Lulu Hassan showers Jovial with praise for captivating performance during Rashid Abdalla’s party


Singer Jovial has not been having it easy for the past few weeks. Well, she’s been dealing with an obsessive fan stalking her every move, and before this could even settle – she’s back to dealing with trolls from Netizens.

The said trolls were a result of a viral video of her performing for birthday boy, Rashid Abdalla, who appeared captivated by her vocals and dancing moves – before wifey, Lulu Hassan stepped in to dance with her man.

Unfortunately this stunt resulted to mixed feelings. There are fans who feel Lulu Hassan may have felt ‘jealous’ watching her man get entertained by another woman, while others feel that they were all having fun. Really nothing serious. 

Jovial emotional

With the many insults and mean comments Jovial who had maintained her silence since the incident decided to respond.

From how she handled the situation proves that she’s yet to grow some thick skin to help ignore what netizens say. Anyway with a lot of emotions, she told off the haters urging them to fix their homes – cause clearly they all had insecurity issues with their husbands.

Jovial hits back at fans

Lulu Hassan neutralizes situation

Well, like I said Jovial took the insults to heart for no reason, that is judging from how Lulu Hassan neutralized the unnecessary tension with a post directed to the singer .

As seen on the post shared by the Swahili news anchor, she praised Jovial for her amazing talent adding that she’s destined for greatness.

Lulu Hassan to Jovial: You’re destined for greatness


I can’t thank you enough @jovial_ke …You are destined for greatness, apart from being your bosses we are your number one fans ????????????????…. Keep on flying our flag high ….We love you dadaa….Keep on keeping on….❤❤❤❤❤❤ Vocals???? Performance???? Presence ???? For bookings follow @jovial_ke hautajutia ????????????????????


Bitter or sweet? Lulu Hassan opens up about working with her hubby, Rashid Abdalla!

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lulu Hassan recently had a question and answer session with fans on social media. This was aimed at answering some of the burning questions most of her fans have had for a while now; but never got the chance to ask them.

As seen on her IG page, the mother of 3 went on to tell fans;

Ask me a question

To which one of her fans used this opportunity to find out how Lulu Hassan feels working with her husband.

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A question we r always asked. How is it 2 work with your spouse?

Lulu Hassan’s response

Of course this is a question we have been dying to have both Lulu Hassan and husband, Rashid Abdalla respond to! And finally it is here. Well unluckily for those who assumed the two get bored with each other since they both work at the same place; and still get to head home to each other!

Contrary to this, turns out that Lulu Hassan actually enjoys working with her husband. She revealed this while responding back to her fan. According to Lulu Hassan, working with her husband/children’s father is amazing and if I am not wrong, the lass would never trade this feeling for any other!

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The anchor responded;

The best feeling ever!

Lulu Hassan

Although these two appear to have what looks like a perfect marriage; we can assure you that all this is just photos you see! No marriage under the sun runs smoothly however how the couple chooses to handle their problems on and off social media is what matters!

However we can’t ignore the fact that these two continue to prove that marriages are a beautiful thing! No?

Chagua na Uvumilie! Lulu Hassan shares how she met husband while he was broke and with nothing 

Citizen TV power couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla have come a long way to the sassy couples everybody looks up to nowadays.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

Hassan recently opened up regarding her relationship, saying love made her trust her man.

“I was already a popular face on TV. I was blinded by love and didn’t despise him because of his financial constraints. But what is more surprising is that when the time for him to pay dowry came, he only gave a prayer mat and a Quran. That’s what he could afford at that time because he was earning a mere Ksh 5,000 per month,”


Lulu Hassan went on to add that though her man was broke, she didn’t despise him. And from this, he watched his man rise in the ranks to become a top news anchor in Kenya.

“After years of persistent and hard – work, the broke man has risen up the ranks to become one of the most celebrated Swahili presenters in the media industry. Today we are working in the same media station hosting the same program. The unconditional love me and Rashid Abdalla,” 


“Do not despise someone because of his financial status. Do not judge him based on where he is, his current condition and where he comes from. You may never know what tomorrow holds for him. My sister reading this piece, please do not turn away this skinny looking boy who want to settle down with you because of his current status. He might be in a place you will be proud of him one day.”


