‘I have a crush on Sonko and I hope I will meet him this December’ Zari screams

Socialite Zari Hassan has spotted yet another handsome man, with a lot of money, that she’s hoping she’ll meet before the year ends.

The socialite recently opened up saying that she really likes Mike Sonko and hopes that they’ll get a chance to meet this December when she’s in Kenya again.

“I want to reveal my love for the handsome Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. He is the man I have secretly admired for a long time. I love this handsome governor because he is a man of impeccable character and passionate convictions. He is not as boyish as the other kid who has been chasing me around.” said Zari in a radio interview in South Africa. 

Care for him

Zari went on to add that she cares about Mike Sonko because he reminds him of Ivan. Well, it seems the two are planning on something.

“If you see mike, please pass a word to him and tell him someone cares about him. I love this man because despite being powerful, he shares traits with my late beloved husband Ivan who loved to help the poor,” she added. 


Diamond claims Zari has blocked him for seeing his kids: I see them on social media only

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been attacking Zari Hassan in all ways ever since he claimed she cheated on him with fellow singer Peter Okoye and her gym trainer.

Diamond has yet again claimed that Zari doesn’t give him a chance two visit his kids after their bitter break up. Zari has been accusing the singer for being a deadbeat dad but according to Diamond, she’s the reason why he has never seen his kids.

“Love is so complicated, it made Harmonize run after an Arab lady. Because of it, I only get to see my kids on social media,” Diamond said in his song. 


The two have been fighting over the kids since they separated. Diamond shared that he’s been sending the money for child support but had to stop recently after learning it was being used in other ways.


Diamond Platnumz’ father finally to be flown to London by step sister after singer completely ignored him 

While an ailing Mzee Abdhul has been crying and begging for help from his sick bed, his son Diamond Platnumz has completely ignored him.

Mzee Abdhul has however finally managed to get some help and will be flying to London for treatment thanks to her daughter who lives in the UK.

“We are in the middle of the process. We are looking for a passport for him at the moment. Once we are done with that then I will call back and inform everyone about his flight,” she said. 

Not close

The lady, who is Diamond’s step sister, is currently in the country to check after her father who is sick and broke. Diamond in the past, has said that his father neglected him when he was young and are not close as he is with his mother, Sanura Kasimu that’s why he doesn’t bother with him.

“Hatujazoena hivyo, kwa pengine watu kuniona siko na yeye katika hadara wanaona kama Diamond ana vita na babake. Kuna baadhi ya watu wengine wamekuwan na mazoea mabya ya kwenda na Babangu getini Kwangu na kumpigisha pisha kisha waseme nimemfungia geti, sio fresh aisee. Sio kila mtoto ambaye haishi ma wazazi wake mambo yao sio fresh,” said Diamond. 

Tanasha denies relatives are pushing Diamond to marry her before knocking her up 

NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna, who is also Diamond Platnumz’ bae, has denied that her family is pushing the singer to marry her first and avoid taking a route he did with his other exes.

Early this week a quote from a person claiming to be Tanasha’s relative made rounds on social media saying that her family has warned him not to get her pregnant before they exchange vows.

“As a family, we held talks and came to the conclusion Tanasha should not have a kid with Diamond. You have to realise Tanasha comes from a religious family. Her parents are staunch Christians and they do not like things that go against their morals. We have no problem with their relationship. What we do not want is Tanasha to be dumped after getting pregnant,” the relative said. 

Not my family

Tanasha has denied all this saying that her family members are just OK with her relationship with Diamond and, that they are very humble in the first place.

“My relatives ain’t never that type to even say something like that. They’re the most humble, respectful people ever,” she said. 

Zari sends cryptic message to Tanasha during Valentines Day: You can’t change him  

Mother of five kids Zari Hassan broke up with the father of two of those kids, Diamond Platnumz, last Valentine’s day, accusing him of cheating on her several times.

