Diamond Platnumz’ father finally to be flown to London by step sister after singer completely ignored him 

While an ailing Mzee Abdhul has been crying and begging for help from his sick bed, his son Diamond Platnumz has completely ignored him.

Mzee Abdhul has however finally managed to get some help and will be flying to London for treatment thanks to her daughter who lives in the UK.

“We are in the middle of the process. We are looking for a passport for him at the moment. Once we are done with that then I will call back and inform everyone about his flight,” she said. 

Not close

The lady, who is Diamond’s step sister, is currently in the country to check after her father who is sick and broke. Diamond in the past, has said that his father neglected him when he was young and are not close as he is with his mother, Sanura Kasimu that’s why he doesn’t bother with him.

“Hatujazoena hivyo, kwa pengine watu kuniona siko na yeye katika hadara wanaona kama Diamond ana vita na babake. Kuna baadhi ya watu wengine wamekuwan na mazoea mabya ya kwenda na Babangu getini Kwangu na kumpigisha pisha kisha waseme nimemfungia geti, sio fresh aisee. Sio kila mtoto ambaye haishi ma wazazi wake mambo yao sio fresh,” said Diamond. 

Diamond Platnumz sends consoling message to Kenyans following Dusit D2 attack

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has sent his condolences after yesterday’s terror attack at Dusit D2 in 14 Riverside.

Diamond took to social media after the attack which has left several dead and dozens injured.

“Maombi yangu yapo kwenu KENYA…Poleni sana na Inshaallah Mwenyezi Mungu atawasimamia… ????,” captioned a photo of Kenyan flag. 


The attack happened around 4pm when four suspected terrorists arrived at the hotel in a silver 5-seater hatchback and walked toward security officers at the hotel’s gate, where they throw an explosive at the security agents.

They then went a head to open fire shooting indiscriminately, killing and injuring dozens. At 4.30, Recce Squad managed to take over the building and neutralized the threat.




Diamond and Rayvanny now resort to begging the government and BASATA to forgive them as Kenya’s show nears

Things have a taken a new turn regarding Diamond and Rayvanny’s recent ban after the two performed “Mwanza” which has been banned by BASATA.

The singer, who has expressed frustration since the ban and even thought of relocating to Kenya, has now taken a different path and he’s asking for forgiveness from both BASATA and the government.

In an Instagram post, the singer, accompanied with Rayvanny, said they’re really regretting performing the song and it has been a lesson for them.

“Japo tunajitahidi kuwa vijana wa mfano bora kwenye Taifa letu, lakini kama tulivyoumbwa binadam hatuwezi kupatia siku zote, lazma itatokea siku tutateleza tu….Ila Utelezapo, ni vyema kulijua Kosa na Kulirekebisha ili kesho na Kesho kutwa lisijirudie….Inshaallah Mwenyez Mungu Atusimamie na kutuongezea Juhudi na Maarifa katika Kazi zetu ili kwa Pamoja tuzidi kuukuza Muziki wetu na Kuendelea Kuiwakilisha vyema na kulipa sifa Nzuri na Heshima Nchi yetu….Tuseme Amin…..??.” 

The plea comes just 3 days before his anticipated performance in Embu and the singer might be running out of time. Diamond is scheduled to have three shows in Kenya; in Embu on December 24, Wasafi Festival in Mombasa 26th and on New Year’s Eve in Nairobi.



Diamond will still perform in Embu, Mombasa and Nairobi as planned- manager Babu Tale

Diamond Platnumz will still grace different arenas as planned despite his recent ban by Tanzania’s music regulatory body Basata after ignoring the body and performing “Mwanza” in Tanzanian.

Diamond and Rayvanny defied Basata’s ban and went on to perform ‘Mwanza’ during Wasafi festival at the lakeside city of Mwanza on Saturday December 15th which earned them another ban that prohibits them from performing anywhere.

In talks

According to his manager Babu Tale, Diamond’s scheduled shows in Kenya will still take place as planned and fans should not be worried. Tale said they are already in talks to ensure the ban was lifted.

Diamond is set to perform in Embu, Mombasa and Nairobi.

