Citizen TV journalist rushed to hospital after being clobbered by Kanjo (audio)

A popular Citizen TV journalist was taken to hospital on Monday after being assaulted by City Askaris after trying to expose them.

Kimani Mbugua was allegedly given a beating the askaris who spotted him recording a video while they were roughing up a boda boda rider who has entered CBD illegally.

“The officers were arresting a motorbike operator… it was dangerous…bike was on the move carrying a passenger and they pulled it from the back,” he told a local website. 


Kimani added that the officers came to him, snatched his phone and deleted the video before giving him a beating that sent him to hospital with minor injuries. They banged his head on a wall several times until he started bleeding.

“I asked them if I was under arrest and they said that I was under arrest…and I told them I am a journalist…I was recording the video. I tried to stop the bleeding using my shirt,” Kimani said. 

The altercation took place between Koja Mosque and Tom Mboya street. He Kimani visited Nairobi Hospital for treatment shortly after appearing live on TV.

Listen to the audio below: