“Stop being insecure, the Man is yours! Kenyan lady tells off Harmonize’s girlfriend

Harmonize’s Italian girlfriend is not one to play around when it comes to her man. So far the lady has been linked to a few confrontations with ladies trying to steal her man on social media.

Well, this time around she went on to share a screenshot of a conversation between her beau and one Kenyan-German lady by the name of Afia Kiena.

Apparently Harmonize sent the Kenyan lady a DM after she submitted a video singing along to his latest song.


Though their conversation was short and harmless, Sarah could not stand the idea of other women in her man’s DM. She went on to share the screenshot on her gram and wrote;

Afia responds

Just after Sarah shared the screenshot which was originally posted by Afia, the Kenyan lady went on to respond saying;


Wasafi singer Harmonize shocks many after hiring ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper

Singer Harmonize has left many in questions and confused after hiring his ex-lover Jacqueline Wolper to help him organize an upcoming gig.

Harmonize, who ex-changed words with his Wolper severally on social media as fans watched, has employed her in his upcoming show ‘Kusi Night’ at Dar Live.

The singer told Lil Ommy TV that they moved on from the drama and now have decided to make money.

Wolper has a lot of influence in society and she is also very good looking which will attract a lot of revellers you never know.” he said.


“We have had skirmishes on social media and so we decided to put things behind us and make money instead of creating hate that doesn’t help. So we cleared the beef to show people we are okay and moving forward. I created a show and offered her the position of the main host, at the end of the day we have to show people that look up to us the right way.”

“Please go see a dentist” Drama continues as Harmonize’s girlfriend savagely attacks Jacqueline Wolper

Harmonize current girlfriend Sarah and his former girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper have been embroiled in a fierce catfight on social media.

The whole drama started when popular Tanzanian social media influencer and blogger Mangi Kimambi broke news that Diamond Platnumz’s bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter was secretly smashing Sarah.

Jacqueline Wolper commented on Sarah’s cheating allegation and even said that she was a cougar. Harmonize lost his cool and published a list of young men Wolper has dated to prove that she is the real cougar.

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Wolper’s list

Wolper also published a list of all young men that she claims Sarah has been fooling around with. She even shared photos to make the list look more authentic.

Sarah hits back

Harmonize’s girlfriend fired back at Jacqueline Wolper after she published her list. Sarah savagely attacked Wolper saying she should see a dentist instead of concentrating on rumors.

“I don’t have that habit only u have it.. I left if for u see your list. And please go to dentist to put your teeth good. Live your life b**** @wolperstylish,” wrote Sarah.




Harmonize responds to claims Diamond’s bodyguard is smashing his mzungu girlfriend

Harmonize’s girlfriend Sarah has been said to be fooling around with Diamond Platnumz’s bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter behind the singer’s back.

Popular Tanzanian social media influencer and bloger Mangi Kimambi broke the news about Mwarabu Fighter and Sarah’s alleged illicit affair.

“Basi mnaambiwa Sarah wa Harmonize yuko deep in love na Mwarabu yaani sahivi Harmonize ndio analia mzungu asimkimbie ila bibie mnaambiwa anampenda Mwarabu Fighter. Siku hizi mnaambiwa Mwarabu gym anafanya, Collesium bibie analipia, ana maisha mazuri mzungu anampa hela balaa Mnaambiwa mapenzi moto moto,” wrote Mangi Kimambi on Instagram.

Harmonize and his girlfriend Sarah
Harmonize and his girlfriend Sarah
I would have killed him

Harmonize has however rubbished claims Sarah has been secretly bedding Diamond Platinumz’s bodyguard. The ‘Kwa Ngwaru’ hit maker says that he would have killed Mwarabu Fighter if he was sure that he was smashing his girlfriend.

Diamond Platnumz's bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter
Diamond Platnumz’s bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter

“Mara 10 ningesikia @mbosso_ anakula mzigo ningemsubiri pale @thelifeclub_1 tarehe 13/5/ na #kipanga yani ile anaingia tuu….!!! nikamuulia hapo hapo sasa mtu kama huyu hivi unaanzaje hata kumuuliza mana hata kucheka kwenyewe kwa msimu jamani Mungu huyu daah…..!! ??,” wrote Harmonize on Instagram.