K24 unveils new faces taking over the newsroom after firing its entire old team (Video)

K24 journalists who have been working in the Newsroom have been shown the door! This was revealed by several journalists who went on to announce their exit from the renown media house.

As seen on social media, the entire newsroom team was sent for a text message informing them; that the media house no longer needed their services. The human resource manager Maureen Wandera went on to leave a text saying;


“I am contacting you with regards to the redundancy notice issued on 21st of May 2020. The notice period has expired. Unfortunately, your position has been affected by way of redundancy. I would like to invite you to Emory Hotel in Kileleshwa tomorrow, Monday 22nd at 8:55am to discuss what this means to your employment. When you get to the hotel kindly ask for me. We thank you for your indulgence and cooperation in this matter.”

Rumor has it that K24’s management decided to do away with their old team as they brought in 4 new faces believed to be the stations future.

Meet the new team

As much as this might have been hard for the old team; a new post shared on k24’a Twitter page confirmed the rumors were true as they introduced the faces.

The new team is made of Ahmed Abuller who had previously been working at Switch TV. Allan Owino poached from TV47 while  Wanjiru Maina; and Daniel Kituu joined from Switch TV.

In yet another post, Wanjiru Maina and Allan Owino already started their job as they took over #TheDailyBrief early this morning. Hyping the new team, K24 tweeted;

New K24 News team

Welcome to #TheDailyBrief with @ComOwino and @amshiromaina as they bring you current affairs and news as it happens. We would like to know what’s happening around you. Talk to us on #K24DailyBrief

Ahmed Abduller and Daniel Kituu will take over the Swahili segment as seen on yet another tweet that read;

New K24 Swahili anchors

Ungana nao @abullerahmed na @kituudan sasa hivi kwenye #K24DailyBrief wakujuze yanayojiri kote nchini.

Here is the video promo that is running on K24:

Betty Kyallo quits from K24 TV (Video)

Celebrated media personality Betty Kyallo took fans by surprise on Saturday, May 30, after announcing that she was leaving K24 TV – which is owned by the Kenyatta family.

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The bubbly newscaster, who joined Mediamax in September 2018, thanked her fans for their support during her 2-year stint, adding that it was time to bid them farewell.

Betty Kyallo

“I really appreciate you all. It is now time for me to say goodbye here on K24 TV. Thank you so much for all the support, I appreciate you, God bless you and I love you,” Betty stated.

She had hinted her exit from K24 in an earlier Instagram post where she told her fans to asking watch for today as they are not certain about tomorrow.

“Hello from the other side, not sure about tomorrow so watch today,” she wrote.

Although the news of Betty’s exit took some by surprise, others saw it coming since Mediamax had announced that it would be laying off some employees as a result of the decline in revenue that has been caused by COVID-19.

Betty Kyallo

Other reports indicate that KTN, which is owned by the Standard Group, has bought some of the programs on K24 TV and this has led to majority of the staff at the latter station being declared redundant.

Anyway, we as Ghafla wish Betty Kyallo all the best in her future endeavors.

“I will not apologize for the truth!” K24´s Eric Njoka declares as the station´s woes deepen

Mediamax-owned TV station, K24 has been a company close to the edge lately, with screaming headlines about the organization´s wrangles that are costing it its employees.

Funny enough, the exposé that has since gone viral was let out by one of K24´s internal staff, an editor, producer and news anchor, Eric Njoka.

A tipsy Eric took to his IG Live, to lash out his frustrations regards the company´s management that has allegedly not paid its employees for the last 2 months now.

K24 journalist, Eric Ledama Njoka

The TV news presenter opened up that for the last 2 months, none of the station´s employees have received their pay and from what he revealed earlier on, a couple of them have already been issued with retrenchment letters.

This is not forgetting the fact that the media organization had in April 2020 announced a 50% pay cut on its employees, citing harsh economic times.

Born Eric Kamau Ledama Njoka, admitted that this was not really fair for him nor his colleagues because most of them have families that are dependent on them.

Content producer and news editor, Eric Njoka

It was therefore time for one of them to take the bull by its horns and speak of the organization´s injustices.

I stand by it because the company is frustrating us. It is frustrating so many people. Many have families and if someone is not going to speak for them, then where I go, I will regret why I never spoke for them. I did speak for them because people are really suffering and they cannot speak it out.

His apology

His angry rant however compelled the news editor to issue an apology to his superiors for tarnishing the company´s image and that of its stakeholders.

Today [sic] my supervisor came to me and said: ¨what you said about your boss and company is bridge of contract and you need to apologize¨. I partly apologized but I never owned up to any wrongdoing.

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Media personality, Eric Njoka

According to the content producer, he apologized, not that anything he said on IG on Tuesday was false, but just for the formalities of it.

I might have stretched it a little bit and said cruel things about the CEO and the Company. And for that, I felt there is so much pressure and I´m pained. So I am not going to apologize for speaking the truth. But I am going to apologize for mentioning the head of State and Company CEO.

K24 is reportedly owned by the Kenyatta family.

Is Betty Kyallo okay? She has not been herself lately

I don’t know about you but I think Betty Kyallo is going through something because of late she hasn’t been herself. It almost seems like she is really depressed.

I’m not a psychologist but I can tell that things are not okay with her and if you are keen, I’m sure you’ve noticed that she has been making a fool of herself publicly.

Betty Kyallo

She goes live on her IG page almost on a daily basis and on most occasions she’s too drunk to answer questions from her fans.

Some times she says more than she needs to like that time in March when complained about the pressure that comes with her job and told off anyone who thought she is their role model.

Granted, being a public figure is tough because you have to live up to societal standards but that does not mean that you have to show the whole world that it’s tough doing what she does because many people look up to her.

Betty Kyallo

A few hours ago, Betty uploaded a video on her IG TV where she attempted to explain the things that she does when she is drunk and even in that video you could notice that she is not okay with the fake laughs.

You could say that she’s worried like the rest of us because of coronavirus and the fact that the world is crumbling in front of our eyes that she was among the people who have had to take huge pay cuts as a result of the pandemic.

Maybe, just maybe, she parted ways with her Somali bae because we’ve not seen him around lately. Or is she getting stress from her baby daddy Dennis Okari? I don’t really know.

All I know is that Betty needs to take a break from social media because she’s damaging the reputation that she has worked so hard to build over the years. She also needs to see a shrink as soon as possible.