Zari Claps Back at Haters Who Think She Bleached

Zari Hassan has assured her fans that she has never bleached her skin but only purchased better cameras that better represent how she actually looks.

Taking to Instagram, Zari shared throwback photos of herself while reacting to the ‘Esther Bleach’ TikTok challenge. The challenge involves sharing throwback photos and current photos to showcase one’s transformation over the years.


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“Oh Esther bleached, nah fam. Esther been that girl since way back. We just have better cameras now.”

While Zari has maintained her skin color, she has previously admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgery.

“What people say about me undergoing plastic surgery is true but I just removed the excess fat within my legs and tummy,” she confirmed.


Zari Hassan Remembers Her Late Ex-Husband Ivan Semwanga

Adding, “For now, no matter how fat I get, my stomach and legs can’t go back to the previous size.”

She asked her fans to stop bashing celebrities who enhance their bodies through plastic surgery.

“Surgery is a lifestyle so many people are doing daily, but for you, you have no happiness or peace, you have to highlight everything Zari does. You have a Zari syndrome, sis, when will you heal?” she said in response to a fan.

“In Africa, we pretend we are shocked by some things. These things are being done by western people. When you do surgery, you do it to enhance yourself, to look better. No one wants a big tummy.”

Zari Hassan Remembers Her Late Ex-Husband Ivan Semwanga

Zari Hassan took to social media to pay tribute to her former husband, the late businessman Ivan Semwanga. The couple shared three sons before their separation.

Semwanga passed away in 2017 at the age of 39 while undergoing treatment in South Africa.

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Zari posted a heartfelt message alongside a photo of her, Semwanga, and their three sons. “Seven years seems like yesterday,” she wrote. “May Allah continue resting you in peace. We will always love you.”

On the day of his passing on, Zari took to her social media to shower him with praises as she mourned him.

“God loves those that are special and that’s exactly who you were and I guess that’s why he wanted you to himself. You have touched and helped thousands, you did wonders and I remember you telling me “life is too short Zee let me live it to the fullest”, this very dark hour it makes sense why you always said those words to me. To your sons, you were a hero-some kind of superman. Anyone who has ever been in your presence knows what a charming person you were. You will be missed and remembered in so many ways. You were IVAN THE GREAT!” She wrote.

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Zari Hassan Encourages Ugandan Musicians To Focus On International Success

Ugandan businesswoman and former singer Zari Hassan has a message for her homeland’s musicians: set your sights on international success.

In a recent viral video, Zari urged Ugandan artists to elevate their music and strive for a wider audience. She suggested looking beyond the popular Kidandali genre, known for its Ugandan sounds and samples.

“It’s important for Ugandan musicians to learn from what artists in South Africa, Nigeria, and Jamaica are doing,” Zari said in the video. “By studying these successful music scenes and different genres, Ugandan musicians can find ways to adapt and innovate their sound.”

Zari emphasizes the importance of diversification. She believes that sticking solely to the Kidandali style limits Ugandan music’s potential to reach a global audience.

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This advice comes from someone who understands the music industry firsthand. Zari herself began her career as a singer before transitioning to business.

Zari Hassan Bans His Son From Ever Engaging In LGBTQ, Advices Him To Date Women

Prominent businesswoman Zari recently shared a heartwarming video interaction with her son Quincy on social media.

The video captured a lighthearted conversation between Zari and Quincy, who was celebrating his birthday. Dressed casually, Quincy was getting ready to go out when Zari playfully inquired about his plans.

When Quincy mentioned a dinner with friends, Zari teased him about potentially meeting girls. Despite Quincy’s insistence it was just friends, Zari offered surprising encouragement for him to date girls.

Zari emphasized her open-mindedness, stating,

“We want to see you go out with girls. I don’t mind you going out with girls.” She playfully added, “The next thing I know, I’ll be shocked… someone’s going out with a boy!”

Zari’s lighthearted advice extended to choosing a future partner. She encouraged Quincy to explore relationships with girls, hoping he’d findMarua  someone who embodies her own qualities: beautiful, intelligent, and hardworking.

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This isn’t the first time Zari has addressed her sons’ relationships publicly. In 2021, she defended another son, Raphael, after a social media post sparked speculation about his sexuality. Zari clarified a misunderstanding, assuring everyone that Raphael was dating girls and not gay.

Zari’s stance highlights her unwavering support for her sons. Regardless of their choices, she emphasizes her role as a supportive parent. She even reaffirms her acceptance if Raphael identifies as gay in the future.

