Sepetu ‘jealous‘ comment

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu must be facing a tough time seeing all her friends and age-mates have babies; while she still continues to struggle with childlessness.

Tbt: Pregnant Wema

A while back she congratulated actress Wolper for welcoming a baby boy; and seen on the comment it was obvious that Wema is desperate to became a mum.

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Well, another friend – Vanessa Mdee  welcomed a baby boy just a few days ago and for some reason ; Wema found herself expressing how ‘jealous’ she is and believe me – this 30 year old is hurting.

To congratulate Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi for their newborn, the popular actress wrote;

Im sooo jealous. Congrats my baby.

To which Mdee responded saying;

One day you will share a testimony too and it will be beautiful and you will have a child. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Regrets abortions

Wema Sepetu has been struggling with childlessness due to the two abortions she had in her past.

Speaking about it, Wema Sepetu says childlessness is a curse from her late ex, who was responsible for the two pregnancies she got rid of back in the day.

Ex lovers the late Kanumba with Wema Sepetu

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  He told me I owe him, he told me I will not get babies with anyone else because he was the father of my babies. He told me I owe him, two babies.

Although it’s clear that her barren situation was not caused by the curse; last time we checked Wema was getting fertility help from some Asian doctors and since then, the lady doesn’t talk much about having kids.

Maryaprude opens up her first miscarriage before losing baby Adana in 2019

Mary Irungu popularly known as Maryaprude or rather Willis Raburu’s ex wife is finally opening up about; the other side of her unknown life with the 10/10 host and TV personality.

Maryaprude and Willis Raburu exchanging vows

Having been married for close to 2 years (5th May 2017)  the duo unfortunately fell off in early 2020; whivh led to their untimely divorce and now – social media ‘failed marriage scandal.’

For months we waited we waited to hear about what led to the break up; but judging from the interviews Maryaprude’s is giving – let’s just say she is taking one day at a time!

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Opens up about two pregnancies

Speaking recently to Word Is; Maryaprude for the first time revealed that she actually got pregnant for the Willis Raburu twice.  However, the first pregnancy was in 2018 – was an an-embryonic pregnancy; which did not last for more than 3 months as it had to be terminated.

Tbt: Pregnant Maryaprude before stillbirth

The lady opened up saying;

What people don’t know is that I had lost another pregnancy in 2018 at nine weeks then. In 2019, I got pregnant with baby Adana,”

Trouble conceiving

From Marya says, one can assume (actually confirm;) that they were really putting in a lot  pressure to have children as she went on to add;

It was really tough for us since we were trying to get a child.

Maybe they both wanted to start a family asap hence the back to back pregnancies; but again, could it be that Willis Raburu really wanted a child of his own that bad?

I mean, didn’t he just have a baby barely a year after his divorce; which explains the ‘trying to have a child’ Marya is talking about.

New parents in town! DNG and girlfriend welcome their first child (Photos)

Whoever knew that one day hype-man DNG would settle down as a family man one day? Well, I guess out of all the hotties DNG has been with; only Fiona James – a wild, fun and attractive young girl is the only one who has managed to help the veteran hype master tame down.

Well, despite all their drama on social media (a year ago) the two love birds have finally been blessed with a bouncing baby; and unlike most celebrities these two have chose to hide their baby’s photos and even gender.

However announcing the good news through their social media pages; the excited new mum, Fiona James went on to share a lengthy post where she wrote;

DNG with girlfriend Fiona James

2021 so far has been an amazing year for me. I am still in disbelief am a mum now wow. First, I wanna thank God. HE blessed me with the most amazing gift ever. HE made my entire journey smooth yaani. My pregnancy was full of love, joy, happiness, peace, good health and positive vibes. Funny thing I miss being pregnant. How I’d easily get away with anything ???? ????Carrying a whole human being inside me, feeling every kick and every movement. Miss seeing my stomach move from side to side. I loved hospital visits the ones that involved getting an ultrasound coz I got to see my baby move, kick and also got to hear my baby’s heartbeat. It’s so weird how you fall in-love with someone you’ve never met and they become your entire world.

New mum excitement

From the way Fiona James talks about her new born; it’s easy to see that she must be in love with her newborn and truth is – the feeling never fades away. Sharing her experience with fans, the new mum went on to add;

New parents in town

Despite the fact that I miss being pregnant, what I have right now is way much more… Finally you get to meet this person that you fell in love with. That love doubles up. I love every moment right now. You get to hold, kiss and smell them… am addicted to my little one already. I never thought I’d love someone this much. It’s a different kinda love. May God guide me as I begin this motherhood journey. May HE protect and keep my baby safe, strong and healthy.

To new papa in town

DNG finally a dad!

This being DNG’s first child (at his age) I bet the hype master is back to putting his sleepless nights to work; but this time around their won’t be music but a little human crying all night.

