VDJ Jones partners with various gengetone artists for “Kwote kwote” and its totally worth your time

In what seems like an industry that is striving to stand on its own, Gengetone influencer Vdj Jones drops another ecstatic jam dubbed “Kwote Kwote”.

In his 1st release of 2020 he has featured some of the dopest artists from the gengetone Industry.

Wakali Wao which has got Kim Swat, Iano Rankin and Pitah Scarlet, 34Gvng which has got Vuva & B-razor, Maddox from the Boondocks Gang & Breeder LW.

Days after a disclaimer of rumours about the entertainer’s had death the song comes in timely as a means to just how busy he has been.

Kwote Kwote

Even as I celebrate the works done by Vdj Jones must admit the kids in the song did a good job.

Well, I know we will struggle a lot with the lyrics because of the deep slang they use.

However, we cannot dismiss the rapping vibe that Breeder LW starts of the song with.

First, he goes on to tell off all the haters in the affirmation that his music will be heard “Kwote Kwote”- to mean all over.

I mean they all are trying to say that gengetone is here to stay.

VDJ Jones

Musical prowess

Further, with the kind of help the “upcoming” artists are getting from Jones and a few of the legendary musicians like Jua kali, we better brace ourselves for even harder slang jams. Gengetone it is!

As the song goes on Wakali wao come with their powerful rap style still airing about their musical dominance.

As much as we’d love to hate them these chaps ain’t going nowhere. They know their game so well.

Further,34Gv’s input in the song cannot be ignored either.

The love and hate kind of lyrics give this song its juice as the teams say watachafua scene wakiwika kwote kwote.

As they finished up with appraisals for VDJ Jones kuchafua kwote kwote, you realize that the video was not overdone.

The pictures were clear and well blended for this song.

The audio was done by Mavo on the Beat and the video directed by Jijo Drumbeats for Black Market Records.

Watch and tell us what you think.

Alma talks of Misbehave with Boondocks Gang

Alma is not to be left out this year as he also ends 2019 in style with a new banger Misbehave. The gengetone artiste has not only wrapped it in style but in a bliss collaboration with Boondocks Gang. Although not the whole gang, he has featured Exray and Maddox.

From the many collaborations that the gang has been in 2019, Maddox and EXray have been the most sought artistes in the team.

Alma thoughts in Misbehave are super crazy and am sure you will like it. It is more of a hype song where everyone is dancing and having fun. First, the title Misbehave will draw your attention and in bid to understand it you’ll play the song.

Alma talks of Misbehave with Boondocks Gang

Misbehave is a let loose song and have fun

Taniua is a phrase that has been adopted in the Kenyan market. Misbehave is just a song that talks of the things done out of social teachings.

Alma and his gang talks of how people misbehave and how some avoid misbehaving since they are in the church choir. Honestly, if you do not feel the sarcasm then this was not meant for you.

Even as we break for Christmas, these people just think of sex as misbehaving and there is even a stanza in which they criticise some guy’s girl.

Alma talks of Misbehave with Boondocks Gang

What catches the eye in Alam’s and Boondocks Gang is how the song has been done and the video. It is a very lit song with all the simplicity.

The Misbehave lyrics are simple and something people talk about daily. Also, it is easy to relate to the song with today’s generation.

In addition, the collaboration between Alma, Exray, Maddox is just one unique one. All the groups came to the limelight early in the year and for sure they have commanded it all through.

In conclusion, Alma, Maddox and Exray did a great job in Misbehave. Last but not least, the song gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Wakuumusic treat us to their best and lit hit ‘Tandika’

Wakuumusic have given us a new tune to dance to dubbed Tandika. The gang has featured the famous Maddox from boondocks gang and Delo.

Just like they always happen Tandika is well hyped and easily fits in the ghetto anthems category and who knows it is probably the talk of town.

Bringing on board Maddox and Delo is a good idea to add flavour to the rauchy song. It is always good to acknowledge talent and help the little ones grow.

To start with, the dance is well done but as usual the same BS of women twerking is in the song. I feel like the groups need to find other ways to sell their song. I do not understand how one will watch a song to purposely watch women twerk.

Tandika is more about a girl getting laid

In addition to the video, the lyrics are super good and well outlined. Though the song is more of a club banger, Wakuumusic delivered.

Tandika is a Swahili word mostly used for hitting or making something appear straight. Of course none of the above meanings fits the songs definition.

Wakuumusic treat us to their best and lit hit 'Tandika'

To start with; So beiby basi tandika tandika Mami basi tandika tandika We tu tandika Kitandani mi nakam kuitandika tandika. This stanza already confirms that the song is about to be sexual based.

Mi nitai tandika tandika Mi nitai tandika tandika Ni kama mi nimejam. Whoever delivered this line simply means he will banging the girl while very angry. In short it is going to be a rough game.  Nimelelewa mtaani I beg  I beg you don’t you tetema Nionyeshe hizo mavitu  Ah — don’t waste my time Na kama hauwezi inama Huyo si dem hazinyyc Na kama hauwezi lamba  Huyo si guest. As much as the songs content is regulated, I do not like this stanza for it makes women appear as tools.
In conclusion, Tandika by Wakuu Music gets a rating of 5/10.

Video below

Kiloki features Maddox (Boondocks) in ‘Boom Shakala’

Kiloki is here with a new tune dubbed Boom Shakala. The artist has brought on board a couple of faces among them Maddox of Boondocks Gang.

Also he has featured Rico Gang Harry Craze,Vuva and Dj Lyta . This is a Gengetone Club banger.

Just like any other times, this group of artistes got nothing new to sing and you can always expect the usual. By the usual I mean them singing about drugs and women.

Kiloki and his gang in Boom Shakala are also talking about drugs, sex and women whom they are planning on banging.

Honestly, I am yet to understand why they are always hyping drugs and blaming them for whatever they are doing.

Kiloki features Maddox (Boondocks) in 'Boom Shakala'

What is the message and relevance of Boom Shakala

In this jam the group is also talking about having sex and in the chorus the dude talks about feeling whatever it is in the stomach.

Hi nimekunoki, Hi cheki ntakupiga tu kigoti, Hi vile unachachisha tu kwa moti.

Vile unachachisha ntakupiga tu kiloki.  Hi boom shakala utaiskilia kwa tumbo.  Ngeus wenzako watafumbua hili fumbo. Boomshakala ALAAAAA! Boomshakala ALAAAAA! Fumba Fumbuua.

Also, the song is just simple and filled with a lot sayings. This is a new one and it is really a good style and it shows appreciation.

To add on, Kiloki delivered the song in sheng’, Kiswahili and some English words making it an all round song.

As much as the song is good, it is only relevant to the young generation who easily relate to the language. When we talk about promoting talent, we should do this to this young souls .

Boom Shakala is not bad song only that the song is for a few people. In conclusion, a lot things should be done to improve the kind of content.

Last but not least this Kiloki guy and Rico Gang in Boom Shakala gets a rating of 5/10.

Video Below.

Maddox (Boondocks Gang) on his new single ‘Raerae’

Maddox a member of the famous Boondocks Gang is back with single hit dubbed RaeRae (Zimenishika). In his jam he has featured the best talents in the market among them The Kansoul and Arrif.

The Kansoul we know how they do things and with Mejja being in the team it has excited fans. The trio has served muisc lovers something very hot.

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Maddox (Boondocks Gang) on his new single 'Raerae'

In the jam Raerae Maddox has come up with a very creative thing as he is also working with the best. When we talk of Ghetto anthems, then Boondocks Gang takes the day.

What is the Raerae hype all about?

Without even trying to get the meaning of the song, the first line tells it all. In Raerae Maddox and his team are describing a sex scene. Honestly I do not understand who told this musicians it is only sex that sells.

Though the Raerae jam is in Sheng’ language, it is easy to get some of the words to send the actual message. In this case, you’ll realize that even the use of drugs is mentioned.

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Maddox (Boondocks Gang) on his new single 'Raerae'

Deep into what Maddox is trying to tell us from the lyrics is where the whole truth lies. In the chorus, the words Raerae are repetitive as they describe the title of the song.

Uwachome na kingoto,  Riets zimeshika cheki design fulani Niko jaba nimechonga tu hii majani Na kiwada na kichaser tu ni Konyagi.

Although majority of their songs are more of weed songs, this time Maddox and his team The Kansoul and Arrif are now talking about khat, alcohol and sex.

Nina tingi na nunu imepigwa radi Unapenda kanuthu ama muratish Unapenda mandugu uvue panty Unapenda kiluku uvue shati. Here the girl is being intoxicated so as to be able to participate in sex when she is high.

Maddox (Boondocks Gang) on his new single 'Raerae'

It is a good thing to promote talent but this is not what I will call talent. This all crap and women are not sexual tools like the Maddox, Arrif and The Kansoul show.

Music needs to be sensible. In conclusion, all factors considered Raerae gets a rating of 4/10.

Video below.