Quincy, Zari Hassan’s son, is discouraged from going out with men

Businesswoman Zari Hassan recently shared a heartwarming moment with her son Quincy on his birthday, much to the delight of her fans.

Quincy, the third son of Zari and Ivan Ssemwanga, was featured in an adorable Instagram video alongside his mother. The video showcased their close bond and Zari’s open approach to discussing dating and relationships with her children.


Zari Hassan Sets Record Straight On Husband Shakib’s Hustle & Her Relationship With Diamond’s Baby Mamas

In the video, Quincy, dressed sharply in a black shirt and brown khaki trousers, was preparing to go out when Zari engaged him in a playful conversation about his plans for the evening.

Zari jokingly prodded Quincy about his intentions, asking, “Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?” Quincy responded with a casual “I’m going to dinner,” prompting Zari to inquire further, “With who?”


Zari Hassan’s second born son comes out, declares he is gay! (Screenshot)

As Quincy insisted he was going out with friends, Zari cheekily teased him about potentially meeting girls. Despite Quincy’s blushes and denial, Zari playfully encouraged him to date girls, even jokingly expressing concern about the prospect of him dating boys instead.

She expressed her support for Quincy dating girls, remarking, “I’d rather hear you say you’re going out with girls than just ‘my friends’. You know, this generation is confused. We want to see you go out with girls. I don’t mind you going out with girls.”


Zari Hassan’s son turning out the way he did should not shock anyone

Zari also offered Quincy some light-hearted advice on choosing a future wife, encouraging him to meet as many girls as he wants and ensuring they are beautiful, smart, and hardworking like her.

Regarding her son Raphael’s past comments hinting at being gay, Zari clarified that he was not gay and that his remarks were taken out of context. She defended Raphael, stating that he was simply reacting to unwanted attention from women and clarified that he has been dating since a young age.

Zari reiterated her support for Raphael, affirming that she would stand by him regardless of his sexual orientation, emphasizing her role as a supportive parent.

Harmonize informs Zari, “Your man is playing with death,” as her husband asks for a boxing battle

Harmonize has issued a stark warning to Zari Hassan after her husband, Shakib Cham, expressed interest in a boxing match with the singer.

Shakib approached Harmonize via direct message, proposing a charity boxing match in Tanzania, with the proceeds going to charity. Harmonize, who is currently preparing for a match with Tanzanian boxer Hassan Mwakinyo, shared the exchange on social media.


Harmonize’s Girlfriend On The Spot After Allegedly Sliding Into Diamond’s DM

In the message, Shakib suggested the idea of a boxing match for charity, to which Harmonize responded by asking him to focus on the upcoming match with Mwakinyo first.

However, Harmonize couldn’t resist addressing Zari directly, expressing concern about Shakib’s proposal, stating, “Zari, are you aware of this? Your man is trying to play with death.”

The situation escalated further when Harmonize and Mwakinyo had a confrontation at a gym, which was captured on camera. Harmonize later apologized for the incident, explaining that he reacted impulsively to Mwakinyo’s disrespectful remarks.


Harmonize signals intent to reconcile with Diamond Platnumz

“I apologize to anyone who came across the video of the conflict with Hassani of Tanga,” he said. “Personally, I never thought that he was serious. I used to consider him as a person of words only on the internet, but unfortunately, yesterday when I entered the gym, he uttered contemptuous words. And insults involving even my parent.”

Harmonize acknowledged that while he could have handled the situation with more wisdom, his emotions got the better of him, emphasizing the importance of protecting his respect.

Zari Hassan expressed concern that the globe is no longer a safe place

Businesswoman Zari Hassan took to her Instagram stories to reflect on the changing times, expressing concern about the safety of children in today’s world.

Describing the current state of affairs, she lamented, “The world is no longer a safe place,” comparing it to her own upbringing where certain activities were commonplace.


Zari Hassan asks Shakib, her younger spouse, to promise not to cheat

Zari highlighted the stark differences between her childhood and her children’s experiences, noting that her kids have not had the same freedoms she once enjoyed. She reminisced about simpler times when children could play freely without worry, catch buses, or visit neighbors for meals.

However, she expressed regret that such freedoms are no longer feasible due to increased safety concerns. Zari emphasized the lack of trust even within families, remarking, “Can’t even trust our families with our own kids. Damn, it’s bad.”


