Dennis Okari gushes over his wife

Dennis Okari, a media personality known for his reserved personal life, recently surprised his followers by sharing a heartwarming tribute to his wife, Naomi Joy, on his Instagram stories.

Accompanied by a loving photo of his wife, Okari penned a heartfelt message expressing his deep appreciation for her presence in his life. “Every day with you is my favorite day,” he declared.

While Okari typically shields his personal life from public scrutiny, he occasionally shares glimpses of their marital happiness, providing his followers with a window into their blissful union.

The couple exchanged vows in 2019 at Ridgeways Baptist Church in Kiambu, marking the beginning of their journey together.

It’s noteworthy that Okari was previously married to ex-K24 anchor Betty Kyallo, a union that ended after a brief six months.

Interestingly, Okari proposed to Naomi on the very day his divorce from Betty Kyallo was finalized at Eka Hotel.

In an unconventional twist, Okari revealed during the Daughters of Zion (DOZ) meeting at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) in June that he didn’t pay dowry for Naomi Joy.

“I never paid dowry. When you enter into marriage, you learn that it’s like a transaction,” he explained.

Okari elaborated that he and his wife openly discussed their financial situation, and he expressed his inability to meet the traditional dowry expectations.

Instead, he committed to providing a memorable wedding, a pleasant honeymoon, and securing a home for her.

“My wife and I sat down, and I told her, ‘this is the money I have in my account. If your uncles want to charge me 10 cows and other things, I don’t have that kind of money. So I’m going to give you a wedding, take you to a nice place for the honeymoon, and get you a house. But for now, I don’t have this kind of money,'” he revealed.

In a surprising turn of events, Naomi Joy took matters into her own hands, approaching her mother and requesting that no dowry be demanded from Okari.

Recalling his visit to Naomi Joy’s family with his father and uncles, Okari shared the unexpected response he received when asked about dowry expectations.

To his surprise, Naomi Joy’s family simply replied, “nothing.”

“They came out of the house and told me, ‘you’re the luckiest human being on earth. They didn’t ask for anything,'” Okari recounted, highlighting the couple’s unique journey and the unwavering support they received from Naomi Joy’s family.

Dennis Okari reveals what he did differently for his new wife than for Betty Kyallo

The payment of dowry is a significant ritual and tradition in many African nations, which differs from culture to culture.

To clarify why he did not pay dowry for his bride, media celebrity Dennis Okari disclosed a personal revelation about his marriage to Naomi Joy on Saturday, June 24. The pair had an honest discussion about their financial situation before getting married, which resulted in a special arrangement with Naomi’s family.

At a Daughters of Zion gathering at Jubilee Christian Church, Okari spoke candidly about the financial challenges he encountered while planning his wedding. He disclosed that he had an open discussion with his bride about his financial circumstances and his inability to pay the customary dowry in full.

“I never paid dowry. When you get into marriage, you learn it is like a transaction. My wife and I sat down, and I told her, ‘this is the money I have in my account. If your uncles want to charge me 10 cows and other things, I don’t have that kind of money.

So I’m going to give you a wedding, I’ll take you to a nice place for honeymoon, I’ll get you a house, but for now I don’t have this kind of money”

Along with his father and uncles, Okari paid a visit to Naomi’s family and was ready for the traditional dowry talks. He was pleasantly pleased, nevertheless, when Naomi’s family expressed their happiness without requesting any dowry money.

“They came out of the house and told me, you’re the luckiest human being on earth. They didn’t ask for anything”

The media celebrity stressed that even though he did not pay dowry in the conventional sense, he nonetheless found a different method to respect his wife and her family by building his mother-in-law a house a year after they got married.

“I never paid dowry but did something special,” Okari went on.

Okari revealed that the emotional suffering he went through during his first divorce made him originally swear off the idea of marrying again. But he acknowledged that a big part of his recovery came from his faith.

Okari talked about the role that God played in his life and how he was able to find and wed the bride for whom he had passionately prayed.

Having recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, Okari and Naomi are still devoted to one another and treasure their union.

Dennis Okari reveals how Betty Kyallo broke him and he considered ending himself

Dennis Okari, a media figure, has spoken out about his well reported divorce from his ex-wife Betty Kyallo.

On June 24, 2023, Okari gave a speech at the Daughters of Zion (DOZ) gathering that was hosted at the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC). He discussed the emotional toll, difficulties, and personal growth he went through during that time.

