Cashy Karimi a toxic mum? Leaves many feeling sorry for her son with Khaligraph Jones(Video)

Okay, I don’t even know where to begin because – wow – Cashy you just let yourself down with the latest video posted on your Instagram stories.

I mean, was it necessary? Did it make you feel like the better parent having dragged your son to see his – who by the way walked out on him? These are some of the questions fans are asking the lady following her latest post.

Baby Xolani breaks down as dad, Khaligraph Jones walks away

Judging from the comments left on the video, both mums and dads bashed the lady for creating a toxic environment around her son. Thanks to the short video clip, she literally made this possible through a video she shot during one of her many argument with Khali making both her son and fans witness the kind of relatinonahip she has with the other parent and its just TOXIC.

Time heals everything

Well – this comes after months of attacking Khaligraph Jones on social media – always ready to drag him for not supporting just son. Howeber with the video allow me to say that this may explain why Khaligraph Jones isn’t interested in helping his son.

Miss Cashy with son, Xolani

I mean how can they reason together – when she’s always set on recording for social media nobody? Hunny…. it’s like setting him up for failure and expecting him to come through. Or wait – could Cashy still be interested in him? No?

But what’s with the clingy bitter ex traits? Is she fighting him for the baby or for herself?

Don’t get me wrong – no one is judging Cashy that is if she’s still stuck on her ex man….but the problem comes in when she drags their son to witness their childish drama as seen on her post – all in the name of child support.

Okay…assuming maybe she’s not interested him as we believe…. what explains her intentions for recording the clip? To paint baby daddy like the devil she claims he is? But look…. even God himself couldnt agree with her actions this time around and those who once cared about her stories now feel she should get a job and stand on her own two feet.

Again…like Nana Owiti once said, a parent shouldn’t bring agony into their kids life. Cashy needs to first heal from the untimely breakup, focus on both herself and son and move on….then maybe coparenting will work. If not….she’ll keep running in and out of family court because without Khaligraph Jones child support….her son will never know peace.

Again…next time she wants to argue or disagree with baby daddy in public – DON’T CARRY THE BABY ALONG!

The OG was not respected! Khaligraph Jones loses chain worth 60K to crowd 

Rapper Khaligraph Jones was recently in Kisumu for a major performance and in turn, lost one of his valuables.

The OG was performing during the much-hyped Guinness Smooth launch party on Saturday, October 26, in Kisumu and in the process lost his chain worth Ksh 60,000 to the rowdy crowd.

No hate

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph lost his chain when he went off stage to mingle with fans amidst his performance and a fan snatched the chain off his neck.

“The chain they took is worth KSh 60,0000, but those are small things, I came to kill the show,” Khaligraph said. 

He also added that he doesn’t hate his fans for that and still loves them despite what they did to him.

Khaligraph’s baby mama Georgina shares first day they met 

Khaligraph’s baby mama Georgina Muteti has surprised many after revealing the day she met her man.

Taking to social media, the beautiful lass revealed that they met in 2017 just after Khali and Cashy had broken up.  He went on to say that OG saw her and thought she looks amazing despite having a bad hair day.

“This was the first-day when while I was this neat, he believed I still looked bomb. This was 2017,” she captioned the photo.


Break up

Khali first hinted that she had parted ways with Cashy in 2017 during an interview in Tanzania. While on his media tour in Tanzania, the artist stopped over for an interview at Clouds FM where the question was thrown at him by presenter B Dozen.

“Nikiondaka bila kuuliza hili swali sitakuwa nimewatendea haki mafans wako, na wanataka kujua kuhusu wewe na Cashy ambaye ni mpenzi wako’’ B Dozen posed.

Without getting into much details Khaligraph admitted their relationship was on the rocks but the two artists were working on it.

‘’You are calling the shots…Vitu zinafanyika tu, lakini wasijali vitu zitakuwa tu sawa,’’ Khaligraph responded.

For the gram! Khaligraph Jones attacked for shaking weeks old baby pretending to put her to sleep

New dad Khaligraph Jones apparently still has a lot to learn about fatherhood.

