Clown! Chantal Grazioli calls out Eric Omondi for spreading false rumors about their relationship and breakup

Eric Omondi has lately been trending for both positive and negative reasons on social media. Well apart from his ugly confrontation with baby mama, Jacque Maribe; the popular comedian has also had ugly altercations with fellow celebrities as seen online.

Jacque Maribe (left), Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli (right)

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With everyone speaking negatively about him, looks like one of his ex has also decided to join the bandwagon. However, unlike the rest Chantal Grazioli has come forth to distance herself from what Eric Omondi recently said about their previous relationship.

According to the mixed breed lady, she is not one to chase clout nor is she interested in having her name dragged in any madness. Through her social media pages Ms Grazioli wrote;

Foremost, am not all about fake clout chasing, I have been silent and never spoken all along regarding my previous relationship with Eric, We left each other in good terms as adults. I want to clear my name from this madness, there are things said about me at some latest interviews that are not true regarding my family and I. I have been approached by many people asking about false information said on my behalf out there.

Leave me alone

As for those who continue to contact her looking for information on her breakup with the comedian, Chantal had this to say to them;

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Exes: Eric with Chantal

Please I have my own life and my own businesses to concentrate on PEACEFULLY.
I will continue dealing with serious people ONLY! And to all you FAKE ???? CLOWNS (you know yourself) stop contacting me.

Having parted ways in 2019, we still have no idea as to what led to their separation; but fans out here could help put express their disappointment as they had been looking forward to the white wedding he had promised the Italian babe.

But judging from the post shared above

Retirement benefits! Eric Omondi gracefully hangs out with ex, Chantal and baby mama, Jacque [video]

Eric Omondi is too good at what he does to even get mad at him. The best you can do is just laugh your lungs out.

The President of comedy decided to hang out with his ex, Chantal Grazioli and baby mama, Jacque Maribe and the two ladies seemed pretty comfortable hanging around each other.

Sharing a short clip of the meet up, Eric humorously captioned:

This will be Mourinho This Sunday during Tottenham vs Chelsea on SS3 at 6:30 pm, @miss.chanty@jacquemaribe

On his next update, posing in between the two ladies, Eric posed:

Munaona kesho nani atashinda, CHELSEA ama TOTTENHAM?? @dstv_kenya

Fans could not help but warn him of an impending storm, both in terms of the match and hosting both ladies simultaneously.

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