Unbelievable! Photos of Kanze Dena before the rapid weight gain

Kanze Dena’s weight gain has left many confused and shocked at the same time. This is because Kanze Dena appears to have changed overnight and judging from the photos making rounds online; she undeniably looks unrecognizable!

With the photos circulating online, Kenyans on social media could not hold back from talking about her weight. And truth is , we cannot blame them for feeling this way.

Kanze Dena’s new look leaves tongues wagging

In less than a year, Kanze looks like she gained over 15kgs that have left her with a bigger body frame; her chubby cheeks dissolving her youthful looks – hence the nasty trolls.

Before weight gain

For many, this new body does not suit Kanze Dena and if anything; most fans have requested her to shed off the gained weight not just for her appearance but for her health too.

Kanze looking unrecognizable

Looking at her old photos, one wouldn’t believe how skinny Kanze was; but with the lifestyle – clearly the former journalist is living large. Anyway below are just a few photos from back when Kanze was still skinny and hot!

Former journalist, Kanze Dena


Terence Creative hits back at fat-shaming trolls aimed at Kanze Dena

Terence Creative who is popularly known for his witty jokes – this past weekend went on weigh in on the nasty fat comments aimed at Kanze Dena; a former journalist who doubles up as the current Spokesperson to executive Office of the President.

Through a detailed post shared on his page, Terence talked about how disheartening it is; to troll someone over their weight. And having experienced such trolls before, the comedian couldn’t help but wonder how Kanze was feeling especially with everyone making fun of her new size.

As seen on the post, Terence condemned those criticizing Kanze for the added weight, as he wrote;

Just gone through some trolls that people send to Kanze and it’s disheartening,I experience this everyday,I see people insult us coz of our size and wonder what really makes them happy but I realize,I am not the problem,they are.

Message to Kanze

Now that Kanze has definitely changed but remains comfortable with her new body; Terence went on to encourage her not to listen to the critics and trolls as she looks beautiful in her new frame.

Popular comedian, Terence Creative aka Kamami

The comedian went on to remind Kanze that it’s hard to please everyone; but since she finds  her new body just fine – then why stress over petty comments? He went on to add;

Kanze this too shall pass,usistress ata ukikonda bado hawata kupenda uliza @. Just be yourself,God shall deal with them. #wanonoforever #sikondileo #hataukondahuuwa

But truth is, Kanze has definitely changed a lot!