¨Love you baba Jibby, Iffy, Kikky¨ Citizen TV´s Lulu Hassan adores father to her 3 adorable boys, on his birthday

Your all time TV Power Couple, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla have never disappointed, and Lulu reminds us that they are not growing younger either, as hubby turns a year older.

On her Instagram page, the TV siren has come out to appreciate the father of her only 3 adorable boys: Jibby, Iffy, Kikky.

¨Love You¨ is her heart-warming message to her co-anchor and hubby, Rashid Abdalla:


Furthermore Lulu articulates, Rashid has been nothing short of a gentleman who has come into her life to let her reap change and brighter days.

Just yesterday, the Swahili guru turned a year older and Lulu shares it all with the world.


Happy Birthday to Rashid Abdalla aka baba Jibby, Iffy, Kikky ????.

Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Rash


Wenye tunangoja comment ya Rashid mko?????


Happy Birthday Bro @rashidyabdalla

More Life, More Blessings.


Sisemi Kitu????????????

Enyewe watu wa April.

Happy birthday!!! Stan wapi cake.


Happy Birthday to him????????


#happybirthday babake #3muskateers mmoja mgongoni, mmoja kifuani, mmoja mguuni kama pele… ????????????????


Nani mwingine amesoma hii caption na sauti ya lulu ile ya upole playing at the back of your mind alafu macho zinakuwa tudogo na kasmile


Now i get where the name JIFFY pictures came from.???????? Happy Birthday to him


In short happy birthday baba jik