Okari, who was married to Betty Kyallo for six months, spoke about the devastating effect divorce had on his life and the unanticipated challenges that go along with it.

He acknowledged the myths around it and highlighted that no one joins a marriage expecting to choose divorce.

“Nothing can ever prepare you for divorce. You can watch movies and be led to believe it is an easy decision where you just walk in and walk out.”

Nobody enters marriage with the idea of being divorced, including myself.

Love is more than just feelings; it’s a decision, therefore the notion that you can fall in love, start a relationship, and get married is false.

It involves making a daily decision about the person you will spend the next 30 or 40 years with. At the ceremony, Okari said, “Unfortunately, that was not my reality, and it was a sad experience.

Okari used a potent analogy to explain his divorce, holding up five women to represent the numerous struggles he had to go through.

He imagined himself in the center of a legal dispute, a personal conflict, and divorce papers with a Bible in one hand and them in the other.

“I found myself so squeezed in the midst of that divorce that I couldn’t breathe. It was an extremely unpleasant experience. I was facing a legal battle that involved financial costs and the well-being of our children.

As the oldest child in a household where my parents are still married, I had little experience with divorce. Overwhelming feelings of failure, condemnation, and shame were experienced.

Okari opened out about the inner upheaval he experienced: “I slid into melancholy, anger, and emotions I never realized existed within me.

The media celebrity talked openly about the strain and criticism he endured from the public during this trying time.

Okari described how others made conclusions about him based on his actions and outward looks.

“Publicly, I had to maintain a strong facade. I couldn’t simply go to restaurants or walk freely without feeling the weight of people’s judgments. Everyone seemed to have an opinion, assuming that I must have been at fault. Behind the scenes, I fought a spiritual battle, as the scriptures clearly address divorce. This was the point where I felt isolated, with people taking sides. Anger and depression consumed me, and I even reached a point where I contemplated ending my life,”

Okari shared a very private moment in which he thought of killing himself by taking a deadly amount of medication and perhaps crashing his car on Mombasa Road.

He did emphasize that he had found comfort in his faith throughout this difficult time.

“I never imagined I would find myself in that state, but the voices in my head pushed me to the brink. While driving on Mombasa Road, I fixated on a boulder that had always been there, but that night, it was as if I could see it for the first time. In that desperate moment, God spoke to me, urging me to look up to Him. It was then that I learned the power of surrendering to God,”

6 celebrity media couples who parted ways in sad goodbyes

The media industry has housed multiple outstanding personalities over time, some who had to make exits we never saw coming, others whose chemistry lured fans to tune in to this station or that channel only for the end to come too soon.

Be it on TV, be it on radio, Kenyans have had to witness some of the most unpleasant goodbyes among media couples, leaving wounds that might never get healed unless these duos make major comebacks. Let’s start off:

1. Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

The former Citizen TV’s Monday Special duo split in 2015 while at the Royal Media studios as Janet left for maternity leave but never came back, leaving behind Hussein Mohamed to co-anchor with Jacque Maribe before the two later made their exit as well.

Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

2. Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena

The tale of Lulu and Kanze is one of best friends who we never ever thought would part until the latter landed a lucrative State House job in 2018 where she has been working since. Meanwhile, Lulu was paired with her beloved, Rashid Abdalla.

Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan

3. Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Weru

Kalekye and Shaffie was one of the most popular and favorite radio duo Kenya has ever heard, with personalities perfectly complementing each other but unfortunately, the Kamba doll had to leave in 2016 as Shaffie paired with Adelle Onyango.

Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo

4. Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

A speculated screen chemistry many hoped would blossom into a love story without an ending, only for Larry to soon after leave NTV for BBC in 2018, where he has since been making major moves.

Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

5. Olive Burrows and Dennis Okari

Olive Kalekye Burrows was one lady who stirred lots of controversy after an alleged screen chemistry with Dennis Okari just after his marriage with Betty Kyallo had started becoming wobbly, before the two were eventually separated on air.

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

6. Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

The unfortunate story of Kamene and Kibe is one that probably still hurts, a match so perfect but it had to be done in June 2020 after Kibe handed in his resignation, thereafter getting replaced by Jalang’o.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

Is Betty Kyallo okay? She has not been herself lately

I don’t know about you but I think Betty Kyallo is going through something because of late she hasn’t been herself. It almost seems like she is really depressed.

I’m not a psychologist but I can tell that things are not okay with her and if you are keen, I’m sure you’ve noticed that she has been making a fool of herself publicly.

Betty Kyallo

She goes live on her IG page almost on a daily basis and on most occasions she’s too drunk to answer questions from her fans.

Some times she says more than she needs to like that time in March when complained about the pressure that comes with her job and told off anyone who thought she is their role model.

Granted, being a public figure is tough because you have to live up to societal standards but that does not mean that you have to show the whole world that it’s tough doing what she does because many people look up to her.

Betty Kyallo

A few hours ago, Betty uploaded a video on her IG TV where she attempted to explain the things that she does when she is drunk and even in that video you could notice that she is not okay with the fake laughs.

You could say that she’s worried like the rest of us because of coronavirus and the fact that the world is crumbling in front of our eyes that she was among the people who have had to take huge pay cuts as a result of the pandemic.

Maybe, just maybe, she parted ways with her Somali bae because we’ve not seen him around lately. Or is she getting stress from her baby daddy Dennis Okari? I don’t really know.

All I know is that Betty needs to take a break from social media because she’s damaging the reputation that she has worked so hard to build over the years. She also needs to see a shrink as soon as possible.

Betty Kyallo gets back with Dennis Okari, agrees to be his second wife (April Fools)


Word on the street is that K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo has reignited her relationship with her baby daddy Dennis Okari – who is a senior investigative reporter at NTV.

According to our source – who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal – the former lovers decided to put their differences aside after a series of meetings with their parents.

Betty Kyallo

The first meeting was held at Dennis’ hometown in Nyamira on November 16, 2019 and the subsequent ones held at different locations in Nairobi from December 6th to 23rd.

Initially, Betty had insisted that the only way she was going to patch up things with Dennis was if he agreed to leave his wife Naomi Joy whom he tied the knot with on February 15, 2019.

However, when her efforts bore no fruit, she agreed to be his second wife. Our source further divulged that Dennis and his two wives have since relocated to a 5 bedroom house in Kilimani where they will all be living together.

Naomi Joy poses for a photo during her wedding

While this news may come as a surprise to many people, Betty’s close friends divulged that she has never stopped loving Dennis and the fact that they sired a child together made their bond tighter, even after their public fallout.

Apparently, the two have been going on secret dates since January this year and it’s not clear how Dennis managed to convince Naomi to live with Betty as her co-wife. Anyway, we wish them all the best.

If you were really invested in this story let me be the first person to remind you that today is April Fools’ Day. I would not take any of this seriously if I was you because it is hogwash.

Dennis Okari showers his wife with praises as they mark 1st wedding anniversary!

NTV’s news anchor Dennis Okari and his wife Naomi Joy recently marked their first wedding anniversary; as the working celebrated Valentine’s Day in style.

This being exactly one year after the two exchanged their vows in front of friends and family; Mr Okari could not hold back from sharing how beautiful his experience in marriage has been.

In his post, Dennis Okari revealed that he had been looking forward to the day he would write down the beautiful message below dedicated to his wife. He wrote;

Okari with his wife

I’ve waited this long to say happy 1st anniversary to you my love. I cherish, respect, and honor you on this special day. You are the most amazing woman of God I’ve come to know. To many more years together. To many more celebrations.

Friends, family and relatives

Having had a good wedding back in 2019, Dennis Okari went on to thank everyone involved in the planning, prayers and the execution plan! He wrote;

Dennis Okari’s wedding

To God, thank you for giving me the Joy of my life. To our church @chrisco_upper_room_fellowship thank you for praying with us. To our family and friends, thank you for supporting us and walking with us. To the amazing @luxeallureevents you gave us the best wedding gift in the decor and we were delighted. Thank you all for the birthday wishes as well. #weddinganniversary #marriageworks

Photos from Dennis Okari’s secret wedding

NTV’s Dennis Okari is now married for the second time. The popular journalist who first wedded Betty Kyallo a few years ago before things fell apart is now a husband to Naomi joy; his new wife.

Judging from the stories making rounds on social media, apparently the two met during Dennis Okari’s first honey moon. This however sparked different reactions from most ladies on social media who believe the fella was not fully faithful to Betty Kyallo.

Secret wedding

Anyway on 15th February Dennis Okari and his new bride wedded at the Ridgeways Baptist Church. Apparently this was an invites only event that saw few close friends and family attend.

One of his close friend and colleague, Ken Mijungu was the first one to share photos announcing Dennis Okari’s wedding. Check out some of the photos shared online from the fella’s low key wedding.

Rare photo of Dennis Okari proposing to his sweetheart Naomi Joy at Eka Hotel in Nairobi

NTV news anchor Dennis Okari held a secret ruracio (dowry payment at the bride’s home) in Ukambani on October 27th 2018.

It took Okari well over three years to move on after his first marriage hit rock bottom after only 6 months. The NTV anchor married Betty Kyallo in a colorful wedding held on October 2nd 2015.

Okari and Betty are blessed with a baby girl Ivanna, the two had dated for six long years before they finally decided to exchange vows.

Marriage proposal

Okari went down on his knee and proposed to his current sweetheart Naomi Joy at Eka Hotel Nairobi on Sunday January 27th.

The NTV anchor arrived at Eka hotel at around 8:00pm while in company of Naomi. He donned a black trouser, blue blazer and grey pull neck.

Dennis Okari proposing to his sweetheart
Dennis Okari proposing to his sweetheart

Of course Naomi said ‘yes’ to Okari’s marriage proposal. Some family members and friends of the two lovebirds were present to witness Okari pop the big question.



She did it again! Betty Kyallo once again goes against baby daddy Dennis Okari’s wish

Last year, Dennis Okari took shots at his baby mama Betty Kyallo for poor parenting. The two clashed over how their daughter Ivanna should be raised.

Okari was not pleased with Betty for posting photos of their daughter online, he called out his ex wife for exposing their daughter Ivanna on social media.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting, she deserves to grow up quietly and no one including myself as her father should interfere with her rights to privacy,” said Dennis Okari.

Ivanna gets publicity again

Clearly Betty doesn’t give a damn about what Dennis Okari wants for their daughter, the K24 anchor has paraded Ivanna on the January cover of Parents Magazine.

“Hey guys look who’s on the cover of Parents Magazine! My co-decision maker Ivanna and I. This story is nothing like you have read about me before. It’s soooo sooooo special. So rich with good vibes and a lot of how anyone can face challenges in life but still conquer! Grab your copy and get inspired. Much love! BK,” wrote Betty Kyallo on Instagram.



“I’m working on it.” NTV news anchor Olive Burrows explains why she can’t speak Kamba despite growing up in Kenya

Olive Burrows Kalekye. That’s her real name and who in the world would have guessed she’s Kamba.

The NTV news anchor recently opened up about her Kamba background in a sit down with Nation and gave an explanation on why she can’t speak her language despite growing up in Kenya.

“I have always wanted to (to speak Kamba). I think that is one of my biggest mistakes. I have a four-year-old nephew who speaks Kamba so fluently. The other day he was asking me questions about body parts by pointing at them, the way kindergarten teachers do,”  said Olive Burrows.

Kamba Culture

She added that her mum never spoke Kamba and therefore nothing in her surrounding promoted her Kamba culture but she’s working on learning the language.

“My mum never spoke to me in Kamba and then our teachers would encourage us to speak English and Kiswahili. I grew up in Nairobi West and attended Malezi Primary School in Lang’ata, then Kenya High School. I never met any of my grandparents and my mother was a single parent but now I’m working on it.” she said. 


Olive Burrows speaks for the first time since her on-screen sweetheart Dennis Okari got married

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows’ onscreen chemistry wowed many people, the two were paired up after the restructuring that followed the exit of some journalists from the Kimathi street-based media house.

Okari has been implored multiple times to marry Burrows from the very first time they anchored news together, on Monday night July 16th 2018.

But apparently Okari was dating another lady already, he was keeping his relationship on the low. Okari tied the knot in a secret traditional wedding held in Ukambani on October 27th.

It was never going to happen
Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows
Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

Olive Burrows recently talked about her chemistry with Okari during an interview with Nation. The NTV revealed why she was never going to date her workmate.

Nation: Who shared the pictures of you helping him (Okari) out with makeup and tying his tie? Explain the chemistry between the two of you?

Olive Burrows: That picture was not taken with our knowledge. I’m a woman. Deno is a guy. And, not that I have much experience with makeup, he was sort of doing the wrong thing with the brush and I wanted to help him. I can say we have grown comfortable with one another and that is a thing I would do for a friend. Our chemistry is genuine.

Nation: After that, the picture went viral and people encouraged you to get married, what do you say?

Olive Burrows: That is not gonna happen.

Nation: Okari has been in the industry for a while, what went through your mind after you were paired to anchor news together?

Olive Burrows: We had never met before, I don’t know, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if he was someone who is friendly or a snob. Deno was himself and he allowed me to be myself. He was honest with me. He kept telling me to slow down because I speak very first. He helped guide me and improve my skills.





Betty Kyalo speaks after getting wind of Dennis Okari’s secret wedding in Ukambani 

Former KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo has finally opened up regarding ex-hubby, Dennis Okari, who is said to have exchanged vows in October in a secret wedding at Ukambani with an unknown lady.

On social media fans asked Betty Kyalo whether she had the news that her baby daddy has a new flame and already married her. Word of the wedding was first shared by Nairobian.

“Dennis tied the knot at a secret traditional wedding held in ukambani. The father of one has been dating his new wife for a while now, though he kept it on the low. The red and white themed traditional wedding was held on october 27,” said the paper. 


Betty, responding to the rumours, shared a post saying that she actually went to university and got a degree even though people think she’s just a socialite how landed in media.

Fans dragged Okari into her post.

“Kwa wale huona kazi yangu ni-kuSlay hapa Instagram ???nimeenda shule wadau. #TBT.” she posted. 

A fan then asked

Betty responded:  Because we live together you know. cheza chini brathe.

Betty then added: “kila mtu apambane na hali yake. wewe pia. au sio?


Betty Kyallo opens up about Dennis Okari being a deadbeat dad

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari still have beef three years after their breakup. The two went their separate ways after their dramatic breakup just six months after their wedding which was held on 2nd October 2015.

The public first learnt that Okari and Betty are no co-parenting in July 2018. Drama started when Okari called out Betty for exposing their daughter Ivanna on social media.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting, she deserves to grow up quietly and no one including myself as her father should interfere with her rights to privacy,” said Dennis Okari.

And Betty responded, she took a subliminal shot at her baby daddy after he complained about their daughter being exposed on social media.

Also read: Betty Kyallo laughs off Dennis Okari’s complaint

Deadbeat dad
Betty Kyallo with her daughter Ivanna
Betty Kyallo with her daughter Ivanna

Betty Kyallo has now openly announced that Okari is a deadbeat dad. The mother of one revealed that she was all that her daughter had while replying to a fan who was narrating how he was raising his children as a single parent.

“I have a son age 4 and a daughter age 2, their mother run away and as a father I took full responsibility to make sure my kids are growing up in a good environment and every day when I wake up I look at them, kiss them and I get motivated and the urge to hustle more so that they won’t feel the absence of their mum,” the fan wrote.

To which Betty responded;

“I love this. Much love for you and your kids. I resonate with you because I’m all my daughter has.”

Ukambani tena? Dennis Okari held a secret traditional wedding in Ukambani recently with new bae 

A juicy report has been flying around that NTV news anchor Dennis Okari held a wedding recently that was well kept out of the media.

The news anchor, who had an ugly split with Betty Kyalo several years ago just months after exchanging vows, has gone to Ukambani yet again for another wife.

Red and White theme

According to the Nairobian, Okari and his undisclosed new bae were there recently and had a traditional wedding but not much about the event has been said.

“Dennis tied the knot at a secret traditional wedding held in Ukambani. The father of one has been dating his new wife for a while now, though he kept it on the low. The red and white themed traditional wedding was held on October 27.” said the Nairobian. 

“Joho even contributed towards their wedding” Why Dennis Okari is to be blamed for introducing Betty Kyallo to Joho

Apparently Betty Kyallo’s affair with Hassan Joho started while she was still married to Dennis Okari and not after their breakup – this explains why her marriage only lasted for 6 months.

The Nairobian newspaper revealed finer detail of Betty’s relationship with Joho after a little bird indiscreetly spilled the beans to them.

Joho met Betty through Dennis Okari, the two journalists were still dating when she was introduced to the governor by her then boyfriend.

The Nairobian reports that Okari and Joho were so close, the governor often gave him PR jobs for his businesses which saw Okari head to the Coast regularly.

“Dennis would be working in a different town in Mombasa leaving Joho with Betty. Dennis did not know what was going on, and the relationship blossomed. Joho even contributed towards their wedding,” a source told Nairobian.

Porsche Cayenne, source of conflict
Joho’s Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road
Joho’s Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road

Betty and Okari clashed after the former KTN anchor drove home in a new Porsche Cayenne which Joho had given her. Okari demanded to how and where she got the expensive German machine and Betty finally owned up that it was Joho’s.

