Diamond has signed Harmonize for 15 good years as contract details emerge 

Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize aren’t currently in good terms as Harmonize is aggressively trying to leave Wasafi Records.

Details of Harmonize’s contracts have now emerged and it’s one hell of a contract. According to sources, the contract was set to be 15 years long something that has shocked many social media users.


It has not yet been confirmed for sure if those were the number of years on the contract but does it matter? Harmonize signed the contract and now has 12 more years left.

Diamond, however, is not ready to beg him to stay. In a recent interview, Diamond said that he will not force anyone to perform in any of his shows. If Harmonize feels like departing, then he should leave because he’s not adding any value to Wasafi anymore.

“Ila kama yule mwingine (harmonize) ambae hajataka aondoke zake, kwani sisi anatusaidia na nini? (just like that other guy [harmonize] who did not want, he should leave, go, what is he helping us with?)” Diamond said. 

Diamond to Harmonize: If you want to leave, leave. You’re not helping us

Diamond Platnumz has finally given his take on the ongoing drama between singer Harmonize and Wasafi Record Label.

Harmonize has left the record label which has been in the spotlight of late for misusing its artists. Lavalava and Rayvanny who are also signed at the label complained and have threatened to leave.

No value

Harmonize on follow me

In a recent interview, Diamond said that he will not force anyone to perform in any of his shows. If Harmonize feels like departing, then he should leave because he’s not adding any value to Wasafi anymore.

“Ila kama yule mwingine (harmonize) ambae hajataka aondoke zake, kwani sisi anatusaidia na nini? (just like that other guy [harmonize] who did not want, he should leave, go, what is he helping us with?)” Diamond said in a caustic response.


Haiya! Mapema aje? Tanasha forced to deny relationship with Diamond is over 

NRG presenter Tanasha Donna has come out to deny that her relationship to singer Diamond Platnumz has hit a rocky phase and the two might have parted ways.

A fan, out of curiosity, wonder why the two are no longer so much together as they used to. The fan also asked Tanasha on social media if everything was okay after she posted a motivational quote.

We all know how motivational quotes and break ups go hand in hand.

“Self discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment,” posted Tanasha. 

“The way you sound these days hope you and diamond are ok?Because your motivational quotes tho????????????????” the fan asked, wondering if everything was okay.

Doing fine

Tanasha assured her everything was fine though and that the quote shouldn’t be over interpreted.

“@naomi_kassidi_kassidi we’re more than okay. Our love grows more and more each day ❤️❤️, the motivational quotes is just a little self reminder for myself and others every now and then. ????????” she said. 


8 photos of the well-chiseled gym trainer that Zari allegedly cheated with and ladies are saying they would have done it too

It all came as a surprise to the world when Diamond Platnumz confessed that Zari Hassan cheated on him with Peter Okoye of P Square and a gym trainer.

Well, we all know Okoye, and if she cheated with him, let’s just say it because of his fame and nothing else. Photos of the gym instructor who is in this saga have now emerged and fans are beginning to understand why Zari had to give out her cookie jar as Diamond claimed.

The South African man who goes by the name Tumise, is a gym trainer and model too. He was Zari’s trainer when she was still dating Diamond in 2017.


”The time we were dating, she was also dating her gym trainer, they used to do their thing in my house. I even have photos,” claimed Diamond in the interview. 

His photos have hit online leaving ladies confessing that they would have also cheated with him because of his muscled body and looks.

Well, here are his photos:


Diamond Platnumz shares his 2019 plans after a very successful 2018 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has had an amazing 2018 which saw him release hit after hit which have dominated both the airwaves and streaming services.

In East Africa, no other artist has dominated the market like Diamond Platnumz.


The singer, who closed the year with a performance at Uhuru Gardens, revealed that 2019 will all be about taking his music beyond boarders.

“I look forward to spreading my brand of entertainment across more borders beyond. Move my music reach from East Africa to get to an International audience. I also hope to work more with other international acts. I mean if I can write Swahili music and listen to English music and love it, I also want them to love my music. That is my biggest resolution for 2019.” he said.  

The singer has worked with several international artists such as Rick Ross, Neyo, Morgan Heritage, Davido among others to make sure his brand has spread all over the world in the past.