That is our task. We will reach out to them and see how we can meet halfway. Meanwhile, we will handle the consequences when we get there,” said Babu Tale in an interview with Edaily.

Diamond had to pay a Ksh 400,000 fine after releasing the song as BASATA termed it explicit. Mwanza was also banned from being played on any TV and Radio stations in Tanzania or being performed in concerts.

Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny fall of stage after collapsing during heated performance(video) 

Tanzanian singers Diamond Platnumz and Rayvany had a minor accident during the weekend while entertaining fans in Zanzibar.

The two singers fell off stage after it collapsed while they were having a very energetic performance during the Wasafi Festival.

Diamond was performing on stage with fellow Wasafi artist Mbosso before Rayvanny joined the stage, which gave up to their weight and crashed down.

Mbosso however, was left standing and was a little bit clueless on what happened before he realized the two had fallen.

“Nakuja kushtukaa ..Heeeeee….!!! Kumbe mambo ndo yalivyokuwa …”ndugu zangu Chaliiii….., nikabaki nachungulia tu? !!! “SUMBAWANGA bwanaaa…!!! “Tupo Salama Alhamdullillah.. “ZANZIBAR Jumanne hii.” he said on social media. 

Diamond later released a statement saying that they were not injured and even resumed performance.

“They all doing fine, Thank God ?? Thank You Sumbawanga,” said Diamond.   

Just a few weeks ago, Bongo star Aslay became the laugh of the town after falling off the stage during a performance in Kisumu. He was not injured in the incident.

Here’s the clip of Diamond falling:


The only musician who can beat me on stage is Beyonce or Michael Jackson- Diamond Platnumz 

Singer Diamond Platnumz recently spoke about his image both as a person and as an artist.

The singer, who is one of the best if not thee best in East Africa and the whole of Africa in general, said that he believes he’s one of the most talented guys in the world and very few artists can actually compete with him.

By few, he meant only super talented Beyonce and the super-duper talented singer Micheal Jackson.

“I am just a good musician. When i get on stage, no musician is better than me. The only musician i feel can beat me on stage is Beyonce or if Michael Jackson resurrects. Everyone else i beat hands down!!! he told K24 during his visit to Kenya last weekend. 

Evil heart

The singer was asked what he thinks God hasn’t given him in the interview and he had a very interesting answer. He went on categorize himself as a very simple man who hates big things.

“God did not give me an evil heart because he gave me a clean and giving heart. I am not a man of big things, just look at the sandals I came wearing (pointing at his feet). I don’t wear name brands like Gucci, I am very simple,” he said. 



Sonko suspends Matatu ban with immediate effect after outcry

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has made a surprising U-turn  over the City Hall ban on matatus after neurmour complains from Kenyans.

Despite saying that the ban will stay, the governor today announced that the ban must be suspended after the chaos Nairobi was put through.

“I have met this morning with the affected PSV operators with a view to agreeing an acceptable solution that has less negative implication on all affected. During the coming days, I will continue to hold discussions with affected parties to find a way forward,” said Sonko. 


The ban kicked off yesterday but worsened the situation in CBD as long traffic jams snarled up movement in Nairobi.

“I have noted with deep concern the plight of Nairobi residents as a result of the ban, and hereby announce that the full implementation of this directive has been suspended with immediate effect. This is to facilitate further consultation with all affected parties, in order to find a lasting solution to the problem of vehicular congestion.


‘Another day another billions’ Diamond Platnumz thanks God after lucrative deal with Pepsi

If you have noted Diamond Platnumz has suddenly started drinking Pepsi and is carrying the drinking all over, it’s because he has signed a lucrative deal worth millions to endorse the drink.

The singer, who also endorses many other products, landed the deal late last month. Pepsi will also be among the sponsors of Wasafi Festival which is already in high gear.


Taking to social media, Diamond thanked God for the deal saying that it’s all because of his fans.

“Another day another billions….. Mwenyez mungu nakushkuru sana kwa upendo na baraka zako za kila siku…tafadhali naomba uendelee kunipa moyo wa upendo, kuthamini, kusameh, kujali na nguvu ya kuzidi kuwatumikia na kuwashika mkono vijana wenzangu mtaani…maana naamini unijaliacho si changu bali ni kama daraja tu la kuwa fikishia vijana wenzangu… @pepsi_tz nawapenda mpaka naumwa!!!” he posted. 