A week apart, Rashid Abdalla now celebrates lover´s birthday in a unique video

Just Wednesday, last week, TV Swahili Power Couple, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla celebrated Rashid´s birthday and a week later, it is Lulu´s party.

Hubby, Rashid Abdalla shared the news on Instagram, not just a photo with a caption, but, an Islamic-themed video with a series of Lulu´s pictures that just blew off many.

As the case would be, in many instances, still photos would be shared alongside a beautiful, hearty caption but Rashid proves to the world his beloved is Le Extraordinaire.

He shares:

Rashid wishes the articulate beauty a beautiful day, having been one of a kind and one who saw beyond his numerous imperfections and chose him as ¨The One¨.

According to her hubby, Lulu has played a major role in giving value to his life and great importance. That! he truly appreciates.

The mother of Rashid´s 3 stunning boys, turns a year older and she definitely is worth a round of applause if not a standing ovation.

Just kidding! But she deserves it, right?


Birthday wishes from admirers and fans flowed in and still are:

Happy birthday Shemela
Happy birthday to the most beautiful humble TV personality I know… She’s a gem
???????????????????? HBD Loulou
Happy bethdei dada mpendwaa Allah akupe umri na afya teletele
Awwwwww…this is so sweet, happy birthday Lulu Waitherero Rashid ????????. Some of us get ( ni siku yako jibambe????????) :just kidding
Happiest birthday
Happy _th Birthday to the beauty!

¨Love you baba Jibby, Iffy, Kikky¨ Citizen TV´s Lulu Hassan adores father to her 3 adorable boys, on his birthday

Your all time TV Power Couple, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla have never disappointed, and Lulu reminds us that they are not growing younger either, as hubby turns a year older.

On her Instagram page, the TV siren has come out to appreciate the father of her only 3 adorable boys: Jibby, Iffy, Kikky.

¨Love You¨ is her heart-warming message to her co-anchor and hubby, Rashid Abdalla:

Furthermore Lulu articulates, Rashid has been nothing short of a gentleman who has come into her life to let her reap change and brighter days.

Just yesterday, the Swahili guru turned a year older and Lulu shares it all with the world.

Happy Birthday to Rashid Abdalla aka baba Jibby, Iffy, Kikky ????.

Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Rash


Wenye tunangoja comment ya Rashid mko?????


Happy Birthday Bro @rashidyabdalla

More Life, More Blessings.


Sisemi Kitu????????????

Enyewe watu wa April.

Happy birthday!!! Stan wapi cake.


Happy Birthday to him????????


#happybirthday babake #3muskateers mmoja mgongoni, mmoja kifuani, mmoja mguuni kama pele… ????????????????


Nani mwingine amesoma hii caption na sauti ya lulu ile ya upole playing at the back of your mind alafu macho zinakuwa tudogo na kasmile


Now i get where the name JIFFY pictures came from.???????? Happy Birthday to him


In short happy birthday baba jik

Lulu Hassan finally reacts to Eric Omondi’s viral clip imitating her and hubby

Comedian Eric Omondi had a perfect parody for the new and revamped “Nipashe” on Citizen TV which has couple Lulu Hassan and hubby Rashid Abdalla presenting the 7 pm news every Saturday and Sunday.

The clip went viral as many then anticipated how the two will work together. After the hype died down, the two lovers have taken time to respond to the video which has been watched hundreds of times by Kenyans.

Rashid and Lulu


Hassan, jokingly told Omondi that they are no longer friends, while her hubby Rashid didn’t want to say much.



Here’s the clip in case you missed it

What Lulu Hassan told her husband after he came to work with her at Citizen TV 

After President Uhuru Kenyatta snatched Kanze Dena leaving Lulu Hassan one less friend at Citizen TV, it seems fate had its way and Kanze Dena was replaced by someone more than just a friend.

Kenyans were left wondering how Lulu Hassan and her husband, Rashid Adalla will work together after he moved from NTV. Citizen TV introduced it’s new Swahili line up which include Swaleh Mdoe, Lulu Hassan, Rashid Abdalla, Jamila Mohamed, Mwanahamisi Hamadi, Mashirima Kapombe and Nimrod Taabu.

Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena


Taking to Instagram, Lulu Hassan welcomed her hubby sending a rather short but sweet message for him as the two started anchoring Nipashe Wikendi. 

“Meet my new partner in crime…@rashidyabdalla Karibu kwenye #Nipashewikendi ,Karibu katika @citizentvkenya KARIBU NYUMBANI !!!!” wrote Lulu Hassan.

Citizen TV launched a promotion video which revealed that presenter, Lulu Hassan will now be hosting Citizen Wikendi with her husband Rashid Abdalla, replacing now Deputy Government spokesperson Kanze Dena.

Swahili Presenters Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan’s have a very humble home, not broke(photo)

Many celebrities have been posting their lavish lifestyle online showing how they have expensive furniture and interior decor.

NTV presenter Rashid Abdall and his wife Lulu Hassan are just the opposite. The two shared a photo of their home located in Kwale County leaving many impressed with their simplicity.

The sitting room has a Swahili setting which is very simple and most of all humble.

Here is the photo they posted:

An inside look at the couple’s house

Stylish like their daddy! Here is the new adorable photo of Lulu Hassan’s sons

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan must be proud of their two cute sons that we only get to see once in a while as the celebrity parents like to keep their private lives on the low.

Lulu with her sons

For this reason both Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan often share work related posts on their social media pages, however just recently the Citizen Tv Swahili news anchor uploaded a new photo to show off her grown sons who seem to be following into their dad’s stylish ways.

They were pictured dressed in denim-on-denim outfits which they paired with suspenders and straw hats which undeniably looked cute on them. Lulu on the other hand captioned the photo saying:

So there are these boys who kinda stole my heart ❤️. They call me mommy…

Here is a photo of the cute boys!

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan’s sons

This is how Lulu Hassan chose to celebrate her husband’s birthday, a true definition of a good wife!

Every year that Rashid Abdalla celebrates his birthday, his wife is usually among the first people to celebrate him on social media and for this reason she also did the same.

Through her official Instagram page, Lulu Hassan shared a handsome photo of her hubby that has left many drooling over his fine looks as she went ahead to write a moving message wishing him a happy birthday.

Rashid Abdalla
Rashid Abdalla

Ni Mungu tu ndiye anayejuwa safari yetu ya maisha…langu ni kukutakia kila la kheri siku hii yako ya kuzaliwa na maisha marefu tuzeeke pamoja kama tulivyoapa…happy birthday mpenzi wangu,mumewangu,rafiki yangu,msiri wangu baba jibby na iffy tunakupenda sana zaidi ya sana.

Lulu and Rashid are among the celebrate celebrity couples we have in the country and so far inspire many. They are what we call ‘relationship goals’ and even though they like keeping their private lives off social media…we understand that they both share a strong love that many are yet to experience.


Couple goals: This is how Rashid Abdalla celebrated his wife leaving many envious of the love they share

They say love is beautiful and when I look at Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan, I clearly see what they mean. Having been married for years now the two still behave like high-school sweethearts and if I am not wrong, they are envied by many people who wish they could have what the two share.

Lulu Hassan and husband
Lulu Hassan and husband

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This past weekend,  Rashid Abdalla shared a sweet message praising his wife for being the best thing that has ever happened to him. He showered his wife with a sweet message that left many of his fans thinking he is a ‘soft’ man. Through his social media pages the now NTV anchor wrote to say:

Lulu Hassan and husband
Lulu Hassan and husband

#sisemikitu Always learn to write your own love story …don’t compete, don’t impress and don’t force it . cc @loulou_hassan

These two have managed to keep their private life on the low but thanks to their social media pages we often get a glimpse of how the two share their love life.

So far they have been blessed with two boys and hopefully pretty much soon Lulu will get a baby girl to take after her like her son are doing with their daddy.