Zari has marked this years Valentine’s by sending a cryptic message to Diamond’s new catch, Tanasha Donna, warning her that the singer will end up doing the same thing to her just like all other women he’s been with.

Taking to social media, Zari posted the message saying that Tanasha wouldn’t be able to change Diamond.

“I do not know who needs to hear this but unless he wears a diaper you cannot change him,” Zari shared.

Meet up

Perhaps she might not be talking about Tanasha and Diamond and fans are just over reacting. In a recent interview, Tanasha revealed that social media has always tried to pin the two against each other.

Tanasha confessed that even though she has never met Zari, she hopes she’ll meet her soon and they can iron things out.

“I hope one day we will come to a place of mutual understanding because of the kids. I know this social media and stuff creates unnecessary drama to create a rift between us by comparing us, but one day, God-willing, we shall meet and talk,” said the radio presenter.

Diamond throws shade at President Magufuli and his government again days after banning him

Diamond Platnumz and his team are currently in crisis mode after they were officially banned by Basata from performing in and out of Tanzania. This is after the singer performed Mwanza which had been banned by the authority because of it’s explicit lyrics.

Diamond recently mocked President Magufuli’s government after meeting with former president Jakaya Kikwete hinting that Kikwete was a better president.


In an instagram post, Diamond addresses his ban saying that people are now calling him Tarzan.

“Please Caption this……. mie naanza na hizi mbili…1. “Basi mie na @rayvanny Tukatumbukia Pale Stejini” 2. “Eti @_esmaplatnumz anamwita TARZAN kwasababu ya Vitopu vyake”?
Earlier Today with our #FormerPresident#Daddy #KipenziChetu
#BongoflevaGodFather Hon: @jakayakikwete” he posted on Instagram. 

Diamond’s manager Babu Tale said that Diamond will still perform in Kenyan despite the ban sine they are working hard to ensure it’s lifted.

Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny fall of stage after collapsing during heated performance(video) 

Tanzanian singers Diamond Platnumz and Rayvany had a minor accident during the weekend while entertaining fans in Zanzibar.

The two singers fell off stage after it collapsed while they were having a very energetic performance during the Wasafi Festival.

Diamond was performing on stage with fellow Wasafi artist Mbosso before Rayvanny joined the stage, which gave up to their weight and crashed down.

Mbosso however, was left standing and was a little bit clueless on what happened before he realized the two had fallen.

“Nakuja kushtukaa ..Heeeeee….!!! Kumbe mambo ndo yalivyokuwa …”ndugu zangu Chaliiii….., nikabaki nachungulia tu? !!! “SUMBAWANGA bwanaaa…!!! “Tupo Salama Alhamdullillah.. “ZANZIBAR Jumanne hii.” he said on social media. 

Diamond later released a statement saying that they were not injured and even resumed performance.

“They all doing fine, Thank God ?? Thank You Sumbawanga,” said Diamond.   

Just a few weeks ago, Bongo star Aslay became the laugh of the town after falling off the stage during a performance in Kisumu. He was not injured in the incident.

Here’s the clip of Diamond falling:


The only musician who can beat me on stage is Beyonce or Michael Jackson- Diamond Platnumz 

Singer Diamond Platnumz recently spoke about his image both as a person and as an artist.

The singer, who is one of the best if not thee best in East Africa and the whole of Africa in general, said that he believes he’s one of the most talented guys in the world and very few artists can actually compete with him.

By few, he meant only super talented Beyonce and the super-duper talented singer Micheal Jackson.

“I am just a good musician. When i get on stage, no musician is better than me. The only musician i feel can beat me on stage is Beyonce or if Michael Jackson resurrects. Everyone else i beat hands down!!! he told K24 during his visit to Kenya last weekend. 

Evil heart

The singer was asked what he thinks God hasn’t given him in the interview and he had a very interesting answer. He went on categorize himself as a very simple man who hates big things.

“God did not give me an evil heart because he gave me a clean and giving heart. I am not a man of big things, just look at the sandals I came wearing (pointing at his feet). I don’t wear name brands like Gucci, I am very simple,” he said. 