Jones, who is yet to spend more than a month with his baby, posted a video on social media swinging the baby left right and center pretending to put it to sleep.


Jones was blasting his new jam Leave Me alone while shaking the baby and didn’t care much about the dangers it comes with..

For those who don’t know, shaking a baby is very dangerous.

It can cause bleeding in the brain (subdural hemorrhages) or bleeding in the retinas (retinal hemorrhages). Additional injury happens when the shaken baby is thrown down onto a surface, resulting in shaken impact syndrome.

When a child is shaken, the brain bounces back and forth against the sides of the skull.

Jones however didn’t care. And when a fan tried to correct him. He blasted the fan asking him to leave him alone.

“Give birth to your own kid and leave other people’s children alone,” he bellowed.

Kidum welcomes 7th child, Khaligraph gets baby girl with new catch a year after Cashy dumped him(Photos)

Rapper Khaligraph Jones and singer Kidum are the latest dads in town.

Jones, who broke up with Cashy late 2017 in an ugly split, has been blessed with his first born, a baby girl, thanks to his new catch Georgina Muteti.

On social media Jones, who was abroad  when the baby was born, posted, “Glory be to God”.


Kidum, welcomed baby number seven with his girlfriend. The two have been together for almost a decade now. He has 6 kids for three other marriages.

The singer took to social media to share several photos of his brand new baby boy who was given birth hours after he came from a show.

“From kajiado county after my show yesterday Friday straight to Maternity .A bouncing baby boy Kidum junior ! This is the second baby born while I am away performing both born on Friday . His nickname is Kajiado . The other one( Nicole) was born on Friday while in Kigali in Franky Joe concert 2015.” he posted.

Cashy forgives OG despite all the things he did to her: We will rise as women no matter what happens behind the scenes 

Kenyans believe rapper Cashy is using rapper and ex-lover Khaligraph Jones to revive her stalled career.

The MC has been jumping from one media house to another sharing details of her past relationship after announcing about her comeback and little has been said about her new song in the process.

Cashy has accused Khaligraph Jones of several things including being abusive and being manipulative. In an recent interview on Citizen TV, the rapper opened up about how he tormented her in the relationship, giving her a green light to move on to another.

Moved on

The rapper confessed that even after all this, she has forgiven OG and now is looking at her next phase of life.

”Today, I am the OG here. The past is in the past. I have let everything go. I went through a difficult time but I am over that now, we will rise as women no matter what happens behind the scenes,” she added. 

During the interview, she confessed she had decided to just forget about her past and everything and focus on building herself and her music career.

“I’m still getting threats” Cashy claims after exposing Kayole’s Khaligraph Jones 

Rapper Cashy recently came out to share what transpired between her and ex-boyfriend Khaligraph Jones that led to their ugly break. In her confession, she said that Jones was violent and even threatened her.

Cashy has come out to state that even after her coming out to share what happened, she’s still getting the threats.

“Some people from a certain Camp, still throwing threats my way. Bothered by the fact that i’m speaking the truth. I’m not scared/ I don’t have room in me for fear and I have no apologies for that” wrote Miss Cashy.


The popular rapper has being doing numerous interviews of late speaking about her past relationship with fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones whom she claims physically abused her.

”Like last year, you would see had moved on with my life, and I was quiet but someone puts up pictures of women nak*d on his bed. I was with this person for five years, he was not doing that. Even you people seeing him on Instagram should wonder why he is doing it, it is spite,” Cashy revealed at an interview. 


Cashy finally releases her new song, continues to expose ex-lover Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Cashy is back after almost three years of silence and she’s pinning Khaligraph Jones down for millage for her new song.

The popular rapper has being doing numerous interviews of late speaking about her past relationship with fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones whom she claims physically abused her.

”Like last year, you would see had moved on with my life, and I was quiet but someone puts up pictures of women nak*d on his bed. I was with this person for five years, he was not doing that. Even you people seeing him on Instagram should wonder why he is doing it, it is spite,” Cashy revealed at an interview. 


