“I love Diamond but I did’t sleep with him” Rwandan beauty finally opens up

Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz and a Rwandan woman only known as Shaddy Boo were said to have an illicit affair since early last year.

In January 2018, Shaddy set tongues wagging when she was seen taking selfies in Diamond’s hotel room in Kigali, Rwanda. Diamond was still dating Zari at the time.

Eight months later, Shaddy Boo and Diamond once again set tongues wagging after they allegedly shared same room again in Dar es Salaam during the Jibebe Challenge which was organized by Diamond.

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Didn’t sleep with Diamond

Shaddy Boo set the record straight about her relationship with Diamond during an interactive session with her fans on social media.

She answered all questions that fans asked:

Why Hamisa Mobetto blocked socialite Suzan Michael on social media

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has blocked socialite Suzan Michael popularly known as Pretty Kind for having too much negativity around her.

Pretty Kind was once in the headlines after claiming that she’s waiting for Diamond’s relationship with his fashion stylist to fail so that she can pounce and take the popular musician.

Keep off

Mobetto confessed that she blocked her on social media but not because of that but rather because she abused her and always talked ill of her online.

Kwanza kabisa nilikuwa sijui na hata nilimsahau huyo mwenyewe halafu sikumblock kwa sababu ya Diamond sababu kuna wanawake kama milioni tano wote wanamtamani huyo huyo mtu mmoja sasa kama ndiyo hivyo nitablock wanawake wangapi jamani?

Suzan Michael

Hamisa then went on to add that there are millions of women who dream of dating Diamond Platnumz and she can’t block all of them.

“Yeye kuna maneno machafu na mabaya aliyaongea kuhusu mimi alinichafua sana halafu mimi ni brand simui nikaona huyu naye katokea wapi? Nikamblock maisha yangu yaendelee kwa sababu kwa nini mtu ambaye ananipa kero?” said Hamisa Mobetto while speaking to Global publishers.

More money! Diamond Platnumz named ambassador of popular Football Club

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been named the Brand Ambassador of top Tanzanian Football Club Simba Sports. Simba Sports Club is a Tanzanian football club based in Msimbazi, Dar es Salaam and plays at two stadiums, Uhuru Stadium and National Stadium.

Huge fan

Diamond has been appointed as the social ambassador for the club, which is the biggest in the country.

“Yes ni heshma kwa @diamondplatnumz kukabidhiwa hadhi ya ubalozi wa Simba kwa kulikuza jina letu..SIMBA IN DA HOUSE leo hapa Taifa… #SimbaDay #KibingwaZaidi” shared Simba Sports Club Spokesperson Haji Sunday Manara on social media.

The announcement isn’t unexpected or rather shocking. For a long time, the WCB president has been a staunch supporter of Simba Football Club.

Zari’s interesting reply to a fan who suggested she’s really missing Diamond 

It’s been almost five months now since Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan broke up. Zari has rejected a bunch of men such as Ringtone and opted to stay single while Diamond has been enjoying the company of different ladies.

Fans however, believe that Zari is missing his ex-hubby.

In a post on Instagram, Zari made a rather eye-popping caption when posting her daughter’s photo leaving fans asking whether she’s moved on.


Wrong signs

Zari shared Tiffah’s photo saying how she misses Diamond a thing that left fans confused.

“How I wait for my papa to call…..”said Zari on the photo.

A fan then quipped: So @zarithebosslady yeah You do miss him… he gave fame, u have power though” commented one fan.

Zari wasn’t so impressed with the comment and fired back: @monaymbaruti but I don’t have his number incase I missed him, I don’t have to express it through my daughter’s account. Don’t project your behavior on me”

Maina: Diamond is single because of his mom 

If you have been wondering why singer Diamond Platnumz can’t stay in one relationship for long, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has the answer for you.

Diamond has been in several relationships so far and the list keeps growing by the day. All of those relationships have been marred by controversies that have made it to the headlines.

Mother’s effect

According to Maina Kageni, a man who has dedicated his life to offer third-party relationship advice –and is not in any relationship himself– said that Diamond’s mother is the reason why he’s always in those ugly situations.

“Can you imagine having Diamond’s mother as a mother-in-law? Always updating your children on social media plus everything about you. Do you know that she is also always in his house? No wonder he can’t keep women.” said Maina during his Morning show.

King’ang’i also wondered why other mothers are busy in church wherever her mother is all over social media.

Another one! Photos of the Rwandese lady taking selfies at Diamond Platnumz hotel room emerge!

Diamond Platnumz has been linked to another lady. Apparently after flying off to Rwanda where he had a show, the father of 3 met with a Rwandese lady.

According to sources, the lady first shared a clip showing off Diamond Karanga in the same hotel room the singer was later seen hanging out in.

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To add more proof, the lady’s selfie shows a similar looking room like that of Diamond Platnumz. This has left many wondering whether this is the lady that got to spend some quality time with the popular TZ singer since he was not accompanied by his wife or his other rumored lovers.

Similar looking curtains and brown couch

Diamond Platnumz photographer

Lukamba who is the official photographer of Diamond Platnumz shared a photo flaunting his room; but what many could see is the similarity between his room and that of Shaddy.

Lukamba (spot the lamp shed)
Shaddy (spot the lamp shed)

We cannot really confirm whether the storie are true but from the photos, there seems to be some truth in this.