Zari Hassan Sets Record Straight On Husband Shakib’s Hustle & Her Relationship With Diamond’s Baby Mamas

Zari is a mother of five, with three children from her late partner, Ugandan businessman Ivan Semwanga, and two children with Tanzanian music icon Diamond Platnumz. Currently married to Shakib Cham, Zari’s upbringing began in Uganda before she later relocated to South Africa with her late partner.

Zari Hassan asks Shakib, her younger spouse, to promise not to cheat

Zari Hassan, a South African entrepreneur and mother of five, recently shared a heartfelt prayer for her husband, Shakib Lutayaa, in a solemn moment captured on her TikTok page.

Donning an elegant golden hijab, Zari sat beside her husband, who wore a black kanzu paired with a white cover, as they engaged in prayer together.

Throughout the prayer, Shakib expressed his support by responding with a resounding ‘Amin’ after each request.

Zari conveyed her deepest desires for their marriage, including a plea for faithfulness and the blessing of two daughters.

She also prayed for abundant blessings for her husband, envisioning a future filled with prosperity, luxury, and travel.

“O Allah, bless my husband with a black G-Wagon, successful businesses, and two baby girls,” Zari prayed.

“Grant him a grand mansion, opportunities for travel, including vacations in Dubai and shopping sprees there. May he travel in private jets, enjoy good health, find peace, and experience everlasting love. Protect him from infidelity and frivolous pursuits,” she continued.

Zari also extended her prayers to her children, wishing them good health and prosperity.

Additionally, she expressed a personal desire for a new pink G-Wagon to complement her husband’s.

“O Allah, bless me with gold jewelry, a great legacy, and the ability to work hard and manage all the blessings you bestow upon us,” she added.

Zari and Shakib embarked on a spiritual journey in March following a brief period of separation.

During this time, the couple joyfully strolled together, with photos shared on social media from a location believed to be Saudi Arabia.

Zari documented their journey on Snapchat, showcasing their Emirates Business class flight to Dubai, captioning it “Umrah2024.”

Umrah is a sacred pilgrimage undertaken by Muslims, aimed at purifying the soul from past sins and seeking protection from poverty and life’s burdens through devotion to Allah.

@zarithebosslady10 Allahumma innaka `afuwwun tuhibbul afwa fa`fu `annee Oh Allah, You are forgiving and love forgiveness, so forgive me #ramadan #fyp ♬ original sound – zarithebosslady

Zari Hassan discusses the paternity of Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Zari Hassan, the mother of two of Diamond Platnumz’s children, recently addressed why her kids haven’t been seen socializing with Hamisa Mobetto’s son, shedding light on the situation. In an interview, Zari explained that she awaits confirmation from Diamond himself regarding the paternity of Hamisa’s child before allowing their interaction.

When asked by bloggers about the absence of Hamisa’s son in gatherings with Zari’s children, she stressed the importance of Diamond’s acknowledgment. Zari stated, “Diamond himself will explain if that child is his or not, but for me, I don’t know.” She reiterated her willingness to embrace Hamisa’s son if Diamond confirms his paternity.

Zari emphasized, “If he tells me this is my child and I want him to know the rest, I will welcome him until then, there’s no formal communication so I don’t know about it.” Diamond and Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Dylan, was born during Diamond’s relationship with Zari, leading to tensions between Hamisa and Zari.

In a previous interview, Hamisa addressed the issue of her son’s paternity, expressing reluctance to discuss it further due to her son’s young age. She emphasized the need to protect his mental well-being from online discussions.

Regarding her relationship with Diamond’s other women, Zari spoke positively about Zuchu, describing her as a “very good girl.” She highlighted the importance of maintaining communication with Diamond’s partners for the well-being of her children. “I speak to all Diamond Platnumz’s women. I speak to Tanasha Donna, I speak to Zuchu. Even when my kids go to Tanzania, I call Zuchu,” Zari revealed.

She stressed the necessity of informing Diamond’s partners when her children visit their father in Tanzania to ensure their comfort and safety. Zari Hassan is currently in Tanzania for a business trip.

Zari discusses having children with Shakib and discloses his income source.

Ugandan socialite and businesswoman, Zari Hassan, recently shed light on her husband Shakib Lutayaa’s professional endeavors, dispelling rumors about his employment status simply because he often accompanies her.

In an interview, the mother of five shared insights into their marriage and addressed speculation about Shakib’s occupation. Zari clarified that he is involved in the car sales business and various other ventures, emphasizing that he indeed has his own work commitments.

“His frequent presence with me doesn’t mean he’s unemployed. He has his own ventures, just like I do. I leave my work for him too. Many people don’t know that my husband sells cars and engages in other business activities. It’s easy for them to jump to conclusions,” she explained.

When asked about their plans for expanding their family, Zari revealed that they are actively considering having a child together.

“Yes, we are planning to have a baby. We’re excited about the prospect of growing our family. Maybe we’ll even have two, but for now, we’re focused on welcoming our first child together,” she expressed.

Regarding her relationship with Diamond’s other children’s mothers, Zari clarified that she maintains communication with some of them, particularly Zuchu and Natasha Donna, for the sake of their children’s well-being.

Zari emphasized the importance of fostering cordial relationships to ensure a harmonious environment for their kids. She revealed that she even reaches out to Zuchu when her children visit Tanzania, acknowledging Zuchu’s kindness and willingness to facilitate their interactions.

“People often assume that I don’t communicate with Diamond’s other women. I do speak with Mama NJ and Zuchu. Even when the children visit Tanzania, I reach out to Zuchu instead of Diamond. Zuchu is very kind, and if I don’t communicate with her and if she’s the one who has my children there, what will I be doing?” Zari stated, underscoring the importance of maintaining positive connections for the sake of their shared children.

Zari Hassan Sets Record Straight On Husband Shakib’s Hustle & Her Relationship With Diamond’s Baby Mamas

Socialite Zari Hassan cleared the air about her husband Shakib Lutayaa’s career and her interactions with Diamond Platnumz’s other baby mamas.

Shakib – More Than Just a Supportive Spouse

Many questioned Shakib’s profession due to his frequent presence at Zari’s events. She shut down rumors of him being unemployed, revealing that he’s in the car sales business with other ventures. Zari highlighted their strong partnership, emphasizing how Shakib supports her career and readily accompanies her on work trips.

“Hiyo haimaanishi hana kazi. Ana kazi zake, hata mimi nina kazi zangu mi huacha. Kwa watu wengi hawajui mume wangu anauza gari na zile vitu ndio rahisi sana kusema leo namwachia mtu,” she said.

Addressing Relationship with Diamond’s Baby Mamas

Zari clarified that she communicates with some of Diamond’s other baby mamas, particularly Zuchu and Natasha Donna, for the sake of their children. She prioritizes cordial relations to ensure the well-being of her kids. Zari explained that she even reaches out to Zuchu when her children visit Tanzania, emphasizing Zuchu’s kindness.

“People often assume that I don’t communicate with Diamond’s other women. I do speak with Mama NJ and Zuchu. Even when the children visit Tanzania, I reach out to Zuchu instead of Diamond. Zuchu is very kind, and if I don’t communicate with her and if she’s the one who has my children there, what will I be doing?” Zari stated.

The two have had their ups & downs in their relationship. But they have thrived despite their huge age difference.


Zari Hassan responds to opponents who point out her reconciliation with Shakib

Zari Hassan has made it clear that she’s not interested in unsolicited advice regarding her decision to reconcile with her husband, Shakib.

In a Snapchat video, the mother of five firmly addressed social media users who have been meddling in her personal affairs, expressing her disinterest in hearing opinions and criticisms from those who were not invited to comment.

“Coming in here with your opinion and your two cents and nobody asked you, I don’t wanna know. I don’t wanna hear it, I don’t need it. Keep it to yourself, I don’t care what it is. Whatever it is that you people are sending in my DM, please keep your two cents to yourself,” she stated.

Zari emphasized her desire for privacy and urged individuals to keep their opinions to themselves, advising critics to focus on their own lives rather than offering unwanted advice to her.

“Don’t come here advising me. ‘Oh you shouldn’t do that’ keep it to yourself, you need it more than I do,” she added.

On February 26, Zari revealed that she had parted ways with her Ugandan husband, Shakib Lutaya, in an interview with Millard Ayo. She disclosed that the decision to separate was mutual, emphasizing the need for both parties to have space.

Contrary to widespread speculation linking the split to her recent video appearance with Diamond Platnumz, where the two were seen holding hands, Zari clarified that issues between her and Shakib predated the controversial video.

“Shakib and I have had issues before. That is why in November and December, I decided to delete his photos on my Instagram page. We had big issues, and it is not because I did the video that Shakib has left South Africa,” Zari candidly revealed.

Addressing a video circulating online showing Shakib packing Zari’s belongings, sparking rumors that he felt disrespected by the interaction between Zari and Diamond, Zari acknowledged Shakib’s feelings and expressed regret for not discussing the video with him beforehand.

“I don’t blame him for feeling how he feels. Had I told him before Diamond released the video, he would be okay. Now that he has left, I have decided to give myself some space from the whole situation,” Zari explained.

Zari and Shakib’s journey following marital problems

Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham are currently in Saudi Arabia, undertaking a spiritual journey. Zari shared videos on her Snapchat account, revealing that she flew Emirates Business class to Dubai, with the caption Umrah2024.

Umrah is a mini-pilgrimage performed by Muslims. Its main purpose is to cleanse the soul of past sins, and it can be undertaken more than once in a lifetime. Umrah is viewed as a means of seeking protection from poverty and life’s burdens, as pilgrims spend their wealth and time in the way of Allah.

Zari also showcased moments from her flight on her TikTok account, suggesting that she personally funded her trip to Dubai. In one post, she addressed critics, stating, “Them: That man won’t take you anywhere. Me: flying to Dubai to meet him because I can sponsor myself. This is how I loooolllll #fyp #dubai.”

On her Snapchat, Zari and Shakib were seen hugging and sharing a kiss, and they explored the holy city, providing glimpses of its beauty. This journey appears to be a significant step for the couple, especially after they recently faced controversy due to Zari’s interactions with her ex-partner, Diamond.

Their co-parenting relationship stirred up discussions online, with some criticizing Zari for her perceived inappropriate actions while being married to Shakib. The couple unfollowed each other and deleted their pictures from social media amid the controversy, with Shakib expressing displeasure over what he considered disrespect, while Zari defended her actions.

‘I’ve Never Slept With Diamond Since We Broke Up In 2018’-Zari Hassan

Accusations that Zari Hassan is not moving on from her breakup with Diamond Platnumz in 2018 have been met with a forceful denial.

Zari discussed the latest footage of Diamond and her holding hands that caused a stir over the phone with Millard Ayo TV.

She restated that Diamond’s new song, “Mapoz,” was the reason for the video’s creation.

The mother of five made it clear that she has a platonic relationship with her baby daddy and does not harbor romantic sentiments for him.

Zari vehemently denied rumors circulating in Tanzanian gossip magazines that she had been having an affair with Diamond, adamantly declaring that their hug was the closest she had ever been to her baby daddy since their separation.

“Tanzania wanapenda umbea which is nice but sometimes musilazimishe vitu when you don’t know the full story na don’t make things kukua so big when you don’t even know what it is.

“Hapa hapo kwenye summery ilikua video shoot, sing’ang’anii Diamond, sitaki kurudiana na Diamond. Tangu niachane na Diamond walai bilai sijawai kurudia nyuma not even for a kiss not even for… nakwama tu hapo kwenyewe hug nini that’s it. Sijawai na nasema tena siwezi kurudiana na Diamond.

“Unajua kwa nini? It is like reading a book ama movie, unajua hio movie inaisha aje but you are still watching it, what is the point? Siwezi rudia kusoma kitabu na nishasoma na najua how it ends. Siwezi rudiana na Diamond,” Zari said.

Zari further told Zuchu that she has left Diamond for her. This was after a video of them holding hands caused an uproar


Zari discloses the spark that improved her and Tanasha’s relationship

Zari Hassan, the mother of Diamond’s children, recently discussed her relationship with the singer’s Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna, during an interview with Ayo TV.

Zari revealed that there is no animosity between her and Tanasha, emphasizing that they are friends. She mentioned that they communicate frequently and have chosen to maintain a positive relationship for the sake of their children, who she wants to have a strong bond as siblings.

The Ugandan socialite explained that her kids, Tiffany, Nilan, and Naseeb Junior, often communicate with Tanasha’s son, creating a strong connection. Zari emphasized the importance of acknowledging that, despite her past with Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship status with the singer, their children share a sibling bond.

Zari shared insights into the development of their friendship, noting that it started when their kids spent time with their father in Tanzania. As their friendship blossomed, Zari extended an invitation to Tanasha to attend her annual all-white party in Uganda, which the singer gladly accepted.

“Why wouldn’t I talk to Tanasha?… Because from that trip to Tanzania when the kids came, we became friends,” Zari elaborated during the interview.

Earlier, a video surfaced showing the two women embracing at Zari’s all-white party, leaving netizens impressed with their amicable relationship.

Zari Hassan’s Husband Addresses Interview Zari’s Enemy Blogger

Shakib Cham, husband to Zari Hassan, recently participated in an interview conducted by Mange Kimambi, an individual known to have disagreements with Zari. This sparked questions and concerns from fans who perceived the interview as a betrayal.

In a video response, Shakib addressed the situation, stating that he agreed to the interview after being offered payment. He claimed to be unaware of the interviewer’s connection to Zari’s personal conflicts and asserts that he is not familiar with his wife’s enemies.

Shakib’s Defense

He explained that his motivation for participating in the interview stemmed from a desire to share his perspective after a recent incident involving Zari and her former partner. He urged viewers to reserve judgment until they have listened to the full interview.

Drama as Shakib, the estranged husband of Zari Hassan, decides to reveal the truth

In the latest development of the ongoing drama between socialite Zari Hassan and her husband, Shakib Cham, tensions have heightened as Shakib has agreed to participate in a revealing interview with Zari’s long-standing rival, Mange Kimambi, a Tanzanian-American-based blogger and businesswoman.

The rift between Mange and Zari is widely known, with both personalities frequently engaging in public disputes and throwing shade at each other on various social media platforms.

Shakib’s decision to engage with Mange has emerged amid reports of his separation from Zari. While Zari had previously stated to Millard Ayo that the couple had mutually agreed to take a break, Shakib’s endorsement of Mange’s interview has raised eyebrows.

Zari, on her part, has openly discussed the breakdown of her marriage, attributing irreconcilable differences as the reason behind her decision to remove photos of Shakib from her social media accounts.

“Shakib and I have had issues before. That is why in November and December, I decided to delete his photos on my Instagram page. We had big issues, and it is not because I did the video that Shakib has left South Africa,” Zari candidly revealed.

In a promotional video circulating online, Shakib is seen being welcomed by Mange, endorsing the controversial blogger ahead of their upcoming interview.

The interview, scheduled to be available on Mange’s application, is expected to explore Shakib’s perspective on his relationship with Zari and the complexities of their marriage. While it remains unclear whether Shakib received compensation for his participation, fans have expressed shock and disappointment at his choice to confide in Zari’s adversary, particularly during a period when the couple reportedly sought space from each other.

Social media reactions have been swift and diverse, with some expressing support for Zari’s resilience, while others speculate on Shakib’s motives and the future of their relationship. Users have offered words of encouragement to Zari, highlighted her strength in adversity, questioned Shakib’s actions, and even suggested ulterior motives in his relationship with Zari.

Shakib Gets Cuddly With Another Woman Amid Break-Up Rumours With Zari

A video that dates back to unknown has emerged on social media showing Shakib Cham Lutaaya making out with DJ Alisha, just hours after Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan caused controversy with their bromance.
On Thursday, February 22, 2024, Diamond shared a video of himself and Zari strolling hand in hand like a couple.
In the caption, the Wasafi chief called his Ugandan baby mama his sister.
Following the pretense that his wife and her Tanzanian baby daddy were back on the dating scene, Shakib posted a slew of strange remarks on Instagram.

Additionally, Shakib removed every picture of Zari Hassan from his Instagram feed.
Hours after Zari and Diamond were spotted holding hands while strolling, a video of Shakib and DJ Alisha making love appeared online.
The undated video included Zari’s husband and the Rwandan DJ, who is based in Uganda, cuddling up in a car and lovingly sucking him like a lollipops.
Weeks after his baby mom Tusiime Jalia Cremy, aka Lia Cremy, accused him of being a deadbeat parent, Shakib and his wife Zari Hassan are embroiled in controversy.
On February 1, 2024, Lia Cremy published a number of posts on Facebook that contained grave accusations against Shakib.
Shakib remained silent in the face of those charges.

Shakib & Zari Delete Each Other’s Photos On Social Media

Husband of businesswoman Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham, made hints about trouble in paradise after deleting every picture they had ever taken together.
The unexpected action is being taken at a moment when fans are beginning to speculate that Zari and Shakib are splitting up.
Shakib caused a stir on Thursday, February 22, 2024, by posting a string of enigmatic statements on social media.
Given the increasing number of allegations that his marriage to Zari Hassan is in disarray, many speculate that the messages could be directed against her.

“May people with pure intentions find people with pure intentions” Shakib Cham posted after deleting all photos with his bae, Zari Hassan.

“Social media makes you admire people you should be praying for.”

Additionally, Zari the Boss Lady’s platform contains no pictures of her spouse.

This is all taking place at the same moment that Diamond Platnumz shocked everyone by sharing a video of him holding hands with his baby momma Zari.

We understand that Platnumz, who has been camping in South Africa for the past week or two, may be filming an episode of African reality show Young, Famous & African.

His strong relationship with his baby mama has raised many issues, though.