”He even did a song trying to invalidate me just because his ego is shattered. I am sorry bruuuh. And then he’s making out with who and who, having panic babies because Cashy had her baby, ‘even me’ you know. Then he texts me to tell me ‘you will see.”

Who is Cashy?

Surprisingly, Jones in an interview with Kiss 100, claimed he doesn’t know her. Yes he denied even ever meeting her.

Cashy has now released her comeback song dubbed “Naitwa Cashy” to back her interviews. Not much about Khali has been said on the track however but she mentions one or two things in the song.

Listen to it below:

Who is that? Khaligraph Jones denies he was physically abusing Cashy, Says he doesn’t even know her

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has shot down allegations from his ex-lover Cashy that he physically and emotionally abused her.

Cashy, after almost two years of silence, has come out to accuse the soon-to-be dad of manipulating, threatening and beating her during their relationship.

About to be a father

In a candid interview with Kiss 100 however, Khaligraph claimed he had no idea who Cashy was and his private life will always remain private.

“How so? I do not even know who you are talking about. Let me tell you something, it is a known fact about Khaligraph Jones. I try to keep my personal life discreet,” the rapper said.

Jones has been dating his new girlfriend for about a year now and they are expecting their first kid. He broke up with Cashy in 2016.

“I don’t know what all this things people are saying is about. The only thing that is of importance to me right now is that the OG is going to be a dad. I’m going to have a baby something that I have been looking forward to for the longest time. Hiyo ndio kitu me nafurahia saa hii,” Khaligraph added. 


Cashy reveals ex-lover Khaligraph Jones was cheating on her with a sponsor

Rapper Cashy has come out to accuse fellow rapper and ex-lover Khaligraph Jones of cheating on her during their relationship. Cashy, who is gearing for a comeback after months of being away, said that Jones mistreated her, had a sponsor who was financing his high-end lifestyle and also had several mistress.

Cashy also maintained she did not cheat on the renown musician unlike what media houses and blogs claimed.

Took her time

In a series of posts, the singer revealed that after walking away from her relationship, Khaligraph and his team went on to threaten her. She also claimed Jones didn’t want her to go to school to further her studies.
When asked why it took her so long to finally lift the lid on the supposed skeletons in Khaligraph’s closet, Cashy said she had to be ready.


View this post on Instagram


Khaligraph Jones ex girlfriend continues to spill the beans on their botched relationship

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on Feb 9, 2019 at 7:41am PST


View this post on Instagram


Khaligraph Jones ex girlfriend continues to spill the beans on their botched relationship

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on Feb 9, 2019 at 7:41am PST

Kama ako na toothpick pia useme! Fans gear for Cashy’s diss after announcing she’s now ready to expose Khaligraph Jones 

Once flying high lovebirds Khaligraph Jones and fellow rapper Cashy are now gearing for a serious battle on the mic following their ugly break up.

The two broke up last year in a rather unexpected fashion just months after Kenyans fell in love with them over their hit record “Mica Sucasa”. They didn’t reveal the reason for their break up as both chose to stay away from the controversy.

Ready to talk

Cashy has now come out to share that she’s ready to reveal why she had to leave Jones, hinting that he might have been abusing her physically and emotionally.

“| AHEM.. | ? .Happy 2019 Fam!! ?
I would like to touch on a few topics, on this post and the next few coming up. Sensitive topics that a lot of you have sent me questions about over the past year. There have been rumours, guesses, random stories here and there, most of which are terribly untrue, and some just plain hilarious,” She posted on social media.

The rapper is planning a comeback after almost a year of silence and she’s planning to use the confession as bait. Her new song will be released on Feb 12. She has been hyping fans on social media about the song getting them excited.

“I’ve seen some of them, still I remained generally untriggered, you know, because the Zen life chose me ? If you know Cashy, then you know that huwa sina haraka na life, I compete with absolutely no-one and I move at whichever pace feels alright with me, regardless.
I took the time I needed to grow and free myself of a certain past that I can now openly share,” she said. 


I’ll talk about how and why I seemingly ‘stopped’ doing music, (and yaani I can really rap btw ??), I’ll be real about why I CHOSE TO LEAVE a certain relationship, I’ll discuss physical abuse, financial manipulation, emotional abuse, slander and threats on my life + wellbeing…etc.