She left her matrimonial home and moved into a lavish home in Kilimani which Joho had secured for her. The source told Nairobian that Betty didn’t even bother to pack her belongings when she moved out.





Okari bonoko! Betty Kyalo confuses fans after sharing photo with colleague who looks like Dennis Okari 

Fans recently had to double check Betty Kyalo’s post on social media after she shared a photo with  balded man who looked like her baby daddy Dennis Okari.

Okari, who has made a comeback on TV as a news anchor at NTV, is now working alongside Olive Burrows to host the 9 o’clock news.

Okari and Olive

Kyalo took to Instagram to share a photo with a Dennis Onsarigo, throwing many fans off since the name sounds like Okari’s and also looks like him. Fans had a lot to say after the photo with some believing that she’s just trying to make Okari jealous while others claimed she was missing him.

Onsaringo and Kyalo.

austinewendoWewe ulirogwa na ma Dennis…. I wish I was Dennis

snyamuok07I almost said…perfect reunion. The Dennis name imenichanganya

johnnie2nd@jentrix_engefu did okari played with your emotions?…..or you were sharing him with Betty? Coz hiyo hasira yako…sio ya bure…

charlesfridaymoWonders never cease!
no_identitiBumper to bumper
nythan_blessingBoth of you bury the hatch kubaff!!!
charlesrono93huyu mwanamke anakuwaga sawa
hopkins_mcqueenKisii man x Kamba lady just liit…like if you know what I mean aha
hopkins_mcqueen@shakazulu.0 aha our shots are heavy and hard hehe
king_marangaShould be another couple working together Dennis okari
bett8lagThought it was dennis okari(hope it’s the correct name) it’s almost two years it’s high time the two of u forgot the best and develop a mutual relationship for the sake of your daughter instead of bashing each other on social media. You are not sane upright people. Na usiniambie pilipili….

“Wanaume wataingia Best Lady” Internet makes fun of Dennis Okari’s makeup

Apparently TV anchors whether male or female wear makeup before they get to the news desk to anchor news. Dennis Okari, who was recently unveiled as a news anchor, is having trouble with makeup.

Okari previously served as an investigative reporter for NTV, his job didn’t require him to wear any makeup since he was always on the road.

Okari sparked excitement on social media when he recently shared photo of himself  applying makeup. He admitted he was having such a difficult time using makeup.

“@trevor_ombija forgot to tell me about this make up thing…now I have to learn how to do it. ????,” wrote Dennis Okari.

Netizens react

Fellow male anchor Trevor Ombija explained how makeup is applied. He also revealed that the NTV team decided to buy Okari a whole makeup kit.

“@mildredmwai Wacha nikushow @dennisokari anatuonyesha mambo hapa kwa newsroom, kudemand Contouring & highlighting techniques pia anataka concealer, foundation na Mascara haitoshi…his eyebrows must be tweezed! We decided to buy him a whole make-up kit,” wrote Trevor Ombija.

Netizens however made fun of Okari for using makeup:

Betty Kyallo come see this! Debutant duo Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows prove they have chemistry on screen

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows anchored news together for the first time on Monday night July 16th and Kenyans are loving it.

Okari and Olive’s chemistry on screen can only be compared to Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri who used to captivate the audience whenever they anchored news together.

Olive and Okari were paired up after the restructuring that followed the exit of some journalists from the Kimathi street-based media house.

Job well done
Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows
Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

Okari was previously focused on doing investigative stories for NTV, while Olive joined the station from Capital FM. The duo did a wonderful job last night and Kenyans on social media commended them.

Some people even suggested that the two should hook up, just like they pressured Madowo and Rubadiri to date.

“Okari marry this guys have a chemistry,” a certain Julius Oginga wrote on social media.



And she responds! Betty Kyallo laughs off Dennis Okari’s complaint

Dennis Okari recently took shots at his baby mama Betty Kyallo for poor parenting. The two went their separate ways after their dramatic breakup just six months after their wedding which was held on 2nd October 2015.

It seems Betty and Okari are not co-parenting. The NTV investigative reporter recently called out his baby mama for exposing their daughter Ivanna on social media.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting, she deserves to grow up quietly and no one including myself as her father should interfere with her rights to privacy,” said Dennis Okari.

Betty Kyallo and her daughter Ivanna
Betty Kyallo and her daughter Ivanna
Betty reacts

Betty Kyallo took a subliminal shot at Dennis Okari after he complained about their daughter being exposed on social media.

The KTN anchor laughed off her baby daddy’s complaint saying that some things really tickle her.

“Some things tickle me? eeeh my guy! Laleni tam? Mengine baadaye ?” wrote Betty Kyallo on social media.



Dennis Okari worried of how Betty Kyalo is exposing their daughter online

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo, just six months after exchanging vows, went their separate ways something that up to date still amazes many.

The two were in a hyped marriage that was well broadcasted on social media but ended before it really began after rumors that Betty had been cheating all along.


Betty Kyalo and her daughter

Their shot union was however blessed with a girl who now stays with her mother. In an interview with Nairobi News, Dennis stated that he’s worried of the levels of social media exposure her daughter is getting. He said that he prefers she get’s a private life out of social media.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting, she deserves to grow up quietly and no one including myself as her father should interfere with her rights to privacy,” he told the website. 

Okari and Joho dragged by Kenyans into Kyalo’s suggestive ‘I can make you feel better’ post 

KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo recently sent out a rather suggestive post but Kenyans in the end just had to bring back history and ruin the moment.

Donning a red dress top, sensually sipping tea while giving fans a snippet of the insides of her thick caramel thighs in an Instagram photo captioned: I ain’t a doctor but I can make you feel better. ?, Kyalo’s photo was meant to be just another light suggestive poke.

Joho and Okari

Kyalo’s post

Her fans however, ended up remembering her exes who enjoyed what she was advertising.

Please describe any medication to DennisOkari,” Phillip Denno tweeted.

Trevor Kasyoka replied, “Where is your Husband???????????????”.

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nimmoh_macharia You are a true definition of beauty and brains. You’re also an inspiration that one shouldn’t let a situation in life define who they’ll be. Instead focus,work smart &hard but above all with prayer nothing is impossible. Keep the fire blazing.??

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“I deleted all social media apps” 5 things that helped Betty Kyallo overcome pain when her marriage crumbled

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari separated after only 6 months of marriage. The breakup was a dark chapter in Betty’s life but she managed to overcome the pain she was feeling.

Betty Kyallo recently opened up about the mental suffering she went through after her marriage crumbled. The KTN anchor was featured on Sunday Magazine of Standard Newspaper where she narrated everything.

The mother of one highlighted 11 points that helped her over come the pain she felt. 5 point out of the 11 points Betty stated were the most crucial.

Allow yourself to weep

Betty says crying helped her a lot when she broke up with Okari. She explains that it’s fine to weep even for a full month.

“When I was in the heat of it early last year, I went off social media completely. I deactivated and deleted every social media app from my phone – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I had to grieve in peace and be in a reflective space. People want you to lose your job, and sometimes you actually go ahead and lose the job, or lose your relationship or a big business deal.

“It’s OK to feel sad, cry, mourn, even if it is for a day or a week or a month or two. Everybody needs that. If you find yourself moving on from such things without thinking about it or feeling anything, there’s a problem. If you do not do it, at some point it will catch up with you,” says Betty.

Remember everyone struggles

Betty Kyallo with her ex husband and daughter

Betty says that knowing other people also experienced what she went through helped her get through the dark chapter of her life.

“What helped me go through my very public battle, knowing that there were so many people’s eyes on me, was knowing that none of them were perfect, and neither am I. As much as you have many perfectionists out there trying to tell you what is wrong and right, remember that nobody is perfect.

“When you remember that, you will not try to live a life that is not yours. It’s OK and human to make mistakes. Everybody has a struggle. Even Richard Branson with his islands and aircrafts. You could have a lot of wealth, lots of property, a gorgeous wife or husband, gorgeous children, but maybe you’re suffering from a long-term illness. That’s just life. Our battles have a way of balancing all of us out. We could be different on many levels, but there is that one thing that brings us together and that is normally a battle.”

Don’t be consumed in pain

Betty says it’s ok to feel pain, she however cautions that you one should overcome the pain they are feeling before they get consumed in it.

“It’s alright to feel your pain, but don’t be consumed by it. Don’t let pain make you bitter. It’s OK to wallow for some time, but know that you have to get over it before it drowns you.

“Setting up Posh Palace was definitely a comeback for me. When I see the premises while driving past it, it reminds me of my inner strength. I am still in awe. It stands for so much more than just a business. It is special to me.”

Put your trust in God

Betty Kyallo in a happy mood as always

Betty explains that God always has a reason no matter the situation you are in. She affirms that God will have your back in everything that happens to you if you trust in Him.

“Human beings, including family, friends, and colleagues let you down, but God won’t. People think God’s answer is always going to be ‘yes’, but He doesn’t work like that. Knowing that has worked so much for me because I believe that at the end of the day, no matter what situation I am in, God has a reason for it.

Sometimes we stress ourselves out asking why God let this or that happen, but believe that it all works out in your best interests. Sometimes what we think is good for us is not actually good for us in the long term. As human beings, we just see what’s right in front of us but He sees eternity. When I am going through hard times, I feel comfortable knowing He has my back. That gives me comfort, knowing there is a higher power who knows how to place things where they need to be.

Lean on your support system

Betty says her family and close friends helped her get through the darkest chapter of her life. She explains that having a support system helps one because you can’t live as an island.

“Last year I would go online, and there were all these people who did not know me but had an opinion about me. My family would go online and see it all, but it would never change how they felt or looked at me because I am one of their own. The same happened with my very close friends. I would ask them, “Have you seen what these people are saying?” And they would say, “Where are you? We need to take you out ASAP.”

“You need a close friend, a sister or anyone who has your back when you’re going through something bad, public or not. They change your story. They are there to support you and hold your hand. They are there to listen to you. Most of the time the world is not ready to listen to you; they do not want to hear your side of the story.

Having a support system really helps because in this life you cannot live as an island. You need people who are there to support you and hold your hand. Even when you do wrong, they criticise you but they do it with love. Whenever I go through a hard time, I always go back to my support system because they are the ones who know me. They do not know ‘Betty Kyallo’. They know me. They know the things that I am capable of, they know if I actually did something or not.


Just like Raila Odinga, Betty Kyallo’s ex husband prays at Jerusalem’s wailing wall

A few months ago NASA leader was photographed praying in Israel. This is after he toured the historic western wall in Jerusalem. Seems that journalist Dennis Okari also paid a visit to the wailing wall.

Raila Odinga praying

The NTV journalist who also happenes to be Betty Kyallo’s ex husband revealed this though his Instagram page. He went on to caption the photo saying:

Just presented my petition before God. #wailingwall #israel #israeltour#holyland

Many believe that the wall is a pulpit of the Temple of Sololmon and was built over 5,000 years ago. The wall is located in the old city of Jerusalem and is the western support wall of the Temple Mount.

In the new photo shared by Dennis Okari, he is seen wearing a Kippah. A kippah is a mandatory brimless cap worn by Jewish men not only during prayers but throughout.

Dennis Okari’s divorce

After splitting with his ex wife the journalist seems to have changed his lifestyle. He has become more spiritual and this can be seen in his posts shared on social media.

Check out his photo:

Dennis Okari praying
Dennis Okari praying

Betty Kyallo reveals some of the issues that forced her to separate with Dennis Okari

When Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari split, everyone had a different tale to tell but no one really knew what happened between these two journalists.

However, speaking to True Love Magazine, Betty for the first time shed some light on why her marriage to Dennis Okari did not last as expected.

From what she revealed it is easy to say that the KTN’s news anchor was not happy in her marriage due to the small small things that were happening between her and Okari.

In her interview she also mentions that Dennis Okari’s family was also involved in her breakup but what forced her to walk away are some of the hardships she had faced throughout her relationship but after realizing that she had gotten married for the wrong reasons she chose to walk away.

We also learn that Betty Kyallo was stood up by Dennis Okari during her traditional wedding (introductions) and shockingly Okari did not pick her calls when she tried reaching him and at some point he switched off his phone leaving Betty and her family stranded after inviting friends and family to their ceremony.

She opened up to say;

“I needed to find out what time their entourage would arrive. But he did not pick up my call. I tried calling him again after an hour and once again it went unanswered.’”


Betty went on to add that her parents tried to contact Okari, again but their calls went unanswered too.

“At 3PM, when we tried to call again, all their phones were off. By the time the sun was going down, it was obvious that I had been stood up on my traditional wedding.”

After this incident her family tried to convince her that her relationship with Okari would not work but the lady was in love and wanted to continue inspiring most of the young people that were looking up to her.

However with time she accepted that the marriage would not work and walked out on Okari – leaving the public to speculating on what had happened until just recently when she opened up about her life.