Kansiime left fuming after Kenya Airways stole her luggage

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime was in Kenya for the East Africa Comedy gig at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre Saturday night. The comedian however had a rough welcome after Kenya Airways lost her luggage.

Taking to social media, the comedian who held a night-to-remember at KICC, bashed the airways for their actions saying that she’s disgusted.

“So you have finally robbed me Kenya Airways!!!!!!!! What a welcome. I come to make you laugh and Rob me!? Na wow! Asante,” she posted on Facebook. ” Am so disgusted.”

Moving on

She later posted that she just wants to forget everything after losing her suitcase.

“Hello ninjas, trust all this love am bathing in to erase all my worries and troubles. Woke up with my glass full of freshly squeezed love juices and this weekend just got lit. Thank you Maina Wakageni for hosting us, you are a smiling machine indeed. Daniel Churchill Ndambuki this is the last warning, baby come lesgo to Kampala.
Chipukizeey relax, you will be taller than me in your next life Mr. Director.  I can never get enough of these Kenyan brothers of mine.” she said.



Kansime looking for a Kenyan hubby? This is what she said that left tongues wagging

Ugandan comedian Ann Kansime was married to a Ugandan man and just after four years, the marriage ended. The marriage ended in 2017 and the comedian intentionally refrained talking about what happened behind closed doors leaving her fans in the dark.

 “OJ and I are not together anymore. Reasons why we are not together are not for anyone to know except for us,” she said in 2017.

That was her experience with Ugandan men. Kenyan men might be coming next.

I was hooked when I was there last time, now I’m free

Kansime during her wedding

Kansime recently took to social media to hint she might be looking for a Kenyan man. In her post, she shared how she visited Kenya the last time as a married woman and didn’t entertain much but now she’s coming as a single lady.

“Hallo Kenya, so the last time this ninja gal was in Kenya, I was engaged and busy accusing myself of being married and then all my Kenyan lovers would be sending me love signals through blue tooth,” she said. 

“As you know, I was settled but this time, on this June 9, you cannot believe it, I am going to come and we can have each other on 3D.”