I’ll talk about what I’ve seen as a woman in a certain place with certain people. Not because I have to, but because it is VERY IMPORTANT to do so, especially in the kind of society and world we live in now. Nitakuwa mtrue sana na hizo zote.

I’ll also talk about my legit wins!!?
si ati nini ama nini ?
I’m seriously excited, AND FREE!!! Through everything, I am eternally grateful to my family, and friends (old x new) for being beyond supportive.
My son, Xo, for being my purpose..♡
And GOD, for granting me SUPERNATURAL GRACE, STRENGTH AND FAVOR, all in overflow ayeee!With that said, Allow me to reintroduce myself, NAITWA CASHY.????”

Kula pesa yako peke yako boss! Khaligraph angers fans for flaunting money on social media 

It’s January and money is one of the rarest commodities in Kenya right now, unless, you are rapper Khaligraph Jones.

The popular rapper, who has started the year with a bang, ended up angering his fans on social media for always flaunting money.

Respect money

Fans on social media it seems have grown tired of him always flaunting money and asked him to be humble now that he’s become a successful artist.

The harsh comments come just a day after he started the Gwala challenge in which he encouraged fans to floss their money on social media.

Later after being trolled, Jones took to social media to say that all he’s trying to do is enjoy his money. He also promised to stop showing his money and flaunt other things that might not get attention as much.

“Yenyewe Hii Kenya Mtu haezi kula pesa yake na Amani, Kuanzia Kesho basi ntakua nawaonyesha Ma karatasi za Nylon paper na mayai za Quail Tujenge nchi na uchumi sababu naambiwa nastress wale watu January imewakalia ngumu nikiwaonyesha GWALA???.” he said.


We play only 30% local. We don’t just pick any song -Kiss FM Program Controller explains process of choosing Kenyan music 

As the heated debate on why Kenyan music is not on the radio continues, stations have come out to pledge their support and increase the local airtime.

Kenyan artists have been complaining about Bongo artists and Nigerians taking over local music space despite local artists producing quality projects.

Playing 70% international

Popular radio station Kiss FM has now come out to explain how they pick songs that get heavy rotation. According to the Program Controller, 30% local content only has been airing so far. 70% is international.

The controller also shared that Khaligraph shouldn’t complain at all because he was one of the most played artists in 2018 in the station.

Here’s the full interview published in their website:

1. What percentage of local music is played?

Kiss I think we are playing 30% Kenyan music and Khaligraph should not be one to complain because he was heavily played last year.

2. How do you choose which songs should be played on air?

They are considered based on merit. If a song is good it will be played. We have a music panel that sits every week and goes through all the submissions for that week, both international and local and then based on availability of space to add new songs, we pick the songs that are going to be added for that week. The music added also depends on how many songs we have also dropped because we play a fixed size of a database. We don’t just keep adding songs.

3. Who curates music?

Curation is done by the programme controller basically and music schedulers but also we have an automation software where we set some rules and then it does most of the work and then basically everything is as we want it to be.

Khaligraph Jones not happy with King Kaka for snubbing him in his upcoming album launch

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has asked fellow rapper King Kaka to involve him in his album campaign for his album “Eastlando Royalty” which is set to be released in two weeks.

King Kaka has been in heavy campaigns and has been moving from county to county holding shows with several other artists but has not involved any other rapper.

Khaligraph Jones asked him to tag him alone in some of the campaigns so that he can give him a hand.

“Lakini Buda @thekingkaka why are you not involving some of us in these things, we are representing the same culture and I understand the amount of effort it takes to put an album together, personally am proud and happy to see KE Hip Hop make these kind of moves lakini Tuhusishe wengine wetu ndio tuweze piga kelele pamoja, EASTLANDO ROYALTY DROPPING SOON, ARE YOU READY?” wrote Khaligraph Jones.


King kaka happily replied to his message and told Jones that he has been invited for the album launch party which will be on November 30. He also suggested that they should hit the studio after that.