Other endorsements that the singer has include Belaire and Vodacom.


‘They were white gold and diamonds. I had bought them in America for Ksh 1.8 million’ Diamond speaks after losing chains

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is not worried after losing his expensive chains during the weekend while promoting Wasafi Festival which has  officially kicked off.

Diamond was performing at a place called Mtwara in Tanzania and was mobbed with thousands of people and in the process, someone managed to walk away with his chains.

The chains, which were made from pure white gold and diamonds, costs the singer a clean 1.8 million Kenyan shillings.

Underestimated the thief

The singer told a Tanzanian based radio station that he hadn’t thought that his jewellery would loosen so he wasn’t afraid that someone might jack them.

“Zile ni white gold na diamond nilinunua marekani sikumbuki lakini hazishuki millioni arubanne.nilijua haziwezi kung’oka, alivyotokea mtu ghafla akazipull nikapatwa na shock.” he said. 

Diamond, however, wasn’t really sad or angry that they were stolen. In fact, he said he’ll assume he gifted the thief.

“Lakini mwenyezi mungu ndio anapanga kila kitu na wakati mwingine labda mungu alitaka nitoe viwe sadaka na kwa support walonipa ina dhamani kubwa kuliko zile vitu na vinazo zingine kibao. Mi naona ni freshi tu kama baraka yake, zawadi yake.” he said. 

Diamond reveals how much he charges per show and it’s enough to buy you a bungalow in Syokimau

WCB President Diamond Platnumz is one paid kid. While some artists are struggling to make money in the industry, the singer is really making a killing from his music.

Diamond recently had to remind the Tanzanian government how much he makes per show after they banned Rayvanny’s new hit “Mwanza” because of its explicit lyrics.

On Instagram, Diamond said that his music targets a bigger fan base than just Tanzanians therefore he puts a lot in consideration when making the songs.


He went on to explain that he’s called for performances in other countries and they pay him at least $70,000 for a performance which is same as Tsh168, 300,000 or Ksh 7 million. How much does a 3 bedroom bungalow in Syokimau cost again?

He added that banning of his songs would not only affect his career but also the government in terms of taxes.

“Wazee wetu, vijana wenu ama wasanii wenu sasahivi tumefanikiwa kuingia kwenye masoko mbalimbali hivyo sio kila nyimbo ni kwajili ya soko la nyumbani Tanzania tu, mfano: UGANDA kuna Tamasha Linaitwa NYEGE FESTIVAL….na kwa nafasi niliyonayo UGANDA na kwajinsi nyimbo hii ilivyovuma kwa kishindo kila kona ndani ya siku tatu tu Viewers 1.5+ Millions Youtube, basi naamini kabisa Mwakani lazima NYEGE FETIVAL waniite kutumbuiza…na kama mnavyofahamu bei zangu huwaga si chini dola elf Sabini za kimarekani ( $70,000) kwa show
sawa na milioni (160,300,000 za kitanzania).…mbazo kwa show moja tu ningeweza kuchangia pato la kodi si chini ya milioni (48,090,000 ya kitanzania)…hivyo naomba mlitazame na hapo Balaza letu Pendwa” 
wrote Diamond.


Diamond Platnumz launches new Talent search show

Days after announcing Wasafi Festival, Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has made yet another announcement concerning Wasifi.

The singer has launched a new talent show set to premier on his TV channel Wasafi TV.

On social media, Diamond said the show dubbed “The Next MVP” will be airing every Friday and will be about nurturing young talent.

Here is what he’s announcement said:

“Kama nilivyoahidi mwanzo kuwa leongo kuu la kuanzisha Vyombo, Bidhaa vitu mbalimbali ni kuona ni namna gani naweza kutengeneza Fursa za Kuwashika Mkono, ama kuwakomboa vijana wenzetu mbalimbali wenye uwezo lakini pengine labda hawajathaminiwa, ama kupewa nafasi ya kuonyesha Taaluma walizojaaliwa na Mwenyez Mungu….

“Hivyo Ijumaa hii tunazindua Rasmi kipindi kinachoitwa #TheNextMVP kipindi ambacho kitakuwa kina wapa nafasi vijana mbalimbali ambao tunaamini wanauwezo mkubwa na wakipewa Support Watakuwa wawakilishi ama Wapepwrusha bendera vyema wa Sanaa zetu na Taaluma zetu mbalimbali tulizojaaliwa Tanzania…

“Tafadhali Usikose Kutazama ijumaa hii Saa Mbili na Nusu Usiku ndani ya @WasafiTv … pia nisaidie kuwatag Wana wote ambao Unaamini wanakipaji mtaani ili @wasafitviwaone……. #SanaaImezaliwaUpya#HiiNiYetuSote” shared Diamond.


On Monday the singer also announced that he’s planning to start Wasafi Festival on November 24 and even tried bringing in Alikiba who turned down the offer saying he wouldn’t be in the country at the time.

Ladies don’t let Sharon’s death scare you to the point of dating these broke ass niggas -Struggling socialite Nicole

Struggling Nairobi socialite, Nicole Batate, is back with her usual madness.

While everyone is warning girls to stay away from sponsors after Sharon Otieno’s case, the socialite has come out to ask ladies to focus on going for moneyed guys.

Sharon Otieno, a Rongo university student was killed and her body dumped in a forest after a love triangle went sour. Batate has asked women to go for married men with a plan, not just anyhow.

“Ladies don’t let Sharon’s death scare you to the point of dating these broke ass niggas! All you need is play smart and follow the rules! 1: no unwanted pregnancies- a married man can only want a child outside if one,” said the socialite. 


She went on to break down her silly rules of how women can survive dating other women’s husbands without being engulfed in drama.

“His wife doesn’t have any or has only one sex and he needs another (I mean a boy or a gal). 2: never ever threaten them! Remember they are powerful than you and most rich and powerful will do all it takes to protect their names. 3: be nice always – that’s what most of them lack back there at home so be as nice as possible even if you’re faking it..Make him feel better all the time.”

Diamond’s manager shares why he didn’t perform with RickRoss while in Nairobi 

Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam SK has opened up on why the singer never shared stage with Amerircan rapper Rick Ross during his Nairobi visit.

According to SK , NRG are to blame since they didn’t want to up the budget and include Diamond in the performance list.

Different approach

Diamond and Rick Ross have a collabo called Waka. Both are Belaire ambassadors and from this, fans expected to see them on stage together.  SK said NRG had a different  approach.

“Always tunasimama katika Biashara kwa hiyo jamaa alikuwa na budget hio at the time tulinegotiate price. Alipofikia akawa hana budget. Kwa hivyo it doesn’t mean kuwa kama hana budget na sisi tukafanye kwasababu ilikuwa so sure WCB. Ndio maana nakwambia nlisimama kama SK entertainment na si WCB. Ingekuwa ni WCB ina maana lazima Diamond angeenda kuperform but ilikuwa Biashara ingine kwa hivyo ilikuwa inatakiwa Diamond alipwe na Diamond kama hajalipwa hawezi kuperform. That’s it”, he told Times FM in an interview.

I will never work with Diamond- Ali Kiba tells fans 

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has said he doesn’t want to work with Diamond Platnumz and fans should stop pushing him towards it.

Diamond Platnumz’ management recently confessed that the beef between Ali Kiba and Diamond was something manufactured and there was no trouble between them.

In an interview with Tanzania’s Kwanza TV, the singer said he’s not interested with working with Diamond.

“You can’t force me to do a collaboration with anyone I don’t want to. I will be the one to make that call,” he said. 


Kiba, who is now a footballer now, has been going back and forth with Diamond for almost five years now. Though the two have said their beef was not real, they never meet eye to eye or even mention each other.

Diamond Platnumz gifts hawker brand new car(photo)

Bongo Flava singer Diamond Platnumz has gifted Diamond Karanga winner Bakari Saidi with a brand new car.

The singer, gifted Saidi, a mitumba seller at Ubungo, Dar es salaam, with a brand new Toyota Note after he won the competition when he bought peanuts.

Bakari Saidi

“Kwasababu ilikuwa mshindi hatujampata bado. Gari lilikuwa limeekwa, karanga zinaenda mitaani. Atakayenunua akashinda ndio tutampa. So hatukutaka tupeane tu mara umpe Rafiki yako ama mjomba wako tukaona hio si haki. Mara nyingi tunaanzisha vitu zetu tofauti tofauti ikiwa ni kuona niaje kutengeneza myanya ya kutengeneza riziki pia kwa watu wengine pia.So tuliona tusubiri mpaka mtu apatikane ndio Mungu atubariki na akapatikana,” Diamond told the press. 


Diamond Karanga is a drop in the ocean among his investments which include, a perfume brand called Chibu, a recording label , a TV station and string of endorsements.


Wema Sepetu, Diamond Platnumz mourn Mzee Maji Moto with emotional posts 

Singer Diamond Platnumz and actress Wema Sepetu have mourned popular Tanzanian actor Amri Athuman aka Mzee Majuto who died on August 8 while undergoing treatment at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Maji Moto, who started acting in 1958 while he was still nine-years old, was a respected actor in the country who has played a huge role in shaping up the Tanzanian movie industry.


On Instagram, Diamond mourned the actor by posting black photo while Wema wished she got a chance to act with him.

“Alipangalo Allah… I wished to work with you baba angu… Ila Allah hakupanga… Kapumzike baba angu… Mungu Mkali jamani….???… Ila kama kuteseka tu umeteseka jamani…. RIP King…” posted Wema Sepetu.

“May your Humble Soul Rest in Paradise KING?…Will always Miss and Love you??,” Diamond captioned the black image.

The veteran actor was suffering from a hernia and had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit due to his deteriorating condition.


Diamond’s sweet message after Tiffah turned 3

Most followed celebrity kid in the world turned three years old yesterday and her dad, Diamond Platnumz, is one proud father.

Taking to Instagram, Diamond Platnumz wished his daughter a happy birthday with a very sweet message as they anticipated for the official party that will see over 30 guests being flown from Tanzania to South Africa on August 16.

Here’s what Diamond had to say:

“I do love you, not because you are my Daughter…Nah! I love you because you love me more than anything in the World…. sometimes i even wonder why you Love me so….and that is the reason why i can’t sleep without praying for you… i can’t sleep without thinking about you… and most of the time when you come to my mind i feel like i owe you more than a life…Inshaallah, Mwenyez Mungu akukuze vyema, Akupe akili, Afya, Adabu, Umri mrefu wenye Furaha na Future nzuri baadae…..Nakupenda sana Mwanangu, Nakupenda sana Tiffah angu…. Happy 3 Birthday mama??” said the singer. 

Diamond’s bodyguard launches new business after word spread that he’s been fired 

Diamond Platnumz bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter has been in the headlines lately because of not so good news. First, word had it that the bodyguard had been fired, secondly, he was in a freak accident recently that almost claimed his life.

This time however, Mwarabu is in the headlines for a positive reason. The popular bodyguard has started his own security company called Mwarabu Security Services.

Second chance

Taking to Instagram, he broke the news saying that his near death experience gave him another chance to pursue his dreams.

”Dear God please bless the work of my hands ! I saw death but you gave me another chance. Let me use what you gave me. My fellow Tanzanians this is my work. I will always do and say the truth. Gossip and jealousy to me is a no no. Call us for all your personal, wedding, home, events and anything that needs security services,” Mwarabu wrote. 

Why Diamond Platnumz was temporarily blocked from leaving the country

Singer Diamond Platnumz had to spend more hours at the airport than he had anticipated after he was temporarily blocked by the government of Tanzania from leaving the country.

According to Tanzania’s Baraza la Sanaa Taifa (BASATA) the singer was barred from leaving the country to Mayotte Island where he was scheduled to perform because they are enforcing a law that requires all artists who want to travel to perform outside their country to get special permits from BASATA.

New law

BASATA Chief Executive Godfrey Mngereza,in a statement, said:

Utaratibu wa msanii kuwa na kibali anapoenda nje, yaani kutambua wapi anaelekea kikazi si mpya. Upo katika kanuni toka awali. Lengo ni kumhakikisha ulinzi wa haki na usalama wake pale kutakapotokea suala lisilo rafiki. Pia, kumuaga kwa kukabidhi bendera na mapokezi pindi anaporudi ikibidi,” said Godfrey.

The expensive gifts Diamond gave his mother after returning home from recent US tour 

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been hustling hard in the U.S. for almost a month in his “A Boy From Tandale” album tour. The tour has seen him travel from city to city giving electrifying performances. On his way back home, he stopped to buy his dear mum a few gifts.


The popular singer took to Instagram to share gifts he had bought for his Mother Bi. Sandrah Dangote and they are truly something. He bought several designers hand bags that cost a fortune.

“Kwa ma surprise haya unaweza kuua mtu. Hivi ni wewe mwenyewe au kuna mtu kakusaidia kuchagua? Asante sana BABA YANGU #SIMBA #KICHWA@diamondplatnumz kwa zawadi zotee…..Nimefurahiiii sana kwa mivitu original” said her mum.

Watch the video below:

Zari Hassan leaves fans panicking with excitement after photos being kissed by Mzungu 

Who is that?

That’s the question four million Instagram followers had for socialite Zari Hassan after she shared a few photos getting a warm kiss from a white guy her fans had never seen before.

South African

Diamond Platinumz’s ex-wife posted the photos on insta stories getting a kiss from the white South African guy leaving many debating whether she has finally found someone to replace her Casanova ex.

The photos also come hours after Diamond hinted in his new song “Biala” that Zari was after using him and nothing more.

Video: Diamond’s mother finally accepts Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has been having a hard time after his mother Bi. Sandrah Dangote, has been sending hints that she’s not ready to accept the singer’s son with Hamisa Mobetto as her grandchild.

It seems that has changed now. On Monday, Mama Dangote was treated to surprise birthday party that had been organized by her family members at WCB Headquarters.

Diamond and Dylan

In a video posted by Wasafi TV, rumours that she doesn’t love Hamisa’s son were put to rest after she accepted gifts sent to her by Hamisa and her son Dylan. She also acknowledged Dylan as a grandson cancling doubts that she has rejected him.

This comes after Diamond posted on Instagram a birthday message which also asked her to love all his kids equally no matter their mother.

Watch the video below:

Diamond’s special message to Magufuli after Tanzania bought a plane

Singer Diamond Platnumz is currently in the US for tour but is still monitoring everything happening at home. The Tanzanian singer is on his “A Boy From Tandale” album tour but took time to send a special message back home after Tanzanian acquired their first state owned jet.

Thank you

Taking to social media, Diamond sent a message to President John Pombe Magufuli for the big move saying that travelers have been getting a hard time while jetting out the country.

Here’s what he said:

“Super Proud of my President and My Government….Binafsi ilikuwa inaniumiza sana kuona nchi yetu inakosa kuwa na Shirika lake lenyewe la Ndege… Walau Leo hii nasi tumepata cha kujivunia mbele za watu, na naamini huu ni mwanzo tu Mengi yako njiani….Wasiopenda kufanya kazi na Kulipa Kodi ndio watalalamikia Uongozi wako maana wanataka vya Ubwete, au Maisha ya Mkato.. ila mie binafsi nafurahishwa na Uongozi wako maana sio Mtu wa Ahadi, Ni Mtu wa Vitendo, yaani Unalolisema Unatekeleza haswa….Na nchi Haiwezi Kujengwa Bila Kuwa na Pesa, na Naamini moja ya njia kuu ya Nchi Kuingiza pesa ni kupitia Kodi” wrote Diamond.

