Rapper Fena Gitu retains her phenomenal status with a funky release tagged ‘Hustle’ alongside Magix Enga (audio)

Celebrated Kenyan FemCee Fena Gitu is no stranger to controversy – often trending for reasons other than music. However, this time, she’s riding high for the right reasons as her musical talent comes through in a catchy new track, alongside fast-rising rap maestro, Magix Enga.

“Fena-menal” Fena Gitu is a Kenyan feminine rapper who’s undoubtedly commanding a comfortable niche in the male-dominated rap industry. She’s been at the game for an incredible 10 years, and has two albums to her belt. The latest album – Unleashed – was launched in Nov 2019, and became an instant hit with her legion of fans, often tagged ‘Fena-tics’.

Her partner Magix Enga comes into the track adding great value with flawless, free-flow rap. While he also moonlights as a producer, Magix Enga is proving hard to beat in the rap scene. He has featured in various feel-good tracks by clubbing sensation The Boondocks Gang, and also featured heavyweights like Khaligraph Jones, Arrow Bwoy, Kristoff, et al.

‘Hustle’, is a rhythmic, urban-dance beat that gives off a laid-back vibe. While it’s sure to feature in every discerning DJ’s play list, it’s not entirely a nasty, fiery clubbing track – it’s the sort of laid-back, yet intriguing music that radio morning show hosts would play.

The ‘Hustle’ track is endearing to fans for its palpable message in the clean lyrics. Characteristic to her rapping style, Fena Gitu has steered clear of the traditional pillars of hard core hip hop – vulgar language, raw sex, violence or the popular flashy and exaggerated West-inspired theme.

This track is an inspiring piece that pushes and encourages the hustle persona, target audience being the seemingly-tarmacking section of the youth seeking to find their mark in an unforgiving society. It’s a message of hope to keep trying, make sacrifices and keep pushing to be the best.

Though Fena Gitu may seem to be in the middle of some personal battles in some sections of the media, it doesn’t at all reflect in this track. She has yet proved to be ingenious, authentic and a force to reckon with in the rap scene. Magix Enga is a huge bonus to the overall mien of the release.

Check out the ‘fena-menal’ talent in this track below, and add your thoughts.


These Two!! Rumored lesbian rapper Fena Gitu gets sweet love message from Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami, Marini Natural CEO, was recently online with a lovely message for her longtime friend rapper Fena Gitu.

Fena has just turned 29 and her friend Ntalami couldn’t keep her wits together. She took to social media to share a long cute message which really shows their deep friendship.

“To this @fenamenal Queen! ???????? You have given me some of the heartiest laughters and best memories of my life! These are just but some of my faves, though 10 pictures could never do it justice, especially not on the gram! ???? I can’t wait for you to be a global superstar, then I’ll be one of those friends who are interviewed for your Docu and I reveal all your embarrassing photos and stories! ???? I have the world to thank you for! My favorite things about you will always be your kind heart, your pure soul, your humble personality, your selfless nature and above all your silly humor..my medicine! ???? Thank you for your unconditional love and friendship! Storm or shine, we’re riding this life thing together until the end! I got you! ???????? Happy 29th Birthday @fenamenal, I love you always! ♥️.
P.S: Fuzzy Duck? ????– Also, the one time we actually need a duck emoji without damn autocorrect! ????????????” 


Replying to the post, Fena, who has been topping headlines because of her sexuality, had an equally sweet message for her.

“Awww I Love you Michie!!! This means the world to me, we’ve been through it all and right back, stronger. I appreciate your love, kindness, generosity, counsel, such a sweet soul. I love you today and forever Mia Bambina. ❤️❤️❤️.” said Fena. 

Comedian Njugush steps into the music world after first collabo with Fena Gitu

Comedian Njugush has officially joined the music industry now after being featured in Fena Gitu’s latest song dubbed “Sijaskia Vibaya.”

Sijaskia Vibaya is a phrase mostly used by Njugush which loosely translated to mean “I’ve not felt bad”.

Fena’s inspiration

The new jam is about how Fena got rejected by some artists as an upcoming artists but never took it to heart but promise herself to work even harder.

“Nimeshinda nikiomba Khali collabo miaka mingi yeye ananiambia bado, Hata Sijaskia vibaya. Akanishow rudi studio, pata ka doo before you call dons to be in your video. Sijaskia vibaya. Nikamshow you just give me one year, I will be rocking shows from the front to the rear, you gonna wish you gave me that chance, utalia utaniomba lift in my private lia. Enyewe nilikuwa nimeskia vibaya. Siku hizi mi ndo nanyimana collabo nimepanda bei, wacha waskie vibaya,” Sings Fena Gitu.

The song was produced by Magix Enga while the video was done by Enos Olik.

Watch the video below:

Fena Gitu talks about her sexuality after alleged lesbian threesome with Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro

Fena Gitu is rumored to be homosexual, sometimes in October 2017 the rapper was allegedly caught pants down in a lesbian threesome with Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro.

Rumors had it that Lonina Leteipan dumped Sharon Mundia after he busted her having a girly thing with Patricia Kihoro and Fena Gatu.

The rapper even fueled the lesbian rumors further when she was seen in a very suggestive posture with Edith Kimani.

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Edith Kimani, Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro
Edith Kimani, Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro
Sexual orientation no one’s business

Fena Gitu slammed people who keep talking about her sexual orientation during an interview with Nairobi News. The rapper says her sexuality is not anybody’s business.

“Why are people concerned. It doesn’t concern them. Why are they bothered? Shida yao ni,” said Fena Gatu.