Priceless! Comedian Dr Ofweneke reaction after Bridget Achieng reveals she spent 3 million to bleach her skin

Bridget Achieng has joined the list of socialites like Vera Sidika proving that skin bleaching is quite expensive. So far we know that Vera Sidika spent 50 million to get her current skin tone and now Bridget Achieng says she used 3 million for the same procedure.

Bridget Achieng

The Nairobi Diaries actress revealed this while speaking on Dr Ofweneke’s show leaving the comedian and MC Jessy in shock. This is probably because the two comedians thought the money would have been put in better use.

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Well, to respond to this Dr Ofweneke is seen lost of words as he removes his glasses before screaming…

One…two..three million

MC Jessy who was seated listening to the interview could hide the fact that he was tongue tied as he helped Ofweneke to calm down.

Not quite sure whether Bridget Achieng was being honest considering that she was said to be broke before coming into the lime light but you can watch the interview below:


Bridget Achieng reveals the amount she spent to ‘lighten’ her skin, we are talking about millions!

The skin lightening business has become pretty much successful in Africa. Many women bleach or rather skin lighten their skin with products they know nothing about just to look ‘beautiful’ in the eyes of men who like light skinned women.

After Vera Sidika confessed to have undergone a Ksh50 million procedure to alter her skin… many women rushed to the river road shops hoping to achieve the same look but only at a cheaper price.
So does it work?

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Well, for some women I hear it does work but not permanent since one has to keep going back to use the skin products to avoid getting back their original skin-tone.

Bridget Achieng (before)
Bridget Achieng (before)

Anyway Bridget Achieng is among those women who have altered their skin-tones to look beautiful. She confessed about this while speaking on Dr Ofweneke’s show where she revealed the amount of money she used to achieve her new skin-tone.

“I have lost count right now but the last time I checked it was close to 3 Million Kshs or so. It’s part of my life you to accept and sit down and decide you wanna do this. You don’t just wake up and decide you wanna do a skin tan.”

According to her she did this because she never felt pretty while growing since her parents never took time to appreciate her.

“From when I was a kid I never felt beautiful because African parents never tell you that you are beautiful. I never felt loved as a kid, I will be honest. So I thought if I do it I would feel beautiful…I don’t regret anything and the attention it comes with it keeps me going.”

Bridget Achieng also went on to add that she would advise any lady who feel like bleaching to go ahead and do it. She said

“I would advise any girl (to bleach). Men will tell you to stay like that then the next day you see them in a restaurant with a light skinned girl.”

Exposed: This is how much Bridget Achieng charges her clients for ‘a good time’

Ever wondered where these socialite get their money? Well thanks to Nairobi Diaries we have now learnt that most of these ladies depend on selling their ‘goodies’ in Oder to support their lavish lifestyles.

Bridget Achieng

One Bridget Achieng has been exposed by one online tabloid which leaked her conversation where she is seen asking her client to pay 50k for her to sleep with him.

Bridget Achieng

The two however seem to be in different pages as the clients goes on to say that he can only afford 10k which forces Bridget Achieng to bargain to 20k – something that has left many shocked since she had earlier confessed that she would not sleep with a man for money.

Bridget Achieng

The businesswoman has however not said anything about this leaving many wondering whether it’s true or if it’s a stunt because she wants to remain relevant.

Bridget Achieng

“Bridget Achieng sit down, Vera Sidika is on a different level” Fans troll Nairobi Diaries actress for comparing herself to queen Vee

The Nairobi Diaries show keeps getting better with time and from the latest episodes let us just say that not many can keep up with the heat in the kitchen.

This time around Bridget Achieng has found herself in trouble for after she came out strong calling out Vera Sidika old and an expired product for the type of business these Nairobi girls run.

However Vera Sidika’s fans could hear none of this and decided to fire shots back at Bridget Achieng as most asked her to humble herself as she was still an amateur in the game.

This comes a few months after Bridget Achieng was spotted spending her birthday with Vera Sidika’s ex boyfriend – then moments later she went on an Instagram rant claiming to be just friends with Yomy…but fans could not believe this some they now understand how these ladies move. I mean the guy lives in Burj Khalid’s…isn’t it obvious?

Anyway, Bridget Achieng touched a live wire after she compared herself with Vera Sidika in the latest Nairobi Diaries aired a few days ago. This however did not turn out so great as fans had this to tell Bridget Achieng.

Positive or Negative? Watch Bridget Achieng get HIV test on camera!

Bridget Achieng who is a cast member at Nairobi Diaries reality show has taken an HIV test live on social media to show her fans her status.

The lass who is rumored to be in the same business as Vera Sidika and many more has before admitted to be offered money for sex…but as expected she never got into details as this is her private life!

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng

In the video the lass is heard expressing her relief as the results come out negative and goes on to say that she is now planning to lay off unsafe sex until she settles down with her husband in future.

Doing this has however left many asking whether she has been involved in multiple partners since she seemed scared at first. Anyway, this move has encourage people to get tested for the virus, remembering that people who are HIV positive can live longer if they take their medicines and eat right!

Watch the video below;

Desperation drives Nairobi Diaries actress to look for all type of men on Craigslist

Nairobi Diaries actress doesn’t care whether the man she’s looking for is divorced, separated, widowed or whether he has kids or not, she just wants a MAN.

You would think celebrities are in high demand and as such they don’t have to sweat to get someone to love them. But not for Bridget Achieng, the curvaceous socialite-cum-actress is in a desperate search for a man.

Bridget’s profile on Craigslist shows that she is looking for a man from any corner of planet earth, and by the way she’s not choosy.

