Bridget Achieng’s late mother finally laid to rest

Actress cum socialite Bridget Achieng and family united this past weekend to give their mum the final send off.

Unfortunately their mum passed on about a week ago and according to Bridget Achieng; the doctors could not identify what their mother was suffering from.

Their mother’s death however came just a few weeks after Bridget Achieng welcomed her son. Through an Instagram live session, the socialite went on to reveal that it feels like her mum was just waiting for the arrival of her grandson before she departed.

Laid to rest

Judging from the photos shared by Bridget Achieng and her sister Catherine, we understand that their mum was finally laid to rest this weekend.

Although not much was shared from the burial ceremony, we managed to get just a few pictures thanks to Bridget’s Instagram page. Check out the photos below.