Shock as Tanasha Donna goes missing after Diamond Platnumz confirmed he is in love her 

Barely hours after Diamond Platnumz finally revealed that he’s fallen in love with a new woman, Tanasha Donna, she has now gone missing.

Alarm has been raised over her where abouts since the grand announcement from Diamond. Donna is a presenter at NRG Radio, Tanasha shot to fame while she was still dating actor Nick Mutuma.

She broke up with Mutuma in August 2017 after dating for at least seven months.

“Oya msimbati, mimi nipo kwenu, nimekuja na shemeji yenu, tumekuja kula good time. Ina maanisha hapa ndio sehemu nzuri kuliko kokote,” Diamond comments before posting a photo of him having a cosy time with the Tanasha.


Since the story broke, Tanasha’s phone went off and she shut followers off her Instagram. She also hasn’t reported to work since then and her friends insisted they didn’t know where she was.

Diamond finally responds after Alikiba said he won’t perform in his festival but he’s willing to partner 

It all started out after singer Diamond Platnumz said that he wants fellow singer Alikiba to perform in the upcoming Wasafi Festival that kicks off on November 24.

Ali Kiba came with an unexpected reply after that telling Diamond that he won’t be able to perform because he won’t be in the country but he’s willing to partner with him and become a sponsor in the event.

Alikiba he said that he will be launching his energy drink Mofaya in other countries and would want Diamond to let the new drink sponsor his event.

Diamond, who is currently in Canada for a show, said that he got the message and his team is already working on it.

Limepita Hilo Ally K… @sallam_sk anamcheki Seven now #DiamondKaranga #MoFaya #WasafiFestival2018 #NewBongofleva #BongoflevaToTheWorld @WasafiFM @WasafiFestival,” wrote Diamond Platnumz.

Contract in place

Sallam SK, Diamond’s manager, also shared that they are working on drafting the papers and will soon make the deal official.

Baada ya kukubaliana baadhi ya terms na Seven Mosha kuweza kudhamini Wasafi Festival nasubiri tumalizane maandishi tu basi wote tuseme #MchezoUsiuchezeeWewe #Kaaaaabisa#KonkiKonkiKonkiMasta Tunaanzia Mtwara Tarehe 24 November,” said Sallam.

Diamond Platnumz launches new Talent search show

Days after announcing Wasafi Festival, Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has made yet another announcement concerning Wasifi.

The singer has launched a new talent show set to premier on his TV channel Wasafi TV.

On social media, Diamond said the show dubbed “The Next MVP” will be airing every Friday and will be about nurturing young talent.

Here is what he’s announcement said:

“Kama nilivyoahidi mwanzo kuwa leongo kuu la kuanzisha Vyombo, Bidhaa vitu mbalimbali ni kuona ni namna gani naweza kutengeneza Fursa za Kuwashika Mkono, ama kuwakomboa vijana wenzetu mbalimbali wenye uwezo lakini pengine labda hawajathaminiwa, ama kupewa nafasi ya kuonyesha Taaluma walizojaaliwa na Mwenyez Mungu….

“Hivyo Ijumaa hii tunazindua Rasmi kipindi kinachoitwa #TheNextMVP kipindi ambacho kitakuwa kina wapa nafasi vijana mbalimbali ambao tunaamini wanauwezo mkubwa na wakipewa Support Watakuwa wawakilishi ama Wapepwrusha bendera vyema wa Sanaa zetu na Taaluma zetu mbalimbali tulizojaaliwa Tanzania…

“Tafadhali Usikose Kutazama ijumaa hii Saa Mbili na Nusu Usiku ndani ya @WasafiTv … pia nisaidie kuwatag Wana wote ambao Unaamini wanakipaji mtaani ili @wasafitviwaone……. #SanaaImezaliwaUpya#HiiNiYetuSote” shared Diamond.


On Monday the singer also announced that he’s planning to start Wasafi Festival on November 24 and even tried bringing in Alikiba who turned down the offer saying he wouldn’t be in the country at the time.

Diamond promises to work with fellow singer Ali Kiba anytime from this month 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has promised to ensure that Alikiba will make an appearance at Wasafi Festival scheduled to kick off on November 24, 2018.

The two have been always rumored to be arc enemies and that they never see eye to eye. Diamond however plans to change this by enlisting Alikiba to perform in the show.

Speaking during the launch of Wasafi Festival, Diamond mentioned that he would like to see his fellow Musician Alikiba participate in this year’s festival.

“Na kwa kudhihirisha kwamba hili ni Tamasha la Kwetu wote, Mpaka Kaka yangu @officialalikiba ningependa kumuona anashiriki katika @wasafifestival_. Lengo si kuonyesha nani mkubwa bali ni kuuleta Mziki wetu pamoja and huifanya dunia kuona kwamba , kumbe na sisi Tanzania tunaeza shikamana na kufanya vitu vikubwa” said Diamond Platnumz.


Diamond also shared the scheduling of the show which will commence in Mtwara, then Iringa and Morogoro. The show will then end in Mombasa and Nairobi on December 26 and 31st respectively.



Why Hamisa Mobetto blocked socialite Suzan Michael on social media

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has blocked socialite Suzan Michael popularly known as Pretty Kind for having too much negativity around her.

Pretty Kind was once in the headlines after claiming that she’s waiting for Diamond’s relationship with his fashion stylist to fail so that she can pounce and take the popular musician.

Keep off

Mobetto confessed that she blocked her on social media but not because of that but rather because she abused her and always talked ill of her online.

Kwanza kabisa nilikuwa sijui na hata nilimsahau huyo mwenyewe halafu sikumblock kwa sababu ya Diamond sababu kuna wanawake kama milioni tano wote wanamtamani huyo huyo mtu mmoja sasa kama ndiyo hivyo nitablock wanawake wangapi jamani?

Suzan Michael

Hamisa then went on to add that there are millions of women who dream of dating Diamond Platnumz and she can’t block all of them.

“Yeye kuna maneno machafu na mabaya aliyaongea kuhusu mimi alinichafua sana halafu mimi ni brand simui nikaona huyu naye katokea wapi? Nikamblock maisha yangu yaendelee kwa sababu kwa nini mtu ambaye ananipa kero?” said Hamisa Mobetto while speaking to Global publishers.

Diamond Platnumz gifts hawker brand new car(photo)

Bongo Flava singer Diamond Platnumz has gifted Diamond Karanga winner Bakari Saidi with a brand new car.

The singer, gifted Saidi, a mitumba seller at Ubungo, Dar es salaam, with a brand new Toyota Note after he won the competition when he bought peanuts.

Bakari Saidi

“Kwasababu ilikuwa mshindi hatujampata bado. Gari lilikuwa limeekwa, karanga zinaenda mitaani. Atakayenunua akashinda ndio tutampa. So hatukutaka tupeane tu mara umpe Rafiki yako ama mjomba wako tukaona hio si haki. Mara nyingi tunaanzisha vitu zetu tofauti tofauti ikiwa ni kuona niaje kutengeneza myanya ya kutengeneza riziki pia kwa watu wengine pia.So tuliona tusubiri mpaka mtu apatikane ndio Mungu atubariki na akapatikana,” Diamond told the press. 


Diamond Karanga is a drop in the ocean among his investments which include, a perfume brand called Chibu, a recording label , a TV station and string of endorsements.


Diamond’s sweet message after Tiffah turned 3

Most followed celebrity kid in the world turned three years old yesterday and her dad, Diamond Platnumz, is one proud father.

Taking to Instagram, Diamond Platnumz wished his daughter a happy birthday with a very sweet message as they anticipated for the official party that will see over 30 guests being flown from Tanzania to South Africa on August 16.

Here’s what Diamond had to say:

“I do love you, not because you are my Daughter…Nah! I love you because you love me more than anything in the World…. sometimes i even wonder why you Love me so….and that is the reason why i can’t sleep without praying for you… i can’t sleep without thinking about you… and most of the time when you come to my mind i feel like i owe you more than a life…Inshaallah, Mwenyez Mungu akukuze vyema, Akupe akili, Afya, Adabu, Umri mrefu wenye Furaha na Future nzuri baadae…..Nakupenda sana Mwanangu, Nakupenda sana Tiffah angu…. Happy 3 Birthday mama??” said the singer. 

Diamond’s mother’s message to Zari before traveling to South Africa for birthday party

Singer Diamond Platnumz has organised a one-of-a-kind bash for his daughter Tiffah Dangote ahead of her birthday party in South Africa.

Diamond’s mother had a message for Zari Hassan and the kids before she jets there for the party which will see 30 other members flown from Tanzanian to South Africa to attend.

Like me

Sandrah shared a video of the kids and said that the kids are a true reflection of herself and that she loves them so much. The message comes at a time when Zari and Diamond are leaving miles apart after parting ways.

Unajua nataka kuchukua files zangu zote nikuletee huko huko south Mama Tee, huo mtambo wako wa Photo Copy utakuwa balaaa! Yaani nikiwatazama watoto hawa kama najitazama katika kioo na Tiffah ukaona uibe na shingo ya Bibiiiii kabisaa duuh!!” said Sandrah.

Diamond Platnumz’ family share they might miss his son’s birthday

Diamond Platnumz’s family are not sure they will attend his son’s birthday party. Diamond’s son with Hamisa Mobetto, Abdulatifah Naseeb, will have a birthday on August, same month as his daughter with Zari Hassan.

The family said they are focused on Tiffah’s birthday according to Global TV. Tiffah’s birthday is on 4th August while Naseeb’s is on 7th August.

Esma Platnumz, Diamond’s sister, said she won’t attend the event because she has never been invited to any other function in the past.

Why now?


“Hivi ushawai one kina Hamisa wanatualika kwenye issues zao hata kidogo? Hivyo hatuwezi enda hata kidogo wala hatutarajii kuenda kabisa”, she said.

Diamond’s family members was also reported saying that there is no need to hide the fact that they are focusing on Tiffah’s birthday party.

Why Diamond Platnumz was temporarily blocked from leaving the country

Singer Diamond Platnumz had to spend more hours at the airport than he had anticipated after he was temporarily blocked by the government of Tanzania from leaving the country.

According to Tanzania’s Baraza la Sanaa Taifa (BASATA) the singer was barred from leaving the country to Mayotte Island where he was scheduled to perform because they are enforcing a law that requires all artists who want to travel to perform outside their country to get special permits from BASATA.

New law

BASATA Chief Executive Godfrey Mngereza,in a statement, said:

Utaratibu wa msanii kuwa na kibali anapoenda nje, yaani kutambua wapi anaelekea kikazi si mpya. Upo katika kanuni toka awali. Lengo ni kumhakikisha ulinzi wa haki na usalama wake pale kutakapotokea suala lisilo rafiki. Pia, kumuaga kwa kukabidhi bendera na mapokezi pindi anaporudi ikibidi,” said Godfrey.

Drama on the way! Wema Sepetu, Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan set to meet face to face

Wema Sepetu will be meeting Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan for the first time since their controversial breakup that led many to claim Wema orchestrated it.

Diamond and Zari are currently organising a party for their daughter Tiffah Dangote in South Africa that will see several celebs and fans fly to S.A for the event.

According to Diamond’s manager, the organisation has been going on well and even promised that he will bring his family to the birthday set to gown down on August 17th.


“Hii ni kwa ajili yenu nyinyi wote wanakamata ,Tarehe Kumi na sita tulikuwa tunafasiri watie kwenda South Africa nimetoa offer kutoka kwa Kampuni WCB Wasfi na kwaudhami wa GSM wanakamati wote tutakwenda nao south Aftrica , watalala, lakini wanakamati wawe single Single, Zamaradi nitaomba majina ya wanakamati wako kwa sababu ya Kwenda South Africa kwa ajili ya Birthday Party. Wanakamati wote mmeshawishi  sana. Offer ilikuwa tu ya watu 30 lakini kwa ajili yenu tumeongeza. Kijana wangu ameona kushirikia Pamoja” said Babu Tale. 

Wema couldn’t hide her excitement and took to social to say:

On behalf on Wanakamati wote I will like trosay Thansks to Wasafi Compnay .maanake umetusprprise sana kwa hili lakini asante sana. We are looking forward for Tiffah’s Bithday” said Wema Sepetu.

Other actresses expected to join Wema on her trip to South Africa include Shamsa Ford, Shilole, Irene Paul, Irene Uwoya, Lamata, Kajala Masanja.

Zari fires at fan after claiming he’s talking and stalking Diamond through her kids’ accounts

Socialite Zari Hassan was not happy recently with a bunch of fans that have been trolling, mocking and throwing shade on her on Instagram.

She has now unfriended and blocked all of them.

This comes after her young kid’s posts on Instagram which has made her fans claim that she’s using their accounts to talk to her ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz.


She recently posted Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan praying asking them to also pray for him. Fans attacked her saying she’s the one behind their popular accounts, though Zari insisted praying has been a thing in her house for a long time.

Blessings! Here’s the mosque that Diamond has almost finished building 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz came from nothing to the top artists he is today. The singer has laways made sure he’s giving back as much as possible.

Courtesy of Harmonize, an artist Diamond also introduced to the industry, word has emerged that singer is building a mosque in his home town Mtwara.

Blessing others

Harmonize on Sunday took Instagram to share the photos and video of the mosque saying that Diamond has entrusted him to oversee the project that is almost complete.

#MasjidNaseeb Sio jambo rahisi sana….!!! Kwa watu wenye mafanikio hapa duniani kumkumbuka M/mungu na kujiwekea amali njema mbele za #Allah..!! M/mungu akubariki na akuongezee kila panapokucha….!!! hii inanifunza na kunifanya niamini kuwa ndiomana kila kukicha unazidi kufanikiwa kutokana na Dua njema za watu wengi…..!! Pamoja na baraka za #Allah waislam washaanza kusali katika huu msikiti ulioujenga hapa Mtwara….!!! haukutoa kwasababu unakingi naamini kuna wenye kingi zaidi ila ulifanya hivi kwakuamini katika imani na kujua kuna watu wana uhitaji katika njia za Allah lakini pia ni Amali njema mbele za Allah na umekuwa ukinisistiza sana….!! Kuusimamia mpaka sasa tunafikia hatua za mwisho kabisa….!!! Inshaallah M/mungu peke ndio mwenye uwezo wakukulipa katika hili….!!! Naseeb Abdul Juma mtoto wa Binti Sandra @diamondplatnumz & @mama_dangote,” said Harmonize.

Here’s the video:


Revealed: Everything you need to know about Zari’s trip to Kenya on August 4th 

Kenyans have been curious on Zari Hassan’s trip to Kenya which she has been dropping hints all over on social media. It seems the word is finally out,

The socialite, together with Diamond’s brother Romy Jons, will be in Kenya on August 4 for an all-white party dubbed #ZariAllWhiteParty set to go down at club Moven Pick in Nairobi.

Romy will be the official DJ of the night in the event that has been organised by A1 entertainment.


Second visit

The entertainment company has been planning the event for a while know. The event will see Zari step into Kenya for a second time in less than four months after attending Colour Purple Concert on May 12 that was held at Nairobi’s Uhuru Gardens.

“The wait ends on August 4th, courtesy of the best in the game @a1entke . Take a voyage into luxury with us, create your next adventure, the power is in your hands . #zariallwhiteparty goes down in Nairobi at the Movenpick Hotel on August 4th featuring celebrity DJ @romyjons And of course The Boss lady herself @zarithebosslady . Pull Up! Dress Code : Strictly white with a touch of gold !” A1 shared. 


