Rare photo of Diamond Platnumz showing Hamisa Mobetto’s son some love

For years many insist that baby Dylan is not Diamond Platnumz; but all I know is that Hamisa Mobetto is the only one who knows the truth and this case – she says it Diamond, so it is!

However unlike the other kids (Tiffah, Nillan and Naseeb Junior) Hamisa’s son does receive the attention; nor affection the other are given by their grandmother and family members.

Diamond and Hamisa with son, Dylan

In fact Dylan has been spotted hanging out with his grandmother (Mama Dangote) once; and since then the grandma has never bothered to follow up with the young man. Fans believe that this is because they know he is not Simba’s son – but hey, who are we to judge?

Diamond Platnumz showing Dylan love

Although Diamond Platnumz gets to hangout with his son behind closed doors; the singer is also among those who rarely share Dylan’s photos on social media.

However he changed this by sharing a never seen before photo of his baby boy, Dylan; leaving nothing but tongues wagging on social media. To caption this post, Simba wrote

Prince Dee

As a token of love and appreciation for his son who remains unknown to many.


Well, whether Dylan gets appreciated by his fathers family or not; his mum (Hamisa) always makes sure he protects him from online trolls!

Diamond Platnumz brother takes a swipe at Hamisa Mobetto and son, Dylan

Singer Diamond Platnumz has lately been inviting his baby mamas to bring his kids down to his home, in Mbezi. So far we have seen Zari and Tanasha visit the singer; but as for Mobetto, not yet.

Of course fans keep asking and looking forward to the day Hamisa Mobetto will be dropping off Dylan; but judging from how things have been between the former model and Diamond Platnumz family – chances are, we might not get to witness this.


Just to prove how serious is, Diamond Platnumz brother or rather cousin recently shared an interesting post; that has left many concluding that he was mocking Hamisa Mobetto. This is after he went on to post;

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz beef

Having secretly dated for over 10 years – Mobetto and Diamond have perfected the art of an on and off relationship.

Each time they part ways, we always assume the worst – until they start to miss each other then ‘boom’ they are spotted hanging out together in private. So yes, we cannot tell whether they will ever part ways or will keep the on and off relationship.

But judging from his ‘haunisumbui’ hit song – chances are that Diamond is somehow getting fed up!

¨So what if he has stopped paying child support?¨ Hamisa reacts to fans who question Diamond´s new move

Tanzanian video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto, has reacted to claims that her baby daddy, Diamond Platinumz has ceased paying child support for their son, Dylan.

Rumors have been prevalent in Tanzania´s showbiz scene, claiming the bongo flava artist, Diamond Platinumz, withdrew child support for Dylan.

Tanzanian artist, Diamond Platinumz and model, Hamisa Mobetto, holding their son, Dylan

Photo Courtesy

This is following the deterioration of the Bongo star´s relationship with the model.

Word is that the one-time lovebirds have apparently stopped seeing eye-to-eye.

The duo broke up in August 2018 when the WCB owner claimed Hamisa had been using witchcraft to entice him into marriage.

However, according to media reports, Diamond still provided child support to Dylan until recently when he withdrew.

Unfortunately, the mother of two seems devastated putting to mind the fact that Hamisa doesn´t get along with the singer´s family, especially, Diamond´s mother, Sandra.

Hamisa Mobetto (left), Diamond Platinumz (centre) and his mother, Sandra (right)

Source: eDaily Kenya

She was thereafter approached by Global Publishers to comment on the same, rather criticized the publication clearly stating that it was none of their business.

Nyie nanyi mnachosha, sasa kama ameacha kutoa huduma kwa Dylan inawahusu nini?

Niacheni bwana, maisha yangu na familia haiwahusu.

Mnauliza ili iweje?

Angry Hamisa attacked the publication.

Bongo flava artist, Diamond Platinumz and Tanzanian model, Hamisa Mobetto

Source: Mpasho

Dylan was a product of Diamond´s ´mpango wa kando´ with the model, whilst still married to Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

The Eneka hitmaker has two children from his past relationship with South African-based business woman, Zari Hassan.

Back in February 2017, Hamisa who has a daughter from a previous relationship, saw herself lose a child support case against Diamond.

Ksh 230,000 was the sum the model demanded as monthly upkeep, having sued the singer for child negligence.

Technicalities however saw the case thrown out of court.


Diamond’s mother bonds with Hamisa Mobetto’s son to make up for the one year she was absent in his life (Video)

Sanura Sandra Kassim has finally accepted Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan as her grandson. Previously Diamond’s mother was never shy to demonstrate open favoritism for Zari’s children.

She had refused to post any photo of Dylan on her Instagram account despite facing pressure from her fans to do so. Sanura however posted photos of Tiffah and Nillan on a regular basis.

The hate Sanura felt for Hamisa Mobetto was the reason why she didn’t acknowledge that Dylan was her rightful grandchild just like Tiffah and Nillan.

New dawn

Diamond’s mother didn’t even attend Dylan’s birthday which was held in Dar es Salaam on 8th August. But she is now making up for time she was absent in her grandson’s life.

Sanura was seen bonding with Dylan over the past weekend, she spent time with her grandson after Diamond brought him for the weekend. Of course Hamisa Mobetto didn’t come over.

At first Dylan didn’t even want his grandmother to carry him…


Then they bonded and Sanura even fed him…


Diamond’s mother finally meets Hamisa Mobetto’s son after ‘disowning’ him for more than a year (Photos)

Diamond’s mother Sanura Sandra has been criticized multiple times for openly favoring Zari Hassan’s children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

Sanura refused to recognize Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan as her own grandson. Diamond’s mother detests Hamisa Mobetto and it seemed the hate she feels was the reason why she didn’t accept Dylan.

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Sanura didn’t send Dylan a birthday message, even though she was quick to wish Princess Tiffah a happy birthday. Note that Tiffah’s birthday was on 6th August while Dylan’s birthday was on 8th August.

Forgiveness and reconciliation

Sanura Sandra has finally accepted Dylan as her grandson. Diamond took Dylan to meet his grandmother and aunt Esma Platnumz over the past weekend.


Diamond’s mom needs to see this! Zari wishes Hamisa Mobetto’s son a happy birthday, calls on her fans to stop attacking Dylan

Zari Hassan has demonstrated maturity of the highest order. Even though Hamisa Mobetto is her mortal enemy, Zari doesn’t want her fans to attack Dylan.

Dylan celebrated his first birthday on Wednesday 8th August, the kid’s own grandmother Sanura Sandra didn’t wish him a happy birthday but sure she was quick to send Princess Tiffah a birthday message.

Speaking during an interview on NBC television in Uganda, Zari surprised many when she wished Hamisa Mobetto’s son a happy birthday. She explains that the kid is innocent of any sin committed by his parents.

“Most of the comments that I see you are being tormented because you happened in that way, you didn’t want to happen, you just found yourself here so it wasn’t entirely your false. So happy birthday,” said Zari.

Reins in Team Zari

Zari also called on Team Zari to stop attacking Dylan, she explained that they are supposed to be working on things that relate to Zari and not hating on an innocent kid.

“And everybody out there calling themselves Team Zari I think you all need to stop. When you say you are team Zari you are supposed to be working on things that relate to Zari. You post my work, my children, my businesses, you promote my brand and you are not supposed to be bashing other people. The boy has nothing to do with what happened. So I would really ask everyone to put their differences aside and leave that child alone,” Zari said.







“Msiniletee Uteam wenu kwa watoto wangu, they are all my Kids!” Diamond comes out to defend Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Diamond Platnumz has called out Zari Hassan’s fans who insinuated that he is not the biological father of Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan.

The whole drama started when Wasafi TV shared a snippet of an upcoming reality TV show ‘The Real Life Of Wasafi’ which showcases Diamond’s real life.


Diamond’s children with Zari (Tiffah and Nillan) are shown in the snippet but Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan is not shown anywhere. This made Zari’s fan conclude that Dylan was not Diamond’s son.

They are all my children

Diamond was vexed by the outrageous claim by Zari’s fans, he was forced to come out and defend Dylan. He stresses that all the three kids – Tiffah, Nillan and Dylan are his biological children and that he loves them equally.

Diamond Platnumz with his son Dylan
Diamond Platnumz with his son Dylan

“This is my Kid…and he will forever be my Kid, tena My Beloved Kid….Hakuweza kuwepo kwenye clip iliyopita sababu @lukambaofficial Hakuwa na clip ya mimi na yeye ya Hivi karibuni…na si Vinginevyo…….Halaf cha kuongeza, msiniletee Uteam wenu kwa Watoto zangu! they are all my Kids, Nawapenda na siwezi mtenga wala kumbagua yoyote…..?? @deedaylan ???,” wrote Diamond.