Diva the Bawse discloses her affair with Alikiba during his marriage.

Renowned Tanzanian media personality Diva The Bawse has revealed details about her past relationship with Bongo Flava star Alikiba, which unfolded while he was still married to his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef.

Diva, currently employed by Alikiba’s rival Diamond Platnumz as a radio presenter on Wasafi FM and TV, disclosed her clandestine love affair with Alikiba, which spanned many years, dating back to her tenure as a presenter at Clouds FM.

Despite their deep bond, Diva and Alikiba managed to keep their relationship concealed from the public eye for an extended period.

“Alikiba and I shared a profound connection, which is why our breakup was so tumultuous. We were compatible in many ways, allowing us to keep our relationship discreet for years,” Diva confessed.

She clarified that she had been involved with Alikiba even before he met his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef, with whom he recently ended a troubled three-year marriage.

“I was with Alikiba before his marriage. Our relationship was covert and hidden. However, when he got married, our romantic involvement ceased,” Diva revealed.

One of the factors contributing to their split was Diva’s reluctance to settle down with Alikiba at that juncture of her life.

“I wasn’t ready for marriage then, despite his proposal. I was young and not prepared to be a wife,” she explained.

Following Amina’s divorce filing in 2022, Diva and Alikiba rekindled their romance, assuming that he was now single. However, Diva learned that Alikiba had not completed his divorce proceedings with Amina.

“When I discovered that he was still legally married, I decided to end things. I made it clear that I had never been Alikiba’s mistress,” Diva affirmed.

Diva asserted that Alikiba reacted angrily to her decision to leave him due to his lack of transparency regarding the divorce.

“This pattern repeats itself in my relationships. Whenever I try to end things, I face opposition and attacks. If I persist, I am met with hostility,” she lamented.

Having moved on to a new relationship, Diva stated that she no longer harbors any romantic feelings for Alikiba.

Tanzanian Musician Alikiba Accused Of Taking Advantage Of Video Vixen

Tanzanian music star Alikiba is facing allegations of taking advantage of a Tanzanian video vixen and model named Madeleine.

In a recent interview on Wasafi FM, Madeleine accused Alikiba of hypocrisy, asserting that his public persona is starkly different from his actual character, especially concerning his treatment of women.

“The way he presents himself in the media and his reality are the complete opposite,” she said.

Madeleine said she has chosen to speak out about her experiences to shed light on what she perceives as his disrespectful and opportunistic behaviour in the entertainment industry.

“Sometimes you have to put things out there to have an impact on our society. My goal when I entered music was to become a musician, so when I met these big artists, I expected them to hold my hand, but the exact opposite happened for me,” she said.

Madeleine added that Alikiba has a history of pursuing her, even when he was married, suggesting that he showed little regard for boundaries.

“He is one of the people who showed me mad disrespect. For the industry to be respectable, there should be some boundaries, even if your job is to be a model, there is a certain amount of respect you need to give that person,” she noted.

Alikiba has not yet responded to these allegations.

This is a serious accusation, and it is important to remember that Alikiba is innocent until proven guilty. However, it is also important to listen to Madeleine’s story and to believe survivors of sexual harassment and assault.

Alikiba Speaks On Divorce, Denies Romantic Link with Niffer

Tanzanian singer Alikiba has responded to rumours that he is getting a divorce from his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef. The rumours began earlier this week when Amina posted a cryptic message on social media, which some people interpreted as a sign that she was filing for divorce.

At a press conference on Thursday, Alikiba addressed the rumours, saying that he and Amina are “still trying to work things out.” He said that they are “going through a rough patch,” but that he is “hopeful that we can overcome this.”

Alikiba also said that he does not want to “mix his brand with drama.” He said that he is “trying to keep my brand drama-free.”

The rumours about Alikiba’s divorce have been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some fans have expressed support for Alikiba and Amina, while others have said that they are “disappointed” in Alikiba.

It remains to be seen whether Alikiba and Amina will be able to work things out. However, Alikiba’s statement at the press conference suggests that he is hopeful that they can overcome their current difficulties.

In addition to the rumours about his divorce, Alikiba has also been linked to a Kenyan businesswoman named Niffer. The two were seen together in a video advertising her clothes line, and some people have speculated that they are romantically involved.

However, Niffer has denied these allegations. She said that she is “just friends” with Alikiba and that she has “never contributed to the singer’s failed marriage.”

It is unclear whether Alikiba and Amina will be able to work things out, but it is clear that the singer is trying to keep his personal life out of the public eye. He has denied the rumours about his divorce and his relationship with Niffer, and he has said that he is “trying to keep my brand drama-free.”

It’s a baby boy! Alikiba and Kenyan wife, Amina welcome second born baby

For a while now Alikiba and his wife, Amina have been giving hits of a possible break up; but turns out that these two have just been keeping busy bodies occupied. Probably we should learn to mind our business?

Alikiba with his family at his son’s birthday party

I wish we could but truth is, being a celebrity comes with its own challenges; and in this case – privacy is something these willl lark for a long time. Anyway, word making rounds on social media is that Alikiba and wife Amun’s recently welcomed a bouncing baby boy – which explains Amina’s absense on social media.

According to gossip monger Juma Lokole- his boss’s rival (Alikiba) is now a father of two boys; and to prove this, the fella shared a screenshot showing congratulatory post from one of their mutual close friend. The post read;

Alhamdullilah on Sunday afternoon my sister @Aminarikesh and @officialkiba welcome a healthy baby boy. Alhamdullilah mabrooq can’t wait to meet him.

Kiba with wife, Amina

On and Off relationship

Well it is no secret that Kiba and his wife have had their share online drama; but the last one involving Clouds FM’s Diva thebawse almost cost him his marriage.

Alikiba and Diva the bawse

But as you can see, Kiba countered this by spending more time with his wifey…and the results are finally out. As we await for a photo or rather confirmation from the couple – I guess all we can say is congratulations!

Toxic love? Trouble in paradise for Bongo singer Alikiba and Kenyan wife

Alikiba and wife, Amina Khaleef have been having a few issues here and there judging from the posts shared online.

Barely 4 months after resolving the ‘side chick‘ issue it appears that the two are back to beefing; and if anything, there issues just got worse.

Well, Alikiba’s wife this past weekend shared a suggestive post talking about Karma finally serving it’s justice; and from the tone used, this post may have been directed to cheating husband, Alikiba.

Anyway, the two love birds have allegedly been facing marital issues since they got married; but none wants to give up the toxic love which they keep publicizing through their issues on social media.

Alikiba interested in just the money?

A while back during a question and answer session between Amina and fans; the mother of one for the first time went on to reveal that she hates people who act like ‘Chawa’ bedbugs!

This statement was however interpreted as a diss to Kiba since Amina apparently has more money; meaning hubby may have chased for it and not love.

Amina throwing shade?

For this reason, Amina did not get a chance to celebrate husband’s brthday that went down a few days ago. Kiba on the other hand did not seem bothered as he spent his day with family and friends.

His side chick also shared a video from the party and in the background one can hear Kiba’s guests shouting chawa chawa  which confirms that Amina may have been firing shots at Kiba after all.

Anyway, now that it’s clear to see that all is not well…. Amina keeps fueling the break up rumors with posts on her IG story. And so far her latest post read to say;

Amina and Kiba break up?

Hawananga adabu! Alikiba’s on and off  side chick celebrates him with beautiful moving message, fans tag Kiba’s wife

Diva the Bawse know’s no boundaries and I am guessing this is why she decided to dedicate a special message to Alikiba; despite exposing their affair a few months ago.

The Clouds FM radio presenter left many shocked after coming out to reveal that she had been dating Alikiba for 10 years. According to Lulu, she enjoyed playing the part of a side chick; but after learning that Kiba wouldn’t wife her she decided to walk away.

However Kiba on the other hand was not ready to lose Diva; and for this reason he may have over pushed the buttons forcing Diva to out their relationship. However this was not reason enough especially – knowing that Kiba’s wife would come across the posts.

Diva exposes Kiba

Regrets after making rush decisions

Well with almost 7 months after the exposé it appears that Diva has been missing her man. To prove this, the 30 something year old went on to dedicate a special message to Kiba as he turned a year old. She wrote;

Diva the boss

Happy Birthday to Tanzania Finest.
with ups n downs ..you’ll always be my bestfriend for life. bestfriend i ever had … La Familia.
happy for you always. Proud Of You as usual.
say hi to that beautiful wifey n them kids. hi to mama Kibah n erybody at kiba clan….

She went on talk about his talent where she described his voice as powerful and mellow. The lass who attracted alot of controversy in her comment section went on to add;

Happy Birthday Ali wa Taifa ???? we both grew up idolizing that amazing, mellow and Powerful voice & we Salute You buddy , such iconic , versatile and legendary ???? enjoy ya day. blow mo candles…

To clear an controversies, Diva went on to reveal that she was pregnant with her Mzungu boyfriend; therefore reassuring Amina Khaleef that she had no interest in Kiba. Diva concluded her post saying;

Ps: ikno maneno ya waswahili well Im from America jus saying …. guys nna mzungu wangu. we jus deep in love we about to be Parents .. happy bday to ali and la familia asanteni. ????

Daddy duties! New photos of Alikiba bonding with son light up the internet

Alikiba is back to being the perfect husband to his wife, Amina Khaleef. The couple who recently reunited after months of staying apart following cheating allegations have been giving fans a reason to talk on social media; and this time around their is no going back.

Just a few hours ago, Kiba went on to unleash never seen before photos bonding with his youngest son Keyaan. This came as a big surprise to their fans since Amina is known for keeping her son private; in order to protect him from the negativity of social media.

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However  judging from how adorable the photos look; we can totally understand why Amina could not hold back from sharing the photos on her page.

All grown up

The last time, we saw baby Keyaan is during his first birthday that went down at a certain big hotel in Mombasa.

At 1 year, Keyaan undeniably appeared to look more like an Arab baby; but word making rounds is that Amina who is from Mombasa happens to be mixed. For this reason, she definitely contributed quite a lot to her son who now happens to be taking after his eldest brother.

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Indeed, when parents raise a child together, he grows up fast and happier! Below are the new photos of Kiba with Keyaan turning heads on social media.

Kiba with son, Keyaan
Baby Keyaan with Alikiba

Ali Kiba’s wife leaves netizens struggling to catch a glimpse of alleged baby bump(Photos)

Alikiba and his wife already reconciled after their dramatic breakup fueled by long term side chick, Diva the bawse of clouds FM.

Since the breakup went down on social media many had already assumed that Kiba and Amina Khaleef would never reconcile; but as usual, love is a topic one wouldn’t predict especially when lovers break up.

Well, barely six months after the drama and Alikiba is back with his Kenyan wife. Word making rounds is that the two reunited after much counselling down by family members; and since Alikiba was the one cheating, I guess he humbled himself in order to get back his wife.

Amina hiding pregnancy?

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Amina pregnant with baby number 2?

Thanks to a few photos making rounds on social media, we can indeed confirm that their love is back to where it once was.

Fans on the other hand have been questioning whether Amina could be pregnant with her second baby. This is because in most of the photos taken recently, Amina is spotted covering her tummy.

Having seen celebrities on social media use the same trick to hide their bumps; seems that Amina tried a bit too hard making it obvious that she was with child!

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Chances are that this could be true since the couple only has one child; and since they are both financially stable – adding one more wouldn’t be so bad. Right?

Alikiba with wife, Amina
Amina pregnant with Kiba’s baby?
King Kiba’s wife said to be pregnant

Ali Kiba and alleged pregnant wife back together with full force after ugly break up (Video)

Alikiba and his wife Amina Khaleef seem to have reconciled; months after their ugly online break up that left many talking.

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Word making rounds on social media is that the two love birds reunited after much counseling and convincing was done by parents. However Amina on the other hand did not return without setting boundaries and a few demands here and there!

Well, Amina Khaleef is said to be the new manager handling her husband’s music projects and gigs! The lady who is not only book boy street smart will from now on replace Seven Mosha who had been handling Kibe’s work for years!


Pregnant already?

Away from that, fans also believe that Amina could be pregnant with her second child judging from the photos shared on her social media pages.

Judging from how she keeps hiding her belly with her scarf and sitting position; many now believe that Alikiba indeed went back to wife and conquered!

If the rumors are true then this two will be welcoming their second child together early 2021! However, we also can’t forget side chick Diva the boss who is said to have dated Kiba on the low of close to 10 years!

The two however never had any children together and despite everything she had done for the singer; his last words to her was ‘old witch’ which he proudly referred to her before ending their relationship.

Anyway just like the famous saying mtaachana tu, Kiba might have just counted his chicks before they hatch! But also, he seems to have learnt his lesson well and will not be repeating the same mistakes anytime soon.

Wivu itawanyonga! Alikiba and wife spotted together months after nasty break up (Photo)

Just a few months ago Alikiba was exposed by his side chick after their affair came to an end! And just like most relationship, the ending was bitter to a point of risking his marriage to one Amina; who is also the mother of his last born.

After the exposè done by Clouds FM’s diva the bawse word has it that Amina and Alikiba’s marriage hit rock bottom; and the only way this too would face each other would probably be at a divorce court!

However seems like Alikiba learnt his lesson hence decided to make things right for the sake of his son! With 2 baby mamas already and the 3rd one looking for separation; the young man seriously could have this on his conscience!

Alikiba with his family at his son’s birthday party

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Spending the weekend together

Anyway while we assumed the marriage was finally over, Amina this past weekend left tongues wagging after sharing a photo of her husband hanging out with friends.

Judging from the back ground and Jerseys worn by the 3 men as seen on the photo; it would I’ll t take a scientist to tell they were out watch a football match!


However the fact that Amina is the one who shared the photo proves that all is well back in her home! Alikiba on the other hand also seems to be keeping a low profile unlike before!

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Kiba Music

Apart from hitsong Mshumaa the singer has not released any new music; but at least we now known where he has since been investing his energy to!

Alikiba comes cleans about his alleged affair with Hamisa Mobetto

Alikiba is currently a married man but word has it that his marriage to Amina Khaleef mighty be over. This is because they both live separately but being private people, the couple rarely airs their dirty laundry on social media.

So far Alikiba has been exposed for his cheating way; and unlike Diamond Platnumz, singer Alikiba has been doing it for the longest time.

Well, this is because Diva the boss recently opened up claiming to have dated Kiba for 15 years; yet before meeting his wife Amina, Alikiba had been dating Jokate Mwegelo who is now a politician.

According to Diva the boss, she was in a serious relationship with Kiba; but had to hide it from social media for the sake of the singer’s career.


Mobetto into the mix!

Well after featuring his former friend’s baby mama on his song Dodo many came out claiming he was now involved with Mobetto. Rumors on social media went on to claim that Alikiba used Mobetto as payback to Diamond for using Tanasha who gained her major popularity thanks to her project with Kiba.

Anyway speaking during a recent interview Kiba went on to say;

Tunachat. Hio mada ambayo umeizungumzia hapainaweza kuwa moja ya mada ambazo tuna zungumzia, ideas, kuna watu ambao walishanitafutaga kufanya kazi na Hamisa nikamlink up nao. Ideas tofauti tofauti as a friend unaelewa. Hakuna kitu kinaendelea mimi na Hamisa, hakuna kabisa,

Ms Mobetto with Alikiba

Diamond Platnumz

Responding to fans claiming his baby mama cheated on him with Kiba; singer Diamond refuted the claims stating that he was aware of the project.

Alikiba Anakila Haki Ya Kushoot Na Mtu Yeyote Na Hata Yeye Hamisa Mobetto Ana Haki Ya Kufanya Kazi Na Mtu Yeyote Na Kabla Kwenda Kushoot Hamisa Mobetto Aliniambia Kuwa Ali Amenicheck Nataka Kushoot Na Mimi, So Nimekupa Taarifa Usione Labda Kuna Namna Nyingine Yeyote Watu Wasijekuitafsiri Vingine, Na Mi Nikamwambia Usijali Unabaraka Zangu Zote Kafanya,

However at the end if the day this too is a job for video vixen, Ms Mobetto.

Why Tanasha Donna should take notes from Diamond Platnumz exes, Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto

Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto are proving that dating the same man; doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the beginning of another world war. Both having been involved with Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz has actually left these two ladies behaving like best friends on social media.

Well, just a few hours ago Hamisa Mobetto dropped a short comment complimenting Wema Sepetu for her gorgeous looks; only to excite fans who could not believe their eyes.

As seen in the comment section, Hamisa Mobetto went on to tell Wema,

Wema Sepetu

Umependeza sanaa…anything for you my love

A statement that seems to have ignited mixed feelings on the post. According to fans, Wema and Hamisa’s attitude towards each other portrayed maturity; understanding and most of all…love despite having dated the same man.

Tanasha and Zari Hassan

Others also went on to add that Tanasha Donna needs to take notes from these two friends who also dated Diamond Platnumz but never threw shade at each other.

Well, I am not surprised by these comments since Tanasha and Zari got into a petty instagram exchange that left team Zari tearing down Tanasha Donna.

Hamisa mobetto’s comment

As seen on their posts, Zari’s only interest was to protect young Tanasha who in turn – threw back shade claiming Diamond Platnumz would never leave her.

Barely six months after her online drama with Ms Zari; Tanasha finally got to understand what was being said by the mother of 5. Anyway mama Naseeb Junior is currently staying in Kenya after fleeing Tz.

Just the other day the lass also got to understand what it means to be publicly trolled by Juma Lokole; who not only revealed Tanasha Donna was lazy in bed; but went on to add that this Kenyan singer was clueless on how to treat her man, Platnumz in bed.

Not quite sure how Lokole found out about this – but chances are that Diamond Platnumz did the bad mouthing behind his exes back, right?


Alikiba’s former side chick brutally trolled for over editing photos

Diva the boss has not been having it easy ever since revealing that Alikiba was had been her man until December 2019.

According to her posts, Alikiba dated her as a side chick for 10 years but after realizing their relationship wasn’t headed anywhere; she then decided to dump the guy who seems attached to her.

Anyway, Diva the boss has since moved on with one of the boys who quit Alikiba’s music label; and from the look of things, she seems somehow confused with everything happening around her.

Kiba and Diva online war

Team Kiba trolling Diva

Apart from that, exposing Alikiba was one of the greatest mistakes Diva ever committed. This can easily be seen through the many Kiba fans who have been leaving nasty comments below her photos.

As seen on her latest post, it seems that Diva is no longer attractive to the Kiba gang who continue referring to her as Kigakula; which means wicked witch in Swahili.

Diva the boss

Well apart from just being called this, the fans got a bit too nasty as they threw shade at the lady for over editing her photos. Some referred to her  as a white ghost since she seems to have over filtered her photo; leaving her looking some type of way.

It’s however not the first time Diva is throwing such edits on her photos. For some reason the clouds FM radio presenter portrays low self esteem; which leaves fans wondering what really attracted Alikiba towards her.

Judging from ruthless these fans seem to be behaving towards Lulu; it’s not clear as to whether her career as an entertainer in Tz will really survive before this Corona pandemic ends.


This is awkward! How Amina Khalef deliberately snubbed Ali Kiba’s message on her birthday

Months after allegations hit gossip sites that Ali Kiba and his wife were not in good terms; we finally came to understand why their home has not been having any peace!

Apparently the Bongo singer has been involved with Diva the Bawse from Clouds FM who has been his side chick for about 10 years now. According to Diva, she has been in and out of Alikiba’s life for years; however in 2019 she decided to walk away for good.

Alikiba’s former side chick

She was however forced to expose her relationship with Alikiba after some members from his team started spreading lies about her on social media.

Alikiba’s divorce

However Diva’s story comes months after rumor had it that; Kiba was divorcing his wife barely a year after they held their grand wedding in Nairobi.

Kiba with wife, Amina

The rumors started circulating on social media barely one year after the two exchanged their vows promising to love and cherish each other.

Speaking about the divorce rumors, Kiba denied having an intentions of divorcing his wife; but admitted that things were not so good. He opened up saying;

“It is true our marriage is on the rocks, but it is not true that I have divorced her. I have not taken her back to Mombasa. It is also not true that she refused to stay with my mother and siblings. Stop spreading lies and work,”

Amina Khalef fed up

Well judging from the post Ms Amina shared after her husband was exposed for cheating; it indeed appeared that Amina was tired and ready to move on with her life.


It is unclear as to whether the coffin symbolized the death of the relationship;  or rather her love for the singer who turned out to be a cheat after fans blamed her fir breaking up with Kiba a few months ago.

Snubs Kiba

Well things don’t seem so good as she chose to ignore the special birthday message Alikiba sent her just a few days ago when she turned a year older.

Amina Khalef appreciated and reposted messages from her close friends – but refused to respond to the one Alikiba sent her. She went on to write saying;

Amina’s message


Mombasa Governor’s alleged American side-chick exposed!

Governor Joho 001 this past weekend made headlines on most top tabloids after his alleged side chick residing in Dubai was unveiled on social media.

Ms Carolinedxb

As seen on posts shared by blogger Edgar Obare, we now understand that the 001 governor had been in a romantic relationship with a lady identified as Carolinedxb; an independent boss lady with an expensive lifestyle as seen on her Instagram page!

Well, it turns out that Carolinedxb has been in a serious relationship with Hassan Joho 2 years ago; but they both broke it off due to personal reasons!

Caroline’s post

About Carolinedxb

However, the source who shared the photo claims that Carolinedxb was proud and happy to be with Joho as she documented their every move on her gram!

At the Mara

At some given time she even shared a personal photo with Joho – but was forced to delete it immediately in order to protect his identity.

Judging from most of the posts shared on her page; Ms Carolinedxb was never kept a secret since she hang out with Alikiba, Ommy Dimpoz and even Amina Khalef – who is Kiba’s wife.

With Joho’s entourage

Trips and adventures

From the photos shared on her Instagram page, we believe that Joho flew her to the Maasai Mara; where the former couple spent some private time together with the governor’s entourage!

Former Lovers, Joho and Caroline

As seen on her page, the lass also travelled to Lamu with her handsome man. And from the look of things Ms Carolinedxb was definitely eating life with a big spoon!

About Carolinedxb and Joho

Although between these two did not work out, she acknowledges that they were both in a serious relationship which unfortunately came to an end 2 years ago.

Ex lovers

Through her Instagram page Carolinedxb clarified this saying;

Dear bloggers, bye!

With the story going viral 1 year after her break up, Ms Carolinedxb went on to tell off bloggers saying;

Dear bloggers/News

You’re over a year late. This is very old news and I have no interest in discussing the details of my personal life and relationship with you.

Please stop asking!

Dear bloggers

Alikiba exposed

This comes barely a week after Alikiba’s side chick came out to expose the singer who had been in her bed for years!

As seen on several posts shared by Diva thee Bawse; she had allegedly been dating the guy on the low despite knowing the fact that he is married!

Well with the two stories already out – then we might as well as agree that birds of a feather definitely flock together!

Alikiba’s former side chick allegedly fired from popular radio (details)

Rumor has it that Diva the Bawse who was a radio presenter at Clouds FM has been fired after exposing her relationship with Alikiba!

The lass who left many talking on social media, went public about her relationship with Alikiba leaving many shocked!

Kiba’s ex

According to the lady, she has been on an on and off relationship with Alikiba for 10 years; and after much thought, she finally decided to walk out on the guy.

As seen on her posts, Diva claimed that she dumped Alikiba hoping he would focus on his wife. However word making rounds is that Diva moved on with one of the artists who resigned from Kiba’s label just a few days ago.

Diva fired

Away from that, Ms Diva the Bawse is currently jobless after her bosses allegedly fired her for speaking about Kiba.

Kiba with his wife, Amina

Fans on social media learnt about this through an incredible source who confirmed that Diva is now out of work! She later on confirmed this by editing her Instagram bio where she removed the clouds FM link!

Clouds FM’s family

Despite leaving the radio station, miss Diva revealed that Clouds FM will continue being part of her family no matter the circumstances!


Proof that Alikiba’s wife is fed up with her husband’s cheating ways!

Amina Khaleef popularly known as Alikiba’s wife left many talking after the hilarious video shared moments after her husband was exposed by his former side chick!

Alikiba’s side chick

Word has it that Amina left Kiba since he was not faithful and even after being painted at the villain; the truth finally came out at the last minute.

Amina’s video

Judging from the contents in the video shared by Amina, we can say that indeed there was no future for her and King Kiba!

We cannot confirm whether the coffin represented the dead relationship or just another hilarious way of laughing off at her baby daddy for being exposed!


Fans support

Anyway now that it is clear that Alikiba is not an angel nor the perfect gentleman many assumed he was; fans have gone ahead to show their support for Amina Khaleef who chose to maintain her silence despite many trolling for walking out on Kiba last year.

Couple, Ali Kiba and Amina Khalef

Some fans have suggested that she should move on with her life; since Kiba is known to depend on older women who support his lifestyle!

It is also unclear as to whether Alikiba’s relationship with his wife will go back to normal; but as for now all we can do is watch and see how the story unfolds!

Alikiba’s sarcastic birthday message to his Kenyan wife

Alikiba was yesterday exposed for who he is and unlike what most thought; this singer is no different from Diamond Platnumz who has always been real!

Well, his side chick Diva thee Bawse left many talking after confirming that she was Alikiba’s side dish; and after calling off her relationship with the singer, he apparently did not want to let go.

Alikiba’s former side chick

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However, thanks to a few posts shared on her page; we now understand that the exposè had something to do with a love triangle between Kiba, Diva and one of the artists who resigned from Kiba’s recording label.

Alikiba speaks

While addressing women of the threats thrown his way by Diva; Alikiba went on to throw shade at the 31 year old Clouds FM radio presenter where he referred to her as Kigakula which allegedly means an wicked witch.’

For the first time, Instagram followers could not agree with Kiba’s reaction towards the lass; when in the first place it was his mistake to cheat on his wife!

Birthday message

Anyway, with the fire burning and spreading on social media; Kiba then decided to worsen the situation by involving his wife.

Without a care in the world, Alikiba went on to wish his wife a happy birthday despite him knowing that she had learnt about his extra activities! Through his Instagram page Kiba share the photo below and captioned saying;

Happy birthday to you mama Keeyan. Wife wa dunia.

Kiba with his wife, Amina

Alikiba talks about his long term unknown relationship with Hamisa Mobetto

Alikiba has shocked many with his latest music project which he featured Diamond Platnumz baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto.

As seen on Instagram and YouTube indeed the two put out an incredible piece of work leaving many praising the King of Bongo music!

Ali Kiba with Hamisa Mobetto

Others have also gone ahead to question Alikiba’s motive of working with Ms Mobetto; when he knew she was involved with Diamond.

