Chipukeezy Forced to Cancel New Show Before it Even Starts After Ditching Ebru TV 

Comedian Chupukeezy recently parted ways with Ebru TV after a huge disagreement following their show. The comedian moved his show to Youtube and promised fans he’ll be starting soon.

It seems the show has already met its first hurdle as Chipukeezy was forced to cancel its first shooting because of the lack of a producer.


Taking to social media, the comedian asked people to share their CV for him to pick a new producer who can be doing the show.

In a long statement on Instagram, the comedian explained why he needed a new producer and said the show will start airing again in October.

Here’s the full statement.

“Following the absence of Director 001 in the country, Chipukeezy show will not go on air tomorrow Director 001 is in Tanzania for some official duty but Just as he promised to take care and create more opportunities for the Youth, The Director has decided to GO BIG!  Chipukeezy Productions is therefore looking for any YOUNG skilled personnel; from Content Creators/Developers, Artists, Poets, Musicians, Managers, Directors, Producers, Script writers, Camera Operators, Sound and Lighting technicians.

The Show will resume as from 7th October. Send in your CV applications to the email [email protected] to get shortlisted for an interview that will be held on 25th September Pamoja, Vijana Tusonge Mbele. A Show For The Youth, By The Youth!”


Chipukeezy reveals how Eric Omondi helped him out after quitting Churchill show

Comedian Chipukeezy who is also the director at NACADA has come out to reveal unknown details about his friendship with Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy

The two who started off their careers through Churchill show – continue to remain friends years after they both decided to quit the show and focus on other projects.

However, what many don’t know is that their friendship is based on a much stronger ground that we didn’t know anything about.

How Eric Comedian helped Chipukeezy

Speaking during his show, Vincent  Muasya popularly known as Chipukeezy opened up saying that Eric Omondi gave him Ksh 100,000 to shoot his first Chipukeezy TV show  that has since managed to keep his career going.

Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy

Huyu (Eric Omondi) ndio alinichukuanga vile mzee alinifikisha mahali alinifikisha Churchill na amenisaidia sana. The first time nilifanya Chipukeezy TV kwa YouTube Eric Omondi alinipeanga 100 thousand niende nikashoot. For real and that’s why nafanya vile mimi hufanya kwa sababu huyu aliplant seed kwangu,

Well if you wondered why the two happen to be quite close, then now you know!