He added:

Na Naamini pengine WaTanzania wengi mwanzo walikuwa wavivu wa kulipa kodi maana walikuwa wanaona Kodi zinalipwa ila vitu vinacheleweshwa kufanyika nchini, halaf wanaishia kutambiwa na kuletewa Dharau na Watoto wa Viongozi Mtaani…ila kwa Speed Hii Mpya naamini kila Mtanzania atakuwa na Moyo na Furaha ya kulipa kodi kwasababu Sasahivi spidi ya Utekelezaji imeongezeka, na kila mtu anaona waziwazi na Watoto wa Viongozi skuizi Tunaheshimiana, No Kunyanyasana!!!! Wakinyanyasa mtu ama kuleta dharau za vitambo kujifanya wanachezea ela, Wazazi wao fasta Wanatumbuliwa…..Na hii ndio Tanzania tunayoililia siku zote, Yaani Tanzania ya Kwetu Sote….. Shukran sana Mr President Chama na Serikali nzima kwa ujumla, shukran pia hata Vyama pinzani kwani naamini changamoto zenu ni Mchango pia kwa Serikali Kuzidi fanya Kazi Bora…” added Diamond Platnumz

Yet another Kenyan woman comes out claiming Diamond Platnumz fathered her baby, wants support 

Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz has once again been accused of being a deadbeat dad just days after Father’s Day.

A Kenyan woman going by the name Gladys Butoto has come out to claim that the popular singer fathered her one-and-a-half year old daughter and has been neglecting her.

Speaking outside the Oysterbay police post in Dar es Salaam, Butoto claimed that she has been reaching out to Diamond for help, but the singer has dodged her constantly, making fake promises.

Mimi nisingefikia hatua hii kabisa, lakini nimeona Diamond ni mtu ambaye ananidharau na wakati ukweli anaujua, maana tungezungumza na tukakubaliana kuhusu matunzo ya huyu mtoto wala nisingekuwa na matatizo yoyote yale,” Gladys told Tanzanian newspaper, Uwazi.

“Mwanangu anaumwa lakini nimekuja naye hivyohivyo ili nijue hatma yangu na pia twende mbele ya sheria maana hata mama yake alishawahi kusema mimi ni chizi lakini siwezi kumsingizia mwanaye hata kidogo kuhusu hilo,” added Gladys as she showed her court papers against Diamond.


Zari has also complained that the singer is not there for his kids anymore. The Bongo heavy hitter was taken to court by video vixen Hamisa Mobetto over the same few years ago.

Thirst! Shock as popular singer openly confesses she wants to bed Diamond Platnumz

Secretly, many women dream of bedding singer Diamond Platnumz. Diamond knows it, Zari Hassan knew it and even Hamisa Mobeto is always away of it.

But it’s rare to hear most of these women, especially fellow celebs, openly confessing how much they want to bed the Tanzanian super star.

Tanzanian Singer and actress Susan Michael aka Pretty Kind however, didn’t hold back in an interview with a local Tanzanian website and shared that she doesn’t mind having him for a night.

“Nitamng’oa tu Diamond kwa Mobeto kwa sababu nampenda sana, ananikosesha usingizi, huyo Mobeto asidhani amefika. Wakati f’lani niliona ni ngumu kumpata Diamond kwa kuwa mama yake alikuwa akimpenda sana Mobeto lakini sasa hivi naona njia nyeupe baada ya Mobeto kuchezea kichapo,” Said Pretty Kind.

He’s single

The singer went on to add that Diamond is now single and any one can approach him.

“Hata simuogopi huyo Mobeto, angekuwa ameolewa sawa lakini hajaolewa na wala Diamond hajawahi kutangaza mpenzi au mchumba wake kwa sasa. Mimi nasema, wasionijua watanijua,” she said. 



Diamond Platnumz scared that his daughter will be used by men if she joins music business

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been in the music business for a long time and he knows some of the evils it comes with.

The music and entertainment business is a tough job and people in power know that most entertainers can do all most anything to get an edge in the field.

Scared for her

Diamond Platnumz knows this all and is now afraid that his daughter Tiffah might be used also.

“Naogopa iwapo tiffah ataingia katika muziki ataweza atembea kimapenzi na wanaume wengi,” said Diamond.

Tiffah rocking her new hairdo

Diamond has a reason to be concerned. Ladies are mostly used in the entertainment industry as many men try to sleep with them in exchange for different favours . As a parent, lets hope that it won’t happen.