Is this your girlfriend? Outrage as Wasafi singer Lava Lava lets Nairobi ladies feel his Mjulubeng on stage(video)

Tanzania’s WCB-signed artiste, Lava Lava has hit the trending list after pulling a stunt that will sure annoy Tanzanian body Basata which has been on their case lately.

The singer, while performing at the Wasafi Festival held in Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi on December 31, let ladies touch and hold his manhood. The singer moved to the edge of the stage and placed his manhood strategically leaving the while crowd to stroked it.

No morals

The stunt impressed the ladies who got a chance to feel his Mjulubeng but might sure anger Tanzanian authorities who had banned them from performing at the show because of their deteriorating conduct.

The Wasafi Festival, which was graced by among others, Tanzania’s finest acts Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Queen Darleen, Mbosso, Lava Lava and Harmonize had been banned by Basata after Diamond performed “Mwanza” which had also been banned.

Watch the video below:


Diamond and Rayvanny now resort to begging the government and BASATA to forgive them as Kenya’s show nears

Things have a taken a new turn regarding Diamond and Rayvanny’s recent ban after the two performed “Mwanza” which has been banned by BASATA.

The singer, who has expressed frustration since the ban and even thought of relocating to Kenya, has now taken a different path and he’s asking for forgiveness from both BASATA and the government.

In an Instagram post, the singer, accompanied with Rayvanny, said they’re really regretting performing the song and it has been a lesson for them.

“Japo tunajitahidi kuwa vijana wa mfano bora kwenye Taifa letu, lakini kama tulivyoumbwa binadam hatuwezi kupatia siku zote, lazma itatokea siku tutateleza tu….Ila Utelezapo, ni vyema kulijua Kosa na Kulirekebisha ili kesho na Kesho kutwa lisijirudie….Inshaallah Mwenyez Mungu Atusimamie na kutuongezea Juhudi na Maarifa katika Kazi zetu ili kwa Pamoja tuzidi kuukuza Muziki wetu na Kuendelea Kuiwakilisha vyema na kulipa sifa Nzuri na Heshima Nchi yetu….Tuseme Amin…..??.” 

The plea comes just 3 days before his anticipated performance in Embu and the singer might be running out of time. Diamond is scheduled to have three shows in Kenya; in Embu on December 24, Wasafi Festival in Mombasa 26th and on New Year’s Eve in Nairobi.



Diamond Platnumz robbed chains worth millions by rowdy crowd 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz was recently left speechless after his crowed ganged up on him and stole a bunch of expensive chains he was donning.

The incidence happened on Friday while he was promoting the much hyped Wasafi Festival 2018 which attracted thousands of people.


Diamond took to social media to thank his fans for showing up but lamented that they mobbed him and walked away with several valuables.

 “This is what they refer to as not believing what you see. If you look at me keenly just after being robbed I was deep in thought. I think I wanted to cry,” a puzzled Diamond opened up. 

Diamond Platnumz was also in the company of fellow Wasafi Records singer Harmonize. The two have promised to promote talent with their festival which will run till late December.


Kenyan lady claims Diamond Platnumz fathered her 7 month old baby girl, wants him to take responsibility (Video)

Are women trying to exploit Diamond Platnumz or is he the one at fault for having dated so many women? After Mobetto revealed that the Tanzanian singer fathered her baby, another lady has come forth with a similar tale.

Speaking to, Shilawandu,  the lady,Gladys, says she met the singer back in 2011 through Facebook. She goes on to add that they were just close friends but over the years they began their relationship.

According to the lady, they even got married but surprisingly did not engage in any sexual relationship. However about a year ago she got pregnant with his child, who is younger than Zari’s last born son, Nillan.

The lady further adds that she traveled all the way from Eldoret Kenya to Tandale hoping that Diamond Platnumz would reconsider and take responsibility of the child. She however met the Singer’s mum who chased her away saying her son would never bed a woman like her.

Gladys reveals where they met

The new alleged baby mama says they’ve met a couple of times whenever he is in Nairobi but after losing his contacts, the singer has disappeared from her life too.

Below is a well detailed interview of the lady narrating her story.