Magix Enga needs a mental health check

Magix Enga needs a mental health check. All jokes aside we are watching someone mentally unravelled and cracking jokes about how he is a crackhead rather than heeding the pleas for help.

Magix Enga Should Admit He’s An Addict & Go To Rehab

When we had previously touched on the subject matter what I had pointed out is the fact that what we are experiencing with Magix Enga is precisely what Kanye West went through. The manic depressive states as well as the erratic and impulsive decision-making and behaviour is something that anyone familiar with mental health knows to be a red flag.

Magix Enga

There were also instances of paranoia with episodes that typically had him thinking people are out to get him. This usually makes it difficult for friends and family to get involved. However, we really need to not let this talent waste away.

Magix Enga might be undergoing a mental breakdown

No one truly understands what it was that triggered Magix Enga’s mental breakdown but since then he has had some episodes of clarity that he has taken advantage of to reach out for help. It doesn’t reach out to anyone in particular and this makes it difficult as what we are witnessing is a diffusion of responsibility as everyone thinks the next one will reach out and help him.

Magix Enga commits social media suicide day after alleged attack by armed gunmen

“Magix Enga has been in the headlines of late and it’s due to the fact that he is looking dishevelled and quite frankly drug-addled. This follows a rather sharp and precipitous fall from grace from the ones most sought-after music producer in Kenya to someone who would constantly lash out both on social media and in real life.

Magix Enga trolled ruthlessly after shaving off signature locks & it’s hilarious!

We saw his talent literally fade before our eyes as the once-promising producer began to abuse alcohol and drugs to the extent that it took a toll on his talent and even his social capital are some of the artists he had previously worked with give him a wide berth.”

I hope we aren’t waiting to prove Andrew Kibe’s statement about Kenyans true that we hide and kawa when someone is alive and asking for help only attempting to get involved once they are dead and we can gain cloud from mourning them.

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Magix Enga might be undergoing a mental breakdown

Magix Enga has been in the headlines of late and it’s due to the fact that he is looking dishevelled and quite frankly drug-addled. This follows a rather sharp and precipitous fall from grace from the ones most sought-after music producer in Kenya to someone who would constantly lash out both on social media and in real life.

Magix Enga Explains Why He Had To Quit Drugs, Shave Signature Dreadlocks (Video)

We saw his talent literally fade before our eyes as the once-promising producer began to abuse alcohol and drugs to the extent that it took a toll on his talent and even his social capital are some of the Artists he had previously worked with give him a wide berth.

Magix Enga

It has been a rather sad movie that we have watch play out right in front of our eyes as he suffered breakdown after breakdown with the first symptom being him shaving his dreadlocks off, when he making ludicrous statements on his social media accusing artists of being members of prescribed and conspiratory secret societies. Magix Enga I truly lost it.

Someone needs to check up on Magix Enga and set him straight

The first thing to follow his sanity was his money and the material possessions he used to take so much pride in. He quickly relocated to his ancestral home in Nakuru where he took some time away from the public eye and attempted to rehabilitate himself off the substances he was abusing.

Beat King Magix Enga

Magix Enga then came back in a big way promising that he was bigger and better. However, this did not materialize into any new content; no banners no nothing. And after all that he has now resurfaced in Kilifi looking far worse for wear than we have ever seen him before.

Magix Enga Admits Going To Rehab, Agrees Gengetone Artists Abuse Drugs

The troublesome nature of who he is as a person is in the fact that he used to perform so many publicity stunts that many do not believe him to truly be mentally unstable or drug-addled. Most people seem to believe he is performing for the cameras once again in the hopes that he can reignite his career.

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo

While this might be true I personally doubt it as what we are witnessing has so many striking parallels to what we saw Kanye West go through in America. The difference is that Magix Enga has not been diagnosed as Kenya does not have a great mental health support system or network.

Magix Enga & Popular YouTuber Presenter Ali Lock Horns Following ‘Fake’ Illuminati Video

I mean, come on guys we have watched this talented young man throw away his entire life on a whim. We watched wallow in madness and still some will claim that he destroyed his life for some performative narrative. No sir. I genuinely believe we have watched a man suffer a mental breakdown due to undiagnosed reasons and given just how severe his bouts of paranoia were, the odds are high that even when his friends and family attempted to reach out to him to help him he rebuffed them.

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Someone needs to check up on Magix Enga and set him straight

Magix Enga has been behaving erratically over the past few days and I think his friends and family need to check up on him then yank his phone away from him for some time as they work to ensure that he is actually doing okay and that he is not on some substance-induced rampage.

‘Pombe Sio Supu, Mi Nimewacha’ Magix Enga Clears Suicidal Post, Says He Was Drunk

You see, over the past few days, he has been posting about wanting to self delete and wanting to only post trash content but I think there was something there that we have all missed and that is… He is calling out for help.

Beat King Magix Enga

Magix Enga seems to be exhibiting signs that he is disturbed. Perhaps it is due to the loss of a loved one or perhaps it is down to his consumption of some substances as previously theorized.

Muache Umama! Magix Enga Insults Kenyans For Not Supporting Local Music, Says He Will Release Dirty Content (Video)

And we shouldn’t take this lightly. Unless ofcourse we are hoping to gain some sort of mileage through the social media mourning that would doubtless follow should anything happen to the highly talented.

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo

There are some signs of depression that the people around Magix Enga need to be aware of because discussing self-deletion as cavalier as he did is not to be taken lightly. There is a reason why people who seem suicidal become jolly during the last few days before we hear the statement, “I had no idea he was down, he was so happy these past few days”… And it is because they believe themselves to have found their permanent solution.

Magix Enga Admits Going To Rehab, Agrees Gengetone Artists Abuse Drugs

The signs of depression of which I spoke of would be a lot more clear to the people around Magix Enga than the rest of us as fans and they include:

Kenyan music producer Magix Enga
  1. Loss of interest or withdrawal from activities. Many depressed individuals experience a lack of enjoyment of activities they used to look forward to, such as hobbies or hanging out with friends. Some also lack sexual pleasure.
  2. Feeling hopeless. Such feelings may include feeling unnecessary guilt or worthlessness. A person may lack self-confidence, blame themselves when it’s not their fault, or feel like things are pointless. Few even experience self-hate. Sometimes this symptom is associated with major depression, a form of severe depression.
  3. Feeling fatigued or lack of sleep. Many lack interest in doing regular activities because they don’t have the energy. Some experience insomnia or sleep too much. Lack of proper rest may lead to feeling agitated or anxious. Many that take a depression test or quiz online are asked about energy levels and how they affect their daily activities.
  4. Inability to concentrate. The inability to focus on tasks and activities goes hand in hand with a lack of interest and feeling fatigued. Some experience difficulty in making decisions and remembering things.
  5. It is common for depression and anxiety to appear together, but anxiety may include symptoms such as heavy sweating, nervousness, trouble thinking clearly, rapid breathing, and feeling panicked.
  6. Irritability and risky behavior. Depression may appear differently in men than in women. Men may express more anger with irritability. When a person feels irritable, they don’t want to be bothered by others. They may find risky behaviors such as substance abuse as a way to escape their feelings.
  7. Unexplained aches or pains. People may not have anything physically wrong with them, but they may experience achy joints, muscles, upset stomach, or headaches. Persistent physical symptoms may not respond to treatment.
  8. Appetite and weight changes. Depressed individuals may eat more or less, resulting in weight fluctuation. These changes may occur unintentionally.
  9. Lack of emotional control. Mood swings may occur without influence from others. Sometimes a person may feel sad, angry, empty, or frustrated suddenly. Others may feel like bursting into tears for no reason or cry uncontrollably.
  10. Feeling pessimistic. A person may feel indifferent about the present. They may not care about their future or think things don’t matter anymore.
  11. Thoughts or actions of self-harm. In many cases, a depressed person shows or experiences symptoms before self-harm occurs.