@Khaligraphjones Kwa hiyo story nimekubayia tiko mbili VIP ukuje tuone The Culture , iza nimekuwa up and down si unaelewa mambo ya Album. Karibu Budah. Wacha at nimalize album tuingie studio” said King Kaka. 


Nakuja kukupiga miti kwa Kiti!! ‘Horny’ Khaligraph Jones sends girlfriend erotic message while in Dallas 

Khaligraph Jones is currently on his way back from Dallas Texas where he just bagged the best Rap Act Award at the 2018 African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).

But as much as the rapper might be excited, it seems he misses his girlfriend a lot since it has been over a week with them being apart. Just a week.


He recently took to social media to share a very dirty freestyle rapping how he’s going to make lover to his girlfriend once he touches down in Kenya. And it will all start with a quickie at JKIA as soon as they meet.

We all know Khali has new girlfriend now after Cashy broke his heart and got pregnant with another man. Khali’s new bae, who goes by the name Georgina, will definitely enjoy the verbal porn from her man as she awaits him.

List to the freestyle below;

Khaligraph: Octopizzo succumbed to pressure, bought YouTube Views

Rapper Octopizzo recently released a new song called Oliel that has been trending for the wrong reasons. Actually, Octipizzo’s song is trending for not trending…organically.

Fans have accused the rapper of buying views for his new song which is in its way to hit 2.5 million in just a week. His nemesis Khaligraph Jones weighed in on the matter, saying that that rapper must have bought the views.

“[Sometimes] you succumb to the pressure and with some people, you have to do what you have to do”And with him I think he had to do what he to do. At the end of the day, real people know what is happening,” Jones, a rapper who has beefed with Octopizzo since they started their careers in 2008, told a local news outlet.


He went on to say that buying views is not something that really helps artists at the end of the day since the song might be having a lot of views but no one knows it.

“You may have a song that has a million views but there is no hype behind it. Everybody is doing their own stuff. If he feels like that’s the way to go, then who am I to come through and interfere?” Said Jones in the interview.


No Cashy, No Msupa S!! Khaligraph Jones finally reveals songs that have made it to his album

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has been hyping his debut album 1960 for almost three months. The album has taken longer than he had planned but now it seems like its officially here.

He took to social media to share the track list finally revealing who has made it to the album and who has not.

Surprise names

All the songs the rapper released all year long have not been included. Unexpected appearances though include Ray C and may be MR Eazi. According to different sources, the album details will be released tomorrow.

Here’s the full list:


Khaligraph Jones: I can’t date a slay queen, these are the basic qualities i’d look for in a woman

Khaligraph Jones is currently preparing to release his new album but before that, he needed to tackle a few pending issues. After news emerged that the OG has now moved on from the Cashy drama and gotten another woman, the rapper has come out to address the type of woman he wants to be with.

No Slay Queens

Jones, speaking to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie on Kiss FM, shared that slay queens are a NO for him. He then went ahead to share the characteristics of the type of woman he prefers which include discipline and obedience. Probably a few qualities Cashy lacked.

Here’s what he said:

“There are those basic qualities that you’d look for in a woman. For me as the OG, discipline, I’m not about to date a slay queen, so you have to know your limits and just have to be obedient coz I’m out here and I’m talking out of experience. You have to listen to me, I’ve been in the industry I know how these bloggers out here be acting up. So if I tell you not to do this or do that, you better listen to me,” he said.

He also shared that he won’t put his personal life in the public again after what happened to him and Cashy.

“At this point of the knowledge that I have as far as music goes, I ain’t talking about that. I learned my lesson. Going forward you will never know nothing aside from the music that I release, that is as far as it goes,” he explained.

Khaligraph and Cashy


It’s just life. I’m outchea like the OG that I am and I felt like I needed to put that question out there coz with my age, a lot of people tend to think that I’m older and when I tell them I’m about to turn 28, they are like hakuna. They think I’m like 32 or 33. So constantly they be asking me Jones where are your kids at. Personally, I felt like I needed to put that question out there and get people’s opinions and that’s what I did.”