King Kaka’s wife narrets how she met him: He told me he loves my toes 

Rapper King Kaka has just celebrated his 32nd birthday. His wife Nana Owiti took to social media to wish him a happy one and share how the two love birds first met.

According to the mother of three, King Kaka liked his toes and used that as a way to approach Nana.

“I was wearing a short black dress and black sandals. Toes manicured and lip balm on my lips. Hair tied back. Then you threw your ‘I love your toes’ comment. I remember thinking. Jesus! What a fetish. Freak. I like this one’,” she wrote.


The two have been together now for almost a decade and Nana shared that she has seen his man grow and transform from what he was the day they met.

“All through, you have demonstrated what growth is, orchestrated what love is and redefined what family and family virtues are. All these years passed, children sired and you still look at me the way you did that first day. Who is an ideal partner? Oh! I know. she added. 

King Kaka responded, “I still love your toes.”

Sauti Sol heart-break fans after failing to release their nudes when Arsenal thrashed Chelsea

Boy Band Sauti Sol has broken a promise fans were more than eager to see happen.

On Saturday football fans got a chance to see a thrilling match between Arsenal and Chelsea football clubs. On Twitter before the match started, Sauti Sol promised they would share photos of their bare bodies if the Arsenal team emerged he winners.

“Big game tonight! If Arsenal wins, we will all post some n*des,” their Twitter post read. 

Well, surprisingly, Arsenal won by two goals and suddenly, when it was time to share the nudes, the band came up with several excuses.

“If Arsenal wins by four goals, we are posting some nudes,” the group said when they noticed the match wasn’t going in Chelsea’s way. 


After the game ended, fans camped on Twitter to wait for the much anticipated goodies but Sauti Sol had a heartbreaking reply for them.

“Guys, guys, guys! Noodles we said. This autocorrect is a bitch. So stop camping here waiting for weird things,” they wrote. 

Wametoka Mbali. Sauti Sol celebrate 10 years since releasing first album with these ashy struggling photos 

It has been a decade now since Sauti Sol dropped their first album “Mwanzo”.

Mwanzo, which was released on 12th December 2008 to be exact, had songs such as Lazizi, Asubuhi, Mafunzo ya dunia, Mama Papa (feat. Dela) and Blue uniform. It was a classic and Kenyans loved.

On social media, the band posted photos to show that the struggle, just like every upcoming artists, was real when they were starting their careers.


“On this very same stage, 10 years ago, we launched our first album MWANZO. What’s your all-time fav Sauti Sol jam? Thank you @jamhurievents ??.HAPPY JAMHURI DAY ??. ?.” the band posted.

Others who celebrated the album include Anyiko Owoko who used to be their publicist. On social media she trolled Bien-Aimé Baraza for looking ashy back in the day despite being called a hunk nowadays.

“As we celebrate #MWANZOthe legendary debut album of @sautisolmarking 10 years today; I would like to clarify that Bien Aime wasn’t always the Instagram model as he claims. I’ve got a whole load of other evidence from my vault,” she said. 

Here are the photos:


Octopizzo ako wapi? King Kaka’s song ‘Dundaing’ goes international. Played in the US at NBA game(video)

King Kaka can’t just stop winning this year.

The rapper is coming off a very successful year that has seen him make major moves in the industry and land lucrative deals. Recently, King Kaka dropped his album “Eastlando Royalty” which has been well received by fans.

He also proposed to his longtime girlfriend Nana Owiti during the launch of the album leaving many fans in awe.


King Kaka yesterday also enjoyed another star moment after his song “Dudaing” was played in the US at the NBA game between Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers.

In a video shared on social media, his song which features Kristoff and Magix Enga is heard playing in the background during a timeout.

King Kaka, who is on vacation with his wife, shared the video on Twitter saying:

“And We Are NBA. We are Dundaing!!!! ?? MARVS VS POR. Big up @poizonivythedj #eastlandoroyalty

It seems King Kaka is winning the international market also despite Octopizzo’s recent claims that he’s the only Kenyan rapper who is landing gigs abroad.

Remember King Kaka is also the first and only Kenyan artist to be interviewed on Hot 97, one of the biggest radio station in the US.


Nyakundi to King Kaka after proposing: Boy child can’t kneel for a woman. You are weak 

King Kaka on Friday proposed to the love of his life, his wife Nana Owiti during his album launch which was a successful affair with countless Kenyans turning up at Uhuru Gardens to show support.

Kaka surprised everyone by calling his baby mama Nana Owiti on stage and requested legendary songstress Atemi Ayungu to play her song “Baby Love” as they danced together.

He then popped the question leaving the crowd in awe and melting.

Not impressed

However, this stunt didn’t impress self-proclaimed president of the boy child Cyprian Nyakundi who took to social media to bash him.

According to Nyakundi, the move was weak and King Kaka shouldn’t have knelt.

“Dear King Kaka, Congratulations for launching your new album but the proposal is not in order. BoyChild can’t kneel for a woman, this is in bad taste. You portray yourself as a weakling of a male Wewe umekaliwa chapati hadi akalalia, umetuangusha Bure kabisa!” he said. 

Adding in the comment section:

“Only kneel while praying…….the rest is crap. BoyChild won’t suffer when am around. Get this straight, the BoyChild President can’t kneel for any female. Utangoja hadi yesu akuje. King Kaka uko chini sana.”


King Kaka: I didn’t get Tracy Mogan’s chain but he’s making customized ones for me

Rapper King Kaka was recently in New York for the the Annual Goalkeeper Conference which saw him meet with billionaire Bill Gates and his wife.

The rapper, who has an album coming out this week, also met with comedian Tracy Mogan. Tracy temporary gave King Kaka his chains during an interview on radio.

According to King Kaka, he didn’t bring back the chains because Morgan promised a set of others for him.

“No. Watu wa Eastlando Walininyonga. (Laughs). But he’s making customised ones for me. We have plans aligned for next year for both our brands. I am looking forward to it,” he said in an interview with Nation.


King Kaka also narrated how the two met and ended up on Hot 97, one of the hottest radio station in the US.

“I actually reached out to him through a mutual friend. I had recorded the song prior to that, and he loved it when I sent it to him. He recorded his part soon after, sent it to me, and we were able to mix it. We recorded the music video while I was in New York. I’ll release it as soon as “Dundaing” stops Sumbuaing. (Laughs). The mutual friend is Jorma Taccone, my friend of eight years whom we recorded a song with a while back. Jorma introduced me to Paul Rosenberg, who asked if I wanted to do an interview on radio. Little did I know it was to be on Hot 97,” he said. 

King Kaka to hold very exclusive VIP party as he plans to auction album’s cover art 

King Kaka is set to auction the cover art of his new album ‘Estlando Royalty’ in a very exclusive party which will see only a few invited.

The album, which is dropping November 30, is set to feature a couple of international names including American comedian Tracy Morgan.

According to Chinasa Udeala who is the head of Songa which has partnered with King Kaka to launch his album, the album is a must listen.

“I am a fan of hip hop, and what I can say is that this album is rich in content, with a couple of surprise international collaborations. I have already said too much; I won’t want to give it all away. You will need to subscribe to Songa and stream the album when it drops to get what I mean.” he said. 


Udeala also went on to explain why King kaka is auctioning his album cover as an art piece, something that has never happened in Kenya.

“Music is an art form and so is fine art — painting. It’s all about expressionism,” Chinasa explained. “Merging the two art forms (music and fine art), King Kaka not only conveys the dream of making it and becoming a success through his music, but with the cover art he also conveys this visually. I love it.” he said. 


King Kaka makes history in New York

Rapper King kaka has made history as the first Kenyan to be interviewed by top radio station Hot 97 FM in New York.

Hot 97 is actually one of the biggest radio station in US and is a place every rapper wants to visit.

King Kaka, who is in the US for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual Goalkeeper’s event taking place in New York, had a chance to be interviewed by Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez and Rosenberg in their morning show.

“Another Win!!!! Eastlando to New York .History has been made Leo The Only Kenyan Artiste and among a few African artists to be interviewed @hot97New York. @oldmanebro @rosenberg@laurastylez 
#eastlandoroyalty,” he said on Instagram. 

His appearance comes just days after he was named the Remy Martin brand Ambassador.

Sauti Sol release second collabo with Nyashinski called Tujiangalie

Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol has teamed up with rapper Nyashinski for yet another collabo just four months after releasing Hot and Sweet which went viral.

The two power house have joined forces for their new song dubbed “Tujiangalie” which speaks about the current state of the country. The song becomes the first from Sauti Sol that has them directly addressing the political state of the country.

“For our latest release we thought about the world right now and the number of persistent issues plaguing it,” said Sauti Sol.

The song heavily addresses the issue of corruption and urges young people to stop fighting on social media and seek solutions to the issues affecting the country.

“These things are hardly ever solved and we are consistently shortchanged. So we considered; how can we address these frustrations?”

“Our first realization was to speak power to the reality that we are living in, hence the title “Tujiangalie.” Self-reflection. Recognizing that we have the capacity to change the world we live in by looking inward and holding ourselves accountable for the role we play in society. The truth is “when you make your bed, you lie in it!”,” they explained.

Social issues

Kenyans took to the comment section to offer their views, stating that they have been impressed by the song and it’s realness. The song is the sixth single off of our forthcoming LP, Afrikan Sauce.

Watch it below:


Kisumu artist featured on Kanye West’s new album wasn’t even aware of it

Kenyans were recently buzzing with excitement after Ayub Ogada and his one-time bandmate James Mbarack Ochieng were featured in Kanye West’s eighth album titled Ye. 

Ayub Ogada and Mbarack Ochieng have been credited in the song Yikes in which West opens up on being bipolar.  West also opens up about being bipolar through his album’s cover art, which features a mountain range with a highlighter green caption, reading: “I hate being bi-polar. It’s awesome.”

Lost in his work

What has left many surprised is that Ayub, in an interview with Daily Nation, shared that he was not even aware that he had been featured in the album.

“I’ve done so many projects. I cannot remember everything,” Ayub said on phone from his home in Nyahera, Kisumu County. “I cannot remember at what moment in time I did that job.People use my music to do their own projects.”

He went on to add that he just receives calls from people who want to work with him or wants a composition for their beats.

“They always call me. I never call them. They call me, and then I do the necessary job,” he said.

Ayub Ogada, 62, collaborated with King Kaka for “Koth Biro” early last year in a song which targeted corrupt leaders.

Here’s the song


Sauti Sol announce their retirement from music, opening studio first

They have broken musical records, did amazing tours all over the world, met Uhuru Kenyatta, Obama, Jay Z, and a bunch of other entertainers and top figures many dream of being with in the same room with.

So what’s left do? Nothing.

We have achieved everything

Sauti Sol, who have released a new song with Nyashinki called Short and Sweet, might be just looking for extra attention after the new track but the band now claims that they are retiring from the music scene.

Reason? They have done and achieved everything.

“This is where we announce that we are retiring as Sauti Sol and tunarelocate at some point. Tumeshafanya kila kitu, mnataka tufanye nini?” said in an interview.

They added that they want to take a hiatus like Nyashinski did and start a record label.

“Polycarp will be handling A&R, Chimano will be handling the creative part. Savara will be in charge when it comes to production, business and tech, alongside Merek, their manager, while Bien will be overseeing everything,” they explained. 



King Kaka’s wife birthday message to him will just make you miss your bae

King Kaka has just celebrated his 31st birthday and he has one more thing to thank God for than just accumulated days.

The rapper has received numerous birthday wishes from friends and fellow celebs but his wife’s message really took the title.

King Kaka and wife Nana

Special day

His wife, Nana Owiti, took to Instagram to make his day, sharing a lovely message that has left social media in awe.

Here’s what she said:

“Another year around the sun ☀ A lot has changed the past year,we made another baby ? lol. Here’s to making more babies.Joke.. Aaaanyway, Babe.. It’s your special day and I can’t thank God enough for my kiherehere because I talked to you first! Safe to say I led you on ??? and then like the hunter you are,you chased after me(Now it’s your turn to thank God for making me cut the chase and settling down with you??)So many things I want to thank you for..Thank you for being my safe haven,for the extra pair of shoulders because those are mine whenever the world ? tosses me a bit,the late night chats, for serving me with the biggest slice of Happiness.


“Thank you for everything-You know. On your birthday,I wish you God’s presence ALWAYS. Above all I thank God for this unconditional irrevocable partnership with you because its been the most profitable decision I ever made!! I want to say so much but in your words…’watu wasikusome’ ?Imma stop now.. I wish you a very very very Happy Birthday babe. God bless you. Nakupenda Mfalme @thekingkaka.”

King Kaka’s wife forced to attack fan who asked her to pull down breastfeeding photo 

King Kaka’s wife found herself in some rather unexpected grounds after just another normal day of feeding her months old baby.

Nana Owiti shared a photo on Instagram breastfeeding her baby and some fans were not happy. One even slid in her DM asking her to pull down the post saying it’s offensive.

Message on Instagram

“Someone slid in my DM to ask me to pull down a pic of me nursing my baby, Now,
Here I am Creating the world I want to live in,that’s why I realized I need to nurse anywhere unapologetically. If they don’t see it happening,it won’t be normalized..I won’t be shamed for flipping my breast out so I can feed my hungry, little 
@PrinceIroma..Oh! That feeling of fulfillment as my breast nourishes my baby and my love nourishes his litu soul. How awesome is God? That a baby, can survive solely on this Liquid gold for 6Months or more and gain so much weight. My baby is 8.2kgs today” shared Nana Owiti

Beef brewing? King Kaka laughs off at Sauti Sol after they pulled this petty move on him (video)

Just recently during an interview on one popular radio station King Kaka came out to say that Sauti Sol has done nothing when it comes to helping other musicians in the country – a statement that sparked different reactions among the online community.

Judging from how fans reacted, we can say that they saw King Kaka’s words true as some went on to add that the group is selfish but all in all have taken the Kenyan music international.

Well, now King Kaka is back with yet another issue that will definitely force Sauti Sol to speak. Through his gram, the rapper posted a video to talk about a move that he refers to as Petty – after the boy band pulled down his music poster that they had posted to support the new project he had featured Fena Gitu on.

He went on say;