Maina: Diamond is single because of his mom 

If you have been wondering why singer Diamond Platnumz can’t stay in one relationship for long, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has the answer for you.

Diamond has been in several relationships so far and the list keeps growing by the day. All of those relationships have been marred by controversies that have made it to the headlines.

Mother’s effect

According to Maina Kageni, a man who has dedicated his life to offer third-party relationship advice –and is not in any relationship himself– said that Diamond’s mother is the reason why he’s always in those ugly situations.

“Can you imagine having Diamond’s mother as a mother-in-law? Always updating your children on social media plus everything about you. Do you know that she is also always in his house? No wonder he can’t keep women.” said Maina during his Morning show.

King’ang’i also wondered why other mothers are busy in church wherever her mother is all over social media.

Yet another Kenyan woman comes out claiming Diamond Platnumz fathered her baby, wants support 

Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz has once again been accused of being a deadbeat dad just days after Father’s Day.

A Kenyan woman going by the name Gladys Butoto has come out to claim that the popular singer fathered her one-and-a-half year old daughter and has been neglecting her.

Speaking outside the Oysterbay police post in Dar es Salaam, Butoto claimed that she has been reaching out to Diamond for help, but the singer has dodged her constantly, making fake promises.

Mimi nisingefikia hatua hii kabisa, lakini nimeona Diamond ni mtu ambaye ananidharau na wakati ukweli anaujua, maana tungezungumza na tukakubaliana kuhusu matunzo ya huyu mtoto wala nisingekuwa na matatizo yoyote yale,” Gladys told Tanzanian newspaper, Uwazi.

“Mwanangu anaumwa lakini nimekuja naye hivyohivyo ili nijue hatma yangu na pia twende mbele ya sheria maana hata mama yake alishawahi kusema mimi ni chizi lakini siwezi kumsingizia mwanaye hata kidogo kuhusu hilo,” added Gladys as she showed her court papers against Diamond.


Zari has also complained that the singer is not there for his kids anymore. The Bongo heavy hitter was taken to court by video vixen Hamisa Mobetto over the same few years ago.

Diamond Platnumz scared that his daughter will be used by men if she joins music business

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been in the music business for a long time and he knows some of the evils it comes with.

The music and entertainment business is a tough job and people in power know that most entertainers can do all most anything to get an edge in the field.

Scared for her

Diamond Platnumz knows this all and is now afraid that his daughter Tiffah might be used also.

“Naogopa iwapo tiffah ataingia katika muziki ataweza atembea kimapenzi na wanaume wengi,” said Diamond.

Tiffah rocking her new hairdo

Diamond has a reason to be concerned. Ladies are mostly used in the entertainment industry as many men try to sleep with them in exchange for different favours . As a parent, lets hope that it won’t happen.





Zari Hassan arrives in Kenya (photos)

Zari Hassan will be in Nairobi in May 12 for a concert at the Uhuru Gardens.  The Colour Purple Concert will have free cancer screening for the ladies.

Screening increases the chances of detecting certain cancers early, when they are most likely to be curable and some cancers that affect women include but are not limited to breast cancer, cervical cancer which is screened when one does a pap smear and others like ovarian cancer and colon cancer.

“They say the colour purple is the colour of Royalty, and royalty is in my blood. So come join me at Uhuru Gardens Nairobi – Kenya 12 May, 2018 at the Color Purple Concert and to all my sexy ladies, there will be free Cancer Screening. Can’t imagine y’all in those purples,” wrote Zari on her Instagram page a while back when hyping the event. 

Zari arrived to find media waiting for her at the Airport. Other celebrities that are set to share stage with her include Gloria Muliro, Evelyn Wanjiru, Kush Tracey, Vivian, Wahu, Size 8, Nazizi among others.

Here are the photos:

Images: Courtesy