Zzero Sufuri is back with a new jam ‘Magode Choke’ and it too lit (Video)

Zzero Sufuri, who is arguably the most creative new-age artist and famed for his Zimnishika mega hit, has released a new track and it’s getting good reception from his fans.

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The song titled Magode Choke is all about smoking weed. I mean, what were you expecting? Anyway, I’m joking. The fact that Zzero Sufuri has released yet another song about smoking weed does not mean that it’s whack.

Zzero Sufuri
Zzero Sufuri

To be honest, the first time I listened to this jam I was so confused because I could not really tell whether I liked it or not. However, the more I listened to is is the more I realised that it’s a masterpiece.

Perhaps, if you listen to it when you are stoned, it will slap even harder. And no, I’m not telling you do drugs because they are bad, aren’t they? I digress.

As you listen to this jam, you get to appreciate Zzero Sufuri’s sheer creativity. He has unique ability to match random words and ends up making some dope rhymes.

Like the part where he says, “Niko jaba ndani ya Ummoinner, jaba ndani ya Ummoiner, mi hukataga to mamuratina, chinjianga dem ako na itina, me naiita inaniskiza, iikjipa bado nitaifinya.”

Zzero Sufuri

What! Is this guy even human like the rest of us? Sometimes I wonder because his creativity is out of this world. He’s without a doubt one of the best lyricists that this country has ever seen.

The ragga and dancehall beat by Idrisa is also impeccable. This lad brings out the best in Zzero Sufuri since he knows him too well. I look forward to the two them working together for a very long time.

Listen to Magode Choke below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!