Long term friends

Thanks to his Instagram live that went down last night, Alikiba for the first time revealed that he has been friends with Hamisa for years; but it was never felt the need to publicize.

The Bongo singer went on to add that he was the first one to actually worked with Hamisa years before people knew who she was.

Alikiba revealed that he featured her as a model in his brother’s AbduKiba’s hit song hatuna habari nao a project released a while back.


The Tanasha and Kiba

Well, so far it appears that King Kiba has managed to work with two of Diamond Platnumz baby mamas while the rest remain as good friends!

Kiba with Tanasha

Alikiba has proven to have mature relationships with all the women involved with Diamond Platnumz; and unlike most men he understands the value of friendship!

King Kiba’s message after Diamond Platnumz manager and Mwana FA test positive for coronavirus

Ali Kiba has joined the list of celebrities wishing all coronavirus patients a quick recovery through his Instagram page.

Earlier Friday morning Ali Kiba shared what appeared to be a prayer on his Instagram page; crying out to God not to punish his people with the virus that seems to be making rounds around the world.

Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz
King Kiba with bff, Ommy Dimpoz

According to Ali Kiba the virus seems to have affected even places of worship as people can no longer gather for prayers. Through his Instagram page Alikiba wrote;

Ya Raab, Ya Raab, Ya Raab, tutizame kwa jicho la huruma, tumekosa na sisi ni viumbe dhaifu. Tunakuomba kwa Rehma zako, tuepushie hili janga, tusamehe madhambi yetu.

He went on to add;

Hakuna wakumkimbilia ila ni wewe. Tegemeo letu ni kwako Allah. Usituadhibu kwa kiasi hii, mpaka nyumba yako Tukufu iwe ni shida sisi kuizuru. Kwa Rehma zako, na Imani yako na kwa tegemeo letu kwako wewe In Shaa Allah utatutolea tiba na kurudi kwako. JUMAAA MAQBOOL ????????????????????????????????#Kingkiba

Sallam SK and Mwana FA positive

So far Tanzanian celebrities Mwana FA and Diamond Platnumz manager Sallam SK have confirmed that they tested positive for the coronavirus; however they remain under the care of well trained doctors for now!

King Kiba

Sallam Sk who is in Europe with the rest of WCB team has been keeping a low profile since confirming he had been infected.

Mwana FA is however in Tanzania where he is quarantined to avoid affecting others especially his family and young daughters!

Mwana FA and Alikiba

However with Alikiba’s Friday prayer, it clearly shows that the singer will continue standing in prayers with the rest of the world as we battle the Coronavirus pandemic!

Alikiba has also been maintaining a low profile  and unlike other celebrities using this to their advantage; King Kiba prefers remaining prayerful!

Diamond Platnumz marks Harmonize’s 29th birthday with special message!

Word making rounds is that Diamond Platnumz has no beef with Harmonize!

This is after the singer went on to celebrate Harmonize’s new album through his Instagram page; where Simba shared a post promoting the Afroeast album.

Diamond Platnumz post

Diamond Platnumz message however came at a time when Harmonize was also celebrating his 29th birthday! Many fans are now assuming that this was Simba’s way of marking his old friend’s birthday. Platnumz wrote;

Make sure you DOWNLOAD, STREAM & SHARE BRAND NEW Album from @harmonize_tz #AFROEAST Available on All Digital Platforms now ???? #KONDEBOY #KondeGang

Online war!

The two old best friends parted ways in 2019 but unlike most men, seems that Diamond and Harmonize attracted a lot of drama after harmonize quit Wasafi records!


The two artists engaged in an online word battle that led to the two dissing each other through their music. It is not clear as to why Diamond Platnumz got bitter with Konde boy after quitting his job at Wasafi.

So far fans from both camps have been battling it out trying to prove who is the king of Bongo music!

Harmonize should slow down, too many songs at once

Kiba on the other hand seems to be maintaining his silence when it comes to music; but seeing Ommy Dimpoz at Harmonize’s event proves that King Kiba is now supporting Harmonize!


Savage! Alikiba’s wife, Amina leaves tongues wagging after dedicating new message to busy bodies around her

Amina Khaleef who is Alikiba’s wife has set the record straight; especially when it comes to haters investigating and spreading rumors about her private life.

On Monday 10th, the lass shared a new post dedicated to all haters involving themselves with matters that don’t concern them.

Amina Khaleef with hubby, Alikiba

In her post it is evident to see that she has been keenly observing thode spreading rumors about her life!

Through her Instagram page the mother of one shared a rare photo of her with Kiba looking all cute; to which she used a proverb to caption the photo, Mrs Kiba wrote;

The Kiba’s


Alikiba at son’s birthday

The message comes just a few days after the couple threw a lavish birthday to celebrate their son as he turned 1 year!

Alikiba with his family at his son’s birthday party

The high profiled party went down at the Lord Erroll Gourmet restaurant in Nairobi. However, rumor has it that the event only saw Ali Kiba and Amina’s close relatives and friends attend!

Break up

Seeing them together however left fans asking questions while others couldn’t hold back their joy; after learning Kiba and his wife have been slowly working on their marriage!

A while back the two parted ways after Kiba’s family allegedly got too involved in Amina’s life! But the couple seems to have solved this issue and the two are back to showing off their love on social media.

Alikiba proves that he is still in love with his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef

Alikiba’s son’s birthday definitely did leave busy bodies; or rather social media rumor mongers hiding their faces as the couple proved that they were still together.

Kiba’s wedding

The two were spotted having quite a good time at their son’s (Keeyan) first birthday that went down at a private area.

Judging from the party set up, it’s obvious to tell that Alikiba definitely coughed out some good amount to have his son’s 1st bash trending on social media.

Kiba on wedding

However what many speechless is the fact that Alikiba and his wife Amina Khalef were actually together and in good terms.

Kiba back with his wife

Well according to stories shared online a while back; rumor had it that Alikiba and his wife had called off their relationship due to some family issues.

Alikiba with Amina Khalef af their wedding

The two were said to have parted ways and since Kiba wasn’t sharing photos of his wife on his Instagram; many went on to assume this is true.

However, turns out that they have been together for quite a while and these two might not break up even in future as they compliment each other quite well!

Anyway below are a few of their photos from the bash.

Alikiba with his wife
Alikiba with his family at his son’s birthday party

How Alikiba and his wife celebrated their son’s 1st birthday party

Alikiba and his wife Amina shocked many after they were photographed looking all happy together this past weekend.

The two were rumored to have parted ways a while back; only months later to give their fans another reason to celebrate after their lovely photos confirmed that they had indeed been together all along; despite the many endless break up rumors.

Alikiba on his wedding day

Anyway turns out that they were protecting their marriage and Children’s futures by keeping their relationship on the low.

Keeyan celebrates 1st birthday

Anyway fo mark this special milestone Alikiba and his wife ensured that their baby’s birthday party was one to remember!

Alikiba with his wife

Thanks to a few photos circulating on social media, we understand that this was an invites only bash; that saw only close relatives attend.

Anyway looking at some of the photos from the party it’s easy to see that Keeyan is his mum’s twin; that is Alikiba’s genes in baby Keeyan were not so strong. Anyway check out the photos from the party below.

Baby Keeyan turns 1 year old
Alikiba with his family at his son’s birthday party
The Kiba family


Alikiba’s youngest son celebrates 1st birthday!

Bongo singer Alikiba who seems to have settled in Kenya’s coast region is a proud father of many!

Baby Keeyan

His youngest sons baby Keeyan recently celebrated his first birthday and to mark this special milestone in his son’s life; the singer did what he best does to celebrate his kids!

Alikiba’s son, Keeyan

Through his Instagram page the Tanzanian super star shared a never before seen photo of his baby boy back when he was fresh from the womb.

Alikiba’s birthday message to baby Keeyan

Being a man of few words Alikiba did not have much to tell his son as he turned 1! Through his Instagram page the singer wrote;

Baby Keeyan

Baby Keegan’s first birthday comes just after Alikiba and his wife, Amina were said to have gone their separate ways following an unknown dispute.

As for now we cannot confirm whether the relationship or over for good or the two finally worked out their issues.

They grow up so fast! Alikiba’s youngest son flaunts hundreds of dollars on social media

Alikiba’s 10 month old son Keeyan is clearly his father’s son and this can be seen in their striking resemblance.

After taking so long to share his photos on Instagram, seems like Alikiba has finally decided to parade baby Keeyan every time he gets that chance.

In the latest photo shared by King Kiba we get the chance to see how big his baby boy has grown and in fact if you thought Alikiba on and off music career is not bringing in money then you got it wrong.

Cash money Keeyan

Well, turns out that Alikiba has enough money to go around his children and this is why baby Keegan posed holding 2 hundred dollars which Kiba went on to caption saying;

Baby Keeyan

Big boss

Although Alikiba and wife Amina continue to maintain a low profile, their fans can’t stop asking whether they are still together or have moved on with other people.