Anne Kansiime’s alleged inability to conceive children caused her husband to leave her? 

Anne Kansiime recently confirmed she had split from her husband of four years. The Ugandan comedian refuses to reveal what caused the breakup.

Kansiime told her fans on Facebook that her marriage had hit rock bottom during a live Q&A session. The comedian says the reason for their breakup was no one’s business.

“OJ and I are not together anymore. Reasons why we are not are not for anyone else to know, but the two of us,” Kansiime stated.

Kansiime with her Gerald Ojok

Infertility rumors

Kansiime and her husband-turned-manager Gerald Ojok were not blessed with a child for close to five years that they had been married.

Rumormongers claim Kansiime is unable to conceive a child for her husband. Apparently the two having been fighting about the issue for years.

Word on the street also has it that Kansiime has deliberately refused to conceive. Anonymous sources say Ojok’s relatives have been pushing him to have children but Kansiime is more focused on her career.

Kansiime and Gerald Ojok during their traditional wedding in 2013

The cracks

Rumors about Kansiime and Ojok’s breakup started mid last year. The comedian brushed off the hearsay and pretended to be a happy couple.

Last month however the writing on the wall showed that something was amiss. Kansiime did not wear her engagement ring while attending fellow comedian Salvador Idringi’s show at Imperial Royale Hotel.

Many people asked questions but Kansiime remained mum until a few days ago when she finally admitted that her marriage had crumbled.