KRG’s wife linked to Mbogi Genje’s manager after claims of jumping from one celebrity to another

Utumishi kwa wote.

KRG kept his wife off social media for the longest time but after their separation, Linkiruthi started portraying her real self and truth is; damn this mother of 2 can get wild when given some freedom but since KRG wanted none of that – she now has some catching up to do with the streets.

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I want to believe that it’s because they were married young and most likely Linkiruthi has only dated one man, that is KRG all her life.

Krg with ex wife, Linah

And with marriage comes kids, which means game over – since life starts revolving around hubby and the kids…ever wondered why Linkiruthi doesn’t appear to miss her two sons, and always clubbing and vacationing? It’s called freedom – but only freedom if you’re fed up with your own kids and family?

KRG’s Ex wife living life to the fullest

Anyway with all the fun she’s having – and  so are the scandals building up – hence tarnishing her name and that of ex husband, KRG.

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And months after she was linked to popular gengetone artist (the Alejandro fella who allegedly chewed Noti Flow) – rumor now has it that Linkiruthi is playing wifey to Mbogi Genje’s manager, Elvis Muktsa.

KRG’s ex wife with Mbogi Genje’s manager

Aki Pombe Wewe…..

But what’s more interesting is that this tea was spilled online by – Militan Govana who is a member of  Mbogi Genje…and at this point I want to scream Pay back time – but with the kind of loving Linkiruthi may be receiving from the youngin my gut says she’ll think we’re hating…si uongo.

Mbogi Genje hitting where it hurts most

It’s no coincidence that Linkiruthi is hanging out with Mbogi Genje knowing very well KRG has been beefing with these boyz from the hood. But if you ask me, it’s a pretty petty move considering the fact that many thought she had some class…but again hii ni Nairobi, mji wa kusaidiana ask Bensoul!

But judging from how happy Linah looks from the screenshot shared above – people can say all they want but she’ll do anything for love.

Watch the video below.

Alaar! Dancehall artist KRG the Don repossesses Audi Q7 he gifted ex Wife on her birthday (Video)

Rapper KRG the Don has lately been proving how petty he can get when it comes down to his ex wife, Linah. For some reason – Krg has been showing his bitter side on his Instagram page; and truth this shade doesn’t really him suit him. But hey, who are we to judge?

So after calling her a broke prostitute jumping from one bedsitter to another; the dancehall artist has now released a new video parading a white Audi Q7 he had gifted ex wife some years back on her birthday.

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Judging from how he sarcastically talks about the ‘owner’ of the car – makes it obvious to tell that he took it back from the mother of kids with a lot of pride; just to get back to her for the breakup/divorce. Are men often this bitter?

To caption the post, KRG wrote;

????????????ati my private car Q7 ulinunua wapi?

KRG using his divorce to get more fame?

Well, although divorce and breakups are often messy especially on social media; it’s now starting to feel like KRG is using his divorce to gain more fame.

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Anyway whether true or not – fans commenting to the video have urged other ladies to learn from Linah; who walked out with nothing after years of being married to KRG the Don.

Most were advised to have such gifts in their names next time – or else, will suffer the same fate as Betty Kyallo (Porsche) and now the Audi Q7 with Linah.

“Uza K*ma kama sister yako” KRG tells ex wife, Linah

So Krg and his ex wife have now decided to remind us how teenage relationships end after a nasty breakup.

Well, we could assumed that they would handle their breakup in a more mature way, less drama; and maybe just maybe, a little respect for each other since they have two grown boys together.

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Krg and ex wife, Linah

However just like most dramatic people, they chose violence. Well, it’s correct to say that Krg is the one who started with the insults after he referred to his wife as a chokoraa hanging out with low lives.

Having been told this, Linah K who is the ex wife responded days after claiming that Krg’s bedroom skills are whack in a post that read;

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unatafuta dem atalea watoto vizuri…kiasi kiasi hauna nguvu za kiume.

Krg chooses violence

Of course Krg’s ego wouldn’t let his ex wife hit back in public especially by attacking his manhood; and in response, well…. let’s just say he had nothing polite to say to the mother of his sons.

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

In one post the singer wrote;

It’s in her DNA to sleep around with chokoras coz she has no brains to think for herself  plus right now she is going through depression and her silly sister is her worst enemy since she wanted her to be on the same level.. wauze k pamoja

And in other post shared on his page, Krg not only called his ex wife a cougar (meaning she’s older than him) but refereed to her as a sl*t in a post he wrote;

Cougar akililia wembe mpe ????????????????
Stress zirudi level 9000 Tena …. No more eating for a couple of days ???????? Know your place you cheap slat….