The two remain silent on whether they’ve truly ended their relationship.

Shakib publishes strange comments and removes Zari’s images, causing trouble in paradise

Shakib Cham, who is married to businesswoman Zari Hassan, has hinted at trouble in their relationship by deleting all the photos they have taken together. The unexpected move has fueled speculation among fans that the couple might be facing challenges in their marriage.

On Thursday, February 22, 2024, Shakib raised eyebrows by sharing a series of cryptic messages on his social media. Many believe these messages might be directed at his wife, Zari Hassan, as reports of marital issues surface.

“May people with pure intentions find people with pure intentions,” Shakib Cham posted after removing all photos with Zari Hassan.

“Social media makes you admire people you should be praying for.”

Zari, also known as the Boss Lady, has also removed all photos of her husband from her platform. These actions coincide with Diamond Platnumz sharing a video holding hands with his ex-partner, Zari, surprising many.

Diamond Platnumz has been in South Africa for the past week, reportedly shooting an episode of the reality series “Young Famous and African.” However, his close interaction with Zari has raised questions and sparked discussions about their relationship.

Baby mother drama involving Shakib Lutaaya, the spouse of Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan’s husband, Shakib Cham Lutaaya, is currently involved in a dramatic dispute with his alleged baby mama, Cremy Lia. The woman, reportedly the mother of his son, took to Snapchat to expose him, accusing him of being a deadbeat dad.

In her Snapchat post, she wrote, “Someone should tell this ki useless smart wire boy Shakib Cham whenever they insult my kid, I will be coming for him because my son is innocent, and he never chose this. But sincerely I can never tolerate a deadbeat dad, never.”

While Shakib has chosen to remain silent on the matter, this is not the first time he has been embroiled in controversy. In January 2023, Shamirah Nalule Sembatya, also known as Mimi, a Ugandan lady based in the US, accused Zari Hassan of eloping with her husband, Shakib Cham Lutaaya.

Mimi claimed to have been legally married to Shakib since June 2016, providing documents to support her assertion. According to her, she processed Shakib’s visa and flew him to the US in 2017 after their marriage.

However, she alleged that Shakib started sneaking away from their marriage to be with Zari in early 2022, eventually relocating to South Africa to be with the famous mother of five. Mimi speculated that Shakib left their marriage because Zari is more famous and wealthier than her.

Zari dismissed these allegations as baseless clout-chasing when responding to a fan’s question about eloping with Shakib. “His wife claims you broke her marriage, is that true?” a fan asked Zari. To which she responded, “Clout chasers.”

Shakib also denied Mimi’s claims, asserting that they were never married but had only dated. According to him, Mimi was his girlfriend for eight years, and their relationship ended when he discovered they belonged to the same clan, “Ngonge.” Additionally, he revealed that Mimi had six children from different men.

Online slay queens “setting standards”: Zari’s biting and sagacious advice

Ugandan socialite and renowned entrepreneur Zari Hassan has expressed her disdain for the fake lifestyle of slay queens, urging them to put in hard work to earn a living.

In a video circulating on social media, Zari pointed out the irony of many slay queens spending significant amounts of money daily on leisure without having a specific job to generate income.

The mother of five shared that despite leading an exciting life with people depending on her, she has undertaken “dirty” work to reach her current position. Zari disclosed her past employment at a sandwich company and as a domestic worker in England.

Zari emphasized the importance of hard work, stating that earning respect for one’s hustle comes from diligent effort.

Addressing slay queens who solicit in DMs, she advised them to cease such behavior and engage in any form of work, even if it means selling charcoal, rather than setting unrealistic standards.

Zari also cautioned against false narratives suggesting her wealth is solely derived from her late husband, Ivan Ssemwanga. She clarified that they built their wealth together, and she has continued to work tirelessly to maintain and enhance it.

Zari Hassan’s Family Victimized Again: Shakib Robbed, Zari’s Home Burgled Earlier

The past month has brought unsettling events for Zari Hassan and her family, marked by two instances of brazen theft.

Shakib Lutaya Cham, Zari’s husband, fell victim to a robbery on Friday night. Details remain unconfirmed, but Shakib claimed he lost two phones, cash, and expensive chains at his neighborhood supermarket. Witnesses allegedly pointed towards a man named “Benja,” potentially linked to musician Pallaso. Shakib expressed disappointment with Pallaso’s indifferent response, vowing to pursue the matter further.

This attack comes only a month after Zari’s home in Uganda was burglarized. Armed intruders brutally assaulted the security guard, stealing phones, jewelry, Rolex watches, laptops, and even a government gun. Despite police involvement, the perpetrators remain at large.

These consecutive incidents have understandably shaken Zari’s circle. Both Shakib and Zari have addressed the public, expressing their determination to seek justice and recover the stolen items. Zari has pleaded for any information that could lead to the culprits’ apprehension.

Zari posts receipts proving she paid 300K on her Loius Vuitton purse

I feel like Zari the Boss Lady is a wealthy aunt. This frequently draws criticism over her lifestyle and anything that happened recently.

How did it begin?

She posted pictures of herself holding a Louis Vuitton purse while approaching her Jeep and sweeping over her driveway in her South African house.

She wore the purse with an outfit of cream color.

Success takes time to achieve. It occurs when you improve little each day on top of the previous one. Everything adds up. “- Dwayne Johnson,” she wrote as the video’s caption on Monday, January 8.

She was not pleased when a man bluntly informed her that her bag was a fake. The mother of five took to her Instagram stories to aggressively respond to the comments, expressing her displeasure with it.

Zari Hassan Remembers Her Late Ex Ivan Ssemwanga On His Birthday

On December 12th, Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan commemorated a special day: the late birthday of her former husband, Ivan Ssemwanga. Though he passed away in 2017, Zari’s heartfelt tribute showcased the enduring bond they shared and the legacy he left behind.

A Life Celebrated

Ssemwanga, a successful businessman and father of Zari’s three eldest children, would have turned 46 on this day. Even in his absence, Zari took to social media to celebrate his memory.

“Happy birthday,” she wrote in a touching Instagram post, alongside a photo of Ssemwanga, his smile radiating warmth. “I hope the angels are celebrating with you.”

In another post, Zari shared a candid snapshot of them relaxing together, a glimpse into their shared life and the happiness they built. These heartfelt tributes resonated with fans and followers, offering a window into their love story and the impact Ssemwanga had on Zari’s life.

A Legacy Preserved

Beyond the personal memories, Zari also acknowledged Ssemwanga’s lasting legacy. “The legacy lives on. Happy birthday,” she wrote, showcasing her dedication to preserving his memory and the values he instilled.

Ssemwanga was a prominent figure in the Ugandan and South African communities, known for his business acumen and larger-than-life personality. His death left a void, but Zari’s continued remembrance ensures his spirit lives on.

Moving Forward with Love

Zari’s journey since Ssemwanga’s passing has been one of both grief and resilience. She built a successful career as a businesswoman and found love again, expanding her family with two more children.

Her story is a testament to the power of love and perseverance, a message that resonates with many who have faced loss and found the strength to move forward.

Remembering Ivan Ssemwanga

Ivan Ssemwanga’s life may have been cut short, but his memory continues to inspire. Zari Hassan’s unique birthday tribute served as a beautiful reminder of the love they shared, the legacy he built, and the strength she has found in his absence. It is a story that touches hearts and reminds us to cherish the moments we have with loved ones, both past and present.

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Zari Hassan honours the birthday of her late ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga

Ugandan tycoon Zari Hassan, who is based in South Africa, has been using social media to remember her late ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga’s birthday, who passed away five years ago.
In 2017, Ivan Ssemwanga passed away from a heart attack while being treated by his ex-wife, Zari Hassan, at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria.

On May 25, 2017, a Thursday, he passed away. Ivan received a poignant birthday greeting from Zari on Instagram, which read, “Happy birthday, hope the angels are celebrating with him.” The heritage endures. Cheers to your birthday.

During their marriage, Ivan and Zari had three boys together.

Ivan’s death was disclosed on Zari’s Instagram page, where she described it as the lowest point of her life. Zari had moved on after her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

She remembered Ivan’s advice to live life to the fullest and thought back on his inspirational and giving personality in her message.

“God loves those that are special and that’s exactly who you were and I guess that’s why he wanted you to himself. You have touched and helped thousands, you did wonders and I remember you telling me “life is too short let me live it to the fullest”, this very dark hour it makes sense why you always said those words to me,”

The relatives of Zari’s late spouse accused her of being responsible for Ivan’s depression and early death.

The head of Ivan’s family, Herbert Luyinda, made the suggestion that Ivan experienced mental health problems following their breakup and after finding out about Zari’s pregnancy and engagement to Diamond.
Pinto Ntale, Zari’s eldest son, was formally recognized as the successor to Ivan’s estates after the initial dispute between Zari and Ivan’s family was resolved.