Anyway appreciating her man, Fiona wrote;

To @dngkenya thanks babe for being my side throughout our entire journey. Thanks for being patient during my emotional days. Thanks for always satisfying all my cravings sanasana Red Devil na mutura za Coco Jambo specifically hehe. @lyonsmaidproducts wanafaa kunipea free Red Devils for a whole year ???????? Thanks for being amazing babe. We now a family of 3. Am glad am doing this with you. We love you so much. As we start this new journey of parenthood together, may God be with us. May HE guide us and give us wisdom and knowledge to raise our little one. Am so happy as I watch you transition from being my hubby to now a dad. Love it when the two of you sleep together and when you change those dirty diapers. Sasa nataka vacation ingine soon with our new member of our fam????

And in conclusion;

Also wanna thank my entire family and friends who’ve been by my side from day one. Thanks for always encouraging me and checking up on me.

Size 8 talks about near death experiences as she celebrates 34th birthday

Size 8 who started off as a secular singer somehow found herself in the gospel industry; and in less than a year, she was married to one DJ Mo who was also in the same industry – and the two became couple goals.

However life for size 8 changed after her first child; an experience that she says almost left her dad due to high blood pressure during C-Section birth.

Size 8 graduates as a pastor

With such an experience the gospel singer got so spiritual and even enrolled in Bible school; where she graduated or rather – was ordained as a pastor in 2018.

Another complication

For the second birth, things were not so different from the time she had her first born Ladashabelle; and if you remember well – Size 8 for the second time almost lost her life due to high blood pressure complications during another CS.

For most mums who have faced such complications during birth will tell you that this is one of the most challenging experiences; and unlike many would know – this brings a person so close to death that it changes a person.

Anyway, having overcome death twice the gospel singer recently celebrated her 34th birthday with special message where she wrote;

Size 8 celebrates 34th birthday

I’ve started a brand new year and am so greatful to God for life! Many of you take life for granted and never value it as a precious gift from God!! But if you have faced many near death experiences like me your attitude will change.

On the same post Size 8 went on to celebrate her 34 year journey adding;

@djmokenya thank you for a wonderful day!!

“Hii yetu ni fuliza” Jemutai opens up about her marriage with Prof Hamo

Comedian Jemutai left many of her fans feeling like clowns; days after they advised her to move on from Prof Hamo; who she had exposed as a dead beat dad to her two kids.

The exposè done on Obare’s page attracted both positive and negative comments from fans; who for some reason ended up disliking Prof Hamo for letting down Jemutai – who by the way looks like a humble and homely woman.

Profesa Hamo with wife, Jemutai

But thanks to the expose, Prof Hamo was able to see his mistakes; and ofcourse he made things right with his second wife and kids. Seeing how determined he was, Jemutai says they sat down and ironed their issues; a move that made her give another chance.

Jemutai explains why she forgave hubby

As you all know, there is no relationship that runs smoothly, unless it’s fake; and having seen both their mistakes – Jemutai says she opted for a second chance for the sake of their young family.

Speaking about this, the lady said;

Jemutai with her kids

  I realized tulikuwa na mistakes sisi wote wawili, juu ilifika mahali communication yetu ikakuwa mbaya and it led to to vitu zote zilitokea. Juu sisi wote tulikuwa na mistake. Yes, I forgave him, juu hata yeye alini-forgive

Legally married?

Well now that Jemutai considers herself as a second wife, curious fans who keep up with their vblog “Raw and Candid with Jemutai + Prof Hamo” went on to ask whether they are legally/traditionally married to which Jemutai said;

Legally no, we are not married legally because we have not done all those processes, and we can’t get married na ile ya white wedding. So we are living on fuliza.


Prezzo’s ex girlfriend beaten black and blue by boyfriend weeks after giving birth

Tanzanian Singer cum socialite Amber Lulu popularly known for Jini Kisirani hit song gave birth about 2 months ago, welcoming her first child. But unlike other new mums getting to understand their newborns; this particular lady is sadly nursing injuries she got after a serious beating from baby daddy, Emba Botion.

The lady who is well known for her wild ways gave birth 2 months ago; but thanks to a video and a few photos shared on her page – we understand that her marriage hasn’t been easy.

Amber Lulu

This is after she exposed her baby daddy for giving her a serious beating; despite knowing very well that her body is still healing is still fragile after the whole birthing process.

Amber Lulu’s scars

In one of the photos, Amber mentioned that this has been happening for a while; adding the most dumbest excuse – that she holds on for the sake of her daughter. The lady wrote;

Navumilia mwisho wa siku nije kumuacha mwanangu mdogo sana

Amber Lulu and abusive relationships

Unfortunately this is not the first abusive relationship Amber Lulu has ever been involved in. In the past, we saw the lady pick some serious verbal fights with rapper Prezzo; but at least they never got physical.

Amber Lulu beaten black and blue

However with baby daddy,Emba Botion – the former socialite says he started hitting her while she was still pregnant; and for another dumb reason – she thought she actually deserved the beating.

Anyway with the many scars to remind her of the toxic relationship; let’s hope she has walked out for good. But again, I hear toxic relationships are quite addictive!

Aeedah Bambi showers Senator Loitiptip with praises weeks after snatching him from Saumu Mbuvi

Aeedah Bambi is living the good life courtesy of her latest catch, Senator Loitiptip who is currently dating her. The two allegedly got involved while the senator was still dating former Nairobi’s Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter – Saumu Mbuvi.

Saumu with Senator Loitiptip before breakup

Of course this led to drama between the three parties; but after Loitiptip came out to claim his new lady, Aeedah Bambi – then Saumu automatically lost her chance with baby daddy.

However this could not end without some drama coming from Saumu Mbuvi; who also has her share of relationship drama with her first baby daddy, Ben Gatu – who allegedly left her for unknown reasons a few years back.

Aeedah Bambi and Senator Loitiptip living the dream

Anyway now that it is no secret that Loitiptip will not be going back to his baby mama; the senator and his new lady this past weekend have fans a reason to talk after unveiling their Kitenge photoshoot.

Love birds

Showing them off on IG, the lovely Aeedah went on to write;

Happy birthday to my best friend,my greatest critic, my fiercest supporter ,my accomplice ,my workout partner, my love, my EVERYTHING! ❤️ ???? Hon. Senator 005 ???????? Sherehe ianze!!! ????????????????

Aeedah Bambi with Senator Loitiptip
Couple goals: Aeedah and Loitiptip

Never seen before photos of ex lovers Jemutai and Prof Hamo together

Don’t you just hate break ups? They bring out the worst in two people who were once in love; and the sad part is that – is that the hatred comes in doubles!

Speaking about bitter break ups; we understand that after years of dating in private – Jemutai finally exposed her relationship with Prof Hamo who is the father of her two kids.

Jemutai with her kids

According to the lady, things between them changed after the birth of their second born baby; and unlike before – the fella stopped supporting his babies. The last time he allegedly visited them, the guy apparently came carrying Oreo biscuits for the kids; and honestly who does that?

Photos of ex lovers

Away from that, we have managed to get photos of the ex couple together. Although the photos were taken during Churchill show – we cannot ignore the chemistry seen on the posts below.

Well – as they work on their issues regarding the kids, below are a few photos taken before their love turned sour.


Hamo and Jemutai
Tbt: Jemutai hanging out with baby daddy
Churchill shows ex lovers

Jowie Irungu quits ‘parte after parte’ lifestyle, ventures into gospel music!

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie Irungu was held behind bars for 500 days. This is after he was named as a suspect in the murder of Monica Njeri; that occurred in September 26, 2018.

Having been banned from commenting about the case whether to friends or social media; Jowie ensured to lay low as he awaits for his fate which remains unknown for now.

However having been behind bars (Kamiti) it appears that Jowie faced a different life that seems to have changed the man he once was! Well, after months of laying low, the fella has announced plans of venturing into the gospel industry!

Jowie Irungu

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Jowie set to release new gospel song

As seen on his social media page, Jowie will in a few hours release a new song dubbed nishikilie  From the  title it’s obvious to tell what he will be talking about since we all witnessed how things played out after his arrest.

Well this could be the beginning of something new for the fella who will now be in the same industry as Bahati, Willy Paul and the other funny characters in the mix!

Jowie in Kamiti prison

However Jowie could be venturing into the industry for a genuine reason – but with how the gospel music industry seems to be set up…will he really survive the criticism and thirsty approaches from the female species? Only God can tell.

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Bahati quits gospel

Jowie’s announcement comes just a few days after singer Bahati announced his exit from the gospel music industry.

According to the fella he was now opting to make Love songs; but since he has so far featured 2 gengetone artists in his latest songs – i bet it’s safe to refer to him as a secular artist.

Below is a snippet of the yet to be released song!



“Cancer scare has left me childless” Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu has been reaming of the day she will hold a child in her arms. But like most women struggling in silence, the Tanzanian actress has been trying all sorts of medications just to conceive.

Speaking recently during an interview with Clouds FM; Wema Sepetu revealed that part of her sudden weight gain was contributed by some medication she had been taking to conceive! Apparently, the pills affected  her hormones making it hard for her to have her own children.

Sepetu Wema

People know how I have struggled to get a baby my happiness will be complete when I get a baby. I added weight in my struggle to get a baby, I used to take a lot of medicine that had side effects on my hormones. The side effects were adding weight.

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For the first time Wema admitted to seeking help from fertility doctors in India. However this was not a walk in the park as she was expected shed off all the unwanted weight – to make it easy for her to conceive. The popular actress went on to add;

Wema Sepetu pregnant suffers miscarriage

I’ve never had a tummy tuck like most people are saying. The reason I went to India was so that I can consult and get treatment for my fertility. On coming back I was advised to cut on weight to increase my chances of conceiving since I have a lot of fat around my uterus that is making the process difficult.

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Sadly during this treatment Wema says she got an infection that convinced her to stop trying for a baby. Apparently her doctors say the infection would have become cancerous with time if not treated well… but thanks to her amazing team, she survived this all!

Comedian Owago Onyiro addresses rumors claiming he is a conman!

Comedian Owago Onyiro has come forward to defend himself from rumors claiming that he has been conning Netizens through his social media pages!

The comedian popularly known for his adult jokes and of course skilled hands when it comes to the kitchen was recently exposed for conning a man about Ksh 7500. This is after the conned person sent the alleged Owago money after purchasing some food from his online page.

Well, this not being the first time a celebrity is accused of stealing money from online fans; Owago could not maintain his silence as he opened up explaining the situation.

Owago and Jalas

Please please guys my name is not Otieno Adhiambo and this is not my number. Stop looking for my family or me when you get conned.

Be warned!

According to Owago,he does not sell any electronics not kitchen appliances; therefore those being conned should avoid dragging his name into issues he knows nothing about.

Owago accused of conning fans on social media

 I don’t sell any electronics or kitchen equipment. Please check first my verified Instagram account…Whatever I post here is what I sell. On Facebook look for Byron Otieno Owago Onyiro. The remaining posts are imposters and if you aren’t keen, they will still steal from you guys because they copy-paste everything I post on my real accounts.

This comes a few months after Owago Onyiro launched his cooking side hustle; and being a man who knows his kitchen, someone took advantage of this skill to make money!

Comedian Owago’s post

However despite being a well skilled chef – Owago says he does not own any business that deals with kitchen equipment! I bet with the hard times here due to the pandemic; the hustlers also seem to be getting smarter!

Why Pastor Eric Omba blames his failed marriage on Gloria Muliro’s friends

Pastor Eric Omba and ex wife Gloria Muliro parted ways back in 2015 following claims that the pastor had been cheating on his wife.

As far as the story goes, it is alleged that the man of God pulled this move citing child ness in his marriage; but unfortunately for him, most of Muliro’s friends did not find his reason good enough.

However in 2015, Gloria walked out on their 5 year marriage and has never looked back since then! The gospel singer has been focusing on her private life and music career making life less complicated for her.

Exes Eric Omba with Gloria Muliro

Omba talks about failed marriage

Anyway after missing in action for years, popular city pastor Eric Omba is back to making headlines thanks to his recent interview with Switch TV!

Speaking about the usual issue ‘failed marriage’ Pastor Omba went on to blame Gloria for letting her jealous friends incite her. According to the pastor, Muliro’s friends are to blame and not him.

I have not seen any picture of a woman I was dating, and she did not have any evidence that I had a relationship with another woman. There was also no woman who came out publicly to say I was in a relationship with them. She was saying what she had heard from her friends.

The city pastor went on to add that he had always been faithful. His excuse is that Gloria Muliro has everything any other woman has; and for this reason there was no need to cheat.

Pastor Eric Omba with ex wife

I was very faithful. She was very good and very nice. What she has every other woman has, and so there was no need of me to cheat on her.

Gloria exposes Omba

Well, shortly after their break up….and Muliro accused her ex of being controlling and a money lover.

Eric began accusing me of all manner of things and never gave me time to talk. He even wrote down a set of rules that I had to follow.

She went on to reveal how he turned her into a house girl in the name of ‘teaching her cleanliness at a friends house.’

In that first month, he sent me over to a friend’s place, saying to teach me how to cook and keep good hygiene, only to discover that I was being turned into a house girl.

But oh well, it seems that Omba clearly misses the limelight!

Ukiachwa achika! “I don’t know why Betty keeps speaking about my relationship with her” Pastor Kanyari

Pastor Kanyari is not comfortable with how his ex wife has been talking about their past relationship on social media.

According to the pastor, Betty has been mentioning her everywhere; yet she also happens to have other exes she can talk about on her page.

He went on to add that after their break up, he now has no reason to fight for what they had;
I don’t know why Betty keeps on speaking about my relationship with her, yet she had other relationships before me.

She should not be worried that I may appear and fight for love. I am a good man and I don’t fight for love,

Speaking during his interview, Kanyari for the first time also disclosed how in love he was with Betty Bayo; who later on left him stranded and lonely after being exposed for being a fake ‘prophet.’ He went on to add;

Pastor Kanyari and Betty Bayo

I have never been with a person I loved that much to make me fight for her to love me. When we separated, it’s a decision we made so I cannot go back to her.

Daddy duties

Despite having parted ways with Betty Bayo, Pastor Kanyari has made it known that he is still present in his children’s lives no matter what.

The Kanyari’s

He opened up saying;

I respect separation but don’t neglect children. Take care of them and support them and give the woman a chance to get someone else to love her. She might get a ‘Jesus’ or a saint. I don’t regret it, just that I love my children so much but I can’t regret that we separated. Let her look for a Mzungu, when they die she will come looking for you.

Jalang’o reveals his major plan when he retires from his radio job!

Jalang’o has had a quite successful radio journey that will soon be coming to an end! On Monday, 13 July the comedian cum radio presenter officially started his radio job at Kiss FM; however it turns out that this will be his final radio show to host.

The presenter revealed during his latest interview on Billy O’clock, Where he was asked if he would join Radio Maisha if an opened up; to which he responded by revealing that Kiss FM was his last radio job.

Although he did not reveal how long his contract with Kiss FM will last; he however mentioned his future plans which will see him run the media industry through his own media house!

Speaking during the interview Jalang’o opened up saying;

Jalang’o making boss moves

Sahii ndio safari yangu ya mwisho redioni maanake nimeanza shughuli zangu; na sasa ni mipango zangu pia kuwa na kitu yangu ya media nikaanza Jalang’o TV ndani ya YouTube. Kenya’s number one online show (This is my final journey on radio because I have started my own things. I plan to have my own media and I started Jalang’o TV on YouTube.)

Jalang’o TV

Thanks to the current lock down, Jalang’os fans pushed Heavy J Baba to activating his YouTube channel which has since grown into an online media house.

So far Jalang’o has been doing well by proving reliable content for his fans which is aired on his YouTube channel. Seeing how fans embraced the Channel real quick; the journalist has since been working towards creating a bigger platform that will open job opportunities for his fans.

Jalang’o with former co host, Alex Mwakideu

In one of the episodes aired on his channel, Jalango promised more job opportunities as he hopes to now compete with the likes of Royal media, Nation and Mediamax now that Jalang’o is about to run an entire media house.

“Ana roho chafu kama ya Firauni!” Zeddy exposes the Churchill Show official driving comedians into depression

Comedian Zeddy is fed up of seeing her colleagues die of depression; yet no one in the Churchill show is doing anything to ensure this stops.

So far Njenga Mswahili, Ayieya poa poa and now Kasee are said to have passed on; after months of battling with depression after losing their jobs at Churchill show.

However what we didn’t know is that the director identified as Victor Ber was the reason why some of the big upcoming names never perform in the show despite showing potential of growth.

Zeddy spills it all!

In a detailed post shared by Zeddy who is a mother and a wife, the lady went on to narrate exposing some of the hardships comedians go through in the hands of Victor Ber.

She went on to write;

Victor Ber accused of pushing comedians into depression

Long post alert!
Ndio huyu mzizi wa fitna @VictorBer24 creative director wa Churchill Show “Depression maker”. Kama ushaiwai enda auditions za Churchill show, hakika unajua huyu msee.huwa hearltess, roho chafu kuliko ya Firaun (farao) yaani atakuthalilisha na maneno yake makali kuliko moto wa jehanam (hell) Atafanya ujidharau maisha yako yote! Kwa wale hawajui, ndio perform Churchill lazima uende rehearsal 3days so Ber hatakwambia day one hajafeel jokes zako.Atakufanyisha P.E hadi siku ya kurecord show,kama bado 2hrs anatoa program ya wale wata perform.Ukiangalia list ya performers unapata jina lako haliko. Ngai hapa ndo unaonga msanii ameanza kupata stress coz umekam three days umetumia fare, ukabuy nguo ya kuchapa show ama ata ukakopa,unapata msanii amefanyiwa hivi like three months.Imagine, wewe kama msanii, bado unarudi juu comedy ni inborn; unaskianga tu kuperform. Ukipata bahati upenye alafu uanze kushine, Ber anaanza kukuua pole pole; utaenda rehearsal ataskiza kila mtu kama umekaa hapo amke na aende bila ata kukuambia lolote, unabaki na viulizo. Unaeza enda rehearsal akuite akuulize leo ni when, ukimjibu anakwambia ukam next year siku kama ya leo na hujamkosea ata!

Churchill Show’s Kasee found dead

Njenga Mswahili’s suffering

She went on to reveal how Njenga begged Victor Ber for a chance to perform; but since he held the power of deciding who would perform during the live recording.

The comedian went on to expose the director adding how he has reduced most comedians to nothing thanks to his dark heart; And since Zeddy will not watch another comedian die of depression. She put it all in black and white saying;

The late Njenga Mswahili laid to rest

Anaeza pata umeandikwa kwa program tayari umepakwa makeup na akutoe bila sababu,yaani Ber hua ameweka wasanii na baridi utadhani tuko(Netherlands)anataka umuabudu laa si utakipata,wasanii hulamba huyu msee hadi kale kachumvii ka???? si eti mimi ni shujaa zii ni vile nimekaa makaburi miaka 5 nikajua hii dunia si mama ya mtu; story for another day reason naandika hii ndio upcoming wale wanakam wasipitie yale tumepitia Ber, Njenga alikulilia hadi siku ya mwisho ndio mauti yamfikie? Alikol mara ngapi?After nimepost natafuta Kasee mlimtafuta mkampumbaza siku chache ukamchocha atakua anachapa show alikuja rehearsals mara mingi sana lakini wapi ukamwambia ataperfom show ya Machakos. Kufika huko ukamyima show. Swali ni,je, utaumiza wasanii hadi lini? Wasanii waitaishi na Depression hadi lini. Pliz Comedians msicomment hamtawai pewa show mimi nishachoma,lakini, ile siku mtajua Mungu ndiye hupeana riziki hamtawahi lamba mtu makwapa.

“We failed you Kasee!” Karis mourns the late Kasee in emotional post that will leave you in tears

Comedian Karis is sorry for the death of Kasee; a comedian he watched start from the ground up and even got to be friends with.

However due to growth, at some point the two lost touch and just like life is engineered they went separate ways in search of a brighter future.

So far we understand that Karis has been abroad for several months; and looking at the comments left on most of his posts fans can’t help but wonder whether he will ever return to Kenya.

Anyway after missing in action for months; Karis is back to making headlines thanks to a post dedicated to the late Kasee. As seen on his post, Karis apologized to the late Kasee for not being present when he needed a friend or just someone  to talk to.

Comedians Kasee and Karis

He went on to add that just like most people suffering in silence…he cannot blame anyone as everyone is fighting their own demons, hoping to walk out alive.

WE FAILED YOU KASEE…when things started going astray WE FAILED BEING THERE FOR YOU..but its not that we assumed it but because WE WERE ALSO FIGHTING OUR OWN DEMONS we failed you kasee.

Njenga Mswahili

Karis who is venturing into a different career since relocating to the United States went on to remind fans of Njenga Mswahili; who lost his life following what many term as depression and alcoholism. Karis narrated this saying;

The late Njenga Mswahili laid to rest

THE SAME WAY WE FAILED NJENGA MSWAHILI and i remember visiting him at mathare hospital then after a few months he is GONE….R.I.P NOW YOU.
EVERY OUTCOME HAS A COURSE people don’t just result into drinking or drugs from the blue there is a push a triger and depression,confusion,rejection,and stress are the main culprits….
It’s just sad i Don’t know what WE CAN Do to prevent another person going that road …????????????????

It is indeed sad to see how most of these comedians end up dying in poverty and stress related cases; while all along they have been working tirelessly to get to the top.


Churchill show’s Jemutai unveils adorable months old daughter (Photo)

Comedian Jemutai has been missing in action for a while now; but after her latest Tweet where she introduced her mother and months old daughter – we now know why the lady has been laying low.

Turns out that the female comedian welcomed a baby girl a few months ago and unlike other celebrities; the new Mum in town chose to keep her family off her social media until just recently!

Through her Twitter handle Jemutai introduced her mum and daughter in a post where she wrote;

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Happiness ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️???? my baby and my mum????

Jemutai’s Mum and daughter

Jemutai married?

Well, although the female comedian prefers keeping her private life on the low; we do understand that she is a married woman and as far as her husband is concerned, he is making her one happy woman!

On most of her comedy show, the lady has often spoken nice things about her Kalenjin husband; however Jemutai seems to be taking her time when it comes to introducing her husband to her online family!

Mother and comedienne, Jemutai


Being a female comedian has however not been easy especially in a male dominated industry. However, since she bagan her journey on Churchill show, she has won herself quite a number of fans who love and support her.

So far she is known for her Kale accent and her love for over sized clothes which give her thee village girl look. Being a woman with hilarious jokes, has however had its challenges but; Jemutai must be glad as she now tops as one of the best female comedians in the country.

Why Diamond Platnumz manager is the most hated man on social media right now! (Video)

Sallam SK left many talking after a video of his fake handshake with Harmonize was caught on camera!

As seen on the video making rounds on social media, Sallam may have pulled the pettiest move any man on earth would pull while at a funeral.

Apparently the Wasafi team continues to have beef with Harmonize for quitting the record label; which has not been doing as good as it did when he was part of the team.

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With this the likes of Sallam who are in the management are said to have bad blood with Harmonize to a point of showing it at a funeral where Babu Tale was mourning the death of his beloved wife, the late Shammy.

Harmonize secluded at Shammy’s funeral

Fans criticize Sallam SK

Sallam’s action have no excuse especially since everyone else at the funeral did not seem bothered by Harmonize’s presence at the funeral.

As seen on a post where Juma Lokole tried to defend Sallam from fans; the alleged gay man not only congratulated Sallam for his actions, but went on to add more insult the injury.

Fans on the other hand did not seem interested in stooping into his level; and for this reason, Juma Lokole may have helped Sallam to receive the most hateful comments he has even received in his entire life.

Konde Boy and his signee, Ibra

Pride comes before a fall

On most comments, fans went on to remind Sallam of the life he lived before the money and fame. And clearly it appears that the money only changed the physical appearance while the inside remained as dark as the night!

However we also understand that Harmonize; and Sallam have been beefing after he was forced to pay Ksh 22 million for his freedom after quitting WCB.

Since then the two have been having bad blood; but showing it at Shammy’s funeral – a woman who spent 20 years of married life with Babu Tale, was clearly disrespectful!

Churchill Show comedian rushed to hospital in critical condition! (Photos)

Comedian Ben Maurice Onyango, popularly known as Othuol Othuol is receiving treatment at the Kenyatta Hospital where he was admitted on Tuesday, 23 June.

As reported by the Laugh Industry Ken Waudo, Othuol allegedly fainted at home before he was rushed to a private hospital in Kitengela; however due to his condition, the comedian was then rushed to Kenyatta Hospital where is currently admitted!

Othuol Othuol has been unwell on and off for sometime now. Yesterday morning he apparently fainted and was rushed to Kitengela Hospital after scrutiny and diagnosis they referred him to Kenyatta National Hospital.

Comedian Othuol before the TB battle

Can’t feel his body

According to Ken, the comedian is still conscious but at some point, he couldn’t feel his body due to numbness. Ken went on to add that the hospital’s reception was too poor as the staff left the weak Othuol queue for hours without showing any concern!

He was conscious but he can’t feel or move his body. Do you know since yesterday morning he has been on queue waiting to be attended to?

It is indeed sad to see the comedian back to battling for his health; just a few months after recovering from TB that had left him in a critical condition.

Comedian Othuol with his boss

A few months ago, Othuol quit comedy after his health deteriorated in a short span of time. He however received the needed treatment that saw him get back on his feet in no time.

Friends step in

However barely 6 months later, Othuol is back to fighting for his dear life. Fans and friends have been urged to pray for the comedian as they hope he gets better soon.

Ken who is also a friend to Othuol went on to add; that fellow comedians spent the night at the hospital until he was admitted. He went on to conclude his post saying;

Photo credits: Comedian Othuol waiting to be admitted

Fellow artistes who took him to Kenyatta National Hospital yesternite; spent the cold evening together consoling him and trying their best to have him attended to.


Bahati getting paid by Diamond Platnumz to attack Harmonize? He responds

Bahati left many tongues wagging on social media after his long post dedicated to Harmonize went viral.

As seen on the post, the controversial singer publicly attacked Harmonize for being ungrateful and greedy; and for some reason his Kenyan fans including Jalang’o felt this was a public stunt for an upcoming song. And sadly, the speculations were true.

Anyway, as seen on the post – Bahati demanded Konde gang CEO to apologize to his former boss, Diamond Platnumz; reminding him that the WCB boss was like a father to him.

 ???? BUT MY POINT IS.., his Mistakes Cannot be Compared with the Kind heart that pushed him to pick you Up from the Streets and Made You who You’re Today. God Used him to Introduce you to the World!

Bahati and Harmonize

With his post circulating on social media; a few Tanzanians on social media have been claiming that Bahati was hired to do Diamond Platnumz dirty job; which he now says is a lie!

Sijatumwa na mtu yeyote kwanza sijaonge na mtu yeyote wa WCB sijui siku ngapi zimepita. Na sijui nani anaweza nilipa mimi anitume. Nina pesa zangu.

Bahati clears the air

However speaking to SnS, Bahati went on to distance himself from Diamond saying they have not talked for a while; but we cannot confirm this for now! He went on to say;

Mimi sijaongea na Diamond kutoka sijui lini. Nilikuwa tu namshauri kama ndugu. The way wewe unaweza pata kitu uone hiki kitu Bahati anapotea unishauri.

Diamond Platnumz with Bahati

According to Baha, his post was meant to help create peace and not more issues. But unfortunately the same post meant for peace ended up making Harmonize unfollow him on Instagram.

Bahati went on to conclude saying;

Nilitaka tu amake peace na atoke na Amani fulani sababu ukitoka na Amani unapata Baraka pia. Sikutarajia atakwazika.

Xtian Dela reveals the shocking amount raised by men during his Club COVID show! (Video)

Club COVID was one of those shows that kept many entertained on Fridays nights courtesy of Xtian Dela!

The media personality became an internet sensation after launching the IG show aimed at helping raise money; which he said went to struggling video vixens and dancers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic that left most businesses counting losses.

Speaking to Jalang’o Mwenyewe during his latest interview; Xtian went on to say;

Club COVID’s owner Xtian Dela

How Club Covid started… a lot of entertainers lost business, events zilianguka, video vixens, dancers talented people wasanii they all lost their jobs, I know these people and there is nothing as painful as someone calling you in the morning anakwambia umsaidie tuu na 100 shillings juu hajakula the previous day,”

According to Xtian Dela who came up with the show; his intentions about the show were clear but never did he imagine that the event would blow up internationally!

 I kid you not, the first time I started I did not think it was going to be this huge. Mimi nilianzisha show nikaambia watu, okay guys I have these talented guys over here so whatever you want to send them just send. People then started coming out, kiujinga it started growing. There is something about Kenyans and appreciating talent. People started sending more money, someone even sent Sh100,000

Total amount made by Club COVID

When asked by Jalang’o to reveal how much was made during the Club COVID event; Xtian Dela who seemed not to hide anything went on to open up saying;

Club Covid

 So far we have raised a total of Sh5,875,602 and we have paid 576 young talented people.

If indeed the numbers shared by Xtian are true; then I guess he also got to pay himself quite well, but this is a story for another day! And again, the obvious part is that most of this money was not raised by female fans; but of course the sons of Solomon did such a great job!

Deadbeat dad? Tanasha Donna exposes Diamond Platnumz of neglecting son! (Video)

Tanasha Donna recently graced #Bonga na Jalas YouTube show where she opened up about a few things about her life!

Having opened up so much before, Tanasha Donna’s this time around decided to bring something new to the table.

Despite trying not to bad mouth Diamond Platnumz and his family; she finally exposed Diamond Platnumz of neglecting his son by not sending him any money.

According to Tanasha, Diamond Platnumz seized helping the small boy after she walked out on the singer and his family. To her, receiving child support from the guy is optional!

Yummy mummy, Tanasha Donna

Independent woman

In the interview Tanasha reveals that she is capable of taking care of her own son without anybody’s else’s help.

Unlike Hamisa Mobetto who dragged Diamond Platnumz to court; Tanasha Donna says she will not be doing this since she is capable of handling herself.

Baby Naseeb Junior

I’ve been doing it all on my own to be honest. I’ll be 100% real with you, I am real. I’m not going to say something that is not the case. With all the respect I have for him, I do not have bad blood with him and I don’t have any bad blood with him. But no he is not supporting and I am doing it on my own. And I don’t need his support to be honest, because I am raising my son just fine there is nothing that boy lacks in his life!

Having made some few cash through her music, Ms Tanasha Donna says she is now in a position to support her child; without the unnecessary drama from her exes family!

Tanasha Donna with the Dangote´s

Well, Zari had also been standing in for her kids after the singer stopped supporting their children after their break up; however just recently the boss lady also exposed Diamond Platnumz of neglecting his children.

This happened during Ramadan where Diamond Platnumz offered to pay rent for 500 people yet he was not supporting his children; a statement that left Simba looking like a clown on social media.

“I am not in the industry to be anyone’s role model” says Avril Nyambura

Avril Nyambura will not be blamed by fans for choosing to live her life the way she wishes! In fact she does not wish to be seen as a mentor; if that means whatever she does will be judged!

The mother of one opened up about this while on a recent interview where she mentioned that. According to Avril, she did not join the entertainment industry to be anyone’s role model; but to accomplish her dreams.

Avril Nyambura

“I joined this industry not looking to be a role model per say, if what I do inspires you in a certain way with how I take my life, take it and learn from it. But I’m not in the industry to be anyone’s role model.”

This comes weeks after many witnessed the likes of Mulamwah’s among other get bashed by keyboard warriors; for not living up to their expectations.

Comedian Mulamwah even opted to call it quits as he could not handle the criticism and name calling from fans.


Having joined the entertainment industry at the age of 18 years, Avril says she has lived it all! She has not only been criticized but abused  to a point where all this became normal.

Ms Nyambura, alias Avril

During her interview the lady opened confirming that she was now used to being bullied but for the 12 years in the industry; Avril has learnt to be herself and not a virtual version created by people in their heads.

“I got into the limelight when I was 18 years old as a second year at Nairobi University when my career just started. So I literally grew up under public scrutiny. Through that journey I have been able to pick vital lessons here and there. Growing up under such scrutiny has taught me to just live my life, especially as a female artiste.”


She went on to add saying;

As a female artiste in the limelight, the scrutiny, the comments, the remarks, the decisions you are supposed to be making as a woman will break you. You will get to appoint where you will question many things,