“If you are loving, caring, funny and loyal we will probably find a lot in common. No inappropriate offers please. You need to be mature and at least financially independent and a go getter. I don’t mind if you are divorced, separated, widowed or whether you have kids or not. it’s ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests,” Bridget described the kind of men he was looking for.

The Nairobi Diaries actress also availed her phone number so that potential suitors could contact her directly. She was very indiscreet with her private details.

“Hello there and welcome to my world! Just to let you know, I am really looking for something serious: )…someone to settle down with and start a family…hopefully sire a child or two.

“My name is Bridget, 28 years old,no kid and I have never been married. Am a business woman and a socialite. I live in and work in Kenya and i stay alone. If you want to get to know me better just write me a message or hit me up via plus two five four,seven one eight,six zero one, one one nine-)

“On work days I am usually wearing ‘office’ type of clothes and on my leisure time it depends on the occasion and my scedule of activities. Am fashion conscious. I realy like to dress up from time to time, so I am a big fan of dresses: )”


Video of a lady twerking on Bridget Achieng’s face raises eyebrows, when did it all get ratchet?

Nairobi Diaries has opened our eyes on some of the events that go down right below our noses. If it’s learning something something I can say that we have learnt on how hard these socialites struggle to get where they are and that they all love picking unnecessary fights just to get the attention they crave for.

Well, on the positive side…let us say they educating young girls on the importance of hard to get that good stress-free life but this only happens once in a while.

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Fans have however left wondering how ratchet the show keeps getting after a short clip of the latest episode was uploaded on the Nairobi Diaries official Instagram page. The lovely Bridget Achieng is seen getting a lap dance at a renown club in Nairobi and judging from how the dancer was putting her ‘assets’ on the ladies face one can’t help but question the type of content the show is now putting on our television sets.

Though there are some who enjoy such things, I am not sure whether this is what we want to be promoting judging from the number of under age kids who stay up watching television with no supervision. Anyway, checkout the video below courtesy of the lady who was getting the lap dance on her face, Bridget Achieng.


A post shared by Lovelybridget (@bridgetachieng) on May 16, 2017 at 12:52am PDT

“Remove this picture immediately!” Bridget Achieng goes ballistic after a young shared their intimate photos online, is he the main guy?

Bridget Achieng likes to keep her private stuff on the low and by that I mean the men she is involved with. However, a certain young….and I mean super young guy by the name of Tonito Meena has left many wondering he is the one warming her bed on these cold night.

He is said to have shared a photo hanging out with the Nairobi Diaries drama queen Bridget Achieng however things did not go as he hoped. The captioned he used clearly described how much he had been enjoying Bridget’s company as he wrote

Can’t describe da moment!

The response he might was expecting might have been awww me too boo or something close to that but seems that Bridget Achieng was not ready for the photo to land on social media. She went ham on the guy asking him to pull down the photo…so was she scared of people asking who the young man was or was she disappointed that her makeup needed better filters to conceal the…you know…whiteness and washed up lipstick?

“Remove this picture immediately!”

Anyway, I cannot explain why she tripped over the photo. However, she has lately been the talk on Nairobi Diaries and word has it that she has been visiting ‘babu’ in Tanzania for powerful charms. The recent episode aired on K24 Mishi Dorah revealed that Bridget Achieng was actually seeking powers to steal the Nairobi Diaries show from it’s executive producer.

Sounds crazy right? However, here is nothing impossible with these ladies trying to climb the ladder of fame using shortcuts.

Anyway below is a photo of the man suspected to be seeing Bridget Achieng. Dont they looks adorable!

Meet the Kenyan socialite who tattooed Alikiba’s name on her hand, Is she the one for him?

I don’t know whether to call it an obsession or just ‘fam’ love. But Bridget Achieng is a proud woman to walk around with Alikiba’s name tatted on her hand and she appears to have a made a very permanent show of her affection with her huge tattoo.

In an interview with Ghafla, the reality TV star opened up about her tattoo for the first time. And just when many thought that she was eyeing the Tanzanian singer turns out that she is just a die hard fan who could not resist getting a tattoo of his name on her hand.

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She refuted claims of having been with him as she insisted that their relationship was that of normal friends.
However rumor had it that the two hooked up when he was here in January and if anything Alikiba was aiming to make her his 4th baby mama.

Anyway, Bridget has denied being in a relationship with Alikiba during an interview with Ghafla, but question is, did they hook up? Watch the interview below:

“I have products that can tighten nunu’s and p*nis enlargement products” Bridget Achieng talks about her business

Bridget Achieng is not ashamed to say that she lightened her skin to look hotter. From a recent interview she had with City Biz, the Kenyan socialite cum reality TV star revealed that she once got dumped by her boyfriend for being dark.

“at one point, I was dumped by my boyfriend for being dark-skinned with an ugly body, which caused me to suffer from low self-esteem.”

After this sad incident, she decided to change her complexion and one way or another she ended up in the beauty-enhancing product business. She is now popularly known for distributing ‘legit’ bleaching creams that go for Sh30,000.

The lady says she got introduced to this business by one of her friends who knew one or two things about the creams. Once she gave it a shot, men started noticing her. She says she used about 1 million to change her entire look, from changing her skintone to trimming down her love handles.

“one of my friends who had travelled widely introduced me to a bleaching agent that completely changed my looks. he I also ‘trimmed’ the tyres, spending about Sh1 million for a look I really love.

Bridget Achieng says she importsher products from Thailand, Egypt and other Arab countries.  She went on to add that this products are in demand and this is how she ditched her fashion and design business. She also sells creams that enhance bubble butts, breasts and tablets that tighten the nunu.
The men are also in luck as she has products that can enlarge a man’s manhood. She says that she gets calls from more than 30 men weekly and is forced to deliver the products as they are not comfortable with picking them at the shop.