Chris Kaiga rocks in new banger Chain Chain

Chris Kaiga has launched the month of February with a new tune dubbed Chain Chain. The gengetone artiste has treated his fans to one of his lit jam.

Just like fellow artistes in the Gengetone genre, Chris Kaiga has brought the vibe. Interestingly what is sweet about this new jam Chain Chain are the beats. Am sure the majority have fallen for the trap only to realise in the lyrics there is nothing.

What gives Chris Kaiga’s song a vibe is repetition because it makes it listenable is there is such a thing. Lol. Some of these kids though.

Chris Kaiga rocks in new banger Chain Chain

Chris Kaiga in Chain Chain is talking about a routine that he has adopted. In this jam, he describes specific events and how he gets to undertake them.

To start with, I will trash the Chain Chain song because he basically makes women appear like sexual beings. Am no feminist but it is time this mediocre stopped.

Without wasting a lot of time, let’s get what message is in the lyrics. It is clear that this young kid, Chris Kaiga, is talking about being high and calls it having fun in life.

“Wamlambez ka ulimi Nishakuwa champez na imewacha kuwa siri Ndio maana navaa machain na machingri Na siku hizi hata ukikam na sanse sishikiki,” reads part of the song.

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When I listen to Chain Chain in the above verse, I fail to understand why a sane producer would sit down and watch a raw talent fail. There is nothing new about this and the other Wamlambez.

“Baadae niko rieng ya madrinks na mayeng But 9 niko tings naona nikibleki ten Sai siko right so itabidi nimeleft Ju pori venye ziko brathe ni ka zimeweza,” he adds.

Who on this ear thinks of this nonsense as a way to relax. But anyway this is not my battle. It is high time something was done.

In addition, it is good to give credit where it is due. The video production team did a nice job for creativity. Also, the audio is a tick for me.

Last but not least, Chris Kaiga gets a rating of 4/10 in Chain Chain.

Video below.

Gengetone now becoming a nuisance to many Kenyans

Gengetone gave the entire Kenyan audience an opportunity to come back home and listen to Kenyan music in late 2018 and whole of 2019.

With small boy groups emerging almost simultaneously. They dropped what some felt was “too dirty” or raunchy for them. The shame crept in till it became a norm!!

They stirred a series of mixed reactions from Kenyans with a bunch of them like Sailors Gang, Boondocks gang, Ochungulo Family among others receiving accolades.

Well, as time went by, despite the cry to silence them they managed to curve their way to the hearts of a bunch of Kenyans that have been dancing to their tunes.

Furthermore, the groups have been lashed at in terms of content. Many would say that they thrive on vulgarity and nudity -which to some extent is true.

God’s Gengetone??

While we are still preparing for the Sunday service gengetone crept its way to the gospel industry when Sailors Gang gave us “Jesu Ni Mwathani”.

Well, we danced to that but with little whispers on how we are familiarising ourselves to God as though He is our mate.

When we thought that was the end then came to another Akorino group with another song about God dubbed “Piga Darama”

I mean don’t get it twisted am not judging a way of worshipping or praising but imagine “Piga darama” in the list of praise songs during a church service. Yes, your guess is just like mine, impossible!!!

Point is, this kupelekwa na rieng thing has now taken things to another level where we are now accepting nonsense. Sheddy empire messed it up further by doing a song in diapers something that many thought was going overboard all in the name of making music.

Gengetone nuisance

Gengetone producers are working hard every day to segment its audience within a particular geographical space of this country.

Despite the hullabaloo of accepting them we need to acknowledge the fact that they are now becoming a nuisance. Why? For publicity gain.

But for the sake of sanity and talent growth, there needs to be a control system on how this gengetone music should be done!!

Because God is to be respected there is no in-between and creativity doesn’t need you to sing about “mapunyeto” to gain an audience.

If you doubt, ask Khalighraph  Jones, he is the best rapper in Nigeria!!!! Ok am out!

Alma talks of Misbehave with Boondocks Gang

Alma is not to be left out this year as he also ends 2019 in style with a new banger Misbehave. The gengetone artiste has not only wrapped it in style but in a bliss collaboration with Boondocks Gang. Although not the whole gang, he has featured Exray and Maddox.

From the many collaborations that the gang has been in 2019, Maddox and EXray have been the most sought artistes in the team.

Alma thoughts in Misbehave are super crazy and am sure you will like it. It is more of a hype song where everyone is dancing and having fun. First, the title Misbehave will draw your attention and in bid to understand it you’ll play the song.

Alma talks of Misbehave with Boondocks Gang

Misbehave is a let loose song and have fun

Taniua is a phrase that has been adopted in the Kenyan market. Misbehave is just a song that talks of the things done out of social teachings.

Alma and his gang talks of how people misbehave and how some avoid misbehaving since they are in the church choir. Honestly, if you do not feel the sarcasm then this was not meant for you.

Even as we break for Christmas, these people just think of sex as misbehaving and there is even a stanza in which they criticise some guy’s girl.

Alma talks of Misbehave with Boondocks Gang

What catches the eye in Alam’s and Boondocks Gang is how the song has been done and the video. It is a very lit song with all the simplicity.

The Misbehave lyrics are simple and something people talk about daily. Also, it is easy to relate to the song with today’s generation.

In addition, the collaboration between Alma, Exray, Maddox is just one unique one. All the groups came to the limelight early in the year and for sure they have commanded it all through.

In conclusion, Alma, Maddox and Exray did a great job in Misbehave. Last but not least, the song gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Sailors taking the stage with new jam ‘Katanisha’

Sailors your favourite ghetto anthem artistes are back with a very lit club banger Katanisha. This is a super lit jam and well-sieved lyrics.

The kind of language Sailors use is what makes it fun. The most interesting thing is that the group is still singing about women and their behinds.

Sailors as a group have been doing well in the industry.  Collaborating with Joefes was a good thing for the group and the outcome is the best.

Katanisha, in this case, has been used as a sheng’ word and the meaning is all about having fun. There is a place they talk about Dondosa which simply mean shaking ones behind.

Sailors taking the stage with new jam 'Katanisha'

Sailors know for their ghetto lyrical nature are taking the music scene far here in Kenya. The video has some great coordination. To add on, we cannot forget the costume and the colours used.

We now seek to understand the meaning of this jam Katanisha. To start with, the theme is still the same on women and twerking.

Katanisha is all about having fun

There are lines that are totally different from that and they give the song a lead. Sailors being together for an year is proof that they are destined to go far as a team.

Interestingly, during the introduction of the video, you realise that Sailors and Joefes are talking about weed and miraa.

Sailors taking the stage with new jam 'Katanisha'

The leaves of the miraa are displayed by one of the singers as he delivers his lines. Also, I do not know who told these kids they need to scream when introducing a song.

Sailors are a great team and now that Katanishi is almost getting to 200k it is clear that their music is accepted here in Kenya.

In conclusion, the duo did well from the audio to the video and that is a plus. Lastly, Katanisha gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.