Magix Enga commits social media suicide day after alleged attack by armed gunmen

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Magix Enga’s publicity stunt was the best a Kenyan has ever done

Magix Enga is the super troll we never knew we were capable of creating. He is the hero we have reluctantly gotten accustomed to like a bad fart in a matatu on a chilly July morning. He is the black sheep of the entertainment family who is very gifted but is just such a complete dick, we have to be awkward around him during family gatherings.

But Magix Enga has had his minute in the sun. He got to shine and put himself above the rest of the entertainment industry by simply trolling the biggest troll in entertainment, Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Magix Enga copyright complaint against Tekashi

You see, Mexican-American rapper Tekashi is so universally reviled that even companies want to watch him fail. the rapper who turned snitch after getting involved with gang members, putting hits out on people and getting imprisoned is now constantly on social media mocking everyone. Don’t get me wrong, he still makes good music but he broke one of the Cardinal rules of hip-hop which has a history of celebrating criminality.
So when Magix Enga who has been pulling all sorts of nonsense publicity stunts set his eyes on Tekashi Snitch Nine, all bets were off.

Magix Enga

The Kenyan producer essentially abused YouTube’s copyrights rule and this caused them to remove one of the biggest songs of the moments, Tekashi’s crowning glory, Gooba which has broken so many records, you would think YouTube would want to keep it on their mantlepiece. Magix Enga claimed that Tekashi had stolen his instrumentals for the song -essentially that he had copied the instrumentals which is a violation of intellectual property rights.

EXCLUSIVE: “He is not my type, he is too bitchy,” VDJ Jones fires at Magix Enga over the Rudra Kartel scuffle

The video was taken down and Kenyans celebrated the fact that their asshat son had brought notoriety to Kenya. Others across the globe celebrated because they really want to see Tekashi lose.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga have a new jam 'Rewind It'

And why is this the best troll ever? Because it worked. It has given Magix Enga his 15 minutes of international fame, it gave Tekashi 6ix9ine haters their seven chuckles and it has increased the Kenyan producer’s local fame and renown.
If Magix can capitalize on this short stint in the sun, he could stand to make some serious money. At the moment most East Africans would want to work with him so as to be associated with his notoriety. They would be hoping that some of the lingering attention will shine a spotlight to their music.

Chasing album sales: Magix Enga’s tasteless publicity stunt falls flat

Maybe, Magix Enga could even beg Tekashi for them to collaborate on some work together and who knows, the biggest troll in the world just might agree to work with the biggest troll of the moment.


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EXCLUSIVE: “He is not my type, he is too bitchy,” VDJ Jones fires at Magix Enga over the Rudra Kartel scuffle

For while now music producer Magix Enga has been a topic of discussion in most digital media spaces. It started out with the noise of an alleged fall out with one of his proteges Rudra Kartel.

An incident where the lad, Rudra accused Enga of manipulating him with a contract.

Also read: EXCLUSIVE: Magix Enga finally reveals why he was forced to kick out Rudra Kartel

Well three weeks in Ghafla got the chance and spoke to VDJ Jones who was in the middle of the scuffle with Magix Enga over Rudra and he had a lot to say about Enga.

According to VDJ Jones, Rudra reached out to him with the claim that Enga had done nothing to help him since he was unveiled. Thus the video that went viral with Rudra ranting the producer being a let down.

In the case Jones said he tried to reach out to Enga but the two could not come to an agreement. Furthermore, Enga accused Vdj Jones of promising the young lad a free collabo. This something that Jones adamantly refutes.

Asked whether he had any project with Rudra he said he has none. Thus calling Magix Enga a liar.

This writer went ahead to ask if he can work with Magix Enga and Rudra, Jones vehemently shut us down shooting at Enga.

“He is not my type coz that guy is too bitchy, ako na issuez za kidem he thrives on scandals and for me I don’t work that way!!”

Enga’s clout chasing

Consequently, the exchange went on for a while but all of a sudden Enga is now promoting Rudra Kartel’s new upcoming Ep.

The same  guy he said he would never take back. Talk of clout! Enga is good at it whatever makes him a trend sales for his brand. Am  sure we are aware of his recent noise around wanting to sign Tanzania’s WCB arists.

Below is the link of the interview with VDJ Jones.

Chasing album sales: Magix Enga’s tasteless publicity stunt falls flat

Magix Enga has been having issues with one of the artists he signed to his record label, Magix Empire, by the name Rudra Kartel. When their issues came to a head, Magix Enga ended up taking things the whole way down to Retard City, insisting on Rudra upholding the contract; never mind the fact that Rudra is a minor…

Magix Enga is going down the Suge Knight route and it’ll kill his dreams

And then he made the decision to go all the way into beef and exchange of words with a fellow producer for simply entertaining the idea of working with him:

Magix Enga

And then Magix Enga pulled a one hundred and eighty-degree turn around, alleging that this was all a publicity stunt. And even this wasn’t smoothly done, he instead held an interview in which he blamed Rudra further for the split:

EXCLUSIVE: Magix Enga finally reveals why he was forced to kick out Rudra Kartel

Now he is alleging that all this, including asking Diamond Playtnumz to sign to his record label was all part of the great ploy that was a “publicity stunt”. Yet the last time he did some dumb stuff like this, it was as he simulated a car accident and passed out. Then he got arrested…

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo

And at this point, it is prudent for someone in his camp to pull him aside and tell him that this isn’t the way to sell an EP. Yes, I forgot to mention that Magix Enga claims that all this was an attempt to raise awareness of Rudra Kartel’s upcoming EP.

Magix Enga teams up with Banzema Ochungulo and Boondocks gang for new track “Foursome”

If Magix Enga is looking to sell the EP and recoup his losses, he should try and let the music speak for himself. If that fails (which, knowing Kenyans, it just might), he needs to reach out to other Kenyan artists and ask them to help him push the EP. This route Magix Enga has taken is a terrible one because he comes off as a clown.

Now his name is synonymous with failed publicity stunts more than it is his work. And this will only gain momentum as he continues to involve himself in the scuffle with Rudra Kartel who as you can see, has managed to come off smelling fresh.

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Magix Enga is going down the Suge Knight route and it’ll kill his dreams

Magix Enga has been on the spot the last couple of days as he has come under a torrent of accusations of mismanagement and heavy-handedness. Several artists signed to the producer (who we have to acknowledge is an amazing producer) have come out to blast him for heavy-handedness and fellow producer, VDJ Jones even came out to accuse Magix Enga of messing up his artists with his aggressive negotiation tactics.

¨Wacha kutupima bro!¨ Kenyans blast Magix Enga after a video of him passed out, goes viral [watch]

You see, a video surfaced of a young artist called Rudra Kartel came out to point out the fact that though he had approached Magix Enga to work together with him, he was uncomfortable with his overzealous handing out of slave contracts even to minors who legally cannot enter into contracts.

Magix Enga

So why is Magix Enga doing this?

The only reason for him to be as hard-headed as he is when it comes to working with artists is that he is trying to build his empire but doing so as he compares himself to his peers. Magix Enga is a highly rated producer with a slew of hits beneath his belt. he has done it all as a collaborative artist aswell as a producer and musician. He is in a rush to beat his peers which has caused him to run his sprint as he constantly looks to the left and right lane to compare himself with other producers who own and run record labels.
Is you ask me, what led to this change in character was the time when he and Harmonize got into it as he was accusing the Tanzanian of stealing his instrumentals for the song Uno.

“I will release my copyright strike on Uno” Magix Enga forgives Harmonize

When that beef erupted, it soon became a prick measuring contest as Magix Enga got called out for clout chasing as he tried to build a name for himself off Harmonize’s back. And he was accused of being broke et cetera which led Magix Enga to announce that Harmonize couldn’t afford to fuel his cars… No one cared about what material possessions each owned but this statement by Magix Enga raised eyebrows at it didn’t fit into the frame and context of their dispute.

Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on 'Jojo' (Audio)

Once Magix Enga had made that statement, he tricked his mind into believing he had to prove a point to everyone. And so he adopted a “me against the world” persecuted mental schema. And so he approaches every situation with that level of hostility -“it is me against you.”

Magix Enga

And this attitude is reminiscent of Suge Knight. The young lad is too young to know who that is or why he is hurtling down Suge’s path but for those of us who understand, we remember Deathrow Records. It was one of the biggest record labels of all time. It was the record label that gave us Snoop Dogg, Tupac (during his gangsta run), Dr Dre (post NWA), Kurupt and Nate Dogg just to name a few.
While it was having a strong run, Suge Knight took his business down a dark path, even going as far as orchestrating and pushing for unnecessary beef.

¨No f*cks given!!!¨ Magix Enga fires back at TID, calls him gay

But the worst of it is that he was heavy-handed and mismanaged his artists. He was stiffing them on their cheque and would physically fight them whenever they raised issues. While Magix Enga hasn’t been accused of stealing from his artists, he has fallen into the same trap that caught Suge, ego.
And it is this very ego that will be his downfall because as more artists express their frustrations at working with him, Magix Enga will find that many artists will shy away from signing with his label, preferring to buy his instrumentals and be done with him.

And ultimately, he has to decide whether his ego is worth sacrificing his dreams and ambitions for.

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo


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Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on ‘Jojo’ (Audio)

Tanasha Donna has teamed up with Kenya’s finest producer, Magix Enga, in new hit titled Jojo. This jam is one of her many projects in the year 2020.

The Kenyan queen features in a new jam after her last release with her estranged lover, Diamond Platinumz.

Jojo is more of a love song as they all seem to be communicating to some girl that is diving some dude crazy. First, it is worth noting that the whole jam has been delivered in English.

I must admit that this is a win for Magix Enga for he has for once ditched his usual gengetone tunes.  Jojo comes at a time that Tanasha needs to prove to the world that her music is still something without Diamond.

Jojo is one jam that has proved that Magix Enga is a very flexible artiste who easily transforms into any genre.

Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on 'Jojo' (Audio)

Magix Enga is a brand an the most flexible artiste

To start with, the lyrics to this song are well done. Him enjoining Tanasha did him good in the English aspect.

In addition to the good audio production, it is only right we dig deeper into the lyrics and get the full meaning of the song.

You’ll hear a stanza where Magix Enga asks Jojo not to leave his heart. In this line one clearly understands the woman in question here goes by the name Jojo.

Also, you get to realise that the title of the song has been repeated a lot in the chorus. This aspect helps the audience identify with the song and the message.


Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on 'Jojo' (Audio)

Into the production, the audio is well done and one can easily hear what the two artistes are saying. When it comes to mixing, it is with no doubt that Magix Enga is king.

On the other hand, each one of them delivers their lines so well. Jojo should just be played every day for it is one of the best works of Magix Enga and Tanasha Donna.

In conclusion, the song gets a rating of 6/10.

Audio below.

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo

Magix Enga is back with a super banger dubbed Yoyo. The singer cum producer has adopted a new style in his new jam. Known for his Gengetone style, he is now back with a more sensible style.

It is a sweet thing that Magix Enga has distanced himself slightly with the obvious mediocre. In this YoYo song, he has done it in English. It is for sure that this is one of the best tracks he has ever done.

To start with, the video is very lit and nothing like any of his other works. This is when we get to sayMagix Enga to the world.

At least he can now stand and compete with other artistes. As much as he is talking about love, YoYo is not an ordinary piece of work. This is new to many am so sure.

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo

YoYo is a song that bears a very coded message

It is now time we get to understand the lyrics of the YoYo song. Being a producer and a write, he is with no doubt a great talent. I can only imagine how he crafted these sweet lyrics.

“Tell me what you want do to me Tell me what you want do to me Coz everytime you coming closer You making me fall for you Girl you making me fall for you aah eeh,” reads stanza one.

In this first stanza, Mafix Enga features this girl who has driving a guy closer. If this is not love, then I do not know what it is.

“Ooh beiby come slow  Nataka nikuonjeshe mhogo Ah kisha twende kwenye keja nikapige show Ujue Enga sio ligi ndogo,” reads stanza three.

This stanza is disgusting as Magix Enga features this girl as a sexual being. He is talking of having sex so that the girl can prove his d*** is not small.

Anyway, it is a good one compared to Magix Enga’s other work. In conclusion, Yoyo gets a rating of 5/10.

Video below.

Rapper Fena Gitu retains her phenomenal status with a funky release tagged ‘Hustle’ alongside Magix Enga (audio)

Celebrated Kenyan FemCee Fena Gitu is no stranger to controversy – often trending for reasons other than music. However, this time, she’s riding high for the right reasons as her musical talent comes through in a catchy new track, alongside fast-rising rap maestro, Magix Enga.

“Fena-menal” Fena Gitu is a Kenyan feminine rapper who’s undoubtedly commanding a comfortable niche in the male-dominated rap industry. She’s been at the game for an incredible 10 years, and has two albums to her belt. The latest album – Unleashed – was launched in Nov 2019, and became an instant hit with her legion of fans, often tagged ‘Fena-tics’.

Her partner Magix Enga comes into the track adding great value with flawless, free-flow rap. While he also moonlights as a producer, Magix Enga is proving hard to beat in the rap scene. He has featured in various feel-good tracks by clubbing sensation The Boondocks Gang, and also featured heavyweights like Khaligraph Jones, Arrow Bwoy, Kristoff, et al.

‘Hustle’, is a rhythmic, urban-dance beat that gives off a laid-back vibe. While it’s sure to feature in every discerning DJ’s play list, it’s not entirely a nasty, fiery clubbing track – it’s the sort of laid-back, yet intriguing music that radio morning show hosts would play.

The ‘Hustle’ track is endearing to fans for its palpable message in the clean lyrics. Characteristic to her rapping style, Fena Gitu has steered clear of the traditional pillars of hard core hip hop – vulgar language, raw sex, violence or the popular flashy and exaggerated West-inspired theme.

This track is an inspiring piece that pushes and encourages the hustle persona, target audience being the seemingly-tarmacking section of the youth seeking to find their mark in an unforgiving society. It’s a message of hope to keep trying, make sacrifices and keep pushing to be the best.

Though Fena Gitu may seem to be in the middle of some personal battles in some sections of the media, it doesn’t at all reflect in this track. She has yet proved to be ingenious, authentic and a force to reckon with in the rap scene. Magix Enga is a huge bonus to the overall mien of the release.

Check out the ‘fena-menal’ talent in this track below, and add your thoughts.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga new jam ‘Rewind It’

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga have a new jam dubbed Rewind It. Boondocks Gang and the re known producer Magix Enga have done a great jam in this audio. The young talents have been in the limelight for sometime and they have been producing music like weekly.

Shockingly you will be surprised that this song is no exception from their previous work. Their topics revolve around women and drugs. We need to change this. The only thing that keeps people glued to this kids work is their prowess in sheng’. I can assure you that most people will  not even get to listen to this song.

Although they seem to have a given target audience, their energy does not go unnoticed. They have kept their fans entertained and this consistency keeps them at the forefront. It is a great thing and we have to listen to what they will sing.

Relevance of the song ‘Rewind It’

First the song is relevant to the young generation below the age of 23. Why do I say so? You will not find our mum or dads listening to this. Also when you get to the villages some of this people are not even known. They are only household names here in the city.

Rewind It first is a very good title. Rewind means taking back to the previous one. In this case whatever they are rewinding remains unknown only the video can tell. The collaboration between Magix Enga ought to have given us something better than this Rewind It jam.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga have a new jam 'Rewind It'

Also the kind of energy displayed in this audio is worth it. The way the group performs the jam is super good. There is good flow of words and lines. We cannot forget the beats. They are in sync and am sure you will even have dance before the video is out. In conclusion, Magix Enga is a good producer. The jam gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the audio.

Magix Enga brings ‘Bami’ with Khaligraph Jones

Magix Enga together wwith Khaligraph Jones brings you Bami. This song is just a great with two big names. The OG is really doing great. Magix Enga known for his good production skills merges with Papa Jones after their last jam Shida last year.

It is not often that we get to see a collaboration between a producer and a musician. Khaligraph Jones and Magix Enga have proved something new.

Much is knownon what Khaligraph can do music wise but very little on Magix Enga as a musician.

Magix Enga on Bami

Bami is a very good jam ad the only way to weigh strengths of the duo is to get the message of this jam. The collab is Magix Enga’s first official single and music video under his new record label, Magix Empire.

The talented producer is behind the audio production of Bami while the video is shot and directed by Deska Torres. Khaligraph has rapped in Luo in this jam making the comment section on youtube lit.

Message in ‘Bami’

Ayiech Malich, Mkono Nika Za Bolo Yeung Kwala combi ya Nikki na Amber Lulu(Iyee) Naeza mchongea miti ka Shaka Zulu Navile anaongea fiti inakaa anaotea quickie Apo ukingojea Missy inakuwanga nduru(haha). Even though I am not conversant with Dholuo, I can atleast say he is comparing the girl with Mbolo Yeung and Amber Lulu. Quite funny!!
Khaligraph Jones on Bami

Also in this line he describes the woman like one in need of a person to invest in her. Vile umejibeba, inakaa unataka investor Vile unapendeza, chupa ka Vydia Dester Miniskirt ya leather, kibenje Gucci texture Sifa kwa Ebenezer juu ya vile unatutesa(Omollo). Seems like this girl is very expensive it is all a designer deal.

Lastly, the chorus will capture your attention. It goes like this; Oooh beiby gyal Stand up and whine your waist With your big bami whine your waist (Oooh yeah). I tend to think that Bami means Booty.

In conclusion, Magix Enga and Khaligraph Jones get a rating of 7/10 on Bami.

Below is a link to Bami.


Zzero Sufuri is back with a hot jam ‘Matiati’

Zzero Sufuri is back this time with Matiati. This kind of music is becoming the order of the day. If you know what I mean it will be very easy to understand this jam Matiati.

This is what I call childish singing. But anyway we all have a different taste in music. Matiati comes in after Zzero Sufuri dissed Ethic.

The kind of language used here is slightly coded and others words very vulgar. This is more of a club banger and also easily understood by the youth. Ghetto anthems need to be restricted.

Zzero Sufuri; singer, writer

Message in ‘Matiati’

Nakuwanga fete, twende twendete Shaka machete, jibambe usitete Si,. In  this stanza, it simply shows that the song is all about having fan.

Also, there is that part; leo ni siku yako mami Kam tukawatoke tukakule kingwai Na bado ukinijenga sitabaki ati ati ati. Although he uses sheng’ it is easy to understand that bhang is referred to as kingwai.  I leave you to find out what the rest of the words mean..

You are not gonna miss this stanza; Cheki, mambo Lucy napenda hako ka pussy Kakue ka brown sanasana tu keusi Kako na tunywele tusoft ka tausi Ni karefu sana mi hukapimaga na uzi na. This is very vulgar. He talks about about a female sexual organ and describes how he wants it to appear like.

Anyway, is this what the society wants to here? Seems like sex has to appear in most of his work to sell.  What does Zzero Sufuri  measure? This is crap.


Although the song is crap, we must also recognized that the audio is well done. It is so clear and well mixed. The only thing that will make you dance to this song are the beats. Magix Enga has delivered as a producer.

Who is still for play Kenyan music? This Matiati is at a rating of 5/10.

In conclusion, someone needs to tell this kids to up their game so as to be in the industry for long.

Below is a link to the audio.

Finally! Alvin drops the full version of his song ‘Taka Taka’ for all other heartbroken boy-child out there 

Kenyans for the better part of last week have been entertained by a young man named Alvin who released a snippet of his song named “Taka Taka” which involves him ruthlessly tearing his ex-lover apart.

The song has been trending for days now as Kenyans enjoy the funny, yet emotional lyrics as a bitter Alvin shreds his lady after she rejected him.

The singer recently went to studio and finished up the song as Kenyans begged for the full version.

“Taka Taka” audio has now been released and Kenyans can jam to it as they wait for the video. Interestingly, the song was produced by Magix Enga, a top producer in the industry. Well, let’s wait and see if Alvin, who started out as comedian, will be the next Msupa S and take over the industry.

Watch the video below: