Adorable! King Bae takes cares of Diamond´s children when Zari is away (videos)

Zari Hassan´s King Bae has proven victorious as Diamond´s replacement both in the way he treats the Ugandan beauty and his role as a dad.

Anyone can be a father but only a special person can afford the title ´dad´.

And King Bae has proven to be that special person in Diamond´s kids´ lives.

He might be a Politician, yes, but with a soft spot for children and specifically for Zari´s young ones.

Mr M has taken up the responsibility as his own by spending time with Nillan and Tiffah.

Therefore assuring Zari that she has to worry less when she leaves them under his care.

While away

Zari Hassan is out on a business trip and King Bae is seen bonding with Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah as well as ensuring their safety.

On Monday, the mother of 5 took to her Insta stories sharing a clip of King Bae with Nillan and Tiffah conversing,  captioning:

Missing you much my fam.

Aww! King Bae has such a deep South African accent! You definitely can tell.

Zari has been away but feels honored to have such a Gentleman right by her side.

Clap back

Zari slams baby daddy, Diamond for abandoning his own blood subsequently showering her Papichullo with praises:

Such a clean Gentleman taking care of ur kids dat u abandoned ????,,,,

Instead of thanking God dat there is a man who helps u do wat u incapable of doing,,,,,r here exposing ur stupidity????,,,,,,,,

According to the Boss Lady, the least Diamond could do was appreciate the special father-figure in his kids´ lives instead of throwing shades.

Wama thx #kingbae we love you and we promise you are here to stay????????????????????

The Ugandan beauty reiterates how much the 3 [Zari, Nillan and Tiffah] love him [King Bae] and promise to walk this journey with him, all the way.


Soon after Zari and Diamond Platinumz´ break up, the two kids had to gamble between spending time with mum or dad.

So Zari´s home carried the day with expectations of Diamond Platinumz frequently visiting his children which apparently never worked out.

According to Chibu, Zari never allowed him to see them let alone spend time with his kids but Zari slammed him right back.