Daddy’s Twin! DK Kwenye Beat finally unveils his daughter‘s cute face to the public (Photo)

DK Kwenye Beat has not had it easy in these streets of social media. I believe the last time he made headlines was back when he was involved in a sex scandal that affected both him and buddy, Hope Kid.

Since then, DK Kwenye Beat hasn’t been as active as he was but I guess a scandal as big as that one would definitely change a person. Anyway a few months after his low key wedding, DK Kwenye Beat and wife announced to be pregnant.

They then welcomed a baby girl in January 2021 and to mark their baby’s first round around the sun, the couple stepped out for a photoshoot which they have shared on their online pages.

DK Kwenyebeat with wife

Daddy’s Twin

Okay i get it, it’s just another family shoot right? But wait, with the new photo making rounds on social media we finally get a chance to meet DK Kwenye Beat’s daughter and boy does she look like daddy.

Well it just had to be and since they say the most beautiful girls look like their dads….DK’s daughter clearly inherited her looks from papa. Meet the toddler below.

DK Kwenye Beat‘s daughter

Why we love the new aggressive DK Kwenye Beat who has dissed Bahati

DK Kwenye Beat is a new man. He is in a new improved body after shedding a lot of his bulk from being morbidly obese to becoming slightly overweight and we hope he keeps at transforming himself until he gets the best physical version of himself.

DK Kwenye Beat Hits Back At Bahati With New Diss Track (Video)

And I think the fact that he has seen what his discipline has done for him in terms of his own body has given him some newfound confidence and aggression. He heard Bahati’s new diss track and decided to return fire.

Dk Kwenye Beat With His Child-IG

Some exposition… Bahati released a song in which he has dissed a lot of Kenyan celebrities and entertainers. The disses were sent out to Khaligraph Jones, Ringtone and Sauti Sol and Octopizzo. And while none has responded, DK has.

DK Kwenye Beat flaunts massive weight loss in new body progress photos

And in his response, he has called out Bahati for all the things his haters have been saying all along but that is not what is really cool, it is the fact that he is clearly departing from his gospel roots and actually went for the jugular.

The track features DK Kwenye Beat dressed as a man of the cloth at a funeral -Bahati’s and it is a really cool visual for the video. Then when it starts, he first revisits the disses Bahati sent out to all his former gospel artist peers and then he went in!

Wueh! Willy Paul takes a swipe at DK Kwenye Beat’s health in new video

The song itself is short, more like a freestyle but it really delves into taking shots right away with him mocking him for being Mtoto was diana and the fact that these days his songs lack substance and depth.

he goes on to mock Bahati’s voice but one of the most interesting things is the fact that it was Bahati who posted the song on his YouTube account. So this is either a big boss move or I am right that Bahati is choreographing for us this beef.

Ringtone to Bahati: “I’m proud to see you serve the devil so openly”

It would be nice however, for someone to actually through their own song into the fray, someone who is not part of Bahati’s hype train like I suspect DK Kwenye Beat is. That said, it is fantastic that DK has shown us his versatility.

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DK: I don’t have herpes. Fellow gospel singers used witchcraft to convince Kenyans i’m sick and i’m going to expose them

Almost half a year after being exposed for rapping and exposing a 20-year-old lady with herpes, gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat is still insisting he’s innocent.

DK spoke to Massawe on Radio Jambo and said that fellow gospel artists are using witchcraft to ruin his career.

“First of all, I chose to clear this during my birthday because I don’t want to ever talk about it. I want to put this clear today that I did not rape anyone. I am not sick. I have all the results, and she was not my lover. The leaked audio that was circulated was not me.” he said on radio. 

“Five per cent of them are people in the gospel industry and they use witchcraft. They even know that I know them. Two per cent of them are people in a chama, and three per cent are people with a bad heart.”

The gospel singer went on to claim that he will soon expose all those artists who have been behind his downfall.

“We are not perfect, and that is why I chose to give them time. I have lost reputation, I have lost deal,s but I know I did not lose my God,” he said.

No Mercy

He added that after the saga, he went and tested and everything was negative but Kenyans were already convinced he was sick.

“I went to a government facility and tested for everything, even HIV-Aids. The counselling stressed me so much because I was counselled for something I don’t have. The fact that I can’t change the whole scenario affects me so much, but I know it is only God who can save and redeem me from that,” DK said.

“I will not forgive those who were involved in bringing me down, and I don’t wish any good for them.”


DK celebrates 29th birthday but Kenyans quickly turn it to another Herpes joke 

Kenyans apparently aren’t ready to forgive gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat after his sex scandal with HopeKid.

DK has just turned 29 years old and celebrated his birthday but Kenyans online turned the day into another mocking session just like they did when Hopekid–“Herpkid”– celebrated his birthday.

Kenyans were quick to wish him “a herpy” birthday after he took to social media to share that he has just turned a year older.


Ever since his sex scandal between him fellow artist Hope Kid and a 20 year old lady from Nakuru, life hasn’t been really easy for the singer.

He recently confessed that even NTV refused to air an episode of Bahati’s show because he made a cameo.

“In between these issues, I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost deals, I’ve lost reputation but what keeps me moving is that I have not lost God. Huyo tu ndio amebaki,” he said.

Here’s how Kenyans wished him a happy birthday online:

Caroline Njanja Herpy birthday
Monicaah Ke happy birthday dk kwenye dick

Mwiitu Wa Kamba Let’s just agree on this, yes he sinned,so what?if your blood cannot wash away his sins shut up..!people sin differently, its only that he was brought to the lime light..happy birthday and good heath man….

Maingi Jnr Guys it’s a happy birthday … Stop this herpy thing Dk next time learn to apologise … Anyway herpy bd

Oliver Ndara Herpelicius birthday ????

Antonio Nyagah Happy birthday ,Wamlambez , wanyonyez 
Rose Nimoh Wishing you more herpy years to come ????

NTV refused to air an episode of Bahati’s show because I was featured- DK Screams 

Ever since his threesome sex scandal that also included fellow gospel artist Hopekid, singer DK Kwenye Beat’s life hasn’t been easy at all.

The singer claims he has been discriminated by churches and neglected by friends after the scandal which left the gospel world shocked.

DK recently claimed that NTV refused to air an episode of Gospel singer Kevin Bahati’s reality show BeingBahati, because he was featured in the episode.

He added that only a few gospel artists came to console him after things came crushing down.

Familia kama ya DJ Mo na Size 8 walimama sana, walipigwa vita ambazo si zao. Kuna mtu kama Daddy Owen, kuna Moji, kuna Guardian Angel. Kuna mtu ambaye si wa karibu kama Juliani alifunga safari akakuja kuniona. Mwingine alisimama na mimi sana alikuwa anashinda kwangu mpaka saa kumi asubuhi ni Bahati na hio time hatukuwa hata tuko karibu,” he said.

Lost money

Both Hopekid and DK have claimed that they lost tonnes of deals because of the scandal which was brought to light by Blogger XtianDela, who exposed them two for taking advantage of the young lady.


Yalio pita si ndwele! Hopekid back on social media like he never had a threesome 

Gospel singer Hopekid is slowly creeping back on social media after an ugly storm recently whereby he confessed he was guilty to having a threesome with a campus girl alongside his friend DK Kwenye Beat.

The popular gospel singer was on social media to celebrated his birthday after staying away almost a month from the platform to let the storm calm. In his return, he posted a photo wearing a tee written: I’m Good bro. I gave it to God.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ???? THANK YOU GOD FOR ANOTHER YEAR ?? #General #MrBigDeal.” he captioned the photo. 



Hopekid, real names Simon Peter Wambua, was in murky waters just weeks ago after a student from Nakuru accused him and DK of forcing her into a threesome.

DK was in an even uglier situation where by the 20-year-old girl accused him of knowingly infecting her with herpes. The two gave several apologies but Kenyans rejected them, saying it’s high time fake gospel artists like the two be oust in the music industry.


Video: Willy Paul unites with Bahati, Hopekid, Boss MOG to mourn his late dancer Val in new song 

Singer Willy Paul has released a new song mourning his late dancer Valary, better known as Val, who died in a car accident not so long ago.

Pozze brought in a bunch of other gospel artists such as DK Kwenye Beat, Alemba, Bahati, Hopekid, Boss MOG, among others who worked with Val to pay their final respect in the song.


Willy Paul went on to share that Val had always wanted to be part of his dance team and that happened before she passed on. In the sad post on social media, Willy Paul added that she will be missed even though they spent just a short time together.

“Her biggest dream was to one day meet me and dance for me. Valary I miss you and we miss you.. this one is for you.. it’s a dedication to you.. rest with the ANGELS.. thank you @weezdommusic@dkkwenyebeat@bahatikenya@hopekidhk@timelessnoel@jabidii_music@djshiti_trhk And kila artist mwenye ako kwa hii clip.. mko wengi.. BLESS up!! The whole song iko YouTube!! WILLY PAUL – VALARY TRIBUTE SONG.” Willy wrote.

Here’s the song: