Kenyans who are upset at foreign media are foolish

Kenyans are big mad that some random FOX heifer called Emily Compagno lied about Kenya and said something ridiculous about how pregnant Kenyan women aren’t allowed outside their houses to vote and they took to all social media platforms to announce to the world they are upset.

Why Kenyans reaction to Kabi wa Jesus molestation story is very disturbing

They are doing all that and I am seated here wondering why we as a people are so stupid. Like, is the entire country one big peanut gallery? And the worst thing is that people feel they have every right to be upset and act a fool. Righteous indignation for what? This is just manufactured indignation.

Ultimately, this is one of the best representations of how bullshit the collective Kenyan mentality is. Why? Because we have real-life nonsense going on here within our borders and people are silent. We are living in times of unprecedented inflation and crazy costs of living but we are more concerned with bullying a retarded journalist?

Why Kenyans are obsessed with Shix Kapienga marital status

When was the last time you actually saw Kenyans roll up their sleeves and take to the streets to march and protest against runaway corruption? When was the last time you saw us actually hold politicians accountable for the mess they have created of not just our economy but our judiciary? nah, we don’t do that around here, we simply put on our diapers and cry online about what some low iQ person said about our country?!

Why? That is not patriotism. All of this posturing is performative. We aren’t proud of Kenya, we are simply bullies who want to let the world know that we have virtues in the cheapest way possible: posting tweets and sharing them using the free Wifi we have at our offices.

Hilarious reactions from Kenyans after Naomi Osaka launches Hana Kuma media company

Kenyans who are truly upset by what foreign media says about us are foolish. They should be more concerned with actually cleaning out the country’s 3 arms of government and getting systems that actually work instead of worrying about what some foreigners think about us. That heifer, Emily, doesn’t matter because she has never been to Africa so she isn’t really the type of person to boost our tourism sector. Her audience are ignorant and would never bother travelling to Kenya. So why would you care anyway?

Focus on real issues. Focus on what matters. Learn to prioritise things as a Kenyan and what directly affects your life is what matters. Only small-minded people care about what others think of them. And this nonsense was very telling about who we are as a people.

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Kenyans should stop listening to celebrities on serious matters

Catherine Kamau is one of the many Kenyan celebrities who weighed in on the report about the fact that statistics showed that young Kenyan girls (teenagers and younger) had experienced an upswing in pregnancies.

“Where is the law” Catherine Kamau demanding justice for the 4000 pregnant minors in Machakos

And the first assumption everyone had was the fact that these girls had been impregnated by lecherous predators who had paedophilic relationships with the school going lasses. And indeed, this was the assumption Catherine Kamau pushed in her hot take on the matter.

kenyan celebrity catherine kamau

The problem, however, is in the fact that Kenyan celebrities have shown a propensity for discussing topics they have little to no knowledge about and topics they should probably interrogate rather than flying into a blind rage.

34 male minors and 4 female teenagers allegedly arrested during an orgy!

You see, when Kenyans are met by such statistics, they automatically run to blame paedophiles for issues that run deeper than just that. And don’t get me wrong, paedophilia is indeed an issue that contributed to these statistics of underage pregnancies but the truth is more complicated than that.

kenyan celebrity catherine kamau
Catherine Kamau

Sometimes, much to the chagrin of Kenyans, the people we should look to is ourselves. We as a people are responsible for the nonsense that happens in our society. These underage girls are exposed to the risk of underage pregnancy because of us and our culture.

Why Ezekiel Mutua blames Kamba musicians for teenage pregnancies in Machakos!

You see, when Covid-19 hit, schools had to be closed so we could manage the spread of that disease. As a result, we had children and teenagers running around their houses, neighbourhoods and estates. They were meant to be home with their parents. Those are the first people we need to look at.

The second issue we as Kenyans must fess up to is the fact that for better or for worse, these underage girls are in relationships. Whether their boyfriends are their age or older (I am not going to count the paedophiles in this group) the fact remains that they are having sex. That means we need sex education coming from the parents themselves.
For long, we have been inundated by complaints from teachers about the fact that Kenyan parents leave the raising of their children to them and this is proof of the fact.

“My name has nothing to do with teenage pregnancies!” Singer Katombi claps back at Ezekiel Mutua

But what happens when we listen to Kenyan celebrities like Catherine Kamau is that we tend to dumb down the problem and thus miss the real solutions. We immediately run to assume that their personal experiences (paedophiles or otherwise) are the rule for every one of these statistics. And that means we create solutions that miss the mark!

Kenyan celebrities such as Catherine Kamau suffer from the Dunning Kruger effect. That psychological term was coined in 1999 by then-Cornell psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger and it is a cognitive bias whereby people who are incompetent at something are unable to recognize their own incompetence.

What celebrities should do is to agitate for the government to actually look into the causes of this phenomenon while simultaneously calling for parents to get more involved in their children’s lives.


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Hypocrisy 101: Kenyans cry over content but demand ratchet music

Kenyans have peculiar habits or so Michael Joseph observed. This would have to be one of those habits. Because let us face it, us Kenyans always cry and belly-ache about our comedians, our artists and even our politicians lacking substance in their content.
Kenyan comedians are always mocked for only having ethnic jokes about ethnic stereotypes. We lampoon musicians for not having quality content, especially now that Gengeton is a thing. We also complain and cuss our politicians for being airheaded social bombs. Thing is, we still book those same comedians, we flock to the Gengeton music videos and we vote in the clowns who vie for political office.
Today we will talk about Kenyans and the musical hypocrisy.

Why Lilian Muli crying about her love life deserves no sympathy

Kenyans love trash music.

kenyan gengeton group, ethic

Take the case of Eric Wainaina. Homie releases splendid music; beautifully composed and with a ton of content that is thoughtfully put together. He recently released Gegenwind which is a project that is so wonderfully done, it showcases his years dedicated to bettering his craft. Eric Wainaina can only garner one thousand views in six days.

Annitah Raey is right about single mothers and child support

Meanwhile, Ethic releases a song that is poorly produced and edited. That song will garner damn near half a million views within a 6 day period. And the radio airplay will be immense. As for the clubs, they will play their songs till you’re familiar with the tough Sheng lingo. Why is that? What are the differences between the two songs? Well, we have already highlighted one difference, production quality. Why? Eric Wainaina releases international standard music. Ethic, as an example of Gengeton artists, release locally oriented and directed music.
Then there is the content. Eric Wainaina touches on subject matter that is of interest and note to the international community, Ethic release music that is of interest to Kenyans. Tanzanians aren’t into it nor are Ugandans. But Kenyans gobble this shit up. And true to form, the more vulgar the Kenyan songs, the more beloved they are by the Kenyan audience.

Kenyan moral police

You have to wonder why Kenyans complain about the type of content they consume but they do not support the artists who do have awesome music. It has to make you pause for thought. And when you do, it makes you wonder why Kenyans are like this.


And even when we look at music videos, you realize that the cheaper the video, the more beloved it is by Kenyans. The same Kenyans who then begin to lampoon artists like Timmy T Dat whose strategy is to exclusively cater to the local market by shooting sexually explicit and suggestive videos. Meanwhile, they refuse to support the music videos put out by the very same guys killing themselves and racking up debt to ensure it is quality. Ethic releases songs shot on cellphone cameras (and we aren’t talking about the latest iPhone either) and they quickly gain millions of views on YouTube.
At this point, Kenyans just have to accept who we are, a people who have low disgust levels: encouraging the output of what other societies would consider low brow content.


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Fight scene in Bungoma after woman sells family’s only cow to attend Churchill Show 

What will you do so that you don’t miss Churchill when he visits your county?

Well, a woman in Bungoma suprised many and led to exchange of blows between her husband and several men after she secretly sold their only cow to attend the show.


Esther Nanjala made her husband Gabriel Wenani fight three men who had come to their homestead to collect the animal which was their only source of income after secretly selling the animal and buying the tickets.

“I was shocked to be woken by these three men claiming they have come to pick their cow,” the father of three said. 

According to neighbors, Nanjala bought the cow after receiving money from a women’s group two years ago.

“The wife has been telling us for awhile now that she owned the cow which she bought with chama money,” said the neighbor. 

“I knew things were not okay. I screamed,” Milly opens up on carrying dead foetus for 7 weeks 

Terence creative’s wife Milly Chebby has shared how she lost her baby at week 13 of her pregnancy in 2017 leaving her life devastated in the process.

Milly, in her Vlog, said that she had been carrying her baby for seven months after five years of dating when she learnt that the baby had died.

She however never suspected all that because earlier in her pregnancy, the baby was doing fine.

“The Bay was okay… I was so excited and given medicine to protect the baby. I was told it was normal to spot, ” said Milly.

“So she told me kuwa amespot and what I knew ni kuwa demu hafai kuspot kama ako na ball its dangerous. We went to hospital this was the first time we were being introduced to the scanning machine. She was told not to partake or carry heavy things until the baby is well seated in the womb, as the first trimester is very risky,” Terence said.

13 weeks

Things changed as days went by and by the time she was hitting 13 weeks there was no other option than terminating the pregnancy.

“We went to the hospital to get checked but the guy kept on repeating the procedure. Then he told me the pregnancy was smaller than 13 weeks. Looking at my friend and my sister who were in the same room with and how they were trying to balance their tears and I knew things were not okay. I screamed. So I’m told the baby died at 7 weeks three days. So basically I was carrying a dead baby for roughly another 7 weeks because I was at week 13 seven days,” said Milly.


“They said we have to do evacuation. We asked the Hospital how much it will cost and they tell us some crazy figures. We opted to go to another hospital not even to do the evacuation but my wife was still in denial. We said lets go to another hospital to confirm if what this hospital is saying is the truth. We went to another hospital did the scan still there was no heartbeat. The result were the same” narrated Terence Creative.

We are being overworked like donkeys and taxed like slaves- Kate Actress blasts government

Kenyans have been complaining about the current economy state saying things are becoming tougher and tougher.

The government is taxing Kenyans left right and center a thing that has been killing business a lot. Actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, has opened up saying things are tougher because of wrong political choices Kenyans made.

Through her Instagram account, she said; “Am smiling on the outside but so much is going on in my head, you see, 2017, We called one another names, killed one another, Cyber Bullied one another, did so many things in the name of politics, sijui ‘mtu wetu.”


She added that it’s because of these that Kenyans are now suffering and being overtaxed. She urged citizens to make better political stand come 2022 if they want better lives.

“See our lives now ..I hope we see how much these people DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT US! THEY NEVER DID! THEY NEVER WILL! We are the ones working like donkeys and being overtaxed like slaves! 2022, I hope we do better  till then God bless Kenya.”



Ethic dropped from lucrative deal days after SWAT was almost lynched by angry mob in Umoja 

SWAT of Ethic might have survived an angry mob at Umoja a few days ago but it seems, together with his fellow group-mates, the rappers aren’t able to escape tough boardrooms decisions.

According to Hype Group Entertainment who are behind popular show Hype Fest, Ethic has been dropped off and won’t be performing in the event scheduled in April.

Though the company didn’t explain exactly why, they simply stated that they had to let them go due to ongoing legal issues the group has with it’s management.

Beaten up

The announcement comes just days after SWAT was almost killed by an angry mob who thought he was stealing in Umoja.

According to sources, Swat was getting high with friends when they saw police patrolling and decided to hide in the apartment. The manager of the group later released a statement denying that SWAT was a thief

Video: Beloved singer SWAT beaten like a burukenge for allegedly trying to rob an apartment in Umoja

SWAT aka Mtoto wa Eunice during the weekend cheated death after a mob in Umoja almost lynched him for allegedly stealing.

A video of the young kid being beaten by a mob has been doing rounds on social media during the weekends claiming that he had stolen the phones from the apartment in Umoja.

According to his group Ethic, they released a statement saying Swat was with some friends outside a flat on Saturday night when it emerged there were police officers patrolling the area.

“They started flogging them and beating them up, at one point they nearly burnt them. Luckily the same police officers who saw Swat and his friend run away as they were getting away from them came to their rescue and released Swat and the friend since they were obviously innocent,” ethic, through their official Twitter explained. 

Not a thief

Ethic’s manager backed the group’s statement saying that SWAT – real name Boniface Mwangi – saw the police and he ran into a residential plot. He also denied that Swat is a thug in the area.

“If he was caught stealing he’d be in a cell right? I don’t know about the stories online but cops were definitely involved and if he’d committed any crime, he’d be in a cell as we speak. SWAT is not a thief! If anything we’d just done some shows on Friday and he was quite loaded,” John Mbugua said.


Con man Wilkins Fadhili, his ex Ruth Ambogo, Steve Mbogo named among most influential young Kenyans

The 2018 list of most influential Kenyans has finally been released and not many Kenyans are agreeing with it.

The list, which has been done by local company Avance Media Africa, has different personalities in the list ranging from bloggers, comedians to musicians aged from between 15-40 years.

Controversial names

Surprisingly, Wilkins Fadhili, his allegedly ex-lover Ruth Ambogo and controversial politician Steve Mbogo are in the list. The three have been in all kind of controversies in the recent past few days which have tarnished their names. Famous personalities such as Larry Madowo, Njugush, Amina Abdi and Betty Kyalo appear on the influential list.

KOT have heavily criticized the list wondering who comes up with such lists majorly because of Wilkins Fadhili who was recently exposed as a fraud.

Here’s the full list.


HBR Radio presenter Sheila Kwamboka gives fan piece of her mind after begging her to wear a push-up bra  

Homeboyz Radio presenter Sheila Kwamboka was having just another lovely day enjoying the sunny beaches of Zanzibar until a certain fan posted a comment on her instagram page that threatened to ruin the whole trip.

Kwamboka, who is in Tanzanian for holiday, has been sharing photos on social media in bikinis and beach wear leaving team Mafisi in utter pain.

A fan commented on one of the photos asking the former K24 reporter to wear a push up bra to accentuate her small breasts.


Kwamboka was not happy with the comment and fired back asking the fan to stop with the negativity.

She wrote, “I’m comfortable with myself as I am…But because my breasts are upsetting you I should put on a bra. I feel like this is more for you than it is for me…Love yourself Millie. Life is too short for negativity.❤️

Here is Kwamboka’s trip in a nutshell.

‘I’m just happy alipatikana’. Girlfriend of ‘lost and found’ rugby player opens up of how he played her 

Kenya Harlequins rugby player Lyle Asiligwa was recently on the spotlight after switching off phone his phone and going for a party in Loresho, leaving his girlfriend extremely worried.

His girlfriend,Wanjiru Kinyanjui, has now opened up about the issue saying that she’s glad he was found despite the drama.

“He left the house on Sunday at around 5:30pm; he was dropping off some stuff at work,” she said. “But I am happy amepatikana.”

Wanjiru had asked Kenyans online to help find him after his mysterious disappearance. Asiligwa’s friend, Denise Baldo, helped trace him, said the player arrived at a house party in Loresho on Monday morning.

“We were partying at our friend Eva’s in Loresho on Sunday after a ruracio in Naivasha. Asiligwa was not part of the team that went to Naivasha, but he joined us in Loresho for drinks and food on Monday. He was invited by someone in the party,” Denise told The Nairobian.


Wanjiru and Dennis confirmed that Eva was a close friend of Asiligwa and the party had to be hosted at her place because she was the only contact they had in Nairobi.

“I don’t know who Eva is; apparently she is his friend. She’s one of the many friends he has; the ones they schooled with,” Wanjiru said.

“Guys chose to hold the bash at Eva’s house because she’s the one staying closest to Nairobi from Naivasha,” Denis added. 

Citizen TV journalist rushed to hospital after being clobbered by Kanjo (audio)

A popular Citizen TV journalist was taken to hospital on Monday after being assaulted by City Askaris after trying to expose them.

Kimani Mbugua was allegedly given a beating the askaris who spotted him recording a video while they were roughing up a boda boda rider who has entered CBD illegally.

“The officers were arresting a motorbike operator… it was dangerous…bike was on the move carrying a passenger and they pulled it from the back,” he told a local website. 


Kimani added that the officers came to him, snatched his phone and deleted the video before giving him a beating that sent him to hospital with minor injuries. They banged his head on a wall several times until he started bleeding.

“I asked them if I was under arrest and they said that I was under arrest…and I told them I am a journalist…I was recording the video. I tried to stop the bleeding using my shirt,” Kimani said. 

The altercation took place between Koja Mosque and Tom Mboya street. He Kimani visited Nairobi Hospital for treatment shortly after appearing live on TV.

Listen to the audio below:

Joey Muthengi: Stop tarnishing my name. I don’t love old men, I work hard for my things 

Joey Muthengi of Citizen TV has come out to deny a list of things Kenyans have been accusing her lately.

The 10 over 10 host denied dating a governor as many speculated or that she loves old men. Ever since Muthengi opened up on TV about how she prefers dating older men, people have labeled her as a gold digger while others have connected most of her work to favours from these same old guys.

In a long instagram post, Muthengi explained that she has worked hard since her campus days and after returning to Kenya from the US.

Moral discipline

She also said that she has kissed a lot of ass for jobs and like many other ladies, men tried to take her to bed for some of these jobs but she declined. She has avoided shortcuts in her rise and that’s why she’s enjoying her success.

Here’s her full statement:

“Can we kill that other story now about my non-existent ‘old’ men? It was a bit I did for an entertainment TV segment. Never have I ever nor am I planning on ever dating a known or unknown Kenyan Politician or older man for profit.

“I have worked my ass off in this industry since 2009. I’ve been without a place to call my own, been rejected from job interviews cause I wasn’t dressed the correct way, borrowed money from my bro to go print and distribute my CV… yet everyone stayed silent b/c they didn’t know me, been told I wasn’t the right fit numerous times, been in a Ma3 with nothing but my last 50 Bob,(While I was on my 1st TV Show), hanging around Capital FM hoping they might need someone to voice their next ad…? being rejected for jobs time and time again. I’ve had male potential employers try to meet me at pubs rather than offices.

“Honey, I’ve seen it all. Despite the fact that I’d studied & excelled at Journalism (B.A) and interned at the Voice of America in Washington D.C, It all felt like it had all meant nothing at some point.

“But God’s Grace kept me pushing through. You can do your research and quote me on that. So I kept hustling…and many years later here I am ?. Still standing. I’d like to believe that every job I’ve ever gotten…I’ve gotten it on merit.  Clearly sarcasm doesn’t translate well on Social Media. So I apologize for my delivery but thank you for those who got it. ??. Love you ?.

“To the bloggers…Call me ? (Seriously, nobody has called me for a comment in years ?. Yet the articles keep coming…). Ya’ll know my number. I’m happy to give a comment. The tarnishing of my name is not fair. At all. I’m always happy to clear the air. Just ask ?. Jesus still loves you though..amidst all the chaos.

“So let me end this here. Don’t judge people ?. I’m blessed. And I’m forever grateful. I’m not dating a Governor. It was a joke that started on my show. I work as hard now as I did the day when I had nothing. That is all. Bless up ??.”


‘Embrace gays if you want to succeed’ CNN’s Richard Quest says a day after Uhuru’s gay marriage remarks

While President Uhuru Kenyatta promised Kenyans that he’ll never bow to pressure to legislate same-sex marriages as a condition to receive donor funding, CNN news anchor Richard Quest has asked Kenyans to embrace them.

Quest, famous for his programme Quest Means Business, said that same sexual activities should be decriminalized and accepted especially if countries want global success.

“I am obviously going to be advancing an agenda that says there should be at least the decriminalization of same sexual activity. It is straight forward, I am not gonna mess around with that one. That is obviously my belief,” he said in the interview.


He has been in Kenya since Monday and is set to tour selected regions with legendary Marathon World record champion Eliud Kipchoge. Quest also said that he won’t push everyone who is against the issue.

“I do not for a moment, doubt the sincerity of those people who are against me on this issue. And I can respect their point of view, I merely say that in this day and age, if you want to succeed, if you want Kenya to be a thriving, vibrant modern economy, you are going to look at this in a different way and ask yourself what is it about these very successful places that we need to at least try to attract,” he said.

“That is the way you do it. You let people live their lives, love who they want, and the way they wish.”

Quest’s remarks comes just days after Uhuru said that gay marriages will remain illegal.

“We must ensure that our development is what we want and not that brought from outside. We should not be told that if we want money, we must legislate that a man can marry another,” Uhuru said in Swahili.

Melania Trump almost knocked down by elephant during her visit in Kenya(video)

United States First Lady Melania Trump kicked off her Kenyan tour with a visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which is considered the most successful Elephant rescue Centre in the world.

Melania was accompanied by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and met with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House later on.

There was a little bit of shock during her visit after a baby elephant almost left her sprawling to the floor. The First Lady was feeding the young elephant when it made sudden movements and knocked her.

She wasn’t hurt or anything but it was bit scaring moment for her security team and everyone who was around her.

Dress code

Trump’s wife was in a four-country trip which ended in Cairo, Egypt where she spoke to reporters and talked about her dressed code which was becoming a topic of discussion in her visit.

“I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear,” she said. 

Watch the video below:

Bobi Wine thanks Kenyans for supporting and fighting with him

Singer turned activist Bobi Wine has appreciated how Kenyans supported him in his recent fight for Ugandans. The Kyadondo East MP landed in Kenya on his way back to Uganda and got a massive welcome from Kenyans recently.

He was coming from the US where he had gone for treatment after the government of Uganda tortured him. They also killed his driver.


The musician was later detained sparking off protests against his detention and torture on social media under the hashtag #freebobiwine and offline demos in Uganda as well as Busia and Nairobi in Kenya.

In his statement message, he thanked Kenyans for supporting him through all that tough period.

“I will quickly remind you about our Swahili speaking brothers across Africa who stood with us. In a special way, I would like to appreciate the Kenyan brothers and sisters. The Kenyan legislators who stood with us, the Kenyan artistes and the Kenyan writers. That was a reminder that you have always stood with us all throughout history but am glad that you are still standing with us even at this defining point in our history as Ugandans,” Bobi said during a press conference in Uganda.


Baraka za kushtua! Meet the Narok man who collapsed after mother of his twins gave birth to triplets 

A 28-year-old Kenyan father of twins collapsed at the hospital after learning that his wife has given birth to triplets. The man has been trending for a couple of days now after his wife delivered at Narok County Referral Hospital.
Nurses at the hospital rushed to save Francis Gitau’s life after he immediately fainted upon receiving news that his wife had delivered three babies. His wife, Jacinta Mwihaki, 30, shared the good news to him and it knocked him out.


Gitau now has five kids. He said his main worry is how he will manage to feed three extra babies given that the twins, who are only four years old, were already a burden to him due to his meager income.

Watch him in the video below:


She’s a must forgive! 7 steamy photos of the Mombasa Slay Queen who ruined boyfriends Mercedes 

Cynthia Keru, a young lady who has left the whole country in disbelief after wrecking a brand new Mercedes Benz belonging to her boyfriend who was allegedly cheating, has been a trending topic for the better part of yesterday.

Keru was captured on video destroying the Benz as neighbors watched in disbelief. The car is estimated to cost almost Ksh 2 million. She shuttered the windscreen and back window before putting a few dents and scratches on it.


Kenyans have been trying to search for the lady on social media after the saga to maybe understand why she did it and how her lifestyle looks. Udaku tuu.

Well here are a few photos of the full of life lady who seems to be eating life with a big spoon and enjoying every nit of it.



Mashakura! Renown female City pastor trolled for boiling sausage

City Pastor Monica Nyambura Kibui has angered Kenyans after displaying her poor cooking skills.

The preacher, who is married to Samuel Gichuki Kariuki, took to social media to show what she’s making her lovely hubby for breakfast but Kenyans hated it.

They ended up blasting her after she boiled sausages.

Monica and husband


“Watu wanasemanga prophetess hajui kupika. I’m making toast mayai. …you boil sausages first so that they can cook well..” she said in the video. 

Mary Wanjiru: Kitchen iko chini..that breakfast is fake!

Lynda Agisu: Upgrade your cooking please ndio ubrag everywhere.Hujuangi kupika madam..ingine niliona ulianika Facebook ugali nilidhani ni ya paka kumbe ati ni ya mzee.. thooo…

Dorine Ma Trevor: Boiling sausage?

Ashley Temtulah: Kindly use this energy to help street women with pads..that this. I don’t know how you call it, showcase.

Blair Timaya: Lord we Kenyans your help. Is this one of the rreasons as to why you haven’t done your second coming? People using your name for social media greed or likes if to say? But forgive me prophetess, I think you need spiritual whipping.

Janeto Sparks: Yani these pastors can stoop this low? Wafuasi wa hio kanisa wana shida. Mnatumiwa tu in d name of prophetes. My ppo perish due to lack of knowledge. In other words ‘stupidity’. Kujeni mtupe mawe???.

Medusa Motomoto: Bwana hakuli mashakura wahhhhh.

Purity Keith: I could have appreciated if there were 10 street kids for your breakfast

Bishop Allan Kiuna lost mother same day as Dennis Oliech

Celebrated city pastor Allan Kiuna has lost his mother. She was 74 years.

The pastor, who is married to Kathy Kiuna, lost his mother Lilian Kiuna last Friday after a long illness. She passed away while undergoing treatment at Avenue Hospital in Kisumu. Footballer Dennis Oliech’s mother also died on the same day at her home in Lavington after developing difficulty in breathing.

Kiuna’s family didn’t share the sad news on social media but congregants of JCC have been gathering at the Church every 5 PM to give support to the family. Lilian will be buried today. 

Kenyans shocked after police arrest two international spies pretending to be hawkers 

Two men from Pakistan have been arrested and arraigned in court in Nairobi and accused of planning to carry out an act of terrorism in Kenya.

Gull Mohammed Irfan and Husen Shaahed were arrested in Nyeri at Narumoru market where they were selling second hand clothes. Kenyans had to call the police after noticing the two kept taking photos of churches, schools and other building in the area.

Work permit

“We believe that the two are on a spying mission to mark their target areas, Your Honor, and we need time to investigate further,” the investigating officer told the court.

The two also don’t have a work permit and police are currently following up on their VISAs and how they entered the country.

Cindy Ogana: Popular TV station rejected me because I wasn’t light skinned 

With presenters and TV hosts in Kenya currently moving left, right and center looking for greener pastures, Cindy Ogana has shared how her skin colour once eliminated her from a job she was well qualified for.

Speaking on Ebru TV’s ‘Let’s Talk Show’, Ogana, who used to host Hot 96 FM’s breakfast show and the Trend on NTV alongside Larry Madowo, shared that she was rejected because she was natural.

“I was in a reality show on TV where they were looking for a presenter and it did not help that one of the criteria why I wasn’t selected was my skin colour and hair.

“My hair was a topic the judges mentioned but then again remember it was a different time where you could not be a broadcaster when you had dreadlocks. It was seen as unkempt and it was seen as unruly. You had to have a weave and you had to have the skin tone,” she said.

Cindy Ogana

Won’t bleach

She went on to add that the issue made her promise herself that she will never bleach, unlike what many ladies have done.

“I am dark skinned, I have my dreads and I have my big mouth and then I’m also not very keen on the makeup and everything. Leaving that show further cemented my resolve to always be natural, to never bleach myself. Whatever season my womanhood takes me through whether its my menses, my pregnancy I will always be natural and will always keep my natural hair.” She revealed.