Baby about to pop! Lilian Ng’ang’a share glimpse of grown bump (Photo)

If there is something fans have been waiting is the day Lilian Nganga and Juliani will welcome their baby. Well from the latest photo shared by Lilian Nganga, we can confirm that she’s indeed not so far along  from having her baby.

Lilian Nganga looking skinny news

Of course with the arrival of her first born, blogs will not only make noise but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one hard time for the person handling Governor Alfred Mutua’s social media.

I can assure you that netizens will not only tag him on any news regarding the newborn but might also get congratulatory messages…. Just to mock him… I mean Kenyans remain undefeated!

Anyway before all that goes down – Lilian Ng’ang’a has decided to show off her grown baby bump in new photo shared on her page. Although she doesn’t display the bump in a full photo, we can still tell that it’s actually big judging from from the angle the photo was taken from.

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New mum to be ready to showcase bump

This is however not the first time Nganga is pulling such a stunt – which also shows that she’s eager to parade her bump like other women; but due to her celebrity statues (Ex Governor’s wife) and the ugly breakup story – unfortunately she doesn’t get to enjoy this privilege.

Anyway to show off her bump, Lilian Nganga captioned the photo;


July, 2022 … ???? … I know you’ll be good. I am ready to receive it all. #nuevomes #julio #grateful

Doesnt she just look lovely!