¨It’s time to be a Daddy¨ Harmonize hints to fiancée

Bongo Flava star, Harmonize has hinted on a baby soon with his Italian fiancée, Sarah Michelotti, after a log wait.

The Konde King should have already been a father by now, if Sarah´s admission to a pregnancy that never made it through, was true.

In a recent post, Harmonize shared a photo of his Queen, looking like a snaaarck then captioned:

Queen ???? it’s time 2 be Daddy ????

Harmonize´s girlfriend, Sarah Michelotti

Sarah was quick to answer:


Whether a kid is already on its way or plans to grow a family together are underway, we will know with time.

But it looks like Harmonize is ready to father a child as soon as one can come their way.

Lovers, Harmonize and Sarah Michelotti


September, 2019, Harmonize took the world by surprise after photos of his alleged wedding to his Italian princess surfaced online and with many believing.

Only to turn out that this was a video shoot of his track ´Marry Me´ where Sarah, dressed in a white wedding gown, came in as the song´s video vixen.

Harmonize and fiancée Sarah during his ´Marry Me´ song video shoot

The ¨Hainistui¨ singer´s manager, Beauty Mmari better known as Mjerumani then clarified:

Harmonize did not hold any wedding last Saturday, he was shooting a music video for his new track ´Marry me.´ There is now way Harmonize will exchange wedding vows without pomp and color. Should he hold a real wedding, a lot of people will be expected to attend.

Back in 2017, Harmonize ditched his then lover, Wolper for Sarah who was alleged to be expectant with musician´s child.

Harmonize ditched Wolper (right) for a pregnant Sarah (left)

However, there was no baby bump to show for the pregnancy. Sarah then affirmed that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Yes, I was pregnant for Harmonize, but unfortunately, I lost the baby in my fourth month of pregnancy. It´s God´s plan but we will try for another kid next time.

Is this why Diamond failed to show up at Harmonize’s wedding?

The rift drawn between Harmonize and Diamond for the last few months has given fans the conclusion that the two are no longer in talking terms.

One major reason to the speculations being Diamond’s failure to honor Harmonize’s wedding invitation by failing to show up at the occasion.

Harmonize weds Italian girlfriend, Sarah Michelotti

This raised eyebrows since let alone Diamond, no WCB member turned up.

However, there is a good explanation behind this. Diamond was apparently in Berlin, Germany on a tour before moving on to Canada in October to stage his performances.


Is that it or is it that Diamond is still bitter with Konde Boy for betraying him?

Harmonize´s ex, Wolper sets terms for his wedding to Italian girlfriend, Sarah

Bongo fashion icon, Jacqueline Wolper who was previously bongo artist, Harmonize´s lover, speaks about her emotional well being if Harmonize proceeds with marriage.

Exclusively to Tanzanian local daily, Wolper cites that the chain of events at her ex´s wedding would really hurt her.

Harmonize and Italian fiancée, Sarah

Harmonize is set to marry his fiancée of Italian descent, Sarah.

The bongo movie actress reveals that she was initially set to wed Harmonize before their breakup and was not made aware of his engagement with Sarah.

Sijazipata habari za Harmonize kumvalisha pete ya uchumba Sara ila ikifanyika ndoa huenda nikapata presha.

Singer, Harmonize and ex, Jacqueline Wolper

Wolper shares that it will definitely put pressure on her, if the marriage between the two is to kick off.

However, it all depends on how the event goes down:

Itatagemea ndoa hiyo itafungwa vipi na yatafanyika mambo gani kama ni ya kuniumiza au ya kawaida kawaida.

This she expresses during the launch of an entertainment spot in Masaki, Dar es Salaam.

Sarah´s proposal

Roughly a month ago, just April, the WCB artist went down on one knee for Sarah while in Rome, Italy, with her family.


The news was shared across media platforms, an event that only family and close friends witnessed.

The duo was more than excited as pretty Sarah said ¨YES¨ to her then 25-year old King.

Wolper & Harmonize

Soon after the world set foot into 2017, Wolper took to social media to publicly call off her relationship with lover, Harmonize.

Bongo fashion icon and actress, Jacqueline Wolper

Further on, she trashed all videos and snaps the two ever took together.

This soon after saw Harmonize bag